Thursday, April 13, 2006

Separated at Birth - Bridge to Nowhere!

Well, the designs for the Bridge to Nowhere are in! (City gets three bridge designs – OWH – 4/13/06) That’s right, a pedestrian bridge from Gallup, or where ever, over to the Council Bluffs levee. You read that right. I’ve always thought to myself, “Self, that levee sure is nice over there yonder. If only I could WALK over there.” Well, for just 19 million smackers, my wish has come true. And we have Bob “If I can’t walk on water, I’ll walk over it” Kerrey to thank, along with Earl B. Nelson and the good Mayor of Omaha, Paul Landow… I mean Mike Fahey. In that spirit, and with the designs presented, Leavenworth Street gives you, the Bridge Designs – Separated at Birth

Design #1 and Cell Towers!

Design #2 and Power Lines!


Design # 3 and Mickey D's!

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NebraskaWonk said...

I guess I respect the artist’s ideas, but I won’t rest until officials consider my bridge design. (See here) It’s cheap, and more importantly, much more adventurous for the 12 people who will actually USE the bridge each year.