Friday, October 15, 2010

Mr. Holland's Sourpuss

(Did you know that nothing rhymes with "opus".  Well anyway...)

Omaha's Dick Holland has decided to fund the effort to not Recall Mayor Jim Suttle.

And that's fine.

He can obviously spend his cash any way he wants -- and he has.

We just wonder why the various MSM sites, like the local fishwrap among others, don't also cite Holland as the sugar-daddy for the state's main ultra-liberal activist group, run by "Democrat Activist" and protester Jane Fleming Kleeb.  (And then there's the constant reference to her's as an "environmental group", as if they're just about keeping tuna dolphin-free.)  It's not as if he's just been building music venues with his cash.

And then there's the anti-recallers new mouthpiece...Brad Ashford.

OK, let's just come out and say it:  Is there a reason there is an "R" after Ashford's name?
He wants to be against the recall, fine.
But to take a lead role -- THE lead role -- on behalf of Suttle?
Party affiliation should mean something.


Another debate between Lee Terry and Tom White.

Loads of excitement.

You can watch it in two parts via KETV here and here.

A few telling lines on policy issues from the tête-à-tête:

First this line from Tom White:
I will not rebuild nations — Medieval Muslim nations — at the cost of our citizens at home.
How about Medieval Christian, Jewish or Buddhist nations, Tom?  Tell us again why you needed to include the word Muslim?

Now kiddies, had Lee Terry made that statement, Al Sharpton would have jet-packed into Omaha to picket Terry's mailbox this morning declaring him a bigoted racist.

We will wait (without holding in our minty-fresh breath) for all the liberals to condemn him.


And then there is White's professed desire to have the government set drug prices -- and Terry's response that the market should control this.

This is what you call a major difference between Republicans and Democrats -- Democrats like Tom White.  He thinks 1) that drug companies are evil and 2) that the government knows better on how to price their product.

These are the same drug companies that have turned AIDS from a death sentence into a controllable disease. They are companies that make a profit and succeed on the merits of their products.  They are not charities.  They employ expert scientists to come up with amazing discoveries, and then sell those discoveries, and use that money to fund more discoveries.  And they pay those scientist and the people who make their equipment and allllll the rest of those involved in a company.

And the more and more and more restrictions and regulations you put on them, the fewer and fewer innovations you will get out of them.  It's called the free market.  And Democrats like Tom White fail to see that and figure they're the smartest guys in the room and demagogue the issues.

If you've got no other reason to get off your duff and go to the voting booth on Election Day, there is a major, major one right there.


And, for what it's worth, Esquire magazine has anointed Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson one of The 10 Worst Members of Congress.

Congratulations Senator.  Look for your celebratory ham in the mail.




Anonymous said...

"Mr. Holland's Dope: Us" That could be Jane's byline:

BOLD Nebraska -
(Mr. Holland's Dope? US!)

Lame - I know. that's why I don't blog.

Thanks for today's blog. It made me so happy to visit Leavenworth Street today. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Really? It's come to this? The line for party loyalty is now whether or not you support a recall over nothing more than a policy disagreement?

This Republican may not like Suttle, but I think a recall is a terrible idea. I guess you're going to call me a RINO now.

Macdaddy said...

I am also against the recall. Maybe Mr. Ashford agrees with me that voters should suffer the consequences of their votes and is willing to put his beliefs into action. Having said that, his decision to take such an active role in the Save Suttle effort is a little odd. I wonder if one of his Regency constituents had something to do with that. Does Fahey still live in his district?

Anonymous said...

Traitor is the correct word.

You can reregister "I". Many good Americans do. But if you continue to be a D or R, then be that to some solid degree. Brad Ashford is kicking the GOP elephant square in the nuts when he champions an elected D. That makes Ashford a traitor. He too can become clean by reregistering.

When a D kicks the donkey in the eggs, you can bet Democrat leaders don't say "Gee, that's okay".

The NE GOP should rightly kick Ashford out on his ash.

Anonymous said...

Elections have consequences. The fact that you people seem to think not wanting to throw Suttle out on his ass is equivalent to "supporting" him is just yet another reason why so many people are fed up with partisan politics.

Anonymous said...

When a D kicks the donkey in the eggs, you can bet Democrat leaders don't say "Gee, that's okay".

Ben Nelson begs to differ.

Anonymous said...

The quickest way to be booted from the Nebraska Democratic Party is to question the absolute authority of its DINO in chief - Ben Nelson.

GeosUser said...

How about referring to Mr. Holland as Nebraska's George Soros? The launch of this anti-recall effort by Omaha's liberal elite (that includes RINO Brad Ashford) has removed my last reservation about signing the recall petition. As much as I'm concerned about a potential Mayor Daub, leaving the brie and chablis crowd in-charge of Omaha's financial future has to end now. Omaha can no longer afford to have champagne tastes on a beer budget.

Anonymous said...

Is Esquire the same mag that gave him the title of one of the Twenty Most Influential Peeps in DC a year ago?

Rose Mary Woods said...

Ben is one of the most influential (expletive deleted) in D.C., but he's still an (expletive deleted.)

Anonymous said...

Jim Suttle = Mr. Holland's Doofus

Grundle King said...

Hey, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, wouldn't a turkey be a more fitting celebratory gift for Ben Nelson?

Oh wait, he's already got those...

BTW, Rose Mary Woods, the whole 'expletive deleted' thing made me think of a funny scene from "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", but I figured I better not include it with my post.

Anonymous said...

This recall is reminiscent of the 90s OIC investigations of Clinton. Abuse of power, nothing more, nothing less.

This is exactly why the Republicans should not be given back power of either house of congress. They're just going to waste billions of dollars on fishing expeditions to impeach Obama. Republicans have embraced rule or ruin politics and don't give a damn about Omaha or our country. Their love of power has overpowered their love of country.

Macdaddy said...

Is that the latest screed/accusation? That Republicans are going to investigate everything and its brother like the Dems did when they got power in 2007 and launched literally hundreds of investigations?

Is anybody keeping track of how many different lines of attack the Dems have thrown out against the Republicans? It has to be in the dozens by now. It must be very frustrating that none of them work.

Grundle King said...

What about Mr. Holland's Octopus...a bottom-dwelling invertebrate with the amazing power to latch onto every dollar that floats by with his amazing suction cup grip.

Anonymous said...


Ricky said...

I am happy that during the last White - Terry debate Mr Terry mentioned he is against the Obama health care law. Terry did not say "ObamaCare"!
Terry is growing up! He had to speak to actual thinking people in the debate and not the Rush - KFAB crowd.
If you listen to what Mr Holland said about the recall he is exactly right. That process ought to be used for someone who broke the law.
So when he uses his cash to inform the people of Omaha of the stupidity of the recall via commercials... bye bye 27,000 signatures.

Not gonna happen.

ricky from omaha

Dayton Headlee said...

White is running the generic opposition Dem race... close to lobbyists, voted to raise pay, privatize social security... his talking points could work against any GOP incumbent.

Anonymous said...

Project much, anon at 3:38?

And, Ricky, reading your posts (and Bud's) has helped me understand where the term "libtard" came from. They'll collect 27,000 signatures and then some. And it won't take long.

Here's the thing about the recall. The folks who oppose it aren't saying anything good about Suttle. Only that a recall will cost money.

You libs like Ricky act like it's simply an issue of the cost of the recall. It's way more than that. I submit the guy has proven himself unworthy of the office and I don't think Omaha can afford to leave him in there.

Omaha, it's time to cut your losses before the dolt in the Mayor's Office can inflict any more damage on your city. He's steering the good ship Omaha toward an iceberg and Ricky is worried about the cost of moving the deck chairs? Libtard.

Terry wins this time out. And so does the recall effort.

Anonymous said...

FEC reports are up. The OWH should take another look at White's report. Seems Biden cost more than he was worth and Tom White likes to take money from retired doctors that made their money by performing abortions on 46th and Dodge.

Anonymous said...

And why is that, Dayton?

Because Lee Terry's record has been lock-step with Republican leadership since the very moment he was elected.

Anonymous said...

So have any of you people actually considered what happens next?

So, you get Suttle recalled, and Daub or whoever the hell becomes Mayor gets in.

Know what the *smart* thing for them to do is? Nothing. You've already shown them that any sort of action will result in voter anger. The police contract has already passed, and everyone agreed a tax increase was required to pay for it.

So, whoever comes next is faced with two options:

- Do nothing, allow the taxes to continue, and reap the benefits of a financial stability that has already been insured by a Mayor with a long-term view.


- Cut hundreds of jobs, devastate city services, and unleash a public outcry from citizens who have just seen their beloved city hijacked by a group of well-financed malcontents who never got over the fact that they lost in the first place.

Your call.

Anonymous said...

"Party Affiliation should mean something"
Wrong. Party affiliation should mean nothing. The pursuit of party theology, (yes I used that term intentionally) over the national interest is why this country will cease to exist within 100 years.

Anonymous said...

So Dayton was home and functioning at 9:30 last night, but the White/Obama staffers didn't make it home until 1:30 in the morning?

Wow, I wonder what they were doing last night and how they got home?

Was Tom buying?

curbfeeler said...

"The pursuit of party theology over the national interest is why this country will cease to exist within 100 years."

That's what George Washington said 250 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Q. Why can't republicans tell the truth?

A. 1. They don't know the truth because they listen to talk radio and or watch FOX.

2. They like the lies they hear on talk radio or watch on FOX.

Second Question. What American President gave the largest tax cut in history to Americans?

A. President Obama.

That really grinds republicans. They believe only they can cut taxes. Yes they are very good at giving the rich a tax beak.

Anonymous said...

And what really grinds people is when you keep calling it a tax cut when all he did was advance them credit, on average $10 to $22 buck per pay period, from their very own tax refunds.

I wonder how those tax preparers that work in the instant refund shops were treated when people came in to get the money they already had spent and found out their refund was, at leas,t a couple hundred bucks less than it was the year before?

I bet they were pissed that they were duped by the Democrats again!

Anonymous said...

If we're hijacking the thread let's take it all the way to Overland Park Kansas where Planned Parenthood is being charged with multiple violations of the law including over 30 felonies for performing illegal abortions.

Hmm, I wonder if that's what Mr. Holland wants them to do with their new clinic in West Omaha?

And, will Tom White come out and condemn Planned Parenthood for bringing abortions back to Omaha after they ceased when G. William Orr closed up shop and went back to Fremont to retire?

Speaking of, has anyone looked at Tom White's FEC donor report?

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. White is wasting his time and money. I've been a registered republican for forty-one years and I got a from someone the other night who I think was working for his team and they asked me for a donation! I said I wouldn't waste my vote and she told me that Mr. White was ahead of Terry by six points, whatever that means. As my sons would say, "get a clue" I'm not going to start supporting some slick democrat now after all these years.

Anonymous said...

I'm for the Recall. This man is too wreckless to leave in office.

Anonymous said...

And White's "poll" number? Pure fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Ano 10:16. more right wing lies. Again More right wing lies I repeated it so everyone would know it is a lie. It was a tax cut. Obama wanted you and I to have the money right away. Did you want to wait to get this money months later? I doubt it. Bush did the same thing for his big tax cut for the rich in 2001.

Anonymous said...

Gee 1:40AM--you must not be able to sleep, but you sure do post great points in what you write!

These recallers don't have a clue except to discard at random due to an obsession with immediate gratification. We want what we want and we want it now. Oh grow up. Unfortunately, the mayoral election didn't go their way so there is hell to pay.

Didn't go their way. Hell to pay. Good slogan for the Suttle recall opposers. Or, would that be Hal to pay?

Big kohinky dinky that Jim Cleary is back in all his 1980's glory. Which city's economic development are Jeremy and his gang supporting by paying him ? Hatchet guy from Arizona. How thoughtful and fiscally sound.

Maybe the wrong Jimmy needs to leave and could he please take Frank Brown with him.

Anonymous said...

No, you're wrong. Tax refunds were loaned to the taxpayers and then told they were getting a tax cut. A true tax cut would not have had the end result of a smaller tax refund than the previous year.

It was a loan of their own $$$.

Just another shell game from the Democrats-just like Obama's Health Care being deficit neutral, ONLY if you steal money from Medicare to pay for it.

How many doctors do you think will continue to treat Seniors with no ability to collect from their health care provider-THE GOVERNMENT?

ZERO, that's how many doctors will be left treating seniors after Obama's Nationalized Health Care System gets done screwing them!

Anonymous said...

anon 109- The beauty of Obama's system is as soon as HE deems it a threat to His version of America, he will send in his goon squads to Force Dr's to treat For Free the elderly, and all the others he put on the Gov plan.

This way his plan for spreading the wealth will work. You have to use force to get people to surrender what is theirs to those who have little or nothing to give in return. The basic tenents of business transactions will have been broken, and therefore the basis of capitalism.

In steps the FORCED surrendering of goods and services, and voila you have entered into socialism et al. The same system that has failed EVERY time, EVERY where.

Welcom to Obama Land.

Hope you enjoyed the ride to date.

Bubba Walton said...

I too am tired of the government supporting those that offer little or nothing to give in return. It is time to eradicate them all. Send them to the death camps - the old, the weak, the ill! WE DON'T NEED THEM! They do nothing to shore up our bottom line, and as we all know, PROFIT is EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Hey republicans I bet your really proud of the millions of foreign money pouring into America to buy you a winner in November. It is a sad sitation. First the republiccans allow corporations to send all our jobs over seas. Now they use the over seas money to give their crooked leaders a job. What the heck. Rich people are better is the republican motto.

Anonymous said...

People who think goverment is smarter and better than people are too stupid to understand why they are wrong.

Anonymous said...

907, you are full of crap. When the US Chamber files a defamation lawsuit against the DNC, we will see who is trying to manipulating elections and voters.

If you are referring to the 2 donations that were already returned to Trans Canada, they were already returned and could have been accepted had they been drawn on the US bank that they should have been drawn on in the first place.

Anonymous said...

You mean the millions of foreign money Clinton and Obama received? Wasn't a Clinton fundraiser convicted of laundering Chinese money into democratic campaigns? Just Sayin!

Anonymous said...

Republicans you got caught taking foreign money. Fess up. The right wing Supreme court opened the gates and the rich foreign money is pouring in. You want cheap labor so you bring the poor Mexicans to do the work and pay them slave wages. Now your buying the government with foreign money. You have no shame. It may be too late to stop you in 2010. But 2012 will be a complete different story.

Anonymous said...

Paying slave wages? Ask Al Gore about the Apple sweatshops overseas where the workers were commiting suicide after working 14 hour days! (Al Gore is on Apple's board)

Anonymous said...

1213, still full of crap, but at least you have Hope and all that came with him.

Anonymous said...

Kids. It's Sunday. Cut the "crap."

Macdaddy said...

Did Obama ever return all those donations that came into his campaign from the Gaza Strip? How about that million dollars he got from BP? Did his campaign ever stop taking donations from pre-paid debit cards?

OWH fan said...

Nice write up in the World Herald today. Great day to be a Lee Terry supporter.

Anonymous said...

Two headlines from today's Hill newspaper:

"Democrats have raised $1 million from foreign-affiliated PACs."

"Some Democrats question strategy of going after chamber donations."

nuff said....

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that Lee Terry was endorsed by the OWH. Tell me, when does the Leavenworth Street endorsement come, because that will be almost as suspenseful.

Anonymous said...

Why would anybody be surprised that Terry is endorsed by just about everybody, everybody with a job or a business!

Tom White is a known quantity, just he's known as very unpleasant person. Sure he is pretty smart, but he is also a First Class Jerk too. He shot himself in the foot with all his grand standing in the Legislature. Let alone for fighting in parking lots, getting a contempt of court, and being very well documented as a bully in the legislature.

So he runs, doesn't change is M.O., but tries to talk his way to the center. Oh well he is toast........

Thanks Lee for keeping to the High Road!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Lee Terry will be re-elected just because he is the incumbent. It is a shame that neither party really has a candidate that is worthy of our vote, just the best they could dig up.

All the cheerleaders that post here for Terry and White have offered me no proof that either is worth my effort to check a box beside their name on the ballot. All they have offered is a bunch of baloney - and I'm not hungry for it at all.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how people gripe and moan about candidates. Ya don't like em, then run against them.

No perfect candidate exists. Oh and you have a little responsibility to reaserch the issues, and the candidates. Then when you get all of that down, try to look beyond the here and now. Try to look and see where each candidate would fit in the upcoming political environment.

Think, how would Tom White be in an Obama lead session. Or how Terry, with some seniority, will chair important committees.

Ahhh now you are thinking ahead. See you might not get the "perfect" candidate and get more than the other one.

Lee Terry's worst day is better for Nebraska on any given day for Tom White!

Or you can put in your paper work and show everybody how you are all that.

Anonymous said...

"Lee Terry's worst day is better for Nebraska on any given day for Tom White!"

God help us!