Thursday, August 05, 2010

Meister: Call me Governor Goober

You’ll remember that after Attorney General Jon Bruning joked that Democrat candidate Mike Meister, “puts the Goober in Gubernatorial” , Meister demanded an apology!

Well, maybe not so much.

Now, instead Meister is embracing The Goob. That’s right Meister says that he will be making his own campaign buttons with the logo.

Well, we here at Leavenworth Street always wish to be helpful in such matters. So to assist the nacent Mesiter campaign in their design costs, we give you our version.

Note the authentic “Goober Pyle” hat. It’s classsss all the way.


And just so Governor Goober (hey, he has asked to embrace it) doesn’t feel like he has been left out in the cold, Leavenworth Street Democrat contributor Brian Osborn even stepped up to the Attorney General recently. See it here:

It seems that BTO hadn’t received the message yet on the Meister campaign’s plan for the new slogan. Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying.


Governor Dave Heineman (you know, the one who doesn’t embrace the Goob) recently stepped further into the fray on the immigration issue.

Heineman stated that he is looking into the idea of a Nebraska version of the Arizona immigration law. Heineman stated however:
What Nebraskans do not want is law enforcement walking down the street in Lincoln or any other community, and walk up to you and say, 'Prove you're and American citizen.' That would be racial profiling in a magnitude we would not agree to.

But then Governor Dave took it a step further. Calling out...oh...certain member so Congress:
They need to do their job, every single one of them, from the President of the United States to House members to the Senate. They ran for office. We pay them big bucks. Make a decision.

Um, we’re guessing his remarks weren’t exactly directed at Mike Johanns...


And now onto our final topic for the day: Paid Stalkers.

It seems that at the Nebraska GOP convention in Fremont last weekend, a certain liberal Democrat faction took it upon themselves to...infiltrate the convention!

Oh, they were sneaky.

They’d seen all the great Chevy Chase movies, and sneakily placed a video a fake arm sling!


(And here's another shot of her with her boss.  She's the one with the nose-stud.)

Said stalker then reportedly followed around Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and demanded his position on pressing current issues!

So here is our suggestion for the next time said stalkers want to play Russian Spy to get the low-down from the Party of the Capitalist Regime:

First, go to the Senator’s web page, and we’re guessing he’ll give you all his positions.

Then, instead of paying a staffer to work on a Saturday, spend money on a video and suffer the indignities of pretending to be injured (or maybe just put the camera in your pocket?)...try waiting a day, and note that the whole thing is up on

We linked to it earlier in the week.


Oh, by the way, Dick Holland, are you pumped the way your hard-earned money is being spent? Facebook posts and a huge staff to get grainy video of a speech.

And then website domain names such as “” and “” purchased and then (with the added expense) hidden using DomainsByProxy, so no one knows who bought them? (Ooh, and re-direct them!)

Really? That’s the plan huh?

Why, Democrats will be running the roost in no time with that game strategy.

Rock on!


Anonymous said...

I miss Matt Matt the Democrat......

Anonymous said...

Jane Kleeb grows more ridiculous each and every day. She will never understand how things are done here in "the neb".

Anonymous said...

I just figured that young woman from Jane's hen house probably had her right arm amputated so no one could claim she had any connection to anything "right wing".

Anonymous said...

They need to do their job, every single one of them, from the President of the United States to House members to the Senate. They ran for office. We pay them big bucks. Make a decision.

For once I agree with Governor Heineman. Our entire federal delegation needs to push for common sense, humane solutions to our broken immigration system. Reps. Terry, Fortenberry, and Smith and Senators Nelson and Johanns are the federal government. They need to stop complaining and do their job.

Anonymous said...

Goobers/peanuts are farm/AG products. Call Heineman corny or beefy if that makes you feel better. No election hinges on such nonsense.

Insofar as Goober was a idiot from Mayberry, that perhaps has more validity because NE Democrats do waste donated dollars.

Elsewhere, Democrats will attack business capitalism without personally embracing fiscal idiocy with their own money.

NE Republicans are pretty good at eating thier own, but NE Democrats gnaw off thier own limbs.

These Goobers gravitate toward the heart away from sense and logic. That's great for home decorators but crazy when applied to running governments. Gaggle of Goobers.

JC said...

With all due respect to the U.S. Senate, Governor Heineman is looking more like a VP candidate all the time. Anti-Obama/federal government/national health care mantra, vice Chair of National Governors Association, state with lowest per capita debt in the nation but without the national fundraising network for a Presidental run. I'm just sayin....

Anonymous said...

Watching Bruning speak is like watching a bad car accident. Then you realize that you are dumber for listening to him and hate yourself for wasting five minutes of your life that you will never get back.

All Nebraska employers should be required to use USCIS' E-verify when hiring new employees. Why would Sen. Janssen subject us to the same race baiting that is going on in Fremont and Arizona?

Anonymous said...

Here's something for Kyle to think about: in his last three articles this week at NNN, he's enticed all of 10 people to post comments.

Wow. Good job, Goober Kyle.

Macdaddy said...

Are the speeches at the Dem convention on the Web? BTO said that White and Meister gave "pugnacious presentations." Were insults doled out? Were GOP candidates called names? A little more transparency couldn't hurt. Or could it? Maybe Meister realized that he called Heineman far worse in his speech and was going to be found out.

Oh mander said...

No offense to SS, BTO, RWP and rest of the people that take the time to post thoughtful arguments, news stories, opinions supported with at least some facts, etc., but I'd rather read 10 comments on NNN than 100 comments with the petty "Demcrats are donkeys" and "Jane Kleeb said 'in the Neb'" banter from the Anonymous people that post here.

Keep it up Kyle.

Anonymous said...

They could've just had her hide the camera in a purse, with a little camera sticking out of a hole...oh wait, Dick Holland might really pay attention then if they spent money on one of those. TV stations use them for hidden video!

Jill Haller said...

Just an FYI I do have tendenitous, you can call midwest physical therapy, its on 70th and A here in Lincoln ask for Adam. I do have to spend most of the day in a sling, check your facts. Also, we hid nothing, I registared my name, phone number and email address. Also, Im a registared independent... check your facts....

AJ said...

Where are people getting this garbage that Heineman will be a VP pick. Are you kidding? Heineman would bring nothing to the national table.-There is nothing about him that will excite people from coast to cost. There are so many people in front of him in the peacking order. Any presidential candidate that would honestly and seriously consider him as VP has serious campaign issues. I mean, have you heard the man speak?

Anonymous said...

I'm with AJ, Dave is not VP material, but with the likelyhood of Mitt being the nominee, he might have a chance. Why, Mitt will want a VP who fades into the woodwork, and can't speak in full sentences....oh wait that was the last election cycle strategy, didn't work!

To Jill said...

"I registared my name"

"Im a registared independent"

It does seem from your writing and who you choose to work for you do have some form disability!!

Anonymous said...

Funny they respond about a sling but they don't respond about Jane getting kicked out of the Adams County Fair....uhmmmm...allegedly kicked out

Anonymous said...

Sweet Pic Jill!

Anonymous said...

Jill, honey, first some advice. If you work for Jane Kleeb, watch your back. If you start to get too much attention, she will hate you and you will be on the losing end. She's known for being such a backstabber and hates competition on that front.

Second, learn to spell. It only makes your "Bold Nebraska" look more pathetic than it already is.

Finally, when people approached you and asked who you were, did you tell them you were with Bold Nebraska? Or did you hide that fact? If you failed to be fully upfront about who you were working for and why you were there, then you're actions were tasteless and stupid.

Anonymous said...

This just in: Transcanada Pipeline developers pull the plug on plans for skinny high pressure pipeline. Where's the Tinyman now stand on the roll of the economic dice called Transcanda? Oh, I forgot to mention, didn't that goofy, Right Wing Professor proclaim how great the skinny high pressure line would be. What an illinformed apologist for big oild and all other things anti environment. Kinda of amazing that someone in the field of dealing with nature's elements could be such a doofus when the proponent pulls the plug on their own high risk project.

Anonymous said...

Let's start calling Bold Nebraska "Mr. Holland's Opus". It can't all be about performing arts centers, apparently. I think people should know who funds the stuff that makes politics so distasteful.

Interested said...

I wonder who will shake up the political landscape with their monumental endorsements? Someone huge on the Nebraska political landscape?

Anonymous said...

"Jill, honey, first some advice ... learn to spell. It only makes your 'Bold Nebraska' look more pathetic than it already is."

Hey, give Jill some credit. She almost spelled "tendentious."

Anonymous said...

"Why, Mitt will want a VP who fades into the woodwork, and can't speak in full sentences....oh wait that was the last election cycle strategy, didn't work!"

Sure it did. You remember Joe "Big Effin' Deal" Biden, don't you? Sure you do. Now that I reminded you of him.

Oh mander said...

Dear Anon 8:41

If you're gonna be one of those d-bag spelling cops on an informal blog, then don't end your post with "you're actions were tasteless and stupid."

Phil Montag said...

There are so many men who see a woman like Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi who is intelligent, powerful, and frankly more successful than them and their Neanderthal instinct kicks in and they're mortified by them. I ask them to list me a reason as to why they hate Pelosi or Clinton so much and I get no answer. They don't blabber on senselessly about Al Franken or Harry Reid or any of their progressive male counterparts as much. The same thing is happening with Jane Kleeb. That's ok, keep focused on Jane, keep the focus on a freaking Hastings School Board race.

Macdaddy said...

That's funny, Phil. Let's see. We complain about Pelosi or Hillary and we're sexist. We complain about Obama and we're racist. We complain about Reid or any other white male Democrat (see Nelson, Ben, D-Nebraska) and we're ignored. But, whatever, dude.

Anonymous said...

Meister was making the rounds at the sarpy County Fair last night. Nice to know with the great agricultual atrmosphere and tractor pulls going on, he was wearing that ugly searsucker suit. Is it the only suit he owns? Wearing it to a Fair?

Bob said...

Lots of political women try to dress like Hooters hookers-cum-beauty queens. Jane and Sarah do it. Hillary and Michelle try, but there is only so much a girdle can do. They want to be alluring and convincing. They don't see those qualities are at odds.

It is a female thing. Men don't try to be George Washington, Martha Washingon, Martha Stewart and Cher all at the same time.

When Al Franken and Harry Reid start dressing like Hollywood male escorts, that will also slide into the silly-ass catagory.

Right Wing Professor said...

Anonymous coward at 8:45 a.m.. Transcanada went to a lower pressure line because the Obama administration was delaying the permit, doubtless for political reasons. So we get a less efficient pipeline that costs more, thanks to the Luddism of the administration.

There's a lovely op-ed in the London Times this morning about how the US, with its massive level of debt and high unemployment, can no longer afford the 'Cadillac' level of environmental regulation we have. If we outlaw all risk, we'll be back in grass huts in a generation.

Note that the Times is a centrist newspaper.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Phil will have a non-sexist explanation for the left's obsession with Sarah Palin. Yeah, that's different. When the left attacks Palin it's because she has it coming, right?

Right Wing Professor said...

Oh, by the way. Transcanada is building the same pipeline they always intended to build. They're simply, for the moment, opting to operate it at a slightly lower pressure. They say they'll look to up the pressure once they've established a safety record, which I imagine will be, oh, about January 20 2013. That's a date 60% of the country is now awaiting with bated breath.

Too bad about all the extra oil we'll be importing from Venezuela over the next two years, because we can't transfer it as fast from Alberta to our refineries. Too bad about the additional hit to Gulf businesses, already hurt by Obama's drilling moratorium. Still, I understand why Nebraska Democrats would want to enrich Hugo Chavez. He's a soulmate.

Right Wing Professor said...

The Dems go after Sarah Palin for the same reason they destroyed the career of Miguel Estrada, and they were so vicious to Clarence Thomas. The Democrat party thinks it owns women, hispanics and African-Americans. Women and minorities who defy their rightful master and stray off the plantation must be soundly punished to dissuade rebellion among the rest of the coffle.

When you think of it, the Dems haven't strayed that far from their Jackson-Jefferson roots. Both, of course, were slave owners.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Ben Nelson took a brave stand and voted against that liberal nutjob Elena Kagan. His token opposition ensured that Kagan would only be confirmed by a 63-37 vote. Now, he can campaign to Nebraskans on his conservative credentials that he bucked the Obama Admin on their Sup Ct nominee.

Ben, I can assure you we're mollified now by your Kagan vote and have completely forgotten what you did on healthcare. It's pretty easy to stand firm on a matter of "principle" when you don't cast the deciding vote, huh Ben?

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS (and this is most shocking): The Obama Admin sent a delegation to Japan for the 65th Anniversary of the A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima, AND THEY DID NOT APOLOGIZE! I know! Completely shocking. Now they probably did bow several times. But no apologies. I wonder what gives.

Conde said...

Do any of you remember the movie "A League of Their Own"? Remember the scene where the announcer is introducing the players and they get to Marla Hooch (sp): "What a hitter"? Jill so much reminds me of Marla, with the exception of possessing and talent.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter all that much. Heineman and all the R's will win. Might even pick up 2-3 seats in the legislature to boot.

Speaking of boots, Nelson won't be able to get the stink off and win again.

Hey speaking of not winning again, how about those Obama's? The Mrs is traveling and sucking down the tax dollars as fast as she can, like there won't be another term. Live it up while you can and take what you can. Typical Liberal behavior.

Right Wing Professor said...

Latest figures show private sector employment missed expectations and numbers for June were also revised down. The Dow is off 125 points on the news. Some recovery!

Obama wants a GM IPO before November, for political reasons. Normal IPOs have been sputtering recently. What sort of market do you think there will be for shares in a recently bankrupt automaker in which the UAW still holds a heavy ownership stake?

Seems to me this is an occasion where an apology is warranted. To us. Or at least the 46% who didn't put this incompetent into office.

The media are wondering why the White House was so cack-handed as to permit an extravagant, five star vacation for Michelle and her entourage of 40 in Marbella, Spain, while the country's in the crapper. My theory is that the Obamas already know a second term is a forlorn hope, and with a GOP-owned Congress the next two years, life is going to be miserable. So in the manner of foreclosed homeowners everywhere, they're gutting the house, getting as much sugar as they can while the getting's good.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS ... Danielle Nantkes/Conrad is running as Meister's Lt. Gov. pick. The new buttons read Govs. Goober & Boober.

Anonymous said...

Heresy, RWP, absolute heresy. Theodore K has informed us what a smashing success the stimulus plan was. Your numbers must, therefore, be off.

It's Heineman who's doing the lousy job, with Nebraska's unemployment rate soaring to around half of that national figure you cited.

Clearly, it's government spending that drives economic activity and growth and if the unemployment numbers are really as bad as you say, then all we need is another trillion in stimulus. Clearly.

Anonymous said...

That would be a shearsucker suit. Leave the guy alone. He's trying real hard and doing it for Anne, cry-me-a-river, Boyle. Thanks Anne. We needed some snickers in the heat of August.

Street Sweeper said...

Trolls (Gee, I wonder where you're coming from?),particularly those who posted the last three unrelated comments (which were just deleted):

Find a new home.

If you can't find it in your brain to comment on the post at hand -- which relates to Nebraska politics -- GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

There are LOTS of blogs out there which would love to hear you rant on whatever topic is inside your brain, no matter what it relates to.

This isn't one of them.

Contribute constructively to the discussion, or find your comments removed.


Street Sweeper said...

And I also control the DELETE button.
(And don't appreciate being called a Nazi.)

If you can't even type the word Nebraska into your cut-and-pasted comment, you don't deserve to be here.


Anonymous said...

If you don't like being called one don't act like one. Again what does RWP 10:37 have to do with Nebraska politics? Your a fake Street sweeper. You only delete liberal thoughts. Never any insults of the Obamas or any Democrat.. Vile Kyle has more class than you. "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen". Harry Truman Democrat.

Street Sweeper said...

"If you can't put a Nebraska concept into your out-of-the-blue comment, stay out of the blog."
Leavenworth Street Editor.

Anonymous said...

Bob said 7:35. What does that have to do with Nebraska politics. Come on street sweeper I have been reading the exchanges. You are sounding like a hypocrite. Why don't you just say it is my blog and anything I disagree with I delete. Then you can say your a lot like our state AG Brunning.

Anonymous said...

Sure are some thin skined wimps out there. Not to mention too bright.

Sweep you're doing a great job, even though a couple of my posts have been deleted in the past, and I know people will continue to come here. Heck even lil tommy white checks you out.

Grundle King said...

@ Anonymoron 2:37,

Last time I checked, Nebraska is one of the, 50 American states. So the economy in America has an impact on Nebraska. Case in point, a nationwide drop in demand for luxury items such as ATV's and personal watercraft has greatly impacted production at Kawasaki's Lincoln plant. The lack of improvement in the economy means that the people who lost their jobs at the Lincoln plant haven't been able to get them pointing out deficiencies in Obama's plan to fix America's economy is most certainly relevant to Nebraska.

That ends your lesson for the day. Tune in tomorrow, where we discuss the finer points of Godwin's Law.

Anonymous said...

RWP- you are spot on with the take all you can while you can behavior by Mrs Obama. The proof is in the pudding.

What is great is the fact that in Nebraska politicians don't act like that. With term limits you would think more silliness would take place.

Way to go Nebraska!

Right Wing Professor said...

OK, obligatory Nebraska reference. I drove back to Lincoln from Western Colorado on Wednesday. On I-76 in eastern Colorado, there is massive construction going on, with big signs claiming it it thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (aka the stimulus). Bill Ritter, the gov., is of course a Dem..

There was a lot of construction on I-80 in Nebraska too, but no signs. I'm wondering if Governor Dave has simply decided not to put them up, and spend the money instead on something worthwhile. After all, Obama would look incredibly petty going after him for not putting the signs up.

More generally: we all know roads need to be repaired, but we all hate construction. I'm wondering if it is good politics putting the signs up while the road is down to one lane and there is a 10 mile stretch where you can only go 40 m.p.h.. Me, I'd put the sign up after the work is done.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a couple more "registered independents" from Club Jane snuck in a couple more mindless liberal screeds at 2:02 & 2:05.

What a buncha nonsensical liberal claptrap.

Argh, I was gonna go quote them and now find SS deleted their comments before I could open my can of rhetorical whoopass on them. Such a disappointment. I'll get over it, though.

Allow me to just say that their comments illustrated a common liberal misconception that government money grows on trees. If Goobermeister Meistergoober gets elected, for example, and wants to distribute all sorts of goodies from the public till to his favorite constituencies, he'll have to take the money from somewhere else. That somewhere else is typically taxpayers -- yl'know, folks with jobs who, by and large, vote republican.

Anonymous said...

Grundle King So why did Street Sweeper delete the stuff about the Bush tax cuts? Nebraska is part of the USA and Bush was a President of the USA. No street sweeper is playing favorites today.

Anonymous said...

ANON 3:02 your right about the thin skinned one today.. The main one is Street Sweeper and all of the Nebraskan republicans who can't handle the truth. The truth is that the Republicans under George Bush ran our country into the ground. Both on the foreign and domestic fronts. We had a budget surplus when Bush became President. When he left office. We did not. The world respected us after 9-11 and wanted to help. When Bush left office the world hated us. Now they like us again with Obama leading the way. When Bush left office we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. That includes people who live in Nebraska. Now we are gaining some jobs. Not enough . But the Republicans in Congress are able to slow things down with the filbuster. Face Nebraskan republicans you are the party of terrible!

Street Sweeper said...

Way to work "Nebraska" into your comment there, Peppy. Now clean the spittle off your lips, and you'll be ready to roll for the weekend.

Grundle King said...

@ Anon 3:10, I don't know, I didn't see the post.

Back to the original post, did anybody else notice anything strange about the 2nd picture? In the 1st picture, she's wearing the sling, but in the 2nd picture, the sling is gone. Jill tells us that he has to be in a sling for 'tendenitous' )which I can't find in any medical text) for PART of the day. Apparently it's only for the part of the day where it comes in handy.

Anonymous said...

And the blogging ain't easy
Fish are jumping
Except in the Gulf

Oh, Your daddy's rich
And your mamma's named Palin!?!
So hush little sweeper
You have reason to cry

Anonymous said...

Picking on Libs is TOO easy.

Sure Bush did have a spending problem, but after that he was by and large a MUCH better POTUS. You might not agree with his policies, heck I didn't agree with them all, and you might not like his brand of politics, but he was a much better President.

The current POTUS is not doing so well by most accounts. Of course you might throw in some comments based on those who get almost everything for doing nothing on how great he is. BUT the bottom line is he just isn't getting the job done. Perhaps it's a reflection of his work history? Wait he doesn't have one.

Anyway this all applies to Nebraska because we have to pay even more in taxes to fund his vote buying policies. Come Jan even more will need to be collected from wage earners to GIVE to non earners.

Bottom line is Libs are more like teenagers at home after high school living off mom and dad.

Just like teenagers they want more for doing nothing, and get mad because it's never enough.

It's like they don't want to get a job, possibly lose public aid, and be "Responsible" for their lives today.

Meanwhile hard working Nebraskan's will be asked to surrender more of their hard earned money to support the Progressive Agenda!

Anonymous said...

Talk about a Goober how about Cornett!

Anyone know why Sen Cornett's mom was on a lease with her husband on the first Bellevue house and there were so many defaults?

Now Sen Cornett is saying her husband is declaring bankruptcy, not really herself?

Yet he has to be making 75% of his Cop Pay so around $50K plus her retired cop pay say about 35-45K plus her Senator pay and travel say around 25k, and Bellevue U pay say around 35K. All told 150K plus the 200K he makes now.

So they sent the kids to private school, ummm kind of expensive there.

They bought another home for 180k so a mortgage of around 1100 with all the taxes etc about 1400. So

Making 350K+ (Or about $25,000 a MONTH) they couldn't keep up with a 1400 dollar mortgage? hmmm

Oh and she is in charge of minding the "Revenue" for the state? I don't know about you all but it just seems hinky.

Oh and the "Medical" issues don't cut it, because all the debts will be paid according to her article, so not seeking any relief from them.

Right Wing Professor said...

Now Sen Cornett is saying her husband is declaring bankruptcy, not really herself?

Heh heh. Someone needs to explain that marriage thang to her.

Anonymous said...

anon 630.

Are you even from Nebraska? If so, you would know that State Senators get paid 12K a year and are reimbursed for travel that they have to account for. As for she and her husband's pensions, how the hell do you know? It sounds to me like you don't know what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...


I would love to see your perfect life. Glad you aren't having problems in this economy. Must be very lucky.

However, other than what he makes at his job overseas (because it was printed in the article) you have no idea what their income is like- nor do I, but I don't pretend to.

Stop running your mouth simply because you want attention, or if your another state senator, because you want to be revenue chair and can't win on your own merits.

Anonymous said...

ANON 4:07 Any one who thinks George Bush was a good President is a complete 100% fool. Obama on his worst day is better than Bush ever dreamed. Think before you speak. Heck out side of Buchanan, Bush is the worst President in history. Worse than Nixon, Hoover, Pierce, Reagan. All of them . The WORST do you get it! GEEZ. I have heard some dumb right wing crap before. But never have I heard some say George Bush was a good President. That is why his approval rating was in the 20% when he left. Why do you think the GOP leadership asked him to delay having his memoirs come out until after the 2010 election? They know how toxic Bush is .Why do Democrats still run against him and WIN? If Obama was in the bottom three worst Presidents in USA history he would still be ahead of Bush. It is hard to believe you are allowed to vote with your opinions. It is unfair to everyone Republican or Democrat who thinks.

Anonymous said...

Some one must have it a nerve with the Bush is better than Obama comment!

Oh and then there is the whole Cornett thing. Hey it's pretty much pulic domain how much the Mr makes. See if you go to the Omaha web site and look up the pay scales you can pretty much deduce how much any police officer makes, within a range. Then you extrapolate the wages to retirement via the PUBLIC pay scales there and voila you arrive at a fairly decent number. So go sit on it Potsie.

Gee some people with such thin skins. Now knowing you get paid $12K is like reveailing some close held secret. Doh!

Ya live in a glass house your going to get some rocks thrown at ya.

Now what would really be interesting is answering the questions that were asked.

1. Why is the Mother In-Law on the title of the Bellevue house all the time?

2. How come a 1200-1600 mortgage can't be met with more than $25,000 in income EACH month, not in a year but a MONTH? Typical Republican, take take take.

And you are chair of revenue for what redeming quality? Perhaps the Senators should wonder this very thing? If you have difficulty keeping your own house in order how will you do the State's in such a dire condition?

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Must be a slow night out in blogger land.

Ricky said...

The legislative battle to bring an Arizona type immigration law to Nebraska will be an interesting one.
Senator Janssen is using this issue to further his political career.
I am starting the fight against this attempt starting today by contacting the members of the Judiciary Committee.
Remember the state championship soccer game where fans of the Lincoln team threw "green cards" on the field after the game?
Is this the Nebraska the Governor and Senator Janseen want?

Ricky From Omaha

Anonymous said...

My guess on Cornett's mom (who is deceased by the way so you could back off that a bit)is that she wanted to buy them the home because she needed to live with them in her last year or so of life.

Or, from Cornett's injury, she may have had very large medical bills that she could not pay while she was trying to get her disability pension.

You know what, no one really knows what all the expenses are from. I will tell you, that their family does not live "high on the hog". Not sure about the school thing, Bellevue has a pretty awesome school district, I would put my kids into it and it's gotta be a shorter drive than Brownell from Bellevue.

I would say that everyone needs to back off of all the personal chatter about her family's finances. It is really none of your business and she is not up for reelection (maybe that is where the debt came from-did she fund her own elections?)

I agree that her personal bookkeeping should ask us to question her ability to manage the Revenue Committee. But, again, her personal bookkeeping should cease to be part of the debate other than referenced as such.

Anonymous said...

Goobers running for office are apparently not effective motivators of political angst.

This blog stream is running slow. Give it a flush.

Anonymous said...

OK-- here's a Nebraska-related post. Tom White now is running on "transparency" in our government and in our campaigns. Is this the same Tom White who hid behind his own independent expenditure group (which was called something much less transparent than "Tom and Ian's independent expenditure group"), and funneled union money and plaintiff attorney money (and $50k from Dick Holland) to Democrat campaigns in 2008? I guess the passion for transparency comes and goes with Tom.

Scott Lautenbaugh said...

To Anon. 12:55:

I can say from first-hand experience there was one candidate who was at least registered as a Republican who was supported by Sen. White's group.

Anonymous said...

12:55, and is this the same Tom White that cast a "Yes" vote to keep his office activities out of Freedom of Information requests? What was that Bill number? I think he voted to start hiding his and his Unicameral office staff comings and going and communications about the same time he started paying Ian Russell to design a new website for his Congressional race, but paid him out of his State Legislative account.

Why doesn't Tom White want us to know the hours his staff was keeping and is now keeping in the Legislature. And, does Benson have anyone representing them right now? I ran into a couple old neighbors who said that they never hear from Tom White.

I guess Tom White has decided to be a lame duck.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 6:30...Just for the record Cornett's husband is not and NEVER has been an Omaha police officer. He was a civilian city employee working in the crime lab and resigned to do whatever.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please Sweeper. Give us something new to bitch about. Please make it relative to Nebraska political issues - not name calling, not about someone's clothing, not about their hair - something important that really matters.


Anonymous said...

9:05. You want something important, relative to political issues, something not stupid.

Sorry, no can do. This is Nebraska.

Nebraska is full of Republicans who elected Ben Nelson's loaf of hair to pass Obamacare that Nebraskans absolutely hate. And that's only one example. A non partisan unicameral ought to give you some inkling of what Nebraskans think. They don't.

You cannot stir up more Kool Aid than Nebraskans are born with flowing in their veins. So get happy with the hair and name calling.

millard repub said...

I see that three Republican lawmakers are in the OWH today calling for higher taxes by closing sales tax exemptions (Pahls, Adams, and Dierks). Is this Mark Fahleson's new Republican Party? Republicans calling for higher taxes? Couldn't they get a single Democrat to call for higher taxes?

Anonymous said...

Higher taxes and abortionist Scott Brown the keynote speaker at the our convention. I'm worried about the direction of our party.

Anonymous said...

Scott Brown "abortionist?" More like an enlightened male. Women like men should have the same rights to govern their own body. Most men who are pro life, as it applies to a fetus, say little to nothing about the responsibility the male has in the process of making that life much less what happens once it is birthed in taking care of it?

TexasAnnie said...

Yes, enlightened males are a necessary condition! But they are not a sufficient cause for an enlightened society. That requires enlightened females, as well. And given the institutional killings at Beatrice last year, I doubt anyone reading this is thinking of Nebraskans as enlightened, whether male or female...

Be that as it may I do think higher taxes are on the way there and I thought so as I packed to leave several years ago. In addition to our current economic woes, Nebraska's tax base is like Swiss cheese: too many holes!

This is a dandy time for Nebraska to revisit all those tax exempt businesses (such as the Catholic church, etc.) to get them to begin paying their fair share as well.

I don't know anything about Pahls and Adams but I remember Dierks as extremely hypocritical (regarding life and death issues) from 1990's legislative sessions. I regard him directly responsible then for the Beatrice deaths now.

Too many Nebraska 'leaders' of every political persuasion express the sentiment expressed by 'millard repub' (above at 12:25). They want their tax credits and exemptions but they don't want the guy next over to get his! Over time, Nebraska's tax structure became biased, unjust and inadequate. Check it out! It's not just your sales tax structure that is skewed. Look at your income and property tax structures too... I certainly did not want to stay there after retirement!

Still here in the Neb. said...

I certainly did not want to stay there after retirement!

For someone who left, you sure seem to be here a lot.

A saying abour doors hitting you on the way out comes to mind. You left for a state with zero income tax. I respect that. But go bitch at Rick Perry. He's your governor now.

Anonymous said...

Still here,

Maybe Texas Annie is just looking out for the rest of us. Having left the state, and found something better, she just wants us to know that life can be different. She's trying to help. Damn! She must be a Democrat!

Please TA said...

Texas A- If you are so much better than the rest, why don't you run for office? You could waive your fairy wand and fix everything. Why I bet you could balance the competing interests, the budget, and give everybody everything. Oh and all the while create jobs, lure more jobs into the state, and not raise taxes. Every road would be brand new, no potholes, and all 4 lanes each way. Why with your tremendous powers you would grow the population, becasue no one would ever die. Nope not the sick, the disabled, nor anyone else.

Texas must be so proud of you. You have such great inputs for Nebraska, even put downs. Question for you is why haven't you fixed the border issue? I'm sure you have all the answers and are sharing them with your state leaders in Texas. Why I bet you even use your given name.

For all the pain and suffering felt by the undocumented workers, would you please fix the Texas border? Could you wave your wand and grant them full citizen status the moment they climb the fence, wade the river, or what ever way they come into the country?

We in Nebraska implore you to use your mighty powers, please TA.

Anonymous said...

Please TA,

Is that your real name, and does your daddy know you're using his computer again?

TexasAnnie said...

Struck a nerve, did I? Good! I note that none of the last four rebuttals to my comment bothered to comment about my ideas. For those willing, I say again: check out your tax structure. It's biased, unjust and inadequate. You really do need to address that issue IF, and I understand that this is a mighty big IF, you want to create an honorable place to import future taxpayers under guise of "economic development."

As for me sticking around, well, I figure Nebraskans still owe me. Y'all owe me that "good life" you posted at the entry to your state under Nelson and Johanns and Heineman as I was leaving. Collectively, you took from me my belief in America. And I want my belief back!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the times of the posts, you guys must not sleep

Anonymous said...

We are all vampires.

Grundle King said...

@ Anon posting at 2:04 PM...