Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everything but a Dem candidate

A strange amount of political posturing during this hot July in an election year. But is it full of sound and fury, signifying nothing? Well...

First there’s Mike Meister of Scottsbluff, who would seem to be the current go-to guy for the Dems to have a candidate for Governor.

Meister said he is 98% committed to running for Governor.

But, ah, that last 2%.

It seems that Meister is not crazy about that little bugaboo of running for office: fundraising. It sounds like he essentially wants the state Democrat party to be his campaign fundraising arm.

How much he would be involved in actually dialing for dollars is unknown, but it would be an unusual partnership. Maybe not unworkable, but certainly not the usual relationship.


So what does the state Democrat party do in the mean time? Well, if you’re Chairman Vic Covalt, you send out a fundraising email!

From Covalt:
Unless you, as our dedicated Nebraska Democrats, send in contribution to support a Democratic campaign for Governor. Otherwise, Nebraska will have no choice except Dave Heineman....
It is time for every Nebraska Democrat to step up with a donation. Help us help you recruit and support a good candidate for Governor.
Now. Not later. Or it will be too late.
Awesome Vic! Because who wouldn’t want to send you a bunch of their hard-earned money for a completely unknown campaign, for an unknown candidate, to your tightly run organization. Sounds like money well-spent to us!


But who IS running the Nebraska Democrat party these days, anyway?

Heck, don’t ask them.

Is it Vic Covalt? One wouldn’t think the party elders are nuts about him right now.

How about Dem national committeeman Vince Powers? Is anyone consulting him on things?

Anne Boyle? Well, she successfully torpedoed the Mark Lakers campaign from within, essentially dooming the Dem’s Governor candidate without a “Plan B” anywhere in sight.

Ah, but then there’s that stealthy group out there, previously unknown, but now coming to light. We speak of “Bold Nebraska” (we know they are “bold” because it’s right there in the name).

Bold Nebraska has run some lame ads earlier in the year that no one remembers, and are responsible for the recent trackers/stalkers on behalf of Tom White against Congressman Lee Terry.

So who is running BN? Well, it’s a laundry-list of used-to-bees in the state Dems. If you’ve followed along, you know that “In the Neb!” Jane Fleming Kleeb is running the show. But the top name on their “Board of Directors”? Former Dem state chair Steve Achepohl.

You remember Steve. When asked last fall if he had anyone to run against Governor Dave Heineman, he responded, “I’m not God.”

So are there some bitter grapes from Achepohl after he was essentially rousted from the party? Does Vince Powers have any idea what is going on at the underground-party HQ? Who have the likes of the Boyles -- and Ben Nelson -- blessed to be really running the show for the group-that-answers-to-no-one?

Dunno. But that convention in a few weeks could possibly be a good show.


But that’s not the ONLY new Bold group out there! Because what’s the only thing that could be more-Bold than Bold Nebraska???

Why that would be “BOULDER NEBRASKA”!

Yes, we have been contacted by the new group, Boulder Nebraska, who describe themselves thusly:

Our motto is: "Sometimes being BOLD isn't enough, it's time to be BOULDER!!!!" We want to bring Boulder Colorado Values to Nebraska!!! We are not financed by some rich billionaire or tied to the Cult of Personality of one politico, we are Boulder!!!

They even have a Facebook page up which describes themselves as:
We are a group of liberal progressives trying to bring Boulder Colorado values to Nebraska.
They have numerous posts up already, and seem to be pretty progressive. And pretty bold. REALLY bold.

They seem to really be pressing for the Obama - Pelosi - Tom White agenda.

We are informed that they are not funded by George Soros.
(Not YET, anyway...)

**UPDATE 7/15/10**

We received this rather harsh statement from Boulder Nebraska, who asked us to post this here:

We at Boulder Nebraska have seen the mistatements Jane Kleeb has made about our group. We are not a part of any political party or under the direction or control of the Nebraska GOP. We are not funded by anybody and we are not a front for some out-state organization. We are also not an ASTROTURFER organization like BOLD NEBRASKA that will not reveal its funding sources and what it pays its mouthpiece Jane Kleeb. We thought transparancy in politics was a progressive virtue apparently for BOLD NEBRASKA that is not the case. Furthermore, we are not about promoting any individuals unlike BOLD NEBRASKA, we are about discussing Progressive issues with Nebraska voters. Trash us all you want Ms. Kleeb but the truth remains you are a paid political hack moving from gig to gig.

The non-paid organizers of Boulder Nebraska


Oh, and we almost forgot this little item that was sent to us the other day (by a country-club "tracker", ha!):

Tom White campaigning at the Field Club pool (with his man-bag over the arm).

Now that's some voter out-reach!


Then just to round things out around the the Third District, Congressman Adrian Smith and Democrat candidate Rebekah Davis seem to have a new opponent in their midst.

Dan Hill has said he is going to run as an Independent in this race.

Hill says that he used to be a Republican, but doesn’t like the party anymore. In any case he said he would have a nearly identical voting record to Smith.

Uh, so there ya go.

With that plan, why wouldn’t you blow a bunch of your own cash on yard signs and hotel ballroom rentals and gas money and fast food?


But just to show you that Mr. Hill there isn’t the only one getting ahead of himself, look no further than the 2013 campaign for the Mayor of Omaha!

(The what?)

That’s right, none other than Christopher Geary has already set up his Facebook campaign page for that office.

So here’s our plan: Instead of constantly having Geary and Mort Sullivan and Jerry Odom and maybe Pat Flynn and probably this Dan Hill constantly running for Mayor and Governor and Senator and President, why don’t we just have a separate primary for them?

Whoever wins gets to be the nominee from the “Perpetual Candidate Party”, and they can pool their resources and votes. Think how much more crowded their post-election parties would be! And you’d have just one website you would have to visit, or just one robo-call to receive.

Someone needs to get working on this, pronto.


And finally, KETV informs us that Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle will hit the Dundee Dell bar at 1AM on Thursday to celebrate the extension of closing time for Omaha bars to 2AM.

Because that is just the time bar-goers will give coherent, well thought-out suggestions to the Mayor. (Our over/under on the number of times the wobbly guy tells the Mayor that he’s “awesome”: 13.)  But where to park the Durango?

Just remember Mayor, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay there.


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GeosUser said...

Mayor Moron (aka Jim "Deal of the Century" Suttle) better start watching his back. On KFAB this morning, they were actively discussing the need to remove him from office. So there might be something even more exciting for the local Dems this Fall beyond watching Tom White get beaten like a rented mule.

Dan said...

Geary is a clown who is using the election process as a means to garner "Free" Press. While it isn't completely free when one considers the filing fee and all. However, I believe there may be a justifiable cause for the NADC to investigate the In-Kind contributions from his Martial arts business.

Speaking of that I would love to see Geary tangle with Ernie, or even McCoy. He would get his hat handed to him in short order.

Anyway, great topic LS.

amazed said...

Boulder Nebraska???? Dare they challenge Jane Flemming Kleeb!!! "Cult of Personality of one politicio" As George Takei once said "Ohhhh, My!"

Anonymous said...

So Vic Covalt has a new site to compete with Jane. The Colorado reference is clearly a slam on the Faux Cowboy and his bride.

Anonymous said...

Boulder is probably funded by Jared Polis, the multimillionaire Average Joe that bought a congressional seat for him and his boyfriend that he tries to pass off as his husband (or wife?, I don't know how all that works). He is a tree hugging leftist that is single handedly trying to destroy the economy of Colorado.

As for that 2% that Meister won't commit to? It is called 98% of the work. It is really easy to get in a car and run your circus around the state. It is really hard to ask your friends and family for their hard earned cash to support that circus. What a lazy ass.

Back to the Boulder site? Have you looked at them on facebook? They are the liberal elite of Boulder. And the only thing they seem to be interested in is Tom White's race. What do they think of his TWO private planes and his cigar smoking habits?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Tom White should spend less time at the CC and more time defending his support of a Healthcare Bill that allows for the purchase of abortions on demand; multiple unstimulating federal spending Bills; his support for the destruction of our local bankers while allowing Wall Street to conduct business as usual; oh, let's not forget his unwillingness to vote for any cuts in state funding when every single household in this state is trimming their budgets.

I guess when you get used to million dollar paydays from taxpayers, you really don't have any idea how to live lean or clean.

BTW, is he a member of the country club or was he just a guest? That would be a really big difference for that "painter, truck driver, rhode scholar" son of a judge.

Scott Lautenbaugh said...

Anon. 10:58--

Why do you have to pick on his cigar smoking habit?

Anonymous said...

The people at Boulder seem sincere, unlike the Astroturfers known as the Kleebs. Who is funding Bold Nebraska? I thought Progressives were grassroots!!!

Anonymous said...

So Tom White's number one fan is an athiest progressive from Boulder, CO now living in Lincoln?

I know a lot of Dems and this will scare the Hell out of them. Tom White is so "mainstream" and Catholic that he is happy to count athiest progressives that promote open use of pot for Nebraska?

Way to go Ian Russell! You really picked a winner with White.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Scotty, it's just easy and I am sure this good little boulder girl would not want someone smoking anything she wouldn't smoke herself.

I am not sure how many more eye rolls I can take this cycle, my eyes might get stuck that way with all these "new progressives" coming to town to support Tom White's campaign.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I didn't realize that you guys exempted Country Clubs were kids go to swim and eat chicken tenders during the summer.

Was that an exemption White sought since I am quite sure he doesn't want to get caught in a bar/cigar club?

Anonymous said...

I think we have to many outsiders involved in Nebraska politics. The State Patrol should check their trunk with drug sniffing dogs as well.

Anonymous said...

Boulder Nebraska has limited memebers - 6 total. Two the crazy liberal founders, so my question is which of the following four is Street Sweeper:

John Murante (lil chucky kid)
Rod Edwards (landscaper turned ineffective campaign operative)
Mark Fahleson (teabagger extraordinaire)
Dayton Headlee (creepy lil chucky kid)

I don't know that any of the following are smart enough to be SS.

macdaddy said...

What does Meister think he has fundraise for? He should just follow the Tom White strategy and hang out around country club pools.

"Well, you don't need a million dollars to do nothing, man. Take a look at my cousin: he's broke, don't do s***."

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

Anon 12:09 - You don't have to join to see the page, so I doubt SS is any of them. I have a pretty good idea who he is, but I figured it out a different way. And you obviously haven't met Dayton if you think he's little, haha. He's a big tall dude.

Suttle recall people should put up or shut up one of these days. They missed the perfect time... things have died down since winter... they would have had a better shot at launching in January.

SOME progressive groups are grassroots... most are just the same as any political organization, on the left or right... ran by professional political operatives and funded by rich people.

Shaggy said...

It's nice to see Senator Lautenbaugh get off his Omaha barstool and post a message. He hasn't posted in a long time - I guess just waiting for someone to mention cigars so he has something to talk about. Pretty much sums up his legislative service. Sure hope he has some ideas for filling the $700 M budget gap. Guessing not. Probably too busy working with Philip Morris on his next priority bill of lowering the smoking age to 13.

Anonymous said...

I don't think SS is any of those people either. I believe you have to have been around NE and Omaha politics for a long time (25 years at least) to be able to post with insight and historical knowledge.

My guess is SS is 40-55 years old OR the child of a long time pol.

Scott Lautenbaugh said...

I usually don't respond to the haters, especially those who are Anon. or use pen names, but I'll make an exception here. I won't go through my entire Legislative record to refute the prior post, but I will defend my cigar bar bill. Leaving aside those pesky "personal freedom" arguments, I can (using the President's methodology) proudly announce that LB 355 has "saved or created" at least 3 million jobs. And I'm understandably proud of that.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if Tom White was ever endorsed by NRTL for his State race?

I have assumed he was since he is Catholic, but that's what we thought about Esch 1 and 2 and Nancy Thompson.

Also, did Nebraskan's United for Life ever endorse him? Those are the 2 most active pro life groups in Nebraska. Where do they stand on White?

Anonymous said...

You can look at NRTL's website to see that Tom White has never been endorsed by them.

As for Nebraskans United for Life...they're even crazier than NRTL so nobody takes their endorsements seriously.

Astroturfer said...

Your right Jane, Politics does matter. That is why you and your husband has been rejected every time Nebraskans have had a say about your politics. These Boulder people are just as clueless about the world as you, but they are honest about it. I'd love to know what Bold or its donors are paying YOU JANE! Care to share.

Off topic said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Street Sweeper said...

Off topic, you are off topic, and just looking for some sort of fight.
Stir some other pot.

Jane Kleeb said...

So, when do you add Bold Nebraska to your news source? If you have Nebraska Watchdog you should have us too...just sayin.

We are doing something right if you continue to make fun of us, if Fahleson and the NEGOP staff have to create a facebook group trying their best to mock us and if Terry has to make up stuff and tell people in DC he hates laugh away :)

Nice pic of Tom, BTW, can't wait til we post the Daub one of the tanning ladies...

Street Sweeper said...

"News source"? That's what you're trying to sell now?
Oh, we're laughing Jane.

Anonymous said...

With all the serious topics and issues confronting this nation, I think Ms. Kleeb and her efforts are acting rather childish to garner media's attention. With that said, I don't understand why opponents here give her the credibility of so much ink.

By the same regards, all this video taping borders on stalking either candidate running for office. I hope the Congressman and State Senator are both above the goofy tit for tat which has persisted from the kids inside their campaigns.

We deserve a serious debate of ideas rather than what we've gotten to date in a steady diet of junk food and kid stuff.

Chevy said...

Sweeper Let me answer this one. Jane you ignorant politico. Joe Jordan is a Journalist, his site does not claim a political bent. It is however dedicated mostly to governmental accountability, but it is non-partisan and does not contain editorializations. BOLD NEBRASKA is Partisan and is hell bent on electing liberal Soros Democrats.Anyone disagree?

Street Sweeper said...


You'll note that we've given Bold Nebraska, Boulder Nebraska, and eventually Bold BBQ Sauce about the same attention we've given Christopher Geary's 2013 Mayoral campaign.

In any case, this is a political blog, and we talk politics. When the former Chair of the Nebraska Democrats starts a new organization, apparently without mentioning it to the current Committeeman, that tends to be a political story.

In the mean time, we didn't hit our ball into your lawn, so stop swinging that magazine at us!

- The Children

Anonymous said...

Nebraska Watchdog isn't Joe Jordan's site, it is Pete Rickett's site as he is the one responsible for paying the washed up old political hack and he's the one who has given jordan his marching orders. Sweeper defends Jordan as though she and Jordan are peers....
just say'n sweeps, ya know, kind of like would bump into each other at the press club

Street Sweeper said...

I don't know what I've ever "defended" Joe Jordan. I've certainly linked to his site however.

But hey, no one is forcing you to read either his site or this one. (You know, unless someone IS forcing you...)

Right Wing Professor said...

I can (using the President's methodology) proudly announce that LB 355 has "saved or created" at least 3 million jobs.

Heh heh. Using the President's methodology, I can prove I'm Lebron James.

But who knew those cigars were so gosh darn stimulating? :-)

Pol Observor said...

Lets look at the Boulder Nebraska and Bold Nebraska in a different light. Are both sites messages Progressive in nature? Yes

Do both sites accurately portray the Progressive agenda? Yes

Do both site proclaim positions that Nebraskans reject firmly at the polls? Yes

Are both sites created by Astroturfers? Hmmm...Jane clearly is a Turfer so Yes to her and if we use Jane's assertion its the NEGOP behind Boulder then Yes on Boulder being a turfer as well.

Finally, besides a couple hundred politicos who have already made up their mind, who else will read BOLD or BOULDER? NO ONE!!!

Right Wing Professor said...

We are doing something right if you continue to make fun of us

Prolly not. July is a slow season politically. Don Walton's Monday column was recycled for at least the ninth time.

Dayton Headlee said...

I sign up for every group/page/twitter feed involving Nebraska politics due a morbid fascination with political messaging and sheer curiosity. (I was a "supporter" of Mark Lakers only so I could laugh at his insipid proclamations)

Upon realizing "Boulder Nebraska" is illegitimate and devoid of tact, I removed myself from its membership.

Furthermore, this comment thread is the first time I've ever been labeled "lil" :)

Dayton Headlee

One Out In The Third said...

Just had noon lunch in the Dundee Dell this afternoon. I hope the kitchen is still open so he can grab a bag of their delicious fish and chips. I know times are tight...maybe I could pay for his.

Julie Schmit-Albin said...

Anons 2:10 & 2:37: Nebraska Right to Life PAC was unable to consider Tom White for an endorsement in 2006 because he never filled out our Primary or General Election surveys. In the 2010 Primary for CD #2 he filled out our PAC survey citing a life of the mother only exception. However he did not answer two questions regarding public funding of Planned Parenthood and school-based clinics which could counsel and refer for abortion. We printed his answers on our Primary 2010 Voter Guide and also showed his record as a member of the Legislature having voted for LB's 1103 and 594 this past session. Under our policy of providing a sole endorsement to the pro-life incumbent, Congressman Terry is/was our only endorsed candidate in that race. Not to worry however because I'm sure the group that provides political cover to Dems who need a pro-life endorsement when they can't get one from the pro-life PACs working in their own State(Democrats for Life of America) will no doubt be issuing an endorsement for Senator White.

Anonymous said...

Larry Sabato to NE Dems:

"You should be absolutely embarassed. To be unable to put up a candidate for the highest office in your state is not only pathetic, it's shirking your duty as representatives of one of the two major parties in the country."

As quoted in today's OWH column by Robert Nelson

confused said...

"Illegitimate and Devoid of tact" kind of reminds me of Jane Kleeb ambushing Senator Johanns at the Med Center with her friends from SEIU last year.

Anonymous said...

More failed ideas from the Chamber of commerce. When will people learn?

Chamber of Commerce sent the White House an "open letter" laying out a proposed roadmap to economic recovery, coinciding with the organization's "Jobs Summit" underway in Washington. The Chamber is an ultra-conservative political operation primarily funded by a handful of large companies. It plans to spend more than $50 million electing Republicans to Congress in 2010.

The Chamber's four-page letter offers a variety of suggestions for job creation, though it doesn't appear that they flipped past the first few pages of the free-market playbook when brainstorming the proposal. The ideas include deregulation of business, tax cuts for the wealthy, free trade agreements, a reduced corporate income tax, expanded offshore drilling and logging in national forests and the privatization of waterways and roads.

Specifically, the Chamber urges the president to extend Bush-era tax cuts in full and provide tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas

Anonymous said...

Who can blame the CC?
Deregulation and tax cuts worked so well during the Bush years!

Wait...I have some breaking news...
Deregulation and tax cuts DIDN'T work so well during the Bust years...
Now, I remember.

Anonymous said...

Who is the leader of the Chamber of Commerce? Lex Luthor? Its like a manual for evil

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a free market.

Adherence to a make-believe idea as a basis of economics.

Historically the less regulation there has been, the more boom and busts there have been.

In an era decried as the "welfare state" from FDR through Bush 1 we built the biggest middle class in the history of ever.

The more these regulations have been stripped away the richer and less numerous the rich have become and the easier it has become for the predators inside the GOP to enable their coporate masters to plunder the taxpayer and its insitutions

Direct application of conservative monaterist theory has led to nothing but stagnation for most and ruin for many. It fails every time we try it. So why do we keep trying?

As long as the predators can convince enough of us that we the people are the "problem" so we need them to run things nothing will change.

Eventually the snake-oil salesman has to be run out of town

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party has it all backwards. We don't have tyrannical government, we have tyrannical corporations, which is

WORSE, because corporations are not elected, not accountable to the people, and exist ONLY to make money. Government exists to secure the inalienable rights of the people

Anonymous said...

Profit over patriotism is road corporations want take us down. And I do mean take US down. These are the Republican strategies that got us in a depression. Once the top .01% has everything and the 99.99% have nothing that when things will get interesting

Anonymous said...

"because corporations are not elected, not accountable to the people, and exist ONLY to make money. Government exists to secure the inalienable rights of the people"

The people are shareholders and only profit if the public purchase good or services from the Corporation.

What Governments are securing rights, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, North Korea?

Cult Leader said...

BOLD NEBRASKA is not Bold if their ideas had any traction with the voters the Nebraska Democratic Party could field legitimate Statewide candidates. They are Astroturfers with their leader from Florida. The only way they can do anything here is to have outside money come in and create Jane's next paycheck. Bold Nebraska is a Cult of Personality as put so well by the Boulder people.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see anything on Boulder Nebraska that supports the GOP. They are clearly Progressive in their stances. Am I missing something???

Anonymous said...

Boulder Nebraska is fairly obviously a parody of Bold Nebraska. And the evidence is right there in the followers of the group - the state chair of the NEGOP, and a couple of Republican operatives, virtually no one else.

Jane's probably wrong that you should link to her in the "news" section, but I would think it'd merit a "blogs" link. NNN seems to be the only left-leaning political blog on the list.

Anonymous said...

Finaly a judge who know what she is talking about.
A first-of-its-kind abortion law goes into effect in Nebraska on Thursday, but its enforcement has been temporarily halted.

U.S. District Judge Laurie Smith Camp ruled Wednesday that Sen. M.L. "Cap" Dierks's bill (LB594), which provides for preabortion screenings and counseling, creates a profound chilling effect on doctors' willingness to perform abortions. And, she said in her ruling, it creates substantial obstacles to a woman's right to choose abortion

Anonymous said...

I would follow the group if I was the opposition.

NE Voter said...

Can't we get back to discussing Sarah Palin's MILFy hotness?

I thought we had somethin' going there for minute.

Rod Edwards said...

I joined Boulderer Nebraska because I was asked. Thought I was being taunted. Heck, If Jane asked me to be a friend of her group, I would. Just so I can keep up on what they are doing.

Even this "ineffective political op" knows...keep you friend close but keep your enemies closer.

Anonymous said...

I can see it now with the Palin's. Next summer Bristol, Levi, the kid and Mama Griz and Todd will take to the road, campaigning on family values and abstinence and how to make a buck writing a book how the Tea Party failed.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to know what it is about Boulder Nebraska that Jane Kleeb and the rest of the liberal Democrats disagree with.

All of their issues seem to be right up their alley.

Maybe they could educate the rest of us Neanderthals.

Anonymous said...

Come on, we are being too hard on Sarah. So, she was the last to know about Bristol's engagement. It's not like she was running for, let's say vice president of the U.S. and when asked what books/newspapers/magazines she reads, couldn't remember, or what Supreme Court ruling most affected her or the state she was governing at the time or heck, even what the same party president, what his political treatise/manifesto meant and she drew a blank. Oh, never mind.

Anonymous said...

Very curious, no mention of phrases such as high school drop-out(s), unwed mother, teen pregnancy, welfare recipient, illegitimate child, posed nude.... in this engagement announcement about the palins getting married. . Might we have a double-standard?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:08, you're trying to be a stupid jackass and succeeding magnificently.

1. "The Palins" aren't getting married.

2. Where have you EVER seen a wedding announcement that says "The bride-to-be was a knocked-up teen mother and the prospective bridegroom is a highschool drop-out who pursued a career in nude modeling"? Answer: NEVER. That's just stupid.

3. Who's on welfare?

Anonymous said...

You know Jane Kleeb has a staff of about five or six or ten as well as a full Board of Directors for her nationally funded new vanity project.

Add to that she used to appear regularly on national television news shows on multiple networks.

And is married to a former House and U.S. Senate nominee.

Yet she comes onto the Leavenworth Street blog beaming like a junior high cheerleader because she got mentioned on the internet.

You've come a long way Jane. Way to go.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:07:

1. Where, prior to Harry Smith asking the question, had you EVER heard anything referred to as "the Bush doctrine"?

2. Cite for me one non-softball question that Obama was EVER asked while running for President by a member of the mainstream media.

I suppose the Republicans could have done with Palin what the Dems did with Gaffemeister Joe Biden, keeping him hidden from the media and away from any reporters with microphones asking questions.

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:24 Who is on welfare? Bristol and her son. They were accepted into the native America health insurance. That is government insurance. To you guys that is socialism or welfare. Take your pick.

Anon 9:35 President Bush called it the Bush doctorine. That is where it came from. You must be like Sara Palin and don't much reading.

Anonymous said...

Well, lets add the Alaskan Governor Sara Palin's daughter to the long list of high school drop-out teenagers who end-up on the state's welfare roll. In additon to welfare, Palin's daughter will (with the Governor's assistance) probably be receiving WIC and section eight housing assistance. The taxpayers will end up paying the bill.

Anonymous said...

You want to know why the Nebraska Democrats don't have a candidate for Governor. Or Auditor. Or Attorney General?

Just read their comments on this blog.

They're concerned about the former Republican Vice-Presidential nominee's daughter getting married.

That's it.

And THAT is the Nebraska Democrats in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a lot of time to be clever. I have a busy day ahead of me. So I'm going to get right down to business. Tripp Palin Johnston is on welfare/socialized heath care/or whatever the hell Sarah Palin and her Jello-brained followers are calling it these days.

Court documents show that Tripp's medical coverage is provided by Indian Health Services (the government) and the Alaska Native Medical Center (the government).

Okay. If socialized medicine is good enough for her grandson, whom her daughter obviously can't take care of WITHOUT the tax payers' help... why isn't it good enough for the rest of America?

Now suck on that for a minute.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin defended the Tea Party against charges from the NAACP, that some members of the Tea Party Movement are racist. Let me first say not all members are racist, nor do all Conservatives support Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh. But apart of being American is knowing our history, and many blacks remember a time in America’s past where the words communist and socialist described anyone fighting against racism, or more specifically anyone fighting against integration. It seems absurd now, that a person would be called a “socialist” because they wanted to guarantee rights to all people no matter their skin color. Socialist and Communist were code words of fear-mongering often used by certain individuals who did not want their way of life to change. So the NAACP is right to be skeptic of certain members of the Tea Party who constantly call President Barack Obama a communist and a socialist because he’s not a Conservative. Let’s be real, why was the NAACP created in the first place?

Anonymous said...

If I was a Nebraska Democrat, and the state Senator running for Congress was a supporter of the Pelosi-Obama policies, and had no candidate for Governor, I suppose I'd want to talk about the former Governor of Alaska's daughter's wedding plans too.

I'm sure I wouldn't want to defend a failed Democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Thank god I don't live in Omaha because Geary is a joke! I am a republican and I would NEVER vote for him! He has nothing substantial to offer to any office he runs for and I don't appreciate him using the political circuit to promote his failing martial arts business....

Anonymous said...

Really? You think rank and file Democrats in this state are defending the party right now?

You need to talk to more Democrats.

Anonymous said...

If Geary was actually a serious candidate, it'd take about two seconds of half-assed research to bury his political career.

Anonymous said...

Well, lets add the Alaskan Governor Sara Palin's daughter to the long list of high school drop-out teenagers who end-up on the state's welfare roll. In additon to welfare, Palin's daughter will (with the Governor's assistance) probably be receiving WIC and section eight housing assistance. The taxpayers will end up paying the bill.

Wow, anon at 9:49, you must not have time to be either clever or original. What you posted is basically an exact quote from someone called "dorado0359" over at posted on 9/1/08. Man, that is soooo lame. Plagiarizing something from another blog.

Anonymous said...

OK, all you nutroot libs, since use of the term "Bush Doctrine" was apparently so ubiquitous, cite me to some original source material PRIOR to the Palin interview of 9/11/08.

You can spell out the dots so that your link doesn't have to be deleted by the Sweeper. I won't bother to wait up for it tonight but I'm sure you'll all be right on it. Just an original source material prior to 9/11/08 describing this "Bush Doctrine."

Thanks much.

Anonymous said...

Another reason why Obama is on the right path. Short term spending doesn't matter very much.

It is the Long-Term that has the real effect on the economy:

All of Obama's spending has been Short Term:

1. Stimulus.
2. Unemployment.

All the Long Term Spending has come From Bush:

1. Afghan war.
2. Iraq War.
3. Bush Tax Cuts.
4. Medicare Part-D
5. Medicare Prescription Drug Program
6. Interest on Debt Accumulated During Bush Years.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:53 trying to claim that "socialist" and "communist" have some sort of racial connotation, quit making stuff up. That's just some phony-baloney one of your lefty nutroot friends concocted after people started calling Obama "socialist" in order to try to argue that any criticism of Obama is racist. That's just absolute claptrap nonsense. You have to stop getting all your "news" from the Nation of Islam blog and public access reruns of Calypso Louie.

Anonymous said...

Here it is word for word. Does Sara know how to google?
The main elements of the Bush Doctrine were delineated in a document, the National Security Strategy of the United States, published on September 17, 2002. This document is often cited as the definitive statement of the doctrine.[] It was updated in 2006 and is stated as follows:[

“ The security environment confronting the United States today is radically different from what we have faced before. Yet the first duty of the United States Government remains what it always has been: to protect the American people and American interests. It is an enduring American principle that this duty obligates the government to anticipate and counter threats, using all elements of national power, before the threats can do grave damage. The greater the threat, the greater is the risk of inaction – and the more compelling the case for taking anticipatory action to defend ourselves, even if uncertainty remains as to the time and place of the enemy’s attack. There are few greater threats than a terrorist attack with WMD.

To forestall or prevent such hostile acts by our adversaries, the United States will, if necessary, act preemptively in exercising our inherent right of self-defense. The United States will not resort to force in all cases to preempt emerging threats. Our preference is that nonmilitary actions succeed. And no country should ever use preemption as a pretext for aggression

just saying said...

November will be such a sweet month, especially once all the robo calls and flyers end on election night.

Then the end of these destructive policies will be near.

Can you believe it, as long as you belong to the approved govt health pool you get "Free" stuff!

Free my a$$! It was paid for by hard working Middle Class tax PAYERS! It's only free to those who don't have to pay it upfront!!

What an absolute crock.

Now about the Nebraska Democratice Party. All you have to do is look around and you see what happens when you allow a radical minority faction take control of the "Party"

It is playing out at the National level, and of course here. Only difference is Nebraska has at least one of the major parties being run by reasonalble adults. Now when reasonable adults take back the NDP a balance will be struck and the NDP will be able to present very qualified candidates to the voters.

One only has to look at all the "D's" who left the party to see the truth. So many great and loyal democrats are being forced to vote R because of Kleeb et al. Eventually one of you has to step up and blouse the bully and the rest will back your play. Until then the radical left will dominate the party, and thereby relegate the NDP to obscurity. Kind of like it is now.

Perhaps after the 2010 elections the National Democratic Party will realize this too. I doubt is as they are wed to the union LEADERSHIP.

Oh and as far as tax cuts and deregulation under President Bush, they worked but the problem was he spent money like a sailor back in port. (NECON)

That is all
end of txt:

Anonymous said...

a time in America’s past where the words communist and socialist described anyone fighting against racism

No. They. Never.

Quit making crap up.

Anonymous said...

You wanted it before 2008? Here it is. The Bush Doctrine is a phrase used to describe various related foreign policy principles of former United States president George W. Bush. The phrase was first used by Charles Krauthammer in June 2001 to describe the Bush Administration's unilateral withdrawals from the ABM treaty and the Kyoto Protocol. The phrase initially described the policy that the United States had the right to secure itself against countries that harbor or give aid to terrorist groups, which was used to justify the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.[2

Anonymous said...

OK, anonymous at 10:40, that's nice and all. So, where was it described as "the Bush Doctrine" prior to September 11, 2008?

C'mon, this should be easy.

Don't tell me what you contend the "Bush Doctrine" is. Show me where it was so labelled prior to that Palin interview.

If that was so clearly known as "the Bush Doctrine" prior to the interview such that it should have been unmistakeably clear to Palin what the question was about, then show me where it was called "the Bush Doctrine" prior to that interview and I'll concede.

Anonymous said...

Here is when Bush talked about it after 9-11 his own words.Maybe Sara Palin besides not knowing how to read never listened to President Bush when he was on tv. After the September 11 attacks, Bush's worldview changed dramatically. In his September 20, 2001 address to Congress, Bush declared the first principle of the Bush Doctrine.

We will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism. Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime

Anonymous said...

Did the Nebraska Dems get Sarah Palin as their Gov candidate?

Or is it her daughter?

Is that why they can't stop talking about her?

Anonymous said...

You wanted it before 2008? Here it is. The Bush Doctrine is a phrase used to describe various related foreign policy principles of former United States president George W. Bush. The phrase was first used by Charles Krauthammer in June 2001 to describe the Bush Administration's unilateral withdrawals from the ABM treaty and the Kyoto Protocol.

That's it? Seriously? Charles Krauthammer calls our unilateral withdrawal from ABM and Kyoto "the Bush Doctrine" in 2001 and Sarah Palin is stupid for not knowing it 7 years later? I take it the term caught on or something?

OK, I guess you got me.

Anonymous said...

Charles Krauthammer who coined the term 'Bush doctrine.' He explains:

I know something about the subject because, as the Wikipedia entry on the Bush doctrine notes, I was the first to use the term. In the cover essay of the June 4, 2001, issue of the Weekly Standard entitled, "The Bush Doctrine: ABM, Kyoto, and the New American Unilateralism," I suggested that the Bush administration policies of unilaterally withdrawing from the ABM treaty and rejecting the Kyoto protocol, together with others, amounted to a radical change in foreign policy that should be called the Bush doctrine.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:48, that's interesting, because that's NOT what Charlie Gibson claimed the Bush Doctrine was when he asked Palin the question.

Evidently Palin could be forgiven for not knowing what Gibson was talking about when you don't even know what Gibson was talking about and you had the benefit of doing computer research before posting that.

(Nice work, BTW.)

Anonymous said...

Here was the question:

GIBSON: The Bush doctrine, as I understand it, is that we have the right of anticipatory self-defense, that we have the right to a preemptive strike against any other country that we think is going to attack us. Do you agree with that?

Not sure exactly what that has to do with what Krauthammer was talking about with respect to Kyoto and the ABM treaty, but OK. Someone used the term before 9/11/08. Of course, not with anywhere near the same meaning as Charlie Gibson was using it, but I guess you showed me. I concede. You dems are just too good.

Anonymous said...

My goodness but we have some stupid democrats posting on this blog. They love to bash Sarah Palin and make fun of her for not knowing what the "Bush Doctrine" was. Yet, here, almost 2 years later (and with the benefit of electronic research tools) we get three different Dumocrats with THREE different answers in the last half dozen posts on the subject telling me what "the Bush Doctrine" supposedly refers to.

Was it: A) Charles Krauthammer in an op-ed in 2001 talking about Kyoto and the ABM treaty?; B) Bush in an address on Sept 20, 2001 talking about "you're either with us or you're against us"?; or C) a National Security Strategy document from September 17, 2002 talking about pre-emptive strikes?

Geez, Sarah, how could you NOT know the answer? (I guess maybe because these dumocrats still don't know it two years later with the benefit of hindsight ...)

Anonymous said...

Jane Kleeb is yet again seeking attention and living in a dream world where she thinks she is the ultimate Nebraska politico, all while getting a paycheck from anonymous sources that she refuses to disclose? Why do I feel like I've heard that story about her before. Too bad that the longer people work with her here, the more people dislike her and refuse to play into her ego.

Anonymous said...

. Can we get on with extending unemployment now? Could someone call the Republican lawmakers back to the floor? Republican lawmakers: return to the floor, please, and the few of you (very few) who have sense need to do the right thing. Yes, that's right, leave your fundraising event. Now! Stop pocketing the money from your rich friends. Just look at it as stopping the number of counts of bribery

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that the Republicans are concerned about the deficit under President Obama, but they weren't concerned about the deficit under President George W. Bush. Furthermore, they want
to extend the wars. Go figure! God bless us all.

Anonymous said...

You conservatives turn off fox and learn some truth before you post on here making a fool of yourself. Oh, and by the way, it was Bush and your precious Republicans that tanked our country. You are what is wrong with our society!

Anonymous said...

Corporate America is hoarding a massive pile of cash. It just doesn't want to spend it hiring anyone.

Companies have the cash, but not the will to hire

Nonfinancial companies are sitting on $1.8 trillion in cash, roughly one-quarter more than at the beginning of the recession. And as several major firms report impressive earnings this week, the money continues to flow into firms' coffers.

Yet all the good news from big business hasn't translated into much promise for jobless Americans, leading many to wonder: If corporations are sitting on so much money, why aren't they hiring more workers?

The answer to the above questions. Is the rich corporations want Obama to fail. It is that simple.

Anonymous said...

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin continues to receive unfavorable ratings from the American public overall, a new CBS News poll shows, though many Republicans do hold a favorable opinion of her. The polls tells us that most Americans know Sara Palin is a fool. The ones who seem to like her are conservatives bloggers on LS.

Anonymous said...

College graduates were also among the demographic groups likely to have a negative view of Palin, the poll found: 52 percent of Americans with a college degree said they had an unfavorable opinion, while 33 percent of those without a degree had an unfavorable opinion. Among both groups, 24 percent had a favorable view.So the poll says smart people don't like Palin while nimrods like her.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, aren't the liberal Dems out trolling early this morning!

Got your little talking points for the blogs, did ya?

Tell ya what: you find yourselves a candidate for Governor, then figure out how Tom White will vote on the Pelosi-Obama agenda, and THEN get back to us.

Thank you now.

Macdaddy said...

Anon 8:47: The troll (I doubt there is more than one) is starting to make me long for the days when BTO used to post here.

Anonymous said...

It seems Bold Nebraskas Summer interns are on a terror posting Jane's talking points. Dana is closed kids, shouldn't you be looking for a new school???

Anonymous said...

Isn't Boulder, CO the city where the 1996 murder of child beauty queen Jon-Benet Ramsey took place? You all know about the Ramsey murder, and most of you know about how Mark Fahleson made a joke on Twitter about dressing up his daughter as the murdered beauty queen for Halloween (google Mark Fahleson Jon-Benet Ramsey).

I hope Boulder Nebraska isn't another sick joke of Mark Fahleson's

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the "rich companies" are hoarding cash to make sure they have the funds to pay for all of the Democrats spending programs THAT THEY WILL BE TOLD TO PAY FOR!

Republicans don't want to keep getting us into wars.

Republicans in the House just want to fund this Nation's Armed Forces so they don't get killed completing the removal of a bastard dictator in Iraq that our Nation's President ordered done AND so American men and women serving in all branches of our armed services don't get killed doing whatever it is that the CURRENT President is trying to do in Afghanistan.

You don't have to agree with the decisions YOUR Presidents make about our National Defense, but YOU DO have to provide the funds to keep our American service men and women protected and able while they carry out those decisions.

I say we cut the EPA and let Al Gore and his hunnies take care of the environment and cut all jobs programs and let Obama's Organizing for America and whatever the name of that group that likes to fund brothels in Maryland take care of the unemployed.

The Pip said...

To "Just saying". I think it would be fair to say both Parties are being ran by "Radical Minority Factions". Those few common sense leaders we have in D.C. are tied to the whipping posts if they disagree.

Congress is not an FFA Parliamentary Procedure contest, or a Student Council convention. Last I checked, they didn't have "political spin" as a part of the Emmy's awards. Our leaders of BOTH parties have become a constant source of embarrassment to the common electorate. They should be there to serve the State, and Country, period.

Quite frankly, they have all become whores to the dollar and special interests.

Street Sweeper said...

Please see the post for an update regarding the Boulder Nebraska group.

Anonymous said...

I think Boulder Nebraska has a point.

1) BOLD NEBRASKA is an Astroturfer Org

2) They won't reveal their out of state donors

3) Jane is a political hack moving from gig to gig.

YOU GO GIRL (Mary Jayne)

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Jane Kleeb working for the SEIU?? Is that who is funding Bold Nebraska?

Anonymous said...

I think they fired her, after everyone that worked for her quit. I don't live in Hastings though so who knows if what I heard is true, or not. Since Jane won't say, I choose we go with my info.

Ashamed Democrat said...

Don't think that all Democrats buy the Kleeb Brand or drink Jane's Kool Aid. Ben nelson will not lose nexy year because of the GOP it will because Jane has trashed Ben with the liberal wing of the party. She is a paid carpetbagger!!

Anonymous said...

k, read the update, I think Boulder is BTO. Where has he been, anyway?


Wow Mary Jayne, That is some rough stuff. I'm going to nominate you for the Democratic Governor candidate at the state convention. I can only imagine how you would tearup Heineman in a debate. It's about time we had a candidate that stood up to the carpetbaggers. FIELDS FOR GOV!!!!

Anonymous said...

They attack Jane for not reveling her donors, but they sign their note "the non-paid organizers of Boulder Nebraska." A lil hypocracy?

Transparency said...

If they have no donors, what's to reveal. Last time I saw, facebook is free. Do 2 wrongs make a right??? Jane Kleeb has a big staff, big salary, and a big budget....WHO PAYS FOR THAT????

I think Ms. Fields has a point!!!

Tired of Carpetbaggers said...

Great, the 2 mouth pieces for the Nebraska progressive movement is a paid hack from Florida and a Flowerchild from Boulder Colorado. At lease Jim Esch was born and raised in Nebraska.

Anonymous said...

Trolling Trolling, merrily merrily Trolling.

Slow news day.

Brian T. Osborn said...

I haven't had the time, nor the inclination, to blog much lately, but I will be composing my thoughts on much of what has been discussed regarding the Nebraska Democratic Party, Bold Nebraska, and Boulder Nebraska. Stay tuned. I promise it will create stimulating conversation in certain circles.

Short answers: I won't be running for Governor, I may yet change my mind about running for NDP State Chair, and no ... I am not behind Boulder Nebraska (Until I hear more credible evidence, I believe you can thank Mark Fahleson for that one.)

Oh, and anyone that claims a guy named John McDonald ... please get back on his meds.

Brian T. Osborn said...

.... get HIM back on his meds.

Geez, I may have to go self medicate with a couple of Coronas!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jane is silent, Ns. Fields has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Boulder Nebraska is the NEGOP's lame attempt at humor. For a much more successful attempt at humor check out what happened to Charlie Janssen's campaign website after he accidentally let his URL expire.

Anonymous said...

Now that is Funny and I'm a republican. I also love Neil Diamond. Who says politicos can't have

Right Wing Professor said...

1. Are you a professor at UNL?


2. Assuming answer to question 1 is yes, will you voluntarily give up the proposed salary increase for this coming year in order to assist in addressing governor tinyman's nearly three quarters of a billion dollar budget deficit?

Absolutely. Every cent of it.


Anonymous said...

Sweeper 3:20PM yesterday...huh? I wasn't talking about you, but now that you mention it look who has the crabgrass on their feet and big boy pants.

Lincoln Guy said...

Now Bold Nebraska is sending out Trackers to find Mary Jayne I guess when you have lots of paid staff in July you have free time on your hands. Mary Jayne I'll see you at the Mars Bar tonight!!!

***Note The Mars Bars Lighted Planets are actually the old white lighting globes from Peony Park

In the know said...

I know who Ms. Fields is??? Jim Esch's posse getting back at the Kleebs. ESCH 2012!!!

Anonymous said...

What is going to be more funny is the mail Hastings voters are going to get this fall.

Anonymous said...

College graduates were also among the demographic groups likely to have a negative view of Palin, the poll found: 52 percent of Americans with a college degree said they had an unfavorable opinion, while 33 percent of those without a degree had an unfavorable opinion. Among both groups, 24 percent had a favorable view.So the poll says smart people don't like Palin while nimrods like her.

That's really interesting because the left-leaning Public Policy Polling has recently released results of results of polling that pitted Obama against 5 potential Republican challengers for 2012 ... AND, even though the poll's sample was weighted in favor of Democrats by a 39% to 34% margin over Republicans ... Palin ran a dead heat against Obama with each garnering 46% of the polling.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Keep dreaming you dumocrats. (I've been calling you dumocrats but I should probably change it to stupidcrats.)

Oh, and tell me how Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are polling. Huh? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Republican, but please, please, please, make Sarah Palin just go away. She is NOT the best our party has to offer. Not anywhere close.

Anonymous said...

You like apples?

More CBS polling data:

American support for the Arizona immigration law up to 57%. (Another 17% think the law doesn't go far enough; only 23% think the law goes too far.)

American support for healthcare reform drops.

Obama's approval rating on the economy drops.

Public opinion of the Democratic party is at an ALL-TIME LOW!

Only 13% of Americans surveyed think Pres Obama's economic policies have helped them. 23% believe his economic policies have hurt them, up 5% since May.

Only 23% of Americans surveyed think that Obama's titanic stimulus plan has made the economy better, DOWN a massive 9% since just April.

How'd ya like them apples?

farmer's friend said...

So Bold Nebraska has a Brokeback looking dude on the website to help stop the Transcanada Pipeline. Does Jane and her progressive allies realize that Oil is important to agriculture and to my knowledge Farmers use tractors not Horse Plows to grow crops. Jane Kleeb your policies will cost Nebraska farm families millions of dollars. Go back to Florida.

Interested said...

Payroll at Bold Nebraska is about $20,000 a month. Who pays that and the expenses????? I doubt anybody from Nebraska.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again republicans read it and weep!
A Bloomberg News poll released on Wednesday shows that a full 61 percent of respondents don't have interest in repealing the health care legislation that Congress passed earlier this year (47 percent want to see how it works, 14 percent say it should be left alone). Just 37 percent want the bill repealed (as is the wish of the Republican leadership).

The numbers underscore increasing public approval of the health care reform law. It also illustrates the potential dangers the Republican caucus assumes by make the repeal agenda a major plank of its campaign platform.

Anonymous said...

Senate Democrats are doubling down on the argument that Republicans refuse to reauthorize extended unemployment benefits because they want a better November through a worse economy.

"There's only one kind of job Republicans care about saving or creating: their own," said Jim Manley, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in a statement. "To advance their political prospects, Republicans are pushing a job-killing agenda that America can't afford: protecting tax breaks for CEOs who ship jobs overseas, while blocking tax cuts for small businesses and middle-class families

Anonymous said...

"To advance their political prospects, Republicans are pushing a job-killing agenda that America can't afford: protecting tax breaks for CEOs who ship jobs overseas, while blocking tax cuts for small businesses and middle-class families."

I couldn't have said it any better. PERFECT!

Anonymous said...

Just look at Bush's regime to get your answer. That is failure. Only 3 million jobs in 8 years created. Clinton, 22 million in 8 years.

Obama has created more in the 19 months as President than Bush.

Democrats know what they are doing. (good) Republicans also know what they are doing.(bad)

Street Sweeper said...

New Trolls:

This is a comment section. If you don't have anything original, then skip it.

We're not into giant quotes from somewhere else. If you "can't say it better yourself", then don't cut and paste it.

Come up with something original, or we'll just start deleting.

Thanks, and thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

We do know exactly what 800,000 jobs being lost per month looks like, though. It looks like a Republican elephant with Bush-Cheney writted on its backside. And don't you think for a minute we are forgetting what the Bush-Cheney republican job loss disaster looks and feels like.

Anonymous said...

Yup, 700,000 jobs a month were killed durring the Bush years. Obama has already created more jobs to this point that took Bush all 8 years. Facts! Get some!

Anonymous said...

Really, it's Obama's fault that when he was sworn in Bush-Cheney had America hemorrhaging 800,000 jobs per month? It's Obama's fault, that he has turned that 800,000 job per month deficit into positive job growth in under 18 months? And it's his fault that he has turned Bush-Cheney's job losses in a positive direction, despite Republicans voting almost unanimously no to every one of his proposals. Most people would define such things as accomplishments. But don't you let reality interfere with your Bagger/Birther narrative

Anonymous said...

Oh, here come the Bold Nebraska trolls! Welcome to Leavenworth Street!

Amazing what paid staff can do for your commenting.

Oh, and if you get an extra minute, please swing by and pick up a candidate for Governor, would ya?

And also, please tell us more about how Tom White supports the Pelosi-Obama agenda. We want to get that all on the record. Especially all of those "jobs" they're "creating".

One Out In The Third said...

They want to build a "new" Mall in Hastings...they haven't been able to keep the old one even close to breaking even...for years...and years...and years.

Hastings just had 4 restaurants/fast food joints close in the last month.

Please...Please...Queen City residents...come spend your money in Grand Island where we are up to our ass in debt...thanks to a "civic arena" voters shot down twice...and of course our new crown jewel...the State Fair.

Better yet...stay out of Grand Island...we don't want you wearing our out new "stimulus streets" that our city leadership ignored for years...and years.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Bold Nebraskas release of their donors.....Where is it???

Wiki said...

It looks like Boulder posted the Definition of Astroturfing on their page. I'll give you the abbreviated definition---"Jane Flemming Kleeb"

The Truth said...

Speaker 1:
Hey fellow democrat, how do I get people in my red state to vote for a Progressive Democrat.

Speaker 2:
Oh, that's easy you pull a "Jane Kleeb" and create a fake group that helps you liberal candidate with independent expenditures.

Speaker 1:
Is that illegal?

Speaker 2:
Only if you get caught..hahahhahha...and the best part you get paid for 1 to 2 years before they realize your incompetent. Then you go back and work for the SEIU until the next election cycle...hahahahha

Macdaddy said...

In 18 months of the Obama administration, a net of 2.2 million people have lost their jobs. 900,000 families had their homes foreclosed on in 2009 and we're on track to hit 1 million in 2010. Of the 650,000 jobs that have been added to the economy in the last 18 months, 500,000 were government jobs. $3.5 trillion has been added to the national deficit. Those certainly are numbers to brag about. It would have been cheaper to hire everyone who lost their job since January of 2009 and pay them $100,000/yr for the next 15 years. In the meantime, the economies of the Gulf states will be in the crapper for the foreseeable future because of Obama's lackadaisical response to the BP oil spill. In the meantime, everyone's health insurance premiums are going up or their employers are dropping coverage because of Obamacare.

But feel free to keep screaming about Sarah Palin. Keep screaming about "Baggers/Birthers." You'll need to scream a little louder, though. Joe Public doesn't read this blog so your DailyKos talking points aren't making a dent.

Torn Constitution said...

Who would of thunk it. Jane Flemming Kleeb is out to censor Boulder Nebraska. That's a true progressive thug at work!!!!

One Out In The Third said...

So the "Boldies" want to stop the TransCanada Pipeline? What about all the other pipelines that have been criss-crossng Nebraska for years? What? There are other pipelines...even one that runs just north of Kleebville? Why aren't the "Boldies" going after these aged and leaky lines?

Progressive Democrats...There's a term loaded with conflict.

Union Thug said...

Bought, trained, and paid by the SEIU, Ms. Kleeb knows all the dirty tricks....Hey Ms. Fields, your tires are going to be slashed and you'll need new knee

Anonymous said...

What's worse, Ms. Field's could wake up with the Faux Coyboy's horses head in her bed. I would not say anything bad about her anymore.

Anonymous said...

Don't start the car either Ms. Fields. Since Jane Kleeb associates herself with thug unions, trackers, and anonymous financial backers who knows what she is capable of????

Hell she could have Lisa Hannah follow you.

Anonymous said...

Anyone think the mayor will be recalled or is this just smoke?

Anonymous said...

Macdaddy, I can tell you are racist because you are criticizing President Obama. You can cure your racism by not criticizing him.

Anonymous said...

If you all didn't think the Democrats State Convention couldn't get any crazier.......

Kris Pierce just announced on Facebook he is running for State Chairman of the NDP.

Macdaddy said...

Anon 8:28: LOL. Thank you, Komrade. :)

Anonymous said...

What a dilemma for Miss janie. Who should she send the trackers after? Maybe Lee Terry?, maybe this Boulder "in the Neb" little girl in Lincoln?, maybe she should send them out to watch Scottie Boy.

Never thought I'd feel bad for him.

Ricky said...

I don't know if this is off-topic because I can't follow everything in this post but; how is this for a theory?
The Nebraska Democratic Party has no candidate for Governor, therefore Gov Dave is a shoo-in, turnout on the Republican side will be light, causing Tom White of Omaha to squeak in ahead of Rep. Terry in November.
Alternatively, interest in the State Convention of the Democrats in Columbus will be high, seeing that everybody will be wondering what will happen in the Gov's race.
Giving momentum to the Dems and Tom White.
If anybody from the Republican side thinks Terry is a cinch for re-election, think again.

Anonymous said...

A light turn out in NE-2 means a win for Terry. Dems have only a slight edge over R's in douglas County. Surely, you understand that the 2nd District is comprised of more than just Omaha. There is also Sarpy County, which just happens to tip the scales in favor of the Republicans.

Does the Terry Camp need to turn out the vote? Yes.

Does Tom White have a chance to get any Republicans to vote for him? Hell no, he has a hard enough time just getting people he meets to like him.

Fear is not support, Tom White will learn that lesson the hard way.

Anonymous said...

i don't know why you people are so anti union. Do you like a 40 hours work week? Thank the unions. Do you like be paid overtime? Thank the unions. Do you like having benefits with your job, like health care? Thank a union. Do like the fact there are safety laws in the work place? Thank a union. Do you like they got rid of child labor? thank a union. With out unions there would be no middle class. In other words the good life many of the people reading this now would not exist. So thank the unions.

Anonymous said...

I will do that right after I apologize for the sins of people over 150 years ago that were no relation of mine.

Anonymous said...

ANON 10:30 Then why study history? The reason is that you learn from it. You see what was wrong and make sure you don't do it again. You many be anti union or not I don't know. But unions hav e been a great help to our country. They faced many unequal odds. Many historians believe unions helped keep communism from getting a strong root hold in America. Oh yes there were the Jimmy Hoffa's of the world. But for the most part unions are made up of every day working people who believe in the constitition and want a good life for them selfs and their families. Nothing wrong with that. But in heart beat the corporations would take it all back if they could.

Anonymous said...

There's no $$ in being state chair. Pierce would have to get a day job.

Anonymous said...

I think Pierce is messing with y'all. In his most recent Facebook post, he says he'd rather run for governor.

Anonymous said...

Would Pierce's check clear if he filed for guv?

Anonymous said...

I see Bud is posting anonymously now. Anon at 10:37 has all the earmarks of a Bud post: poor grammar; multiple spelling errors (it's his big thumbs); and a feigned expertise in history. Bud, you act like the entire workforce has a collective bargaining agreement. If you want to thank someone for the 40 hour work week, thank Congress.

Anonymous said...

Usual tripe from Don Walton in LJS today. A little more balanced than usual. Gives Ian the last word (hi, Ian). White evidently plans to contrast himself with "Terry's record of supporting ... policies that added trillions to the deficit." LOL. How's he going to do that? Is he going to claim that he would have voted against the stimulus and Obamacare? ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Ricky, I wouldn't worry too much about the Terry/White race. According to Don Walton in the LJS, Terry has raiised about double of what white has raised. He's SPENT nearly as much as White has RAISED and still has $250K more left in the bank than White.

Anonymous said...

More humor from Don Walton today in a piece about the dems trying to find someone to run for Gov. "Lakers' campaign stalled when his finance reports listed what appeared to be speculative, rather than firm, pledges of financial support." Oh, is that what it was, Don? That's about the most charitable description you could ever imagine. How about this: He lied and didn't have the financial backing he said he had.

Bud said...

ANOM 8:06 Not I said the kitty. Even so the guy is right about unions. I am member of the teachers union and very proud of it. Just like I am proud to be a veteran. Being a right winger you have nothing to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

I see Glenn Beck is making fun of the President's family again. I can't blame him though. When he tries to talk about economics or history he really screws up. Pretty laughable. But Beck gets 30 million a year from FOX for this kinda s**t? Is it any wonder why progressives called the right rednecks?

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add some more about this Glenn Beck nonsense.

Nancy Reagan was essentially NEVER criticized by the left.......

Barbara Bush was essentially NEVER criticized by the left.........

Hillary Clinton was torn apart by the right for eight years,but as if that weren't bad enough......Chelsea Clinton was mocked and consistently picked on by the right.

Laura Bush was essentially NEVER criticized by the left.

Michelle Obama has [been] at t a c k ed and made fun of by not only the Becks and Limbaughs......but by FNC-an actual "news" "NOT" station

OH,and lets not forget the fact that Limbaugh and Beck have both mocked the Obama's daughters.......

i just cant wait to hear all of the republicans. justify this

Anonymous said...

LJS quotes Ian: "Terry has a six-month head start in fundraising as an incumbent." Oh Ian. You can do better than that. Had you not sat on your ass trying to figure out how to run a campaign to begin with your figures wouldn't be so dismal.

Give me a break. The fact your guy isn't bankable is because few to none know who the hay your guy is (no thanks to mismanagement by you) and Mama always told me not to talk let alone give money to strangers.

Could you just come up with a better excuse that sounds plausible?

BTW where or where is your candidate these days in mid July? At least we know Lee is on Capitol Hill sitting at the kiddy table ordering Cheetos.

Shoe Salesman said...

I think the new trolls here are actually part of a new group called "Crash Bold Nebraska".

Anonymous said...

With the quality or lack thereof from the recent postings, it's hard to take them seriously. When you add that to all the talk about bold and boulders, I think a new group, should start up for blogging!~

Anonymous said...

To Anon 10:28--

"Nancy Reagan was never criticized by the left"? Are you kidding me? That assertion reflects an ignorance of history.

As for Hillary, she was sold as a "two-for-one" partner by Bill, and she tried to nationalize 1/7 of our economy. Not really a traditional "first lady" role, and certainly not one which should be immune from criticism.

Regarding the criticism of M. Obama-- I'm confident if Barbara Bush had said she was never proud of America until it nominated her husband for President, Bar would have taken some hits as well.

And, it seems the president takes more cheap or inappropriate shots at his own daughters than anything I've seen from anyone else.

Anonymous said...

I gotta believe that even those who are in the those "love to hate crowd", have to be getting sick of the idiotic, moronic, hate spewing, utter nonsensical, patheticlly desparate to demean, totally without any worth, garbage talk that spews out of Glenn Becks mouth . He serves no purpose, brings nothing positive for moving the country forward or for the American spirit. I am so happy that the liberals in politics and those in the cable and mainstream media and other satirical comedians have chosen not to stoop this man's level by never insulting or demeaning his wife or children or try to humilate them or mock them as Beck and Limbaugh so often do. When you attack totally innocent people for absolutly nothing that has to do with political philosphies or the countrys welfare; when Beck attacks and mocks the Presidents young children and his wife perfectly acceptable attire for no other reason that to be funny and cruel then surely everyone has to recognize that Beck is low enough to walk under a snakes belly. Beck obviously has nothing, positive to contribute to the thinking people in this country. For the people who say, oh lighten up Beck was just being funny. I say Beck how about being funny about your wife, your children or O'Reilly's wife and children, or Sarah Palins children, let's see how funny is that.......Not so funny, huh???? Wise up people, the mans a crud.

Right Wing Professor said...

Funny, I was just reading today that Kathy Griffin called Scott Brown's children prostitutes.

I have no idea if Glenn Beck did any of the things anonymous coward @ 12:29 p.m. said he did; he apparently spends more time listening to Glenn Beck than most of us.

Right Wing Professor said...

Nancy Reagan was essentially NEVER criticized by the left.......


Pol Observor said...

So Jane you think that Boulder is the NEGOP??? look at what they just posted.
"We want to thank Senator Specter for switching parties and supporting the progressive agenda. His vote for Ms. Kagan will insure that we will change the consitution to match our values and not some old white men from 200 years ago!!!"

Tell me Jane, what in that post do you disagree with????

Does Bold Nebraska support Ms. Kagan or not????

Anonymous said...

Wow, Anon at 10:37 p.m. almost makes it seem like the Tea Party movement grew out of the Unions of this Country.

Is that why so many people think the Tea Party groups are just full of a bunch of racists thugs?

Anonymous said...

Wow Bold Nebraska isn't so Bold on answering the tough questions.....Freaking Astroturfers!!!!!

Paul M. said...

Dear Pol Observer @1:17:

Apparently you don't fully grasp the point of what the NEGOP is trying to do: Boulder Nebraska is their lame attempt at irony and John Stewart-style humor.

They are posting overtly insane and overly liberal messages to put forth the appearance that they are Hard-Core Progressives in order to mock Bold Nebraska. It would defeat their purpose if they -- as so astutely pointed out in your comment -- posted conservative messages.

If Jordan was smart, he wouldn't have asked all of the NEGOP nerds to "fan" the page right away. He would have allowed the fan base to grow organically, and thus giving the impression that it was a grass-roots effort. Even the name of the administrator is ridiculous: Mary Jayne. Really? That's the best you got Jordan?

The sad fact is that the NEGOP has no clue as to how to harness social media and this is just a lame attempt at being hip and clever.

Right Wing Professor said...

They are posting overtly insane and overly liberal messages to put forth the appearance that they are Hard-Core Progressives in order to mock Bold Nebraska.
Futile mission. Poe's law applies. There is no leftist idea so insane some 'progressive' somewhere hasn't proposed it. You can find wackier stuff on the Kos daily.

Pol Observor said...

So Paul M answer me this:

Do progressives favor Ms. Kagan's nomination to the Court?

Do progressives not support the Arizona immigration law?

Do Nebraska Progressives have a problem with Jon Brunning siding with Arizona on the immigration law?

Is Eric Holder a good attorney general?

Do Progressives favor taxpayer funded abortions?

Do Progressives favor an OBAMA-PELOSI-WHITE ticket?

That is all that Boulder Nebraska published in their issues. I know you and Jane Kleeb will answer yes to all of these questions!!!

Right Wing Professor said...

I still like my idea of 'medical ditchweed' as a Nebraska alternative to medical marijuana.

Stetson stinks said...

Problem for Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska is that a vast majority of Nebraskans would say no to each and every question Pol Observor listed. Jane is hiding her funding so her out of state socialists names won't be listed. Nebraskans hate Astoturfers like Jane Kleeb!!!!

Paul M. said...

Wow, Pol Observer. I am astounded at your thick-headedness over this. It's really not that difficult to understand.

Boulder Nebraska (NEGOP) is posting those things ON PURPOSE! To give the impression that they aren't really the NEGOP. Get it? Get it? Get it? It's sooooooooo clever. They are PRETENDING, Pol Observer. PRETENDING.

Kind of like that funny movie the kids are always quoting these days where the guy pretends he's a visitor from Khazikstan and travels across the U.S.of A getting into all kinds of trouble. His name really isn't "Borat;" it's Sacha Cohen and he's an "actor". PRETENDING to be a bumbling fool.

See how that works, Pol Observer?

Anonymous said...

So Paul M answer the question!!!

Anonymous said...

To Paul M.

OK so let's assume they are posting that on purpose. So does that mean that people that support a progressive stand like Boulder's are idiots????

Paul M. said...

Anon: what does that have to do with the NEGOP creating a fake Facebook page?

I'm not a member of that phony group and I'm sure as heck not a progressive. Check my comments over the years and see my battles with BTO. I'm merely commenting about the stupid stunt the NEGOP is trying to pull.

Paul M. said...

Anon @4:14.

Not at all. It just means the NEGOP is ridiculously naive when it comes to social media. It's a stupid stunt. Period.

Anonymous said...

To Paul M:

Isn't Bold Nebraska a fake organization? They won't disclose their financial backers that are clearly not from Nebraska. Smells like a Kleeb Astroturfer project to me.

Brian T. Osborn said...

RWP 3:35 said...
"I still like my idea of 'medical ditchweed' as a Nebraska alternative to medical marijuana."

Oh, heck, Gerald! Let's allow the farmers to plant the real deal by the pivoted section and just legalize the recreational use of it. Stoners would move to Nebraska in droves, hitting every grocery store in the state in the search of munchies. The sales tax from that alone could bury our state's budget deficit in a matter of months. The rest of us could make a fortune renting them houses, selling them tie-dyed T-shirts, and promoting Phish concerts out in the pastures alla Comstock.

Anonymous said...

I see the tea baggers are mad at Senator Menendez. Why? Well he wants to get after BP for making the deal to let terrorists out of jail and go to Lybia.
If the teabagger position beneifits foreign countries that sponsor terror so much the better, right? It just shows how "patriotic" the baggers are by aiding and abetting America's adversaries

Who's Your Daddy? said...

I don't know how long Mary Jayne and Boulder will last but it must be getting under Jane's skin, and that's a fun thing to watch. Hopefully some real trained journalists (unlike Jane's students with video-cams) will dig into how and why Jane seems to be able to come up with huge amounts of money overnight for supposed grassroots groups, hire people, all to promote a "progressive" agenda. Real grassroots groups don't amass tons of money at the outset that enable the hiring of a lot of people. Real grassroots do a lot of hard work to build lists and support OVER YEARS and most truly grassroots groups exist on modest individual donations; the majority from people who live within the State. Did all the "members/supporters" of Change That Works: Nebraska get morphed into Bold Nebraska? Who bankrolled that group? SEIU? Who is single-handedly funding the current project? There are plenty of questions any bonafide journalist could get answers to if they were willing to do a little work. Course that applies for the conservative groups too. Lots of those springing up in the past few years. If Jane is forced to reveal her current sugar daddy; those on the right might have to come clean too.

Anonymous said...

RWP you calling any one a liar about anything is like the pot calling the kettle black. WOW you are a joke.

Anonymous said...

Who the Hell cares who created "Boulder NE"? Facebook sure doesn't care if people lie about who they are. My kid put up a page, gave himself the name of someone famous-and dead, and then lied by 3 years about his age. The only reason FB did anything about it is because I contacted them. They weren't going to do anything until I pointed these things out to them AND told them I was his parent and they were welcome to verify that by any means they could.

So, if anyone wants to open a page and go after another person or group, then they will and they can. I just can't figure out why Jane is stupid enough to give Boulder NE so much credit and attention.

That, my friend, makes me laugh every time I picture her face.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my pots aren't black! Quit being racist.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sweeper, this blog was so much better when it was mostly insiders who knew what the hell they were talking about. I don't care if you're a Republican, Democrat, Independent, whatever, don't suck. Before you post, think "Would anyone find this interesting?"

Just so I follow my own rule, what do you all think about that new rumor going around that Street Sweeper is Robyn Tysver? Makes sense, how LS would have gotten that exclusive on Lakers dropping out "the same second" that the Journal Star did.

Anonymous said...

So the Tea party likes terrorists who is suprised. The Tea Party is not a movement, it is a political operative group to oppose Obama and the Democrats on any and all issues. The same kind of "grass roots" that Tom DeLay sent down to Miami-Dade to stop the vote counts in 2000. They are lead by operatives on the payroll, and the rest just come along for the ride carrying their grips, racism, homophobia, all the things they are frightened of.

Anonymous said...

Republicans have ALWAYS loved terr╬┐rists. Whether they're home grown or they train abroad:

Luis Posada Carriles, anyone?
How about Oklahoma City in the 90's? Or all of the militias groups today? They are all the same Republican, Tea party , nut jobs. They lie low when the republicans have a President in charge. But they raise their ugly head when a democrat takes control.

RWP said...

RWP you calling any one a liar about anything is like the pot calling the kettle black. WOW you are a joke.

OMG! Some cretin too gutless to sign his name thinks I'm a joke. Whatever shall I do?

You like to go home and put on your older sister's undies, don't you, anonymous coward @ 5:34. C'mon, admit it, we all know about it anyway, and we don't judge. Much.

RWP said...

I find it telling, BTO, that you would favor imported Mexican marijuana over our own, fine upstanding Nebraskan hemp. Sure, yer illegal immigrant sinsemilla may be a good, cheap high, while (so I've been told) it takes three fat doobies of ditchweed to get a buzz, mostly from carbon monoxide poisoning, but still, it's just a myth that Mexican weed is doing the work Nebraska hemp won't do.

Go downsize somewhere else, buddy. I ain't replacing that stuff that keeps sprouting in my vegetable garden with no foreign crap.

Brian T. Osborn said...


See. That's what some of my liberal friends have been writing about you wingers, you just NATURALLY assume that I had to be writing about MEXICAN marijuana. Your racial bias is glaringly evident.

Personally, I would recommend that Nebraska's farmers seek their seeds from any of the well established suppliers in Amsterdam. Perhaps some White Widow for the pivoted section and a little Carameliscious down in the lower forty. Once established, those crops would be just as native as you or I, Gerald. After all OUR ancestors came from Ireland. Besides, after a few years, Monsanto will be offering up a GMO version that they hold the monopoly on, just as they have the corn and soybeans grown in this state.

Many of the tobacco growers in the south, driven out of work by the anti-smoking bans, have already beaten us to the punch and have well established plots producing hundreds of tons of perfectly enjoyable cannabis every year. Where Acapulco Gold may have ruled the day back in the 60s and '70s, Dixie Dandy now finds its way into bongs all across America.

If we wanted to stay perfectly native, we'd have to be barfing up peyote and rubbing Jimson weed on our temples while waiting for the lizard we've tied around our necks to crawl up and whisper the secrets of the universe into our ears.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 6:00 You just want a republican blog in which all of you can complain and bitch about democrats and make yourself feel better over losing the last two elections and being a minority party. Well guess what? It is about time you had the truth thrown at you for a change. I know watching FOX and being a ditto head you never hear or read anything but clap trap. But now LS has some good stuff on it. Just grin and bear it.

Anonymous said...

Once again, the hypocrisy of the Tea Bagger movement shows. They are not a conglomeration of grassroots discontented; but a concerted, well financed astroturf effort, bent on betraying the American people, setting the country deeper into the pockets of multinational corporations, like BP, the insurance companies, etc. Their agenda is a government of the rich for the rich, with misguided lackeys doing the footwork and intent on voting against their own interest

Anonymous said...

It is apparent from the daily comments from the baggers that research on anything is a scary thing to them. They are loathe to waste their time on educating themselves to anything close to facts and that is why they spend that same time everyday having their tiny minds fed the BS of Palin and Limbaugh, and believing it as fact. They don't care how uninformed and uneducated they sound to the rest of us who think doing research to find the real facts is our obligation. it constantly amazes me how they call Dems lazy when intellectually is them who are obviously the lazy ones

Anonymous said...

The pro-business gangsta group that cratered the economy will probably succeed in coming back in, because people like the tea party and neo cons and other right wing nut jobs are presenting obstacles to growth. And then you will see class divisions reach the goal that the Republicans desire and believe in. The rich deserve to be rich because they are rich and the poor clearly aren't willing to work so they will be poor. Life is that simple??

Chris said...

Hey Anon Paid staffers of Bold Nebraska -
I heard your street boss Jane F. Kleeb was thinking bout protesting the NEGOP state convention; and I really hope she does, just to show that carpet bagging progressives hate and want to silence anybody who might have or express something against their beliefs...come to think of it, just like Islamic fundamentalists.

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