Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Feats of Strength

For the Festivus Feats of Strength, we give you...GiveBenTheBoot.com.

The Nebraska Republican Party whipped this site together at the end of last week -- before Nelson had decided (publicly anyway) on how he would vote.

A few days, and Nelson's vote, later, and the site has boomed, raking in (more or less, we've heard) $30K!

Feel free to cruise over to their Facebook page, and see they've already got 700 friends there. (A stupid measuring stick, to be sure, but a stick nonetheless.)

Now this politicos, is how to capitalize on a political situation: a catchy name; a simple theme; a fundraising pitch; and a newsworthy moment.

Oh, and by the way, try typing in "CornhuskerKickback.com" and see where it takes you.


Anonymous said...

Save it for the polls.

Chairman Mark Fahleson said...

Nebraskans stand for character. Honesty. Integrity. Ben Nelson has shamed our great state with his "sleazy" (not my word, but that of the national media) backroom secret deals, his capitulation on protecting the unborn and selling his principles to the highest bidder. Change begins here. Click on our website and help us Give Ben the Boot!

Nathan said...

If you click on the link for cornhuskerkickback.com you wont be allowed it exit our of it. At least I couldn't.

Shoe Salesman said...

Fahleson, you ooze sleaze.

Anonymous said...

I wish the GOP would get a candidate to announce an interest in the Nelson seat....I've been called 3x by the NE GOP asking for money in 2 days, and I told them people will donate to a candidate instead of just a pot of money for the party. I'm guessing I'm not alone. Down with BENedict Nelson!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, maybe you should start a write and phone campaign to your gov, Heineman, and encourage him to make the formal request to remove the money Nelson just got to help Nebraska. Are you willing to support him in that request? If so, state it loudly and publically, Mark. Demand that formal request to remove it.

Anonymous said...

Ive heard there are a few individuals who are expressing a desire to run but the problem is they are all running in 2010 and have to file for re-election first.

Pat Flynn is running along with the karate kid in Omaha with prior felony arrest warrants.

Right Wing Professor said...

Heineman formally requested that all the kickbacks be taken out. You want him just to remove the kickback to nebraska.

Benedict voted against Demint's proposal to do exactly that, before he voted for it.

Cue the circus music.

Anonymous said...

Who is the karate kid?

Shoe Salesman said...

RWP - calling bullshit on that - Heinie has done no such thing. Just like Johanns with the Nuke waste money he needs that money and has already spent it. No way he's gonna ask for it to be removed. He's just gonna keep asking Nelson to vote no which Nelson already announced he will not do.

Heinie, it turns out, is still a NEGOP party hack - certainly not a leader of any sort.

Anonymous said...

the karate kid is the stalker from Florida that moved back to Nebraska to beat up his studio manager, run for legislature as a Dem, change parties this year and run for Governor as an R.

He is a real piece of work. Convicted of destroying the interior of his karate studio when his landlord pissed him off.

Damaged his "girlfriend's" car when she pissed him off.

Won't give refunds to any of the parents of his students that found out about his background after they gave him auto withdrawal authority.

Loser! His studio is very near 180th and Center.

BTW, this was all in the paper.

Anonymous said...

Shoe Saleman:
Heineman did ask them to remove all paybacks etc...on Greta's show and in a letter to Bennie Boy.

shoe salesman said...

Anon 955

What letter? If he said it on great so what? He should make a formal request that he doesn't want the feds to pay for the Medicaid expansion in Nebraska because he'd rather raise taxes locally to do it.

and to clarify my earlier remark about the nuke waste money- I was referring to the 109 million Nelson got in expanded Medicaid funding and state block grants the last time the feds hoisted an unfunded mandate on NE. Johanns cried like a baby about it - didn't want it, should go back etc. He put it in an account for nearly a year, then when NE had a 108 million dollar budget shortfall he quietly used the first "cornhusker kickback" to balance his budget.
Now Heinie is playing politics - in 5 years before the cost of the new bill is transferred to states, each state will be lobbying its Senators to have the feds coverthe costs of the expansion. NE, will have already lobbied AGAINST that support - then what?

Heineman thinks he wont be in the gov's office when that happens. He wont be in the senate either.

Anonymous said...

Christopher N Geary is the karate wanna be. He won't take a challenger on.

He is on so many Facebook and Myspace friend lists too, kind of funny.

He is just trying to get free pub from the media and the political process.

dwolf50 said...

As I was looking at the kick out nelson website, I click on the link that said 67% of Nebraskans are against the current healthcare reform. I found some things that were interesting. It was done by the Tarrance Group, which has a long list of republican clients, which is not a big surprise. I wish that it would show the break down of political parties. We don’t know if they called reps, dems, or inds. (unless I missed that graph) If they called all reps, then Nelson is in no danger. I did find some things interesting with the survey. The favorables are pretty consistent with what I expected, and I am sure that Nelson’s will go down after his latest vote. The one that it is interesting is that 8% of the people surveyed do not know who Heineman is. Another thing was that Nelson had a 58% favorable rate, but only 51% said that they approve of work as a senator. So 7% of the people have a favorable opinion of him but do not think his is doing a good job as a senator.

I would like to see a poll on the public option that does not state that it will raise the deficit. Start off with a question like, “what is you option on a govt run public option,” and then follow it up with a second question “Even one that raises our deficit.” I think the original is loaded question, and I would like to see who those numbers would compare. What are other people’s take?

Anonymous said...


(Lincoln, Neb.) Letter (pdf) - Gov. Dave Heineman today sent a letter to U.S. Senator Ben Nelson regarding the current health care reform proposal being considered in the U.S. Senate.

Full text available at above link.

All you had to do was google it :)

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that Kay Orr might make a come back and run against Nelson for Senate. Anyone hear this also?