Thursday, November 12, 2009

GOP taking Nelson to task

We talked yesterday about Ben Nelson's plans for voting on health care, and what the repurcussions are on the procedural votes.

Well the RNC plans on taking this issue directly to the people of Nebraska with a new ad.

See it here:

In case you can't see the vid, here's the text:
Remember this?

Senator John Kerry: “I actually did vote for the 87 billion dollars, before I voted against it.”

The flip flop.

Democrat leaders want Senator Ben Nelson to use the same tactic.

To pass President Obama’s government-run health care experiment with a vote to move a bill forward with:
  • Tax increases.
  • Cuts to Medicare.
  • And rising premiums.
Then, once it comes up for a final vote, they will allow him to vote against it.

Senator John Kerry: “I actually did vote for the 87 billion dollars, before I voted against it.”

But any vote to move the bill forward is a vote for Obama’s government-run health care experiment.

They want Senator Nelson to tell voters in Nebraska "I voted for government-run health care for my party boss, before I voted against it to save my job."

Americans don’t respect politicians who try to have it both ways.

Senator John Kerry: “I actually did vote for the 87 billion dollars, before I voted against it.”

They want to know exactly where their leaders stand.

Senator Nelson, tell Harry Reid Nebraskans know a flip-flopper when they see one.

At 1:22, you're unlikely to see this version on broadcast. (And in fairness to the Eco-ad against Lee Terry, there is another one out just like this against Sen. Blanche Lincoln.)

But this is what we were talking about the other day when we noted that people may finally be watching Nelson on his "cloture" votes. If Nelson votes to stop a GOP filibuster, it's the same as voting "AYE" on ObamaCare.

Of course the only problem with Nelson on these types of issues, is that he wants to feel independent.

So if he can still find a way to take a dig at the GOP efforts to influence him, he will.

Make no mistake kids: He's still a Democrat.


Anonymous said...

This commercial is garbage. Nelson has always supported cloture, even when the Republicans controlled congress and the Democrats were filibustering.

Senator Nelson is the only member of congress from Nebraska that doesn't embrace radical right-wing politics and he'll get chastized for it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because no one has ever watched Sen. Nelson on his cloture votes, on either the right or the left. This certainly isn't original.

Street Sweeper said...

This happens ALL-THE-TIME.

A Senator says, "Well, I am personally against this bill, but I believe that there should be a vote on it."

Then cloture is invoked and the bill passes.

There's no problem here, Nelsoniacs. If EBN upholds the filibuster, then it's all good right?

We'll just sit back and watch...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a tipping point for Street Sweeper. Yesterday you say people are fine with special interest and no one has ever won an election by connecting someone to specials interests and today you say that people will now start paying attention to Nelson's cloture votes, like they haven't before?

Street Sweeper said...

Will "people" start paying attention? If by "people" you mean those that read L. St., then I'd say yes.

The rest of the electorate (those random few who don't read L. St.)? Well, maybe. But that's certainly the goal of spots like this.

Nate E said...

Is this ad only on You Tube? Im placing the over-under for views until Sunday at 2500. Why so high? Im giving L St. the benefit being a major nebraska political blog. This same ad for Blanche Lincoln only has 1,180 views, and its been up since 11/6.
This ad only has 107 views, and its been up since 11/9. (not a bad way to test out your actual viewership is it?

Street Sweeper said...

No, this ad has only been up since 7:15am CST this morning (11/12).

And no, by far the majority of site visitors do NOT view the videos. That's just what the numbers (from our regular site counters) show.

Anonymous said...

I felt nauseous as the Kerry/Nelson image went back and forth...Where was the Turkey in the ad?

Anonymous said...

Right - Nelson is just like John Kerry, I'm sure Nebraskans will buy that hook, line and sinker.

Funny how you didn't complain when he voted for clouture for Justices Alito and Roberts because, depsite his party pushing him not to - he believed they deserved an up or down vote.

Nebraskans elect their representatives to debate and VOTE on policies - we don't want obstructionists.

Street Sweeper said...

See, you're trying to obfuscate this, just like the rest.

The point is, filibustering is part of the rules. If you don't like a bill, you're allowed to filibuster. Just don't pretend that you don't know what's going to happen after a cloture vote.

(Btw, note that I said "bill".)

Shoe Salesman said...

Sweeper you are twisting in the wind on this one. Ricketts tried this tactic and look at him now - a hack not a Senator.

Funny, the criticism for Nelson. When the hero of NE Repblicans Chuck Hagel was in the Senate nobody on the right atacked him when he voted against his own Iraq resolution. Remember his memorable speech telling his colleagues that
they should "go sell shoes" if they couldnt take a tough vote on his amendment? Then he voted against it himself. At least Nelson isn't embarassing Nebraska like that.

As for the Lee Terry ad: when you have a cookie cutter member like Lee who does nothing but what Michael Steele tells him to do, then a cookie cutter ad is appropriate.
Terry is basically a staffer for the oil interests in Congress.

Street Sweeper said...

Awesome logic. "Well, Chuck Hagel did it, so it MUST be OK!"

So you're saying that it's fine for Nelson to vote for cloture, then vote "against" the Health Care bill? Nice.

Of course, what you seem to forget is that Nelson ain't up for election. So the GOP ad's goal is to encourage him to do the right thing on his vote.

Who knows what the Eco-Dems goal is. I think it may have been an ad for galoshes.

Anonymous said...

People might believe this ad. After all, Nebraskans are Republican, and Republicans are stupid. Ergo, Nebraskans are stupid.

That's all.

Street Sweeper said...

What's not to "believe" in this ad?
That Kerrey said what he said?
That Reid doesn't want Nelson to vote cloture?
Do tell.

jane fleming kleeb said...

Sweeper, until you show your face and say who you are, your information is not credible and your motives are suspect.

Anonymous said...

So basically, when the Republicans were in full control, and Nelson voted for cloture on issues, that was okay. After all, they were screaming "UP OR DOWN VOTE!!!" at Democrats threatening to filibuster.

But now that the Democrats are in control, and Nelson remains consistant, Republicans change their tune completely and whine "we want our filibuster - NO UP OR DOWN VOTE".

God you guys are pathetic!

Street Sweeper said...

Uh, Janie,

Just exactly what "information" isn't credible? What is it you don't understand, that my "face" will clear up?

Do I frighten you? Confuse you?

Here's the deal, darling: Try reading the L. St. posts, from the past nearly FOUR YEARS, and maybe you'll see where I stand on various issues.

If you can't garner the "information" you need after that, seeing my face ain't gonna help you.

Chairman Mark Fahleson said...

I do feel bad for Senator Nelson as it must be quite difficult trying to keep everything straight as far as which version of him is in charge at any particular time:

In 2004, Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) Voted For Cloture On The Federal Marriage Amendment, But Said He “Was Prepared To Side With The Amendment’s Opponents And Vote Against Constitutional Revision.” (S. J. Res 40, CQ Vote #155: Motion Rejected 48-50: R 45-6; D 3-43; I 0-1, July 14, 2004, Nelson Voted Yea; Jake Thompson, “Marriage Issue Isn’t Settled Yet,” Omaha World-Herald, July 15, 2004)

In 2005, Nelson Voted For Cloture On Confirming Judge Priscilla Owen, But Voted Against Final Confirmation.

In 2008, Nelson Voted For Cloture On Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act, Even Though He Planned To Vote Against Final Passage Of Bill. (Sen. Ben Nelson, “Nelson Statement On Climate Change Cloture Vote,” Press Release, 6/6/08)

Street Sweeper said...

Mark that down!

jane fleming kleeb said...

Sweeper, I am not scared of you or anything you write...i think you are a coward by not showing your face.

jane fleming kleeb said...

Mark--did you give Husker tixs for that research or have you raised enough money now to pay someone on your staff to do the obvious?

jane fleming kleeb said...

Here are some cloture votes I am sure the Repubs would applaud, we have more also:

Nelson Voted With Republicans to Invoke Cloture On FISA Bill. In 2008, Nelson voted with Republicans to invoke cloture on a bill to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. [Vote 3, 1/28/2008]

Nelson Joined Republicans in Supporting Cloture For Amendment on Iraq Strategy. In 2007, Nelson was one of 7 Democrats to join Republicans in invoking cloture on an amendment that would require the President to withhold funding for military operations in Iraq if the Iraqi government fails to meet certain benchmarks. [Vote 168, 5/16/2007]

Nelson Was One of Only 4 Democrats To Support Estate Tax Repeal. In 2006, Nelson was one of only 4 Democrats to vote to invoke cloture on a tax package that would have permanently cut the estate tax. [Vote 229, 8/3/2006]

Nelson Supported Cloture On Bill To Repeal Estate Tax. In 2006, Nelson was one of only 4 Democrats to support the cloture motion on a bill that would permanently repeal the estate tax. [Vote 164, 6/8/2006]

GeosUser said...

Mrs. Kleeb,
You've showed your face plenty being an employee of SEIU/ACORN. Except for the marxist extreme that you shill for, we all know what you represent.

Shoe Salesman said...

Nice spin. Funny how you and the other wingnuts at the NEGOP demanded Nelson vote for cloture on Bush's priorities. Nelson's reasoning on those votes was solid and he has won statewide editorial praise for them - He wanted everything, even heinous judicial appointments like Owens, Brown et al, to get up or down votes in the Senate.
Your effort to rewrite history is appalling. Nelson DELIVERED Bush's two right wing SCOTUS appointments - neither of which would have been confirmed without the judicial nomination agreement Nelson and McCain worked out in 2005. So why not give him a little credit for delivering Bush's tax cuts and Judicial nominations by suporting cloture. Sure he voted against some things after voting for cloture - he's not a robot like the NE delegation.

Sweeper: Your logic is just as flawed. It was OK to vote for cloture when Bush was president but when its a Black Democrat in the white house its not ok? I think this may be the most you've ever engaged in the debate on your site. Good for you to stick up for yourself - too bad its on a loser like this post. and way to dodge the Hagel question - I can see why you wouldnt want to debate the merits of your argument when applied to someone other than Nelson.

Street Sweeper said...

No, no, Jane, sweetheart:

You said, "your information is not credible".

Do tell, darling, what is not credible? And, again, how "my face" has anything to do with it.

Street Sweeper said...

Uh yeah, Nelson has voted for cloture lots.


The POINT (though you seem unable to identify it) is when one votes FOR cloture, then votes AGAINST the bill -- and claims to have been "against" it all along.

Why is that so difficult to understand?

(Maybe if you could see my face, you could understand it better...)

Shoe Salesman said...

Your denial of reality is biblical. In each case when Nelson voted for cloture and against the underlying bill/appointment/amendment he stated the reason: He did not come to the Senate to obstruct. He came to get things done. His vote for cloture was to allow things to get an up or down vote - to prevail or fail on the merits. In each of Fahleson's examples he made that very clear during the cloture votes. He said he would allow the issue to proceed to the floor for debate and vote against it.
You and Fahleson can continue to promelgate the lies you present as Nelson's motives. Your problem, collectively, is that Nelson has credibility with the people of Nebraska and both of you lack it.

Street Sweeper said...


Frankly , I don't care WHAT Nelson did in the past, regarding this. And I'm not aware of a filibuster being against the law (though I'll have to check my copy of the the Senate rules to be sure). Nope. Checked. Still legal.

Now, there is an argument that a filibuster can't or shouldn't be used for votes on cabinet or SC appointments, but that's a blog post for another day.

In the mean time, don't use the "I think it should come to a vote, which I will go against" line. IT ain't flyin'.

Anonymous said...

GOP taking Nelson to task, DEMS taking Nelson to task. This independent-minded Nebraskan approves!

Anonymous said...

Notice how SS is completely avoiding the fact that Republicans whined and cried and screamed constantly for up or down votes when they were in power, but now that they are the minority, they suddenly don't want to allow up or down votes and anyone who allows it - even if like Nelson they have a consistant record of that - suddenly is bad for being consistant.

So SS, is allowing up or down votes only okay when Republicans are in power? Hypocrit.

And Mark Fahleson - you're a joke. Got any more tasteless jokes about dead little girls?

Street Sweeper said...

Do Senate rules allow for a filibuster?

Anonymous said...

Do Republicans believe in hypocrisy? It's either/or, SS. Either you and the Republicans always believe the filibuster is legitimate, or you always believe in an up or down vote. You can't have in one way when you're in power, and another when you're not. And you have no right to demand someone ends their traditional belief in that up or down vote simply because you're no longer the majority. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

I see Jane's back in action. What's Scott up to? I see he's on the East Coast a lot. Good thing you have SEIU to do all your research for you.

Street Sweeper said...

The filibuster is the rule in the Senate.
End of story. Does that work for you?

(Again, there's an argument that the filibuster is NOT allowed for votes on appointments, but that's not the issue here.)

One Out In The Third said...

What is this...NNN/ACORN/SEIU Day on L Street??? Sweeper you should filter the lefties out like they do on their websites.

Nelson is a weasel and an experienced Beltway Game player looking out for himself and his party. If he were a true "Maverick" he will pull a Lieberman and go independent. It's time for someone else.

We're tired of taxes...soaring deficits and government control of our lives.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it--JFK wants to create controversy with BN so her hubby can take him on in a primary in 2012, or she runs herself.

That's what this is all about--Jane's ego. (One small positive is she did fire Lisa Montana Hannah from SEIU--at a Starbucks.) lol

macdaddy said...

Shoe Salesman, you must be unemployed by now if you think Hagel was anybody's hero in Nebraska. You might recall that he didn't run for re-election because he was going to lose in the primaries. Pete Ricketts isn't a hack. He's a freakin' owner of the Cubs. Not a bad consolation prize. I guess you could also be unemployed just because Obama is in charge.

As for what Nelson does and when he does it, as long as he does what I want him to do, I don't care how he does it. But if he does not do what I want him to do, I'm going to ding him for it. What part of representational democracy don't you understand? He is in the Senate to represent me. He is not there to be Harry Reid's hand puppet. If he goes against me, I will oppose what he did. I am sure you feel the same way about him and I don't begrudge that. But the whole point of this is to get Senator Nelson to do what I want. Not what you want. Not what Harry Reid wants.

So if you, or Ms. Kleeb, think I'm being hypocritical, then you're being obtuse. But you know what? I really don't care what you think of me. I only care to know if Senator Nelson is going to vote to completely wreck this economy.

Anonymous said...

Look at this though ...

Gallup generic congressional poll:

Repub 48
Dem 44

If Tom White comes out in support of the healthcare bill that passed the House last Sat. he's toast.

Anonymous said...

Lefty Squish:

Now that Tom White said he'd vote against cap & trade, will Vile Kyle and the NNN crowd attack him like they have Terry? Call him a liar etc like they do all Repubs?

Rebecca McCoy Dean said...

Scary, evil, FLIP-FLOPPING politicians! -Yawn

Mrs. Smith said...

Ms. Kleeb: why are you going out of your way to associate Senator Nelson with Republicans? Would it be because the Democrats have no clout in Nebraska, and the best way to garnish support is to play on the right side? Do tell.

Mrs. Smith said...

Anon. 12:07 - don't be a coward and give yourself a name. Let me guess, it's Jane Fleming Kleeb, Phil Montag or Brian T Osborn.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of candidates ...

Another week is wrapping up ... how is the candidate recruitment going by Covalt, Rogers & Samp?


Brian T. Osborn said...

Mrs. Smith (Adrian's mom?),

It ain't me babe.

Mrs. Smith said...

BTO - don't call me 'babe'.

And no, this isn't Adrian's mama. Though I wouldn't mind if one of my children grew up to be a Congressman...

Right Wing Professor said...

The really key issue, folks, is that Nelson has often voted AGAINST cloture when he really didn't like a bill or had a problem with a nomination. For example, he voted against cloture on S. 1639 and SA 3424 (2007); both immigration issues. He voted against cloture on the nomination of Henry Saad. So any claim that he has some principle that a bill deserves an up-or-down vote is nonsense.

The ad. has it right. Ben likes to fence straddle, and it's important we not let him get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Chicken White

5 days after the House votes on healthcare and Tom "I'm discussing the issue with my advisors" White still hasn't figured out his position.

-----------> Tom's fav brkfst--waffles

Anonymous said...

If you read Sweeper's exchange with Ms. Kleeb closely he reveals his identity. Mick Mines come on down. Isn't that right darling?

Street Sweeper said...


Street Sweeper said...

Actually, I was going for Chuck Hagel (a'la talking to Meredith Vieira).

Brian T. Osborn said...

Mrs. Smithie, darling, sweetheart...

Don't associate me with things I never wrote.

Anonymous said...

BTO - you didn't call Mrs. Smith "babe" and "Adrian's mom"?

JFK - nice to see you posting. Now how about you go back to your SEIU group that calls people and says they aren't SEIU, even though your website gives the SEIU address. Furthermore, when someone tells them don't call again, some of us actually mean it. I don't appreciate your stupid robo calls that SEIU is paying for!

Anonymous said...

If he were a "staffer for the oil interests in Congress", as someone mentioned before, he would be making a whole hell of a lot more money than he makes as a Congressman.

I guess that means Congressman Terry is not be motivated by money, but by principle.

Hmm, principle centered leadership from an elected official? No wonder he gets attacked every 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Not to get into name calling-well okay, I will get into name calling.

Miss Jane thinks calls Sweeper a coward for not showing his face.

Doesn't she know what people call her everytime she does? It might rhyme with, oh, I gotta go, I got an Itch!

Nate E said...

not that anyone is still reading this post, but this video was FIRST posted on You tube on November 9th, not the 12th.

Street Sweeper said...


Nope. The GOP uploaded it on the 9th on YouTube, but made it private, so the public couldn't see it.

If you've ever posted on YouTube, you'll know that you can do this with, say, family videos that you only want your immediate family-list to see, but not the world.

The vid was made "public" at 7:15am on the 12th. (You just click a setting.) I embedded it on L. St. a few minutes after.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME Ad. PERIOD. All facts and Nelson can't dispute this. You cannot vote to move any bill you "supposedly" disagree with forward that might have evn a slim chance to pass. that is NOT what you are elected to do.

BTW, haven't read any other comments. Straight opinion based on the ad.

Anonymous said...

Pete Ricketts - what a joke. The only thing the guy ever accomplished in his life was inherit part of a company and a bunch of money. He makes Jim Esch look like a Horatio Alger story.

Shoe Salesman said...

Yes, Sweeper, there is a filibuster. It is Senators right to filibuster. And guess what, there is a rule that allows for breaking a filibuster. That rule is invoked when filibusters are deemed unreasonable.

Some Senators like Nelson think the filibuster is abused (right now some GOP Senator is filibustering a resolution to honor the little league world champions, for example). Some Like Coburn filibuster everything.

Some senators think the leading issues of the day should get an up or down vote and yes some of those same senators occasionally filibuster.

But I don't understand your point. the post wasn't deigned to uncover the existence of the filibuster. your original point was Nelson should blindly support a filibuster. He wont do that without a good reason.

As he has in the past, he will vote to invoke cloture to end a filibuster if he feels the issue deserves an up or down vote regardless of how he will vote on it in the end. He has maintained this position during GOP administrations, Dem Administrations, Dem majorities, GOP majorities and an evenly split Senate.

It's called having principle. Something you and False-son can only read about in the papers.

and for you MacDaddy - What??

Street Sweeper said...


My you're busy here on L. St this morning!

In any case, just to correct you: There is not "reasonableness" standard subjected to filibusters.

It's all about the votes, cowboy.

Oh, and those that vote for cloture, then vote "Nay" are (more often than not) trying to have it both ways. And, yes, Ben has been known to like to have it both ways on his votes.

Thanks for comin'!

Skip said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Street Sweeper said...

Sorry no links. If you have something to say, say it.

Anonymous said...

Even with the Obama mouth foaming the State of Nebraka rejected the Fake Cowboy Klebb. With that thought why does Jane Baby stick around? It is clear that Nebraska doesn't want her and her hubby here. GET LOST

Mike C

Shoe Salesman said...

Sweeper, hmmmm, liking it both ways.

Rumor has it you are a former Terry staffer. Maybe that's why you never really take Lee to task for having it both ways. Like on earmarks. Remember that?

Lee wanted to get earmarks for his district. He went to bat for them. He got millions for Omaha. Then the GOP told him that was bad. So he then came out against earmarks. said he would never get them again. But he would wink and say "go see Ben" and push all the lifting to Nelson.

Then he would put out press releases on the earmarks he wasnt getting. Then his constituents soured. then he went back to getting earmarks. And now he is back getting earmarks and complaining about them at the same time.

Talk about having it both ways! Talk about embarrassing to the state of Nebraska.

Bus Driver said...


I just found your post here on Rev. Lee. Although your take on Congressman Terry was spot on, I think you give him to much credit for his ability to deliver the pork. My numbers might be off a little but one of his bigger "gets" was about 13 Mil for a parking garage for his alma mater.
Its always good to have God on your side, but does a private univ. really merit public funds just to cram a couple more SUV's onto their campus. Of course some street lights or a general spruce up of the neighborhood around Creighton would just be wasted on ungrateful victims of crime and poverty. Plus they just don't understand how campaign contributions work