Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Anti-Terry forces out early

A pan-Eco group has launched an attack on various Republicans across Congress, and have included Representative Lee Terry in their sights.

"Bold Nebraska", a branch or a wing or comrade of a group called "Clean Energy Works", has placed an ad-buy in the Omaha market.

(And of course this is on the heels of the anti-Ben Nelson polling by "". You can tell these groups are bold, because it's in their name.)

See the spot here:

This was apparently about a $200K ad buy, $180K on broadcast.

Note that "Clean Energy Works" PR contact, Josh Dorner, is also the PR contact at the Sierra Club. They support John Kerrey and the whole Cap & Trade scheme.

This same, exact, ad is also up on behalf of League of Conservation Voters, against Reps Luetkemeyer, Rehberg, and Blunt.

And by the the Sierra Club, against Reps Boehner and (a female version for) Bachmann.

Don't you just love these generic spots? One size fits all!

But it's funny that this invisible group called "Bold Nebraska" that local Dems haven't even heard of, is supposed to convince you that Terry is at the mercy of "Big Oil!". (By the way, cute how everything "Big!" is the epitome of evil: Big Oil! Big Tobacco! Big Pharma! Big Boy! Give us break already, lefties.)

Just so all you politicos out there are aware: the whole "your Congressman has been bought and sold by special interests" campaign plan NEVER works. Voters know that pols get money from special interests. Lefties give money to Dems and conservatives give money to GOPers. If voters don't like how their rep votes, they'll get rid of him or her. Who gives the pol cash doesn't concern them much.

Anyway, there's volley one from the Tom White camp. Good luck with all that.

[The OWH's Robynn Tysver notes that while this ad pushed the fact that Terry voted against Cap & Trade, Terry's opponent Tom White is against Cap & Trade as well.]


And on the 2nd District note, we'll toss out that former 2nd District Dem candidate Richard Carter is a co-Chair of Lee Terry's re-eelction campaign.

You'll remember that after losing to Jim Esch in 2008, Carter joined the Terry campaign and became the leader of Terry's "Truth Squad".

Local Dems are still beside themselves on this one.


And we were hoping to see the latest Nebraska Watchdog story on how Tom White would have voted on the House Health Care bill.

You'll remember that Lee Terry voted "Nay".

One would think that it would be helpful to 2nd District voters to know how White would have voted on the biggest issue of the day. You know, before the dust settles and he can see where the safest place to hide is.

Maybe Joe Jordan asked him and he's waiting to spring it on us.

But we won't, you know, hold our breath waiting for state Senator White.


In her OWH story this morning, Robynn Tysver tells us how Tom White would have voted on Cap & Trade. So we know that vote, but not how he'd vote on Health Care?

What gives, Tom?


Macdaddy said...

I think these kinds of ads will resonate with the voters and I strongly urge Bold Nebraska to run more of them. Lee Terry is very vulnerable. The Dems should sink lots of money into this district.

Anonymous said...

sweeping generalization re: Just so all you politicos out there are aware: the whole "your Congressman has been bought and sold by special interests" campaign plan NEVER works.

Never? You can't think of one race where someone, on either the left or the right tied someone in Congress to special interests and won?

Maybe Nebraska needs mental health reform more than anything else.

Dayton Headlee said...

The qualifier they use for the source of his 400,000, "oil and energy interests" indicates that a foreman for Omaha Public Power District could be one of those evil people.

Also, people in the Second District are resoundingly against Cap and Trade... This ad is along the lines of those BOLD individuals that called out Ben Nelson for doing what his constitutents wanted him to do.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, Sweeper! We all know that the GOP is the largest of abuser of "big" politics. "Big Government" really is thier epitome of evil

Macdaddy said...

These ads convinced me. I am voting for Tom White. I think that others like me can be convinced if the Democrats just run enough ads.

Wheaton said...

The "ads will resonate?" With whom exactly? It is laughable to contend that Congressman Terry is anything less than upstanding. He isn't the one ducking questions about his political opinions. Apparently Tom White doesn't see his as relevant to the job. I would agree, his ideas aren't.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is Lee Terry is the Hydro energy guy along with switchgrass and a host of renewable energy possibilities. This add is the CAP AND TAX!!! I believe about everyone with a sound mind is against that bill.

Anonymous said...

Cap and Trade... They say that this is about nebraska jobs and energy... When in fact the only way to build wind farms is by big business investing in these farms. They buy out the little guy and take their land with no options for the farmer. They make the contracts so the nebraska farmer will NOT profit from the wind farm.
In fact it is so expensive to build the energy farms no farmer would be able to do it on their own.
Why don't people look into how Iowa is doing it? Big business taking the local farms and not spreading the wealth. Cap and Tax is another way the government will screw the middle guy.
Why is Al Gore's brother now a MULTI, MULTI Million dollar invester in carbon trading??? HMMMM

Anonymous said...

Keep trying to go after Terry! With the GOP victories and the Obama vote not showing up in Virgina and New Jersey say good bye to Tom "the trial attorney" White.

Like we need another rubber stamp to Pelosi and her far left wing extremist ideas!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to change the subject, but I've been hearing a lot of talk this week that Chuck Sigerson is going to resign from the City Council before the end of the year. Does anyone know if there is any truth to these rumors?

Anonymous said...

The ad ran on a re-run of "Friends." Tom White is sure going to dominate the 1998 election.

Anonymous said...


What'd Terry do, run his hands through Tom White's hair?

Big Game James said...

it's time for lee terry to hit the road...that guy has done nothing for nebraska. oh, wait, i have seen lee at a holy name fishfry or two...

Anonymous said...

Richard Carter!!!!

Can't wait for when White opens his mouth to attack Terry on vets issues--Carter will eat him alive.

Carter---great choice for co-chair!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Sweeper. It would be nice if Pete Ricketts would turn his paid lackey Joe Jordan loose on a Democrat for a change since, you know, Pete is the GOP National Committeeman and all.

How about it, Pete and Joe? Where does Tom White stand on the House health care bill? Or are we still talking about the Governor's salary?

Anonymous said...

If Tom White loses his bid for Congress it's because he has run a shy and lackluster campaign that shows the undecided voter no fire in his belly.

He hasn't taken it to his opponent or defined a clear message. For all that money that is being sent back East for consultants and advisement, White is getting nothing more than nothing. NO traction, NO attention except on this blog, NO message, just another less than exciting politician who does not inspire an audience. Not to say his opponent does.

Whoever this Ian is lacks the depth of experience in knowing how to generate interest and put a candidate forward that moves opinion in a positive direction.

Too bad for Tom, but it is time to make waves and define himself as a worthy alternative and not just a recipient of leftover Obama money and party favors.

Anonymous said...

Bad news for Dems...

Gallup's generic congressional poll out today:

Republican 48
Democratic 44

Indie voters----->split 52/30 for the Repubs.

If White comes out in support of the healthcare bill the House passed last Sat., he's finished.

Anonymous said...

Incredible that White is too chicken to take a stand on the House-passed healthcare bill. 5 days later, not a peep from him.

Who is chair of "Weenies for White".

Anonymous said...

Got to love the left wing. Lies! Lies! Lies! The 1.9 million is a pipe dream from a study from a lefty organization. So because Terry doesn't believe in the HOAX known as global warming, he's doing so soley because of BIG OIL money? So does that mean because Obama and the Democrats won't do tort reform, that they're in the pockets of BIG LITIGATION! Or that those who make millions off of carbon credits are in the pockets of BIG ENVIRONMENT? This BoldNebraska is a joke and very juvenile. But what do you expect from the immature left? Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Richard Carter is co-chair for Lee Terry...AND NOBODY CARES!!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing, Tom White waited until public opinion showed that this was a sh*t ad before he decided whether he liked Cap and Trade.

I wonder if "BoldNebraska" has an ad about about Tommie Boy's assault against the environment-all that hot air has got to be hurting some critter down there in Lincoln.

Mary said...
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Street Sweeper said...

Sorry no links. If you have something to say, say it.

busdriver said...

Who really gives a crap if Terry gets another two years. The Dems would be better off not running anyone vs. wasting money on White. Fact is he's just a Republican-Lite anyway. Politically, Terry is such an intellectual light weight that he will never be a problem for the left. Actually he probably should just sleep in his own bed, stay in Omaha and just phone it in, cause nobody in Washington even knows he's there!