Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mayor Suttle

Well Omaha. You got what you wanted.

We'll alert the Vatican.

........................................................VOTES PERCENT

PRECINCTS COUNTED (OF 284). . . . . 284 100.00
BALLOTS CAST - TOTAL. . . . . . . 74,141

Omaha Mayor
Vote For 1
Hal Daub. . . . . . . . . . . 35,970 48.74
Jim Suttle . . . . . . . . . . 37,433 50.72
WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . . 401 .54

Omaha City Council - DISTRICT ONE
Vote For 1
Pete Festersen. . . . . . . . . 6,826 61.90
Sharon Chvala . . . . . . . . . 4,125 37.41
WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . . 76 .69

Omaha City Council - DISTRICT TWO
Vote For 1
Ben Gray. . . . . . . . . . . 3,980 57.00
Frank Brown. . . . . . . . . . 2,981 42.69
WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . . 22 .32

Omaha City Council - DISTRICT THREE
Vote For 1
Chris Jerram . . . . . . . . . 4,607 52.29
Chip Maxwell . . . . . . . . . 4,123 46.80
WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . . 80 .91

Omaha City Council - DISTRICT FOUR
Vote For 1
Joseph P. Velasquez . . . . . . . 1,360 20.34
Garry Gernandt. . . . . . . . . 5,276 78.90
WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . . 51 .76

Omaha City Council - DISTRICT FIVE
Vote For 1
Jon Blumenthal. . . . . . . . . 4,199 36.71
Jean Stothert . . . . . . . . . 7,200 62.95
WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . . 39 .34

Omaha City Council - DISTRICT SIX
Vote For 1
Franklin T. Thompson. . . . . . . 8,449 56.88
Walt Peffer. . . . . . . . . . 6,357 42.80
WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . . 48 .32

Omaha City Council - DISTRICT SEVEN
Vote For 1
Chuck Sigerson. . . . . . . . . 9,993 93.18
WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . . 731 6.82


sosad said...


ohno said...

We have a mayor who wears tie dye? Crap.

Wake Up, People! said...

The soufle came out perfect.

Wake up, people!

/s NE Voter

Anonymous said...

Let's see - - Suttle, Jerram, Stothert - - think the unions still have a little pull in this town?? Christ, we're gonna' go bankrupt in 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Oh crap - we have Mayor Stubble.

Anonymous said...

Omaha is a city full of idiots!

Anonymous said...

Watch our property taxes skyrocket due to the ineptness and ignorance of the mayor's office and the city council.

GA Hill said...

How could you possibly vote for Jim Suttle? He did not offer one solution or plan to one issue or problem this ENTIRE CAMPAIGN!

This is truly an embarrassment for the city.

Anonymous said...

No way our taxes will go up - - EACH of those candidates PROMISED no new taxes - - they'll just sprinkle fairy dust and magic on the city. It's all good.

Anonymous said...

Should have voted for Jim Vokal! He would have been able to pull all the Republicans yet had the leadership and level head to be able to pull enough dems to win the seat. Nice Job Omaha!!!

Anonymous said...

I think there are gonna be a lot of "shoulda' voted fors" that we realize in about a year . . .

Anonymous said...

This is horrible.

macdaddy said...

All hail Mayor Kookypants!

BTW, anybody else notice that in every election since the 2000 Presidential election, whenever a Republican is leading by a slim margin the votes always break the Democrats' way late in the count?

SmilingLiberal said...

It's not some major conspiracy. The districts that are the last counted are simply the most democratic disctricts. If it was done in reverse, Suttle would have led the entire time, which I somehow doubt would have made you feel better.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Today ... Omaha.

2010 ... Nebraska.

2012 ... the World!

GA Hill said...

SmilingLiberal: I ask you to name one--just one--definitive plan that Jim Suttle offered during the campign.

I've got chills! said...

What a victory!!!

Anonymous said...

What happens first??

Suttle recall or Omaha bankruptcy?

Anonymous said...

Hal Daub could have hit the ground running and implemented salient solutions to problems facing the city.

Jim Suttle is in over his head. The 70% of registered voters who sat this one out will realize that in about 3 months.

Watch the city council start to circle like sharks in water. I know, I know there are 4 Dems on the council, but the "D" won't keep those folks from wanting to make names for themselves.

Anonymous said...

This marks the end of an era for Daub, and we cant be happier! Walk off into the sunset Hal, or off a cliff whatever you prefer.

Anonymous said...

Bye Hal! ;)

I Know Your Gonna Delete This... said...

No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub! No job Daub!

Totally worth it.


That guy

Anonymous said...

do you think you could post Daub's concession speech? I'd like to watch it several times.

Anonymous said...

If the election was " Anybody but Daub" couldn;t the city still have done better than Suttle?

Anonymous said...

If the Republican party needed something to win back voter registration in Omaha, it was just delivered.

Have at it Dems! Control of the council and mayor. It's all on you!

Anonymous said...


Please keep being who you are. The more you speak, the more people turn back to Republicans.

Anonymous said...

just another day working... see you in 2010 heineman

Brian T. Osborn said...

Wow!! You Republicans sure are sore losers!

Anonymous said...

Poor campaign by Daub. Trying to tear down instead of build up. I know Suttle was just too tempting but you see the results - it didn't work.

And we all hated Vokal again why?

macdaddy said...

SmilingLiberal: you just made my point. Why are the last precincts to be counted always the ones with the most Dem votes?

Anonymous said...

No, we are not sore losers, there just seems to be a lot of sore winners. Maybe Tom Osborne is right, the problem is brain drain-most of Omaha has forgotten how to use their's and they are getting all of there news from the Weekly Readers instead of an actual newspaper.

This is a very sad day for Omaha!

Anonymous said...

Walk off a cliff? Wow. Yeah, that's classy. Nice.

3rd floor watcher said...

I'm waiting for the internet poll that will ask me how the city should be run.

Anonymous said...

in reply to "Why are the last precincts to be counted always the ones with the most Dem votes?"

because the collection site is at 114th & Dodge. the west Omaha poll workers naturally get to 114th & Dodge before the east Omaha poll workers do. So in the evening west Omaha gets counted before east Omaha.

unless of course, the election commission's move in the 1990s from downtown was part of the conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

I wonder is Suttle stance on crime will be to prevent, or just cover it up...or maybe it's just to learn even better ways to not get caught?

Anonymous said...

"Suttle said he would begin to analyze the city's finances over the next few weeks, and he promised to give Omahans an honest report."

Ummm, wasn't that what he should have been doing the last year????? WTF, we are all hosed!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hal. You were just defeated by a candidate so bad ANY Republican but you could have defeated him. The Democrats are laughing because they know this is true. Vokal would have destroyed Suttle. Please--get out of the way and quit ruining the party in Douglas County. What a disaster.

Anonymous said...

We need new leadership at the Douglas County Republican Party. It's obvious the current leader is sitting on her keyster and not doing much in the way of building the party.

I know plenty of people who know how to run and develop a party structure much better than what we have in place now. If Lee isn't careful in 2 years we could see an entire flip of the District 2/Omaha structure.

Lee Terry should be nervous said...

Anon 8:28 is right

Anonymous said...

It is about time someone said that. Hal effectively pushes down any new Republican blood in Douglas County who he perceives as not having 100% deference to him by working to destroy the chances of anyone who is friends with--or even acquaintances with--anyone Hal doesn't like. This is the worst kind of meddling for the sake of personal promotion and is the reason we are where we are today. It is time someone else runs the show.

Anonymous said...

Now Lee Terry has two Democrats who actually have resumes (unlike Esch who has no experience doing anything) who will certainly challenge him in the future. Lee Terry will be wishing very soon he had done what the Democratic office holders did and got involved in the Jerram and Festerson races because now two individuals have platforms to challenge him.

Vokal Guy said...

Lee has two things going for him: Suttle and Obama.

3rd floor watcher said...

You Rino's are idiots. Hal ran a good race. The voters of Omaha drank more of the Obama "Change" Kool-Aid and took a guy with no ideas. This runs in cycles and the R's will come back. I will love to see Festerson and Jerram start their career raising taxes!!!

Anonymous said...

Jerram??? OMG, you have to be kidding.

If it had been Brian Buescher, Jerram would have been whipped all over the district.

It happened just like several said it would. Maxwell was able to neak through the 6 way primary on name ID alone. Then he didn't/couldn't raise money and refused to take Jerram on - on several issues that would have killed him.

Chip Maxwell's selfish rub cost Republicans control of the city council.

Anonymous said...

Hal definitely ran a good race. He did everything right. The Suttle people just GOTV by 1,500 people more than Hal. Suttle got lucky.

I, for one, am proud of Hal Daub and I'm proud I volunteered as much as I did on his campaign. I wish he would have won, but I'm happy to hear him say that he's definitely going to stay engaged in the city of Omaha. We still need him.

macdaddy said...

Anon 8:28: you are exactly right. I think Obama's organization made some major changes in how the Dems are organized in Douglas County. Granted there was only 31% turnout, but it was still enough to get an idiot elected mayor. The DCRP couldn't scare up 1500 voters? Terry definitely is in major trouble for 2010 and he needs to put some muscle on DCRP to get its act together.

Anonymous said...

All this talk about how terrible a candidate Suttle was, how Daub would crush him, etc.

And Suttle won by almost 1,500 votes.

Face it - Suttle ran exactly the right campaign to run against Hal Daub. His field effort was far superior, and Daub's immigration stunt backfired.

There's little Daub could have done after April 7th to change course, which is why he looked more and more desperate. Omaha is better off for it.

Anonymous said...

Hal definately ran a good race. His energy was amazing. But his negatives were simply too high. Please stay involved Hal.

Anonymous said...

Hey speaking of immigration, no one is talking about the status of the person who killed that little girl while driving without a licence yesterday.

Anonymous said...


"I'm not Hal Daub" was certainly an effective campaign slogan. But let's not pretend that it was some grand ground attack that beat Daub.

Hal Daub beat Hal Daub.

Omaha Dem said...

Sweeper, You and Dodgestreet need to wake up and see we are a blue state.

Anonymous said...

This state is far, far, far from a blue state. Trust me. This is NOT over and I will not go down without a fight.

I will be at the city council meetings and watching this group of yahoo's closer than before. We will fight them if they try to raise property taxes, etc., etc.

Trust me Stubble. You will eventually get recalled because people will see how big a pompous, arrogant ass you really are.

Street Sweeper said...

Omaha Dem,

Blue "City", you have an argument. State? That's laughable.

And I'd go further to say that many Republicans voted against Daub. That hardly makes them "Blue".

The Presidential election was a Cult of Personality referendum for Obama and against Bush. We'll see where that goes after the shine wears off.

And yesterday's election was an anti-vote. This was no "Pro Jim Suttle" vote. It was purely a referendum on Hal Daub and his personality. Hal lost. C'est la vie.

Interesting that a majority of Omahans voted for President and Mayor based on personality. We'll see what lesson they learn.

Anonymous said...

the daub supporters

and frank brown and jon blumenthal and chip maxwell supporters

ought to stop whinning.

suttle won, he is our new mayor.

we should hope and pray he and the new council members do good.

Rush Limbaugh said...

I hope Jim Suttle fails

Anonymous said...

well "rush" you are a sore loser.

BTW to those out there who are praying types,

especially those who profess to be christians,

we should pray MAYOR JIM SUTTLE and the new council members

and the 3 returning members of the council do good.

3rd floor watcher said...

What they mean is we should pray they go along with Jim Suttle in raising taxes and fees. Right?

3rd floor watcher said...

Are these the same Dems that prayed for Hal Daub while he was mayor?

Anonymous said...

Some free advice:

If you want to win elections, it's probably not the best idea to call the voters stupid when you lose.

Anonymous said...

3rd floor watcher;

we should pray suttle and the new group of council members does what is best for the people of omaha.

1 timothy 2:1-2 says we as christians are to pray for govt. leaders

(that includes even ones we dont like)

The Biggest Loser said...

The biggest loser -- Dan Welch.

If Daub's ego wasn't so oversized, he would have cleared the stage for his proteges, Dan Welch and Jim Vokal. Either Welch or Vokal would have had a far better chance against Suttle. Heck, mighta won it.

But because of Daub's ego, we'll never know.

If it hasn't already begun, I expect that a major internicene war will soon erupt in the local (and perhaps state) Republican "organizations," between the old-guard Daub forces and the relative newcomers like Welch and Vokal.

This will get fugly very quickly.

DCRP must be in utter shambles right now. Let's review:

2004 - Gwen Howard defeats Scott Knudsen.

2004 - Diane Battiato defeats Rick Galusha.

2006 - Pam Tusa defeats incumbent Kathleen McCallister.

2006 - John Ewing defeats incumbent Julie Haney.

2006 - Don Kleine defeats incumbent Stu Dornan.

2008 - Marc Kraft defeats incumbent Chip Maxwell.

2008 - Diane Battiato re-elected - Unopposed.

2008 - Gwen Howard re-elected - Unopposed.

2008 - Bonus Point - CD2 electoral vote for Obama.

2009 - Jim Suttle defeats Hal Daub

2009 - Chris Jerram defeats Chip Maxwell

2009 - Omaha City Council under Democratic control for the first time in over 20 years.

So what is it? Is the Republican party apparatus that broken?


Anonymous said...

The kiss of political death? Hal used Cleary. Maxwell used Cleary. Try buying the Big "O" boys instead of Arizona's oh-so-over-with advisor.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least we won't have any more high school drop outs in Omaha. Suttle did promise that, right?

Anonymous said...

Dems, enjoy it today. Stothert will wipe the floor with Suttle in 4 years.

Geosuser said...

Mayor-elect Suttle was on KFAB this morning. Unsolicited, he made his #1 goal for his term as mayor, "Omaha will be one of the top 5 fastest growing cities." I can't imagine the "pearls of wisdom" the new Mayor is going to share with us during the next 4 very long and expensive years.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 11:26 Vokal used McGrain, Blumenthal used McGrain, Buy the Big O!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree Dan Welch was a loser thanks to his respect for Daub and the misinformation of his polling.
He is bankable and electable.

Anonymous said...

I wish more of you Daubophiles would have joined me in supporting Vokal. Everyone new Daub had a ceiling. Now our punishment is 4 years of Suttle. A lot of damage can be done in 4 years. This sucks.

Anonymous said...

To 11:35 AM: Good point. Let's not mix up bad decision making with buying the "Big O" and I thought that guy came from Iowa anyway.

Anonymous said...

12:14 PM, I agree on welch. maybe he could run 2013. same with vokal.

chip maxwell has no chance of being mayor ever.

Chip like john mc collister (another "republican")

or brad ashford (another RINO

has too many baggage.

I think a reason maxwell might have lost is he refused to

distance himself from larry donlan of rescue the heartland

Anonymous said...

Maxwell lost because he ran against liberals and single mothers in a district chock full of them.

Anonymous said...

I love Omaha!!!

Thank you Hal Daub for all your years of service but its time for someone new.

Mayor-Elect Suttle you have my full support.

Let's all pull together to improve our wonderful city.

Anonymous said...

Omaha is a split city as evidenced by the voting results Tuesday. This will continue unless conservative Republicans decide to move back into the city. Daub had many endorsements, but how many of them live in Omaha? If you look at the fact Suttle started with a big lead in Democratic voters, his victory margin looks small. All is not lost for the GOP, it just has to focus on getting more younger voters into the mix.

Dissappointed said...

PLEASE Mr. Suttle, don't ruin our nice city that Hal Daub built up. He worked really hard while he was mayor to make it a nice city that he loves and that we could all enjoy.

Just Waiting said...

12:17, May 13th - Four years heck, he can destroy it is less than that

I believe that we are all in BIG TROUBLE - Suttle can do ALOT of damage within the 1st month of office. And since people were trying to get Fahey recalled - why will they not try (and likely will succeed) in getting this mayor recalled. I don't know if any Omaha mayors' have ever been recalled but I'm willing to guess this 50th mayor may go down on record as the worse mayor we have ever had EVER.

He's starting out with alot of people against him already. The race was so close. And all of the people that wanted Daub but didn't get out to vote - are probably all regretting it now. Or will.

A short while back a gentleman approached me to sign a petition against Fahey but I would not sign it. However, this time will be different. When Suttle screws up I would not only be willing to sign a petition but I would be willing to carry petitions with me and to go door to door with the petitions throughout the whole city.

That's how confident I am that Suttle will make some big mistakes.

Psychology said...

To 12:33 AM, May 13th:

Oh my gosh... you seriously need some professional pyschiatric help!
That was not just a matter of having to much time on your hands. That is the most obssessive composive behavior that I have ever come across. Seek help soon!

Anonymous said...

12:24-12:29-12:33-12:43 AM May 13th

You've got to be the same person doing all those blogs.

You have got to be a very sick person. Those are NOT normal blogs or should I say those blogs are not from a normal person.

Again, seek professional help soon.

But, your voting for Jim Suttle makes sense now.

i hate stubble said...

One only need read the World-Herald in the editorals and Landow saying that Suttle will need to raise taxes. There you go - straight from the uber-Mayor himself. Telling us, Jim will have to raise taxes.

So, Jim what is your plan? Oh yeah -- he wants to listen and be our grandfather. What a joke that Stubble is.

He wants to listen and then impliment what ever changes the Fahey committee comes back with. I bet they tell him to raise taxes.

If he does raise taxes in this economic climate, he will be a 1 termer and out of there.

Anonymous said...

Suttle on Omaha

He's not suttle about wasting taxpayer money. 24% interest to lease a hybrid SUV. 40,000 down the toilet. No citizen in his right mind would agree to such a ripoff.

He's not suttle about wasting taxpayer money to build a water park for the rich while closing city swimming pools for the middle class and poor.

He's not suttle about increasing property tax on already over burdened property owners. (As much as 10%)

He's not suttle about adding an entertainment tax which will cost more for anyone going to dinner, a movie, or virtually any other entertainment.

If you thought Mike Fahey was a LEMON, hold on to your hats. Jim Suttle is quickly becoming the WORST mayor this city has ever seen.

WAKE UP OMAHA, we can't afford another useless tax and spend politician.

We can't afford another "Prince John" who robs from the poor and gives to the rich.

We can't afford spiked police and fireman pension plans that pay them as much as 180% of their salary.