Monday, April 20, 2009

HDTV: Daub on offense

After months of negative attacks by Jim Suttle, Hal Daub is finally striking back with an issue ad aimed straight at Suttle.

See it here:

Now the naysayers in the crowd may say, "What negative attacks by Suttle?"


How about on numerous occasions calling Hal Daub a "Bully"? Not pointing to specific issues in Daub's tenure as Mayor or on MECA or even back in his Congressional career. Just simply name calling. (Even if Suttle doesn't understand the words he is using at the time...)

Well, here Daub comes back at Suttle -- but not with name calling -- with not-so-subtle facts (har har har).

We like the spot itself. Very basic, with three main points.

We don't know Jim Suttle. (Whose name ID was in the cellar around January.)

Suttle voted against additional police. (A point Suttle seems to be proud of -- he mocked Daub's suggestion of hiring an additional 100 cops).

Suttle propsed various taxes, and voted to raise property taxes.

Note that Daub is going after the "Change" theme as well. It's a term we heard ad nauseam over the last year, except that now the word has come to mean, "Wait, you're changing what? By HOW much? Uh, I didn't sign off on that."

We already know what themes Suttle has been testing on his polling calls. It will be interesting to see what he uses in the media.

When he stops calling Daub names, anyway.


In the know... said...

Some weak arguments for Daub there. The tax increases that Suttle voted for were to help pay for the Downtown stadium, which Daub is in favor of. Those taxes shifted the burden to have it paid for by out of towners primarily, instead of raising local tax rates. The car rental tax and the hotel room tax were to provide money for the new stadium and promote Omaha with ad campaigns.

3rd floor watcher said...

Great commercial Hal.

Ricky said...

I think Mr. Daub has a winning argument by stating Mr. Suttle voted for the downtown stadium without a full time baseball tenant.
And the costs of the new stadium will be higher than stated as 95 million dollars of bonds we need to sell to pay for the stadium have yet to be let.
Omahas' bond rating fell under Suttle and Fahey.
Also, Walt Pfeffer is using the empty stadium argument against Mr Thompson in an ad I got in the mail.
I think it is a winning position for Pfeffer and Daub.

But if I were Suttle and Thompson I would argue that the CWS would have left town if the new stadium were not built.

But is this true? Were they told by the NCAA and MECA that the CWS were gonners without a new stadium?

I don't think anyone went on record officially stating the CWS would leave Omaha.

ricky from Omaha

Anonymous said...

terribel commercial

Daub has spent the last years re-inventing himself in kinder, gentler manner to get over the images that he left the mayor's office with as a cut-throat, shark

going negative now will give his opponents the opportunity to say he is showing his true collors

i hope this never hits the my TV

Actually You're Not in the know said...

In the know (2:04 am). I don't think so. First Hal thought the baseball stadium should have been put to a vote of the people this allowing for bonding sources to pay for the facility (which turns ou to be a less expensixe and more reliable way to pay for it). Next fact check...most car renatals are by locals not by out-of-towners. Other funding sources like keno, et cetera are also mostly from locals. So the burden is not shifted for payment to non locals.

Suttle voted for property tax increases on a number of occassions. But, again, I guess facts are not important to you.

Lastly, you did not even mention the police issue. I guess you couldn't have even dreamed up an falsehood on that so early in the morning.

Weak arguments? Only on your part.

Anonymous said...

Weak ad Mr. Daub. This will only remind folks why they don't like you which plays right into Suttle's "anyone but Daub" campaign strategy.

in the know said...

Keno taxes were already being paid by keno goers, the only thing changing is that the city backed out of the sharing agreement with Douglas County. Now when keno is played in Omaha 100% of that money goes to Omaha. No increases in keno taxes were made (im fairly sure of that).
Are most car renters from in town or out of town? i know of no data that supports or refutes that but only my personal experience. I live here and never rented a car here, ive traveled all over the world and rented cars in most states and countries ive been to.

Its proven that if you want to stop crime then a surefire way to fo that is to have jobs available. More Police!! And 3 Strikes Laws!! Are ineffective and proven so, they dont reduce the crime rates most law enforcement personnel know this.

Anonymous said...

Why is Suttle always talking about graduation rates. Is he running for school board or mayor?

Know my ads said...

That is a GREAT ad. Full of easily understandable facts, not to nasty but relevant to the issues of the day.

Really hits home the idea of "what has Jim Suttle really done on the council." A major weakness. You can't be part of the problem for the past several years and just try to pretend you had nothing to do with it.

This is really one of the better contrast ads I have seen in Omaha.

Also, In the Know. The car rental data is available and was reported by the OWH whne the measure was beofre the council.

intheknow said...

Who is Jim Suttle?? No one knows, he has neglected to tell us what he will do on day 1.

There is nothing wrong with pointing out someone's record. That is in of itself not a negative attack, it is telling people who a candidate is, esp. when the candidate in question neglects to tell us who he really is.

Crime - Suttle wants more jobs, but not more cops?? Huh?? Tell us what you intend to do to get those high-paying jobs to come to the crime-ridden and infested parts of town.

Note to Jim - they won't come unless you put more feet on the street to combat the crime that is taking place.

Anonymous said...

If Suttle couldn't even be elected President of the City Council by his peers, makes me wonder what respect there really is for the man behind the scenes of reality government. Clearly Vokal has stated that Daub is the choice. What about the other councilmen? Or would they give some wishy-washy reply?

Street Sweeper said...

Councilmen Dan Welch, Franklin Thompson and Chuck Sigerson all took part in the recent endorsement of Daub.
(See 4/13/09 post.)

macdaddy said...

Superb ad. The disappearing people and houses are brilliant and really drive the point home. BTW, hiring more cops = more jobs. 100 new cops = 100 new jobs.

aligner said...

Those of you that are worried about Hal being a "cut-throat" because he had to work with the likes of Paul Koneck, Frank Christenson, et al - wait until Suttle becomes mayor where not one person on that council respects him.
While he's on a "listening tour," so the government comes up with "we" decisions - at least he won't be making any decisions that he will get past a city council that can see past what an empty suit he is.

Old Millard Voter said...

My neighbors and I had the distinct displeasure of meeting Jon Blumenthal this weekend. This guy walks down our streets and lies about his opponents positions on several issues. Now, I had been no Stothert fan but when this young, cocky lawyer knocks on my door and tries to tell me what his opponent is thinking. Well, that is some nerve.

I save all of the mail I receive, so I can make decisions when I am ready to vote. I've got Stotherts stuff and his. This guy clearly lied about Stothert's positions.

I was probably already leaning toward voting for Stothert, but this sealed the deal.

Street Sweeper said...

If you could provide at least one specific, that would be extremely helpful -- beyond calling someone a liar.

Old Millard Voter said...

He told us Stothert had "no plan" to deal with the pension issue and that she was "for" spiking. Also told us she was taking money from the police and fire unions.

I have received several mailers from Stothert about ending spiking, and there are press releases on her web site about the pension issues and not accepting contributions from the Omaha Police and fire.

I called her to tell her about this guys and what he is saying. I think calling TV or the newspaper might be next. This has me really mad.

The guy moust just think we are stupid or something.

Anonymous said...

Hal just couldn't resist the temptation. Suttle is such an easy target.

I also think Suttle's loop hole ridden smoking ban that was the result of a back room deal should also come under scrutiny. Jim Suttle played himself off as the great negoitator only to end up writing such a lousy ordinance that it was thrown out by the Courts - twice. And he pushed the idea that violations of the law should be handled by 911.

This man in dangerously incompetent at governing, but might be a good enough politician to win. To quote Monster Horror Chiller Theater - "scary".

Anonymous said...

When did Mike Kennedy get so old??

Anonymous said...

Old Millard Voter, perhaps Hal Daub summed it best on the spiking issue.

"[Accepting the endorsement is] proof that [Suttle] doesn't either understand the current pension crisis or he doesn't appreciate how upset Omaha citizens and taxpayers are."

Seems the same holds true for Stohert??

Street Sweeper said...


You get Super-Double-Extra-Secret-Bonus-Points for citing "Monster Horror Chiller Theater".



65-35 said...

Jean Stothert has understood the pension issue from day one, and her position on it is clear.

Jon Blumenthal, and his supporters, are being extremely hypocritical about the police and fire endorsements. Blumenthal went through the entire process to try and get them for himself.Any effort for him to try and say otherwise is not factual.

How about Mr. Blumenthal ask to have his police and fire questionnaies and taped interviews released? How about some transparency Jon? People may find your tax increase interesting too!

Anonymous said...

SS -

SCTV reference = bonus pts.
Yet, another clue.

Beauty, eh?

Union Puppet said...

Blumenthal told Aaron Hanson that he wouldn't take the money but that he would sit down for an interview out of respect.

Stothert's position is whatever the union tells her is okay to say. The unions say they want to end spiking too - - but haven't stopped it. Stothert will be a union puppet and everybody who pays attention knows it.

Anonymous said...

Union Puppet

That is BS and you know it. At no point in time BEFORE the endorsements were announced did Blumenthal ever say he didn't want their endorsements. He went well beyond sitting down out of respect.

Maybe someone should ask Aaron Hanson if Blumenthal ever called him to say he didn't want their endorsement. I bet I know what the answer would be. NO! He completed questionnaires AND sat down for taped interviews FOR their endorsements.

He didn't even say he wouldn't take money until after word was out he didn't get their endorsements. AFTER. Now, it's just another good story he's made up. Kinda like being a driving force behind the economy for 15 years.

How about this, ask Blumenthal to release the questionnaires and tapes of the interviews. I know there are questions directly asking if the candidates were seeking their support and help. Let's see what Jon said. If he is being honest, they would say "I do not want your support." I'm sure if he asked them to release them, they would.

What anyone who is paying attention knows, is that you can't believe a word Blumenthal says.

The Question is said...

The last question on the Omaha Police Officers Association questionnaire:
"In closing, why should the Omaha Police Officers’ Association support your campaign for the Omaha City Council?"

Let's see what the candidate who now says he never wanted their endorsements answer is.

And while we are at it, tell us more about "increasing" the restaurant tax Mr. Blumenthal.

Anonymous said...

Blumenthal announced he wouldn't accept the endorsements after the Police Union went on its unfair diatribe against Jim Vokal, and after Darren Bates imploded. He issued a press release on this subject before the endorsements were announced.

Still waiting for an answer on why Stothert thinks it was good judgment to accept the endorsements . . .

Anonymous said...

That is a very nice story, but that is what it is...a story. The Vokal ads and Darren Bates situation happened well before the unions announced their endorsements.

Jon Blumenthal's press release wasn't out until just before the announcements were made public. Those who were endorsed and those who who were not endorsed had already been being told.

Even so, his press release only stated he would not take money from the police and fire unions. It never said a thing about not accepting their endorsements as he tries to spin it now.

Stothert too had decided she would not accept any money from the Omaha Police and Fire Unions. As a matter of fact, she did not accept any money from them -although she was endorsed - in 2006 while running for legislature.

Now, I am sure out of his desperation Blumenthal is trying to revise his history. It should be very easy to clear up.

Release the police and fire surveys.The last question on the police survey and question 8 on the fire survey should really clear matters up.

Speaking of still waiting on answers. No one has ever explained how Jon Blumenthal was a driving force behind Omaha's growing economy while a law student at Kansas.

Please explain.

Political observer said...

Let's face it everybody knows Jon Blumenthal is political roadkill except for Jon Blumenthal. Mr. Chamber and "driving force" of Omaha economic development didn't even get the Chamber endorsement. Now he is resorting to trashing his opponent. Do the partners at Baird Holm know what is going on in this race? I'd be concerned.

Anonymous said...

You Stothert folks is crazy.

Anonymous said...

Political Observer, go back to, oh, I don't know, every post and see who throws the first stone EVERY TIME. The Stothert paranoia machine rages on . . .

Anonymous said...

Stothert & Blumenthal folks, will you please stop hijacking this thread?

tony danza said...

Nice to see macdaddy showing off his usual level of intelligence. There are many well known studies that link poverty and crime together, and many that link crime and education together. more police = less crime? yes it does, you just have to get to the point of a police state before that will take effect. i would be posting links but there is a rule against that here, google and you will find them.

Anonymous said...
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a Daubette said...
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Sleepless In Omaha said...
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Keeping Up With It said...
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Early Riser said...

A really great commercial Hal !

Sure beats the stupid commercials Suttle had out there and using his name as a nursery rhythm, "hey, I'm Jim Suttle, but I'm not suttle when it comes to Omaha". DUMB !!! I got so sick of hearing his dumb ads that I had to 'mute' the TV and I heard other people say the same thing. That was a waste of $$$. He just doesn't have a clue how stupid he is and looks to the public. What a DORK !

a Daubette said...

TO: ANONYMOUS 8:40 a.m. 4-20

Oh how WRONG you are ! It didn't remind me of anything except for,
how very much I don't like Suttle so it's now an;
"anything but Futtle" campaign that I'll be fighting for; and the winner will be MAYOR HAL DAUB
AGAIN, rather than a NOBODY !

Street Sweeper said...

Late Night Commenters:

I left up a few of your posts, but I took some down as well.

Yes, we get it: you're SUPER outlandish! Neat.

Next time wait til morning.


Anonymous said...

Hal Daub is scary.

Anonymous said...

Jim Suttle is scary (er)!