Monday, April 27, 2009

HDTV: Bridge toboggans

New Hal Daub for Mayor ad, with a theme near and dear to our hearts,
It's entitled, "Toboggan".

See it here:

Commentary later.


No disrespect to the Daub camp, but we still think Jim Suttle's own words are just as effective:



Anonymous said...

Nice. Jim Suttle's favorables are rising already. Thanks Hal.

Anonymous said...

Hal really thinks this will win him the election? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anonymous said...

What a stupid commerical. Who's running Hal Daub's campaign? Pete Ricketts?

voter said...

I want to hear Daub's ides, not Daub making fun of the ideas of others.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's as lame as the Jim Esch Ag Subsidy commercials-WAIT, those worked!

BTW, Vorhees looks like he is ready to walk that bridge to Iowa this morning.

AND, instead of building another Bridge to nowhere, we should attach a ZipLine to the BK Pedestrian Bridge. How fun would that be and the infrastructure is already there!

Seriously, who needs solutions to pensions and taxes. To hell with public safety and roads-Let's just hire a bunch of people that don't want to show up for work to build us a bunch of sh*t we don't need.

That's how I want my tax dollars spent on the City that I love!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm a huge Hal Daub fan, but gotta say I'm not a huge fan of this latest ad. Kinda cute, I guess, but not my style.

Anonymous said...

The real winners of the Omaha Mayor's race? Catholics and toboggan supply shops. The losers? All the voters who have to put up with these stupid commercials and lame attacks...

Anonymous said...

The Esch ag subsidy commercial was pretty hard-hitting. They weren't fooling around with that one.

This ad ia a joke.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. This is what is passing for intellectual discourse in Omaha. I'm sure the Daubies will get all up in arms when I use the term attack ad, but calling someone "crazy" is out of bounds - even for Hal.

Sign of desperation and a bad move strategically.

Suttle is a poor candidate that will end up being mayor with this kind of silliness that the voters will turn on.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Jim Vokal. PLEASE! I was a Daub backer but now I see why Jim Vokal was the answer.

3rd floor watcher said...

I think its great Hal points out Suttle is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

To the person who brought up the Jim Esch ads:

Jim Esch won the city of Omaha. Sarpy County can't save Hal Daub in this race.

Anonymous said...

Um, these ideas are idiotic. I think the ad gives them just about the amount of respect they deserve.

Anonymous said...

"We need ideas. They don't have to be good ideas, just ideas." - Jim Suttle

Not in Omaha Anymore (But Still Love It) said...

It is interesting that when a candidate comes out and defines the opponent (and in this case because the opponent won't say anything specific about anything), it's called an attack.

Then when a candidate adds humor to facts, he is chastised again.

It appears to me that the only way you will know how ill prepred Jim Suttle is for this job is if Daub brings it up.

I guess Daub better not say anything about Suttle's open border policies too.

You people better be careful. You ar on the verge of electing an unknown, un-qualified mayor when you need somone experienced and forward thinking like Daub.

Anonymous said...

Here is a question I would like to see both candidates answer at the debate as it touches on education and crime.

Given the spike in teachers having inappropriate relationships with their students; if you knew that a teacher was found to have had an improper/sexual relationship with one of their students, do you see that as a crime and would you report it to protect our children from predators? Why, or why not and what action would you take?

Anonymous said...

Good Point anonymous at 1:25pm. We need a mayor that will protect our kids from child predators.

Anonymous said...

"Given the spike in teachers having inappropriate relationships with their students..."

In Omaha????

Anonymous said...

Aren't all inappropriate relationships between a teacher and student supposed to be reported to the state and law enforcement?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes anonymous, in Omaha!!! Collin Holcomb was at Norris Middle School in OPS. There was a lawsuit filed against a Millard teacher last year as well. Then there are the ones that are swept under the rug and never reported. If its a female teacher, people think its ok.

Street Sweeper said...

Hey! Goofballs.
Kick you hijacking thread to the side of the road, or I'll just start deleting.

Btw, today's Mayor's debate can be found at streaming at at 3:30pm CST.

Anonymous said...

I am usually the first to say that I absolutely HATE this type of ad.

This type of ad has failed miserably in Nebraska politics in recent years.

With that said, this is the first one that I have seen work and it works brilliantly.

The subtle tie ins to "bridges to nowhere" and cold weather do exactly what needed to be done but could not be said by uttering the word "Palin".

It cuts deeply into the Chamber crowd and independent business owners while suppressing Democrats and moving independents towards Daub.

It makes Democrats question whether one of the few people who represent their Party in Nebraska politics should be Jim Suttle?

Many would say Suttle is the last thing Democrats need while rebuilding our Party.

It makes the Chamber crowd question whether Suttle would do to investment in Nebraska what Palin has done to investment in Alaska?

It makes all voters question how long it will take Jim Suttle to run for the next highest office, since he has admitted running for Mayor since being elected to the council?

And since it is the first to succeed with this type of ad, it makes the opponent completely underestimate its potential. Most important of all. As you have seen in the previous comments and will likely see in the following comments.

Anonymous said...

Hate to knock your argument, but while Ted Stevens' bridge to nowhere is a national embarrassment it did bring jobs and investment to the state of Alaska. So if you are going to approach this from the viewpoint of the CoC, then it does exactly what the Chamber would want it to do: jobs, construction, investment, growth, etc. Despite how fun it is to make fun of the democrat, improved access to the airport and the interstate would bring desperately needed jobs to the north side of Omaha. How is that a losing situation? Some would say because the jobs would go to Iowa, but we all know that wouldn't be the case (as the studies which advocated building the bridge did years ago when this idea came out). The infrastructure is on this side of the river not the other...

Anonymous said...

Does Suttle suddenly have a plan to provide the people who lack essential job training skills necessary to compete for jobs in the construction trade?

I agree it would create jobs in the area where it is built, however, those jobs will not go to the people Suttle is falsely promising them to.

The jobs will go to people who have the adequate construction trade skills to accomplish the task.

Once again, a Suttle supporter admitting he has yet to have an idea of his own that doesn't involve nonsense.

And if you read the post you reference, it would appear to be written by one of your own - a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

wow...daub and suttle are really getting into each other at todays debate

Anonymous said...

Suttle didn't recognize the term "sanctuary city".

You have got to be kidding me!

That is an ill informed candidate and a horrible prep job by his staff.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Desperation is so pathetic. Get ready to make another concession speech Hal

Insider said...

To Anon 3:17 PM:

Please clarify what you meant by infrastructure on this side of the river. One could take that to mean half a bridge, and while that would be funny (take a moment to chuckle...just a little though, it's only kinda funny), it doesn't do anybody any good. Although, if it is Suttle's idea, he might mean half a bridge so then I understand what you mean....sorta. I suspect you mean infrastructure in a different way, but you are vague to the point of not saying much at all, just like the guy supporting the bridge.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for building things, provided it adds value, but I am a bit suspect when Mr. Suttle's background is so deeply entrenched with a company that does just that. Hmmm, I wonder who would get the contract on this job? Mmmm...maybe HDR? Also, what company did the study you mention and when was it done?

Furthermore, we have several bridges to IA already. I don't know there to be an abundance of business and commerce at either end of any of them, and what little there is seems to be on the side of IA. Are you proposing we create a "national embarassment" to gain a few temporary jobs? I am not sure being known as a national embarrassment is a good marketing strategy or long-term plan for the city to attract business.

Is anybody else having a hard time getting the debate to play? Ugh!

Anonymous said...

I thought this was kind of funny.

"If we're talking costly and far-fetched, Suttle's ideas to build a bridge to Iowa and invite the Pope just really don't compare to Daub's plans for Nebraska to create its very own city of Atlantis."
- NNN on Daub's 1999 and 2006 proposals to flood Ashland for a recreational lake

Notice that Kyle and Lisa still aren't defending their candidate's toboggan run.

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on some of today's earlier posts. What's all this about teachers behaving badly with students? Did something happen again? Boy, every time I hear about this crap it just really ticks me off. As a conservative, I believe the book should be thrown at these predators. I'd bet liberals would just look the other way and pretend it didn't happen, or worse.

I wonder if the candidates are as angry about this as I am? We're paying these peoples' salaries so they can diddle our kids! I am for the candidate that takes a stand against teachers who prey on our children for their own personal/sexual gratification, and will do all in their power to see that they are punished. In fact, the candidate that can state this publicly and mean it, will get my vote for sure. Somebody needs to take a stand!

Kyle and Lisa, you're right! Who ever heard of such a stupid idea as creating a lake? Why would you create a lake when there are so many other other natural lakes around like Zorinsky, Chalco and Cunningham? Also, isn't Atlantis attributed to have been an ancient, yet advanced, society? Is that your perception of Ashland? I'm not judging either way, just asking your oppinion.

Anonymous said...

I think this type of ad will move people away from Hal. Reminding people of Sarah Palin wont help Hal with independents, only hard-core repubs, the people who would have voted for him anyway. Very pathetic and lame, this ad will and is backfiring.

Anonymous said...

Don't bash the ad. I think it is hilarious, and I have an awesome sense of humor...just ask my mom. It's rare for a political ad to say so much, and yet be so funny. This does both.

Anonymous said...
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Street Sweeper said...

Sorry, no linking allowed.
Please resubmit with a comment.

Anonymous said...

Now it's digressed to playground-like name calling -

"Your a dictator"
"Em not - your crazy"

In two weeks we all hold our noses and decide which of these two yahoos is the face of the city. I really think Omaha deserves better than this.

Anonymous said...

As Hal makes fun of Suttle's silly brainstorming, it is important to note that he does not have any plan on what to do with the stadium 50 weeks out of the year.

W. Bush presidential library?
ego storage?
illegal immigrants prison camp?
police helicopter pad?
cigar bar?
Slow pitch softball leagues?

I suppose it's easier to mock than actually come forward with any plans.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:15

You haven't been paying attention. Hal has many suggestions and ideas like pro rugby and/or field hockey. Two hot sports.

His vision has him talking about making sure the field is designed to accomodate these different sports.

Toboggan run. Jeez!

macdaddy said...

I think the ad is just OK. For the record, I like the idea of a big toboggan run at the new stadium, especially since you Omahans will pay for me to ride it. That said, I was intrigued by Insider's comment about the work Suttle did for HDR and I think if there is some there there, Daub needs to take that line of attack. Everybody is sick of all the insider wheeling and self-dealing and if Daub can tar Suttle with that brush, it would help him in the general. Of course, Daub himself shouldn't do it but instead, he needs someone to do it for him like Vokal. Or better yet, the OWH.

For Suttle, he needs to stick to his guns and not give any specifics about anything and hope that people's disgust with Republicans carries him through. Platitudes can still win this for him, the more cliched, the better. And yes, people really are that gullible.

Rick's Cafe Boatyard said...

"Insider wheeler-dealing?"

What about Hal's ownership stake in Rick's Cafe Boatyeard that he conveniently had the opportunity to acquire immediately after he left office in 2001?


Wake up, people!

/s NE Voter

Anonymous said...

Daub was stupid enough to invest in a restaurant?

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the toboggan run too.

How about we build that temporarily on the big ass hill in Memorial Park and help limit the liability the city faces from kids sliding down an open hill into a bunch of trees?

That idea makes sense and is not crazy.

Suttle actually considering a comment to create a man-made toboggan run inside a baseball stadium at Lord knows what cost to the tax payer is the crazy part.

Accepting ideas from the public is great. Just show that you have the common sense and judgment to discern the good from the just plain crazy.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 10:42PM.
You must be young.
The natural lakes you referred to were built by "man" as flood control measures. The Ashland lake had more to it than recreation, but clearly old business. If anyone is interested in economic development, flood control, AND recreation, they should look up Prof B. Chen at UNO and check out "Silicon Prairie". Now, back to the mayor's race: building more lakes for flood control and protecting the area is critical and each candidate should adress that. From what I gather, Daub is very much on top of that and Suttle is silent.

macdaddy said...

Anon 1:32: great idea about Memorial Park. With a properly banked turn about halfway down the hill it could wrap around the front side of the park and end up being one awesome run. Charge $1 a run but you get to ride for free if you bring the Pope.

Suttle really needs you, dude.

Ricky said...

I like the Daub ad.
In the debate yesterday, it was Mr. Suttle who looked like the meanie when he called Hal a "dictator".
Made Hal look like a sympathetic figure there for a minute.
I still want to know their ideas oh how to pay down the Qwest Center Debt.
They ducked that one to play the blame game.

ricky from omaha

Anonymous said...

Pro field hockey??!! That's Daub's vision for the stadium. Really? I liked it better when he had no plan. Nobody will pay $6 to park and watch field hockey (unless it is topless).

Anonymous said...


Be careful what you wish for...

Anonymous said...

I wish for a visionary mayor with the people skills, leadership, policies and intellect to turn Omaha into a world class city.

I click my heels and open my eyes and see Toboggan Jim and Rugby Hal.

Well at least we are better than Council Bluffs

Anonymous said...

Don't think you would have to modify the stadium much to accomodate pro rugby. Just set up a few folding chairs for the fans.

Daub Stadium home of the Omaha Dictators. has a nice ring to it.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 2:11 PM

Sorry, I must not have been laying on the sarcasm hard enough on that one. I was referring to another post in which somebody made it seem like a bad idea. I know they are all man made lakes. Actually, the point I was making is that it WAS a good idea. It creates oppurtunites for recreation and economic development. In other words, I totally agree with you. work on my sarcasm skills.

Still Laughing said...

Now, wait just a minute here folks.
To 'the one' ABOVE that has been trying to blame Daub for that fun ad about Suttle's 'corny ideas'. How can you be SO sure that Daub is the one that actually put that ad out? So, why accuse him. Besides, where is your sense of humor?

And, were all of those above ---Anonymous's that was trying to blast Daub the same person? Sounds like it to me.

Anonymous said...

5:35 Well then get a job !!!

Sarpian said...

To 11:50 4/27:

Oh yeah, are you sure about that?
Just how far do you think Sarpy is from Douglas?

Oh how I know Sarpians can be a sway to the people of Douglas. Just ask me how I know !!!

Anonymous said...


Are you an idiot?

Check the tag at the end: "Paid for by Hal Daub for Mayor 2009". He approved the ad and that's that.

One of the Deceived said...

Oh my goodness......

Catholic ?....Jim Suttle not so Subtle is bringing up having the Pope here to ride on the Tobaggan run.

The funniest part about that whole thing is Jim Suttle is NOT and I repeat NOT a Catholic !!!! If you don't believe me check out his web site.

He is just trying to pick up some votes by foolery from the Catholic voters... And therefore,
isn't that pretty deceptive ?

Still Laughing said...

OK 10:30 PM So, sorry, I stand corrected, but, when I was watching the ad - I was laughing so hard that (I was rolling on the floor in laughter) I missed that last part I guess, as probably did many other viewers too. LOL LOL And from people's comments about that ad they seem to like it. And that's not just my Rep friends but my Dem friends as well. It's a funny ad, compared to something hum-drum.

And NO, I am not an idiot, and in fact, since I am not an idiot - I do NOT have to stupe that low to call somebody an "idiot". I have a great deal more intelligence, wisdom, and ethics !1

Anonymous said...

Daub wanted rugby at the new stadium and he wants the CrossRoads to be turned into a greenspace & European-type stores.

Daub is nuts.

Daub will lose.

He is a desperate, wounded, politican trying to regain power, what a sad sight.

your not that bright said...

Still Laughing,
You are an idiot though.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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History Major said...

Hey, don't knock Council Bluffs - re-read and check back into your history books. And another matter that I realize that some people don't realize, Tom Hanafan (mayor of CB), is a REALLY good mayor for that City. He has done wonders, like no other, and I know him personally as well. They don't need another mayor - they've got the BEST !!! Suttle keep your nose out of it. Does Tom want your bridge? I seriously doubt it!

omaha said...

Daub hasn't called anyone names like Suttle. All Daub is doing is pointing out the obvious. Suttle calls people names when he doesn't agree with them. Daub is only pointing out Mr. Subtle's record of crazy and loony comments.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Mr. Suttle is not crazy but he is not dealing with a full deck if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

SS Wake up !!! Not much time but lots to say.

Anonymous said...

Suttle is calling Hal a "dictator" and saying there was "chaos" when he was mayor. Right... like there wasn't chaos in the 6 previous administrations before Hal, which lasted a total, combined, of 7 years.

Daub is pointing out specific aspects of Suttle's ludicrous ideas for the city. They ARE crazy. He's not calling Suttle names.

There's a big difference.

And will someone please call Suttle on the factoid he has in his negative ad, which somehow is trying to blame Hal for the fact that gang activity has risen 34% since Hal LEFT office? That's the fault of our current mayor, and our current city council, including Jim Suttle.

Anonymous said...

Pro rugby or field hockey at the downtown stadium is a crazy idea.

Disbanding the gang unit was a crazy idea. Not utilizing community policing was a crazy idea. Even Hal is admitting those as mistakes.

Anonymous said...

SS... Why do you block/delete stuff I want to say? Am disappointed with the whole Suttle thing, he's without a doubt a goofy whatever. Am presently, thinking about my youngest daughter down in 'Pueto Vialthia'
Mexico on vacation with a group of friends. Naive and ... And, then I read junk about Senor Suttle wanting to allow the bad people. Okay, so there is bad druggie people, but now we have 'swine flu'
to deal with - what is his take on that? Or, are you NOT going to allow comments? Just a little pissed off now. She is a student and also a medical professional both.

Now what, Senor Suttle can you think of for our city now in this possible crisis? Or, do you even know. I bet not. So, what are WE going to do for the people? Build and things?! Is that the answer? Have you decided yet? Can you ever answer a straight forward quesion? I'd rather doubt it - you've had your chance - set aside.
Get the hence?

Nervous in Omaha said...

I really want to know how Suttle or Daub is going to protect me from the Swine Flu...

Anonymous said...

One of Suttle's craziest actions was the loophole filled smoking ban that was eventually thrown out by the Supreme Court that Subtle cooked up with Mark Welsch and lobbyist Mike Kelley. And JS is still proud of than turkey of an ordinance. geez.

Vokal and Fahey had the right idea that the only way to do a ban is to treat all the bars equally.

Anonymous said...

And Vokal has endorsed Hal Daub for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

I just put a blog on against candidate Suttle but I just have to add, I do believe he would be the worse Mayor Omaha has ever or may ever see. I can't believe this whole thing, it's like a joke now, plus, I thought we wanted to keep Omaha beautiful. There is something wrong with this picture, and he really does consider he himself as someone very special.

Anonymous said...

And, you wonder why people don't vote? This ad is to motivate me
to love Daub? Is this stuff being
created and produced by a local
firm or are these campaigns supporting economies other than
the Big O they run to....serve?