Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Supreme El Jefe' Daub

On Monday Omaha Mayoral candidates Hal Daub and Jim Suttle debated at the OWH.

And what did we learn?

Well, we learned that Jim Suttle thinks that Hal Daub acted as a "Dictator" during "the chaos" in his time as Omaha mayor.

You got that?

"Chaos" in Omaha. Of course emanating out of all that chaos was the Qwest Center, West Dodge Expressway, business parks, lower property taxes and on and on.

And all that happened, according to Suttle, while Daub was dictating to everyone first thing every morning ("I want a cup of coffee and a muffin!"). Was there a vote of the people? NO! Did he allow the City Council to discuss stuff? NO! Did he disband the media and take over the TV stations and begin broadcasting Radio Daub? YES!

Oh wait, what?

So what the hell is Suttle talking about? We have no idea.

But we did learn in that little debate that Jim Suttle doesn't know what an immigration Sanctuary City is. And we learned that he still has no concrete plans for pretty much anything.

How to deal with crime? Well, his Outcome is zero truancy and 100% graduation. Wow! What a GREAT idea! How to accomplish that? Well, we'll get everyone together...and...well...uh..., well, he's not SUBTLE about Omaha!

And that's pretty much how the whole thing went.

Daub was standard Hal Daub: On top of every issue. Knowledgeable about the facts. And slamming it back at Suttle time after time.

Example. (summarized)

Suttle: I really want to push wellness in our health care. That's really important and something we don't focus on.

Daub: I agree. That's why I founded the Wellness Council in Omaha (or whatever it was), and was President and CEO of a business in the wellness industry.

Anyway, the debate is an hour long and you can find it on Cox on Demand, or at the OWH's website by clicking here.


And if you're a concerned voter in Omaha this year, you pretty much can't complain about not having enough information on the candidates. Daub and Suttle have been to nearly every forum around, have debated head to head numerous times, and have their views (or lack there of) posted on their websites.

And now to bolster Daub and Suttle's views more -- along with all the City Council candidates, Cox has posted a teleprompted monologue from each of them (some very hostage video-esque) on YouTube.

And as if these poor suckers don't have it hard enough -- raising money, walking door to door -- we've put up the worst vidcap we could get of them.

(Hey, and guess if Jim Suttle is "Subtle about Omaha". Twice.)

And notice that each candidate uses around five minutes of time...except Jon Blumenthal (about a minute and a half). Waste of three minutes, or shrewd move to encourage someone to actually watch his whole video? You decide.

To check out each candidate's vid, click on their name below:

Chuck Sigerson, you got off easy...this time.


65-35 said...

How can anyone believe a thing Jon Blumenthal says after opening with " For more than 15 years Jon Blumenthal has been a driving force behind Omaha's economic growth.

Recently, Blumenthal has been trying to hammer Jean Stothert on supporting a cost of living (COLA) adjustment for police and fire.

Another misrepresentation. Stothert said she would look at a COLA as part of the negotiation process, given other concessions, and as long as it helped address the pension shortfall.

What did Blumenthal tell the police union? He told them he WOULD give them a COLA but couldn't do it right now, in the current political environment.

Yeah, I'll give it yto you but don't want the voters to know. That's a leader! Now he is trying to use it as an issue? Please!

Hmmm...Jon Blumenthal sure has a lot to hide. Come clean Jon B!

While you are at it, tell us about that new restaurant tax.

Spike said...

Wow! What a difference in a lot of the videos.

One thing is clear. Jon Blumenthal is obviously for spiking. Check out that hair!

Calm down guy. I thought he would explode before his video ended.

Windmill fan said...

Speaking of Wind Energy, Jon Blumenthal can solve the the energy crises!!! Jon, open your mouth!

Benson Bunny said...

Jon Blumenthal stated he has a vision of turning Benson into Omaha's version of Westport (KC).

Has anyone seen the crime riddled neighborhoods surrounding all of those bars? Constant public drunkeness, public urination, prostitution. Not to mention several shootings in recent years.

That is some economic plan by Mr. Blumenthal!

Not in my neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Part of a October 02, 2008 article titled "Is curbing crime in Westport — and KC in general — a hopeless cause?"

"From April 1 to Sept. 30 (warm months when street crime is more likely to occur), there were five rapes, seven aggravated assaults, 15 armed robberies and one murder in the area from 39th to 43rd streets, Southwest Trafficway to Broadway.

In that same period in 2007 there was one rape, seven aggravated assaults, 20 robberies and no murders."

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, that video of Jon Blumenthal was painful to watch! Could his eyes have been more bugged out?? Thank god it was so short!

Anonymous said...

Wow, watching Jerram read off the teleprompter was amusing. He "runs a small business" that has had good times and challenging times over the years. Is that he way of explaining why his firm defends troubled bars and porn sellers? District 3 doesn't need that kind of business experience.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Stothert did an AMAZING job reading Bill Protexter's script. For someone who claimed she wouldn't run a negative campaign, she sure has a lot of her attack dogs on the prowl.

Has Stothert had any original ideas on ANYTHING in this campaign, that don't include taking credit for the work of others on the Millard School Board?

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Stothert folks are now resorting to making fun of Blumenthal's hair and eyes. Classy.

Given how 65-35 is Mike Kennedy, seems that making fun of someone else's looks wouldn't be where they would go with this.

Anonymous said...

Hey anony 12:44

At the same debate he talked about making Benson Omaha's Westport Blumenthal also said he envisioned more bars near 24th and Lake. Kind of a bar theme.

Maybe Blumenthal and Jerram should hook up and run on a platform.

"A troubled bar in every neighborhood - let's get our economy going."

Crime? Who cares. Let's all have a good time!

Kennedy Freeway said...

Windmill, tell me ANY idea Jean S. has had for economic growth - - besides "we're gonna' show 'em all Omaha has to offer!!"

Anonymous said...

What say the voters of District 5 are your most important issues?
Hair? Eyes? Or,what happened in KC?

Stothert Supporter said...

Word is Jon Blumenthal has been campaigning negatively going door to door and in via mass e-mail.

If you are lying and distorting facts - and - not accurately descibing your true positions, that is negative campaigning.

Seems some people here just want some straight answers from Jon Blumenthal. How can he say one thing to one group and another to a voter or the press?

There is documentation out there.

This is why many of Blumenthal's original supporters are running away as fast as they can.

Anonymous said...

you mean jefe?

Anonymous said...

If crime is the number one issue, voters would be concerned when a candidate talks about turning part of our city into someplace like Westport.

It's an indication of a candidate who would say something just because it sounds good at the time. Is it an attitude of "Boy, I've been to Westport before and had a blast...let's do that here." Problem is he's not thinking of the cost and problems brought to the neighborhood.

Union Puppet said...

Please keep hammering on Blumenthal. We need Stothert to get elected so she will give us what we want during negotiations!! The fire department is why the Stotherts came to Omaha - - there's some owed loyalty to us that we can't wait to cash in!

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for Stothert's economic plan . . .

O! said...

Omaha has been on a roll for 15 years. I doubt anyone would question that statement. But let me make a prediction...Omaha will continue to be on a roll for the next four years. Your vote, however, will determine if we are rolling forward or backward!

Without a doubt, there is only one candidate that will give us the chance to move forward: Hal Daub!

Without a doubt, there is only one candidate that will roll us backwards: Jim Suttle!

This last debate was very revealing. Suttle doesn't even know what a Sanctuary City is? Then he inaccuratelty challenges Hal on his Congressional record? (Jim, please check your facts.) He state that he will bring truancy down to zero and 100% graduation from high schools. All lofty goals, and it's good to dream, but how can we take anything he says seriously. He is an empty suit trying to run on empty ideas and promises.

Street Sweeper said...

"Jefe". Yes. That's what I wrote. See? There.

(Honest to gawd, I checked myself twice to make sure I didn't write "Hefe", and I wrote it anyway. Sheesh...)

Anonymous said...

I thought the most interesting part about the debate was the OWH article on the Qwest Center bonds the next day that completely contradicted everything that Jim Suttle said in response to the similar question in the debate.

Well that and as sweeper pointed out the "wellness" comment by Suttle.

I can't think of the name of the city but when Suttle said the wellness comment I had a flashback to being nine years old and watching "Demolition Man" with Sly Stallone and Sandra Bullock.

It was scary to think of Jim Suttle in the same getup as that fat guy from Beetlejuice going around Omaha saying "Be Well, John Spartan".

Crazy Ideas!

Not the Change Omaha Needs!

Anonymous said...

1:20, is that the same debate where Stothert read all of her answers out of a notebook prepared by Bill Protexter? Classic.

Old Millard voter said...

I live in the district and have received several flyers from Jean Stothert, and she came to my door twice.

She never mentioned her opponent in any mailer and when I asked her about her opponent she only had nice things to say about him.

I don't know why anybody on this board would accuse Jean Stothert of negative campaigning.

When Mr. Blumenthal knocked on my door, about all he would talk about was Jean Stothert.

Sad really. Jean has my vote and all of my neighbors.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Street Sweeper said...

Your double entendre was obvious to us -- but subtle physical threats don't find a place here.
Feel free to resubmit.

Young Millard Voter said...

When Jean Stothert came to my door, I asked her what her plan was for economic growth in Omaha. She rambled on about the school board and said that "we need to show them all Omaha has to offer." Sad really.

Jon Blumenthal has a REAL plan in place that would create jobs in Omaha and lower our property taxes. We are voting for him and so are all our neighbors.

Anonymous said...

STILL waiting for an original Stothert idea on ANYTHING that doesn't include her school board resume . . .

Anonymous said...

Jon Blumenthal is proud of having original ideas, even if they are bad ideas?

I'd rather have a councilman who shows good judgement and addresses the key city issues. Tell me how you can address those key issues and tell me why you have the experience to do it. Be credible.

Maybe Blumethal should hook up with Suttle.

Union Puppet said...

Maybe Suttle should hook up with Stothert.

Hal Daub had it right. "My opponent’s acceptance of an endorsement by the fire union is proof that he doesn’t understand either the current pension crisis or the anger of the voters over pension abuses."

Anonymous said...

Suttle looks absolutely unprepared for this debate. It's embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Suttle needs to have Bill Protexter prepare a 3-ring binder for him that he can read from.

Anonymous said...

I love the Blumenthal people trying to make Jean look bad because she gets briefing material from her staff -- Bill Protexter. For one, Bill Protexter is a very smart individual. Secondly, it says volumes about a candidate/public figure who they pick as their staff. I'd rather elect someone who has the intelligence to surround themselves with smart, experienced, proven individuals rather than elect someone who chose his staff from the bottom of the barrel.

Anonymous said...

It's one thing to get the material from someone - - it's another to READ IT DIRECTLY from the binder!!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

oh lord...

Anonymous said...

Stothert fans, figure this out - - go back through ANY THREAD on ANY BLOG, and you will NEVER find the Blumenthal folks taking the first shot - - ALWAYS the Stothert folks, without exception. If you're gonna' throw a punch, take a punch.

Anonymous said...

Questions for Jon Blumenthal:
- If your position is Jean Stothert won't do anything to fix the pension issue, are you calling her a liar? If so, be a man and come out and say it.
- Please tell us why you said you have been the driving force behind Omaha's economic growth for more than 15 years. If someone told you to say that, tell us.
- Please tell us about the new restuarant tax you have promoted
- Tell us why you tell Maggie Obrien a key difference between you and Stothert on the pension issues is a cost of living adjustment, when you too told the police you would give them one.
- Tell us why you said youenvisioned Benson being Omaha's Westport, without knowing all of the crime related issue in Westport.
- Tell us why you never told anyone you wouldn't accept police and fire endorsements until after you found out you weren't endorsed.
- Tell us why someone who has been so deeply envolved in our community you have failed to vote in over 50% of the elections.
- Tell us how many clients your firm represents have business before the council, and why each case is not a conflict

Jon Blumenthal, many more questions than answers.

Anonymous said...

somebody please tell Mike Kennedy to call Blumenthal for all the answers he wants . . .

Not Mike Kennedy said...

Yeah, he'd better call Mike Kennedy with the answers. You never know what he would say publically to get himself in more trouble.

15 years? Jeez, he didn't even live here 15 years ago.

Ricky said...

Although the city, having lost its AAA credit rating (under the current Mayor and Council), will have to pay more to buy the bonds for the new stadium, I will bet the funding is sound on that project.
I think we learned our lesson regarding funding for big projects after the Qwest Center debt turned out being so tough to pay off.
MECA continues to run the Qwest Center in a way that improves MECA's bottom line, i e garden shows and things like that, but not pursuing conventions that would enable the city to use state turn-back money for the debt.
That's why we asked the question, which the candidates did not answer, in the OWH debate "can we pay off the Qwest Center debt faster?"

But the problem with the downtown stadium is that, with MECA and David Sokol so eager to please the NCAA, we built it too big, in the wrong spot (should have been across Abbott Drive in the UP land), and without a full time tenant.

The new baseball stadium will make money for MECA, but once again that entity seems to not have the citys' best interests in mind, not including retail in the project for example.

Give credit to Hal, who in the OWH debate said he would bring retail into the picture, and also said he did not altogether rule out the O Royals playing downtown.

And from what I heard, the financing for the Sarpy stadium is still very much up in the air.

Meanwhile, Mr. Suttle wants the Pope to Toboggan down the sides of the new downtown stadium.

Walt Peffer is using the ballpark issue against Franklin Thompson in the District 6 race. Calling it "a noose around the neck of Omaha" according to the OWH.

I would not go that far, but I think all the councilmen that voted to capitulate to MECA on the ballpark should be held accountable, and that is not "negative campaigning".

ricky from omaha

Anonymous said...

You know, Mike Kennedy shouldn't even bother. There is NO way Blumenthal is winning. Councilwoman Stothert all the way.

Anonymous said...

Don't say Suttle was unprepared for the debate. That debate wasn't sprung on these guys as a surprise.

Suttle was as well prepared as he could possibly be. That debate was Suttle at his very best and most prepared and still he fell short.

Clearly, Suttle is stupid and electing him mayor won't cure his stupidity.

Anonymous said...


"I would not go that far, but I think all the councilmen that voted to capitulate to MECA on the ballpark should be held accountable, and that is not "negative campaigning"."

2 things, Thomson supported a city wide vote on the ballpark and 2nd, when you are 12 down, you say "noose around the neck of Omaha."

Even if the ballpark remains empty except for the CWS, it's an economic engine for the city of Omaha.

I think Kostner said it best and will again when he personally visits the new stadium, (and yes I know he supported keeping the old stadium) "build it and they will come."
The difference between Peffer and Thompson is that Thompson is an optimist and that will also be the reason he is re-elected.

Anonymous said...

One thing to remember about Franklin is that he was part of the wheeling and dealing with Suttle (and GASP) on the piece of feces smoking ban that was thrown out by the Supreme Court because it was so flawed and poorly written. What a pair those two would be if Suttle is mayor and Franklin T is still on the Council. They've already shown what they can do together. They were quite a pair on the Tucker Carlson show defending Omaha using 911 for the smoking ban. Did the city proud.

Anonymous said...

Daub is the one who is nuts.

Daub can not get his approval ratings above 45% so he has to go nuclear against Suttle.

Daub is pathetic. He is a desperate career politican trying to regain power.

I will seriously move to Lincoln if Daub is elected again.

Anonymous said...

Yea, 1:58 PM:

Those two would make a great team.
Kind of like - "Laurel and Hardy"

You know what they say, 'two heads are better than one.' They can help each other cross the road.

A listening to their ideas and plans for Omaha - it's just double the laughter.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:15 PM:

Soooooo!!! You may as well start packing.........

How old are you? Because tantrums and idle threats are pretty immature and besides they will never get you where you want to go anyway.

Golden Gal said...

Clicked on Hal Daub's speech to Omaha Voter's - he was smooth, obviously prepared. It was very impressive!

Clicked on Jim Suttle's speech to Omaha Voter's - wasn't so smooth, obviously unprepared. It was very unimpressive! And, it sounded like he was about to cry. Almost felt sorry for him. Maybe, he's about to crack. There's something not quite right there.

Check out their individual speeches selling themselves to the voter's, it was definitely worth listening to and enlightening.

If everyone was to see that before they vote, they wouldn't be able to help themselves from filling in the circle next to Hal Daub's name.

Chuck Sigerson's District said...

Any way you can make seperate threads for Jon Blumenthal vs. Jean Stothert supporters? Not everyone who reads this blog lives in Millard. The back and forth between these two (supporters) is rather pathetic and annoying. If I lived in the same district as these two I wouldn't vote for them based solely on the stupidity of their supporters.

parent of scared child said...

I would vote for any politician who would make a stand for decency, whatever your views on abortion are there is no reason for "abortion trucks" to be allowed in public view. Children should not have even a remote chance of seeing any bloody and disgusting body part proudly displayed, and especially a fetus. The politician that announces that view gets my vote and financial resources.

Nate said...

I just watched (finally) all these videos for the candidates, please allow me to pass on a little bit of advice. Jim Suttle, Sharon Chvala, Pete Festerson, and Walt Peffer: You all looked like a talking brick wall. Your lips moved, but no other part of your body did. Barely a head tilt in either direction, and some of you didn't even smile!!!! Get the 2x8 out from behind your back and act like a human being, act like your having a conversation, like your happy to be there!

Anonymous said...

I'm so awesome. I read blogs.

Anonymous said...

Just a factual note here. Daub couldn't get the West Dodge Expressway done because he could not get along with the City Council. The E-way was funded under Fahey, not Daub. As for who came up with the idea? Yeah, again, not Daub. It was actually a planner at HDR who came up with the idea. It's fun how Hal Daub wants to take credit for everything. When he does this, he loses credibility. Let's stick to the facts.