Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Johanns for Daub

Is Mike Johanns a Hal Daub man? It would seem so.

Daub is holding a fund raiser in Washington, D.C. on February 26th, and Senator Johanns is listed as a "special guest" at the event. That doesn't mean he'll be going door to door for Hal, but it's a pretty good indication of who he supports.

Remember too that Daub dropped out of the Senate race back in September of 2007 as the momentum of the Johanns Juggernaut was forming.  At the time, Daub pledged his support for Johanns. 

With all of his bipartisan leanings these days, wonder if Rock Star Ben Nelson will stop by...

**UPDATE 1:15 pm**
On the Scott Voorhees show on KFAB yesterday, Daub stated that Johanns is "endorsing and supporting" his candidacy for Mayor.  Daub also denied any quid-pro-quo with Johanns after he dropped out of the Senate race. 


The other day KMTV's Joe Jordan was trying to make a case for another Democrat to jump into the Omaha Mayor's race.

His theory was that if another Dem jumped in, that would in essence make it a partisan primary between Republicans Daub and Vokal, and Suttle and the other Dem.

He went on to say, "With Vokal's ability to pick off Democrats likely to drop, one could easily argue that Daub, who has a load of markers among Omaha Republicans, beats Vokal."

Hmm. Except that if we're talking about the general, then that doesn't make any sense.

If we're talking about the primary -- well, Vokal's poll (which Jordan was referencing) already shows Daub beating Vokal in the primary.

It could, in theory, mean Vokal gets fewer Dem votes and then loses to Suttle. But that doesn't make any sense by those numbers.

Anyway, as near as we can tell, Jordan's main point was to bring in another Democrat.

Our sources tell us that the other Dem who is attempting to dial for dollars is attorney and OPPD board member John Green.

But our guess is that it is probably too late for Green to make a realistic run. Anything's possible, we suppose, but we just don't see it happening.


Today is the deadline for incumbent City Council candidates to file for office.

Frank Brown, Garry Gernandt, Franklin Thompson and Chuck Sigerson have all filed.

Jim Suttle, Jim Vokal and Dan Welch are not running for re-election.

The deadline for non-incumbents to file is March 2nd. We'll try to have some sort of update on the bazillion Omahans who want to be on the City Council at that time.


Anonymous said...

Green was trying to drum up support for a City Council race months ago. If he couldn't find the support to run for City Council, he really is going to have a tough time running for mayor.

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh for Vokal. Heineman likes Daub. Johanns likes Daub.

Anonymous said...

Um, Green hasn't even picked up petition forms yet for mayor, and 14 other people have at least done that. Where do you get your info, Sweeper? Jordan McGrain is not the font of knowledge he appears to be.

3rd floor watcher said...

So Jordan is Johanns Daub's lapdog???? Just checking the spin.

Street Sweeper said...

For those confused, we didn't say Green had decided to run; our wording should make that clear.

Anonymous said...

Why then no do you show no love for Anthony FastHorse or Mort Sullivan?

Street Sweeper said...

Listen, soon enough someone will chime in here saying, "This is just a FastHorse blog! Sweeper ADMIT that you're pro-FastHorse! Or that you ARE FastHorse!"
It's just a matter of time...

Anonymous said...

...but how could you be when you're already in the tank for Vokal?

Anonymous said...

That is clearly misdirection, SS, since you are obviously Mort Sullivan!

Nothing New... said...

36 min for response 3rd floor. you can do better. Go get another cup of coffee, check out our Daub Fathead on your office wall, and try harder next time.

3rd floor watcher said...

Sorry Nothing New, I actually work for a living. I'm not being paid to cover Leavenworth Street like you are. However send me a resume. I know you will be looking for a job the day after the primary is over.

Daub FatHead?? Why would I need that when we already have an inflated Vokal Ego to poke fun of every day...lol Jim is not a bad guy, just not the right person to be mayor of this city at this time.

Street Sweeper said...

BTW, if anyone has the newest (2nd) anti-Vokal mailer from the Police Union, please email it into us.


macdaddy said...

SS, you made mention of Daub's denial of a quid pro quo. That PROVES this is a Vokal blog, otherwise, with all of the things Daub talked about, why did you try to cast aspersions on Daub? Huh? Huh? HUH?

Now that we have that out of the way, it's obvious that Robert Nelson reads Leavenworth Street (since yesterday's column was pretty much a rehash of what Former Prosecutor said last week) and the police union does not read the OWH. There are many of you who have attacked the Vokal polls and doubt that Vokal could be anywhere close to Daub. The police union does not agree with you, otherwise, why would they spend all of that money on mailers smearing Vokal?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Vokal have to file for office today (Feb. 17th) because he's an incumbant.

Street Sweeper said...

Only if he is running for his Council seat.

green machine said...

John Green and Jim Vokal can file on March 6th I believe.

Eye of the Tiger said...

This just in: another Jordan McGrain totally realistic poll in a two-way, straight up mayoral contest.

Daub: 43%
Vokal: 1,232%

Man, Vokal wins in a landslide.

Anonymous said...

Unless the city of Omaha has an overriding ordinance, the filing deadline for Jim Vokal, John Green or any other holder of elective office is today.

If a candidate for an elective office is an incumbent, the deadline for filing the candidate filing form shall be February 15 prior to the date of the primary election.

The term "incumbent" is defined as:
"Incumbent shall mean the person whom the canvassers or the courts declare elected to an elective office or who has been appointed to an elective office."

So, anyone who hold any elective office must file by today if they want to be on the Primary ballot...even if that office is not up for election in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:10,

You are correct about the definition of incumbent. You are incorrect about the deadline. The deadline for all candidates to file for Mayor is March 6th.

3rd floor watcher said...

Omaha City Charter Folks.


Section 8.01. Nominations and Elections.
Candidates for the office of Mayor shall be nominated at large at a primary election. Candidates for the office of Councilmember shall be nominated and Councilmembers elected in the manner provided by state law. The primary election shall be held on the first Tuesday of April preceding the dates of the general or regular city election. Any person desiring to become a candidate for Mayor shall, at least thirty days prior to the primary, file with the officer in charge of elections a statement of candidacy and a request that such candidate's name be printed on the ballot. The person filing shall at the same time file a petition signed by at least one thousand electors of the city and shall pay to the City Treasurer, to aid in the expense of holding said primary, a filing fee of $100.00, the receipt for which shall be filed with the officer in charge of elections.

Anonymous said...

So now the Daub Disciples are hoping Vokal misses the filing deadline?

No, no, I understand you're not worried about Vokal, but still...

Anonymous said...

Oh SNAP - Suttle made it in just at the deadline. Vokal missed it.

Just another inexperienced error.

Anonymous said...

Whoops -- missed that one, Jordan!

Anonymous said...

An endorsement by Sen. Johanns for Hal and two bucks will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.
I know, that is a lot for coffee; no wonder McDonalds is cutting into their business.

Ricky From Omaha

Anonymous said...

I am a Hal Daub supporter. I think Jim Vokal is unqualified to be mayor. I think he needs to try running something smaller first. He just seems very obviously unready.

That said, the 2nd Police mailer attacking Vokal was out of control and made me literally laugh out loud. How old is the girl in that photo, 2?

Anonymous said...

I don't want Vokal to be mayor and I definitely think Omaha is better without Frank Brown, but neither of them deserve these attacks.

The police union is out of control.

Anonymous said...

This is the tax trans-fat/ban cigs so Omaha gets rich and famous and in the history books and tourism financial books forever sign guy.

What this election needs is someone craazy and insane to enter the mayor's race to shake things up to make it interesting and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Alright you idiots (and you know who you are) the deadline for all mayoral candidates to file is March 6 per the Douglas County Election Commissioner's website.

Vokal has not missed the deadline. Nice try though.