Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Fun...

First, a couple of Separated at Births, both suggested by intrepid Leavenworth Street readers, inspired by this week's events:

Disgraced Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich and former Illinoisan, and briefly Nebraskan, Bill Callahan!


Hard-nosed Democrat, Blagojevich and hard-nosed Democrat, former A.G. Janet Reno!


These days we're getting a kick out of the number of hits here on Leavenworth Street based on the old pics we had up from the dust-up between 2nd District Rep. Lee Terry and Illinois Rep., and now notorious "Senate Candidate 5", Jesse Jackson, Jr.

You may remember his Kung-Fu pics that we discovered, which quickly made their way around the web. Of course, now everyone is following up on JJJ to see what his latest moves are.


Notta mucho going on in the Omaha Mayor's race, except lots of dialing for dollahs.

We will give a shout-out to the Hal Daub campaign for their top-notch web-site up. We really like the testimonial videos they have. They do a much better job of selling Hal, than simply having Hal or a narrator talk at you. 

We could easily see this as a theme in their TV ads.

We understand the Vokal camp will expand their site beyond the splash-page soon enough.

Don't know about the (lame) Suttle site.


You've probably read about the no-confidence vote  that former Nebraska Governor/Senator/Nebraskan, bridge-to-nowhere-builder, Bob Kerrey received from nearly entire tenured faculty at his New School University in Greenwich Village, New York.  

You wonder if Cosmic Bob wishes he had decided to take on Mike Johanns after all...


Retiring Omaha City Councilman Dan Welch is still mulling over a run for the Mayor's office. He has given himself 19 more days to make up his mind. 

It would really throw a monkey-wrench into the dynamics of the race. But if party-politics play into it, you'd have to say it would help Councilman Toboggan-run, no?

We also heard a rumor of one-more big name getting in, but at this point we still think and hear that it is so unlikely we're not even going to mention it.

We'll just say that if that person got in, it would turn the race on its head.


We're still accepting noms for the Leavenworth Street Nebraska Politician of the Year!

Happy fighting-the-shopping-crowds weekend!

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Anonymous said...

This is the "vote third party", "Ron Paul"sign guy.....your failure to mention Jerry Odum for mayor will probably lead me to try harder than anyone out there for him to win. Please show you are better than the press that disregards him.

Street Sweeper said...

Sign Guy,

You'll note that we also didn't mention Van Argyrakis. I have no doubt that people will vote for them, but unless either can show a serious reason why they could win, we're not going to bother.

I would note that we never got your comments when we didn't mention Odum's run for the Presidency a few months ago (seriously).

Anonymous said...

Yes we Van! Yes we Van!

SuingforSecr.ofState said...

No time to be subtle, let's not settle for Suttle. Don't Settle for Suttle! Don't Settle for Suttle!

Anonymous said...

If Suttle's website is any indication of the work he would do for the city of Omaha, sheesh. His website sucks.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice Vokal's website was in violation of state ethics laws for over a week after it was put up? They just added "Paid for by..." yesterday.

Anonymous said...

This is vote third party sign guy..You got a point Street Sweeper. Don't believe Jerry Odum for mayor unless he pays the filing fee and gets the signatures. He never ever did pay the filing fee for president. His presidential website was used probably just for fun and for pushing an issue. We should applaud Jerry Odum for this.
As far as Mr.Argyrakis, how come you are not mentioning him? Is it because he is overqualified? Do you think he is running just for fun to push an issue. How much formal education can a person have? Should my loudmouth tell the town how smart he is and put his candidacy into the spotlight whether he wants it to be or not? LOL....Since I think that anyone that graduates from college is really smart, I probably can't even fathom how smart Mr. Argyrakis is.

Street Sweeper said...

I feel confident in saying that being a college graduate, or even (gasp) a lawyer, does not immediately qualify one to be Mayor of Omaha. But it doesn't hurt.

If either Jerry or Van can show, b poll or fundraising, that they have a shot of winning the race, we will include them in our discussions.

In the mean time, anyone can certainly push their, or anyone else's, bid (to the extent relevant) here on this comment board.

Anonymous said...

Dear Street Sweeper. We need a lawyer for mayor that can figure out how to tax Chinese imports inside the city limits......or tax a business if they sell anything from China.
More of corporate America tempting us with Chinese crap we don't need isn't progress for Omaha.
Ron Paul, 3rd Party sign guy.

Anonymous said...

It'd be interesting to see how Oriental Trading Company would respond to that.

One Out In The Third said...


Did you lose your sharpness after the election? You blew this SAB...If that ain't an E. Ben Nelson bouffant then I don't know what is.

Mama always said never trust a guy with poofy hair.

Where's Scott Kleeb and is he still taking campaign donations?

Street Sweeper said...

Where were you 5 days ago with this?
My excuse is both were sent in by readers. I blame them -- and by extension, YOU. The reader.

One Out In The Third said...

Me???? Did I miss the SAB meeting? Why didn't you call...I have been busy doing my part to keep the American Dream afloat. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I think a reprise is in order.