Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tuesday rambling...

A quick post this afternoon:

1) Be sure to get your nomination in for the 2008 Leavenworth Street Nebraska Politician of the Year.

2) How about the deal with the Democrat Illinois Governor? The funny thing is, there would seem to be others who will be named in this deal. But the Feds don't come in until they've got the goods on you. Who will be next?

3) And on that note, a quick SAB sent in by a former Ricketts for Senate peep:

Disgraced Democrat Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich 
and highly respected and all-around good guy, former Ricketts staffer, Nathan Mick.

4) Sure Governor Dave's plea to change the Presidential electoral vote is a barn door/horses already out situation, but it's a good thing to address it anyway. Is proportional distribution of electoral votes by CD a good thing? Possibly. But then it should either be a good thing for every state, or good for none.

The Presidential election system, starting with the primary system (and the ridiculousness of the timing and the primaries/caucuses) needs to be fixed. Who better to initiate it than the Governors? Guv Heineman, we're looking your way.

5) We appreciate that Joe Jordan addresses politics in Omaha in a way that few others on the TV stations do. Like him or hate him, he asks pointed and sometimes insightful questions. And he keeps his pieces interesting (if not self-serving).

We just wish that if he is going rip off our idea, he just go ahead and use the pic that we did that was much better. (Jordan's below)

And a link would be nice.

(And thanks to KFAB's Scott Voorhees for NOT ripping us off and providing a link.)


Anonymous said...

So far so good for the Obama admin. Zero for three in key run-off elections and now a high profile scandal, in his home state, dealing with filling his old seat.

Built from a house of cards.

Eric said...


I can't believe you're complimenting Joe Jordon in the same breath that you acknowledge him pulling a Terry Kroeger on you. The guy is not a real journalist. This is just more proof that the man is incapable of original contribution in any way.

Also, proportional distribution of EVs and EVs by congressional district are two different systems. Nobody does proportional distribution (although Colorado considered it in 2004). If we're so interested in a nation-wide system, let's have the states agree to give all EVs to the winner of the national popular vote. Nebraska could join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (like IL, MD, NJ, and HI). It goes into effect once enough states representing 270 or more EVs have joined.

Street Sweeper said...

1) When we say "proportional" we're talking about NE and ME's current system (by CD and statewide).

2) I DO like some of Jordan's pieces. He often asks interesting Q's that no one else does. He often addresses issues that no one else does.

The problem here is that he is telling a story that originally came from Scott Voorhees's KFAB show, then ripped off our Pope-boggan photo idea.

It's one of those "hate the sin, love the sinner" situations. (Though, without the "hate" or "love" parts...)

Anonymous said...

Too bad Obama had nothing to do with the scandal and Blago was bad-mouthing the Obama people.

Street Sweeper said...

Who said anything about Obama?
(It's cute how jumpy the Dems have suddenly become.)
The question is who is "Senate Candidate 5"?

asecurityguard said...

I believe anon 4:34 was responding to anon 2:24, a little paranoid/defensive perhaps? From what Ive read Blago wasn't very well liked by his own party, and some of the lowest approval ratings for a sitting goverenor anywhere.
I like our current system better than what the other 48 do. I believe this more accurately reflects voters opinions and wants.

Anonymous said...

From Anon 2:24

I bet this Blago deal reaches into the Obama camp. There is no way it doesn't.

Obama's outside organization was so effective because it was loose. Locals were allowed to work on their own, organize on their own.

IMO, this was just the forst of many stories across the country that will link the Obama campaign to inappropriate/illegal behavior.

Like I said...Built from a house of cards.

Right Wing Professor said...

Best bet for Senate Candidate 5 is Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Obama had better get his story straight. He said he didn't meet with Blago, but Axelrod previously said he did, and has now changed his story. And several other newspaper articles from early November have turned up, reporting a meeting between Blago and BHO. The timing of the whole Valerie Jarrett contender/withdrawal thing also lines up suspiciously well with Blago's little rant.

Street Sweeper said...

ABC has already said it is JJJ.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because recorded wiretapped conversations of the governor calling Obama a "mother@#@#er" who wasn't willing to play ball means that obviously Obama was involved in some way.

Yup. I can tell Blago was in cahoots with Obama by the way he kept saying "F@#$ him."