Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NRCC-TV: Judgment on Esch

Here is the one everyone is talking about.

The National Republican Congressional Committee's new ad on Jim Esch entitled, "Jim Esch Has a History of Bad Judgment".
Take a look.

For those of you who don't want to click, here is the text:
Jim Esch has a history of bad judgment.

Esch used bad judgment when he endangered our families by driving under the influence of alcohol, at over twice the legal limit. (Sound of sirens in background.)

And now Esch's bad judgment threatens our sick economy. (Sound of beeping heart monitor in the background.)

Esch wants to raise Social Security taxes.

And raise payroll taxes as our familes are struggling to make ends meet.
Jim Esch's bad judgment.

It's not only chronic, it's dangerous. (Sound of heart monitor flatlining in background.)

The NRCC is spending approximately $485,000 in the 2nd District, in response t
o the DCCC spending somewhere between $450,000 and $521,000 for Esch.

And the NRCC has decided to come in with both barrels blazing.

No doubt the NRCC sees Esch's DUI as something voters should know. Now you, reader of Leavenworth Street, are familiar with this part of Esch's life because you read the blogs and the paper. But without this ad, many would not. The NRCC wants to be sure this portion of Esch's career is planted in the voters' heads.

Does this mean the NRCC thinks this race is close? Whether this ad indicates it or not, we know that they DO think this race is close. Then again, they are also viewing this from 2000 miles away in Washington. We 
think that while this race may be closer than 2006, it is not as 
close as those in DC think.

In any case be ready for more ads, from both sides, to come fast and furious.

(Of course what the NRCC should have pointed out is that the water bottle Jim is holding cost his campaign $6,500. Now THAT's bad judgment...)

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Flatliner said...

There you go cocky Eschies. Did you like that one? Time to go have a few beers at the Bluejay and Kleeb can be thje designated driver.

Anonymous said...

Amusing how Terry has a commercial that mentions Esch's negative ads, then produces another one himself, not to mention the one produced by his buddies at the RNC.
Just shows this election is very close, it will come down to voter turnout, something as simple as the weather on election day could influence the outcome.

Anonymous said...

okay say with me:

OmaSteak said...

For what it's worth...
I was dropping off early voting ballots yesterday mid-morning at the election commission office. I had to park a block away and there was a line of people out the door and out into the parking lot waiting to vote early. From the look of the crowd, young and minority, the Terry campaign better have a super turnout plan for election day because the Obama team already has theirs running at full throttle.

72nd st. guy said...


Where was this piece a month or two ago?

Bye bye, Jim!

Anonymous said...

hmmm dropping off ballots you say.

Were these blank ballots?

Awww just kidding there is nothing to worry bout, no ACORN in these parts now is there?

Hmmm delivering ballots.....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what does "dropping off early voting ballots" mean?

I feel very sad that you believe that responsible Americans will only go vote if the weather is nice. Voting is not only a right in this Country, it is a responsibility. I would hope that a few raindrops would not deter someone from voting and if their health prevents them from getting to the polls, I will be saying a prayer for all those that cannot get out on November 4th.

ikw said...

I think Mr. Bywater means that he was dropping off early voter registration cards.

asecurityguard said...

I assume then that the NRCC was anti-Bush since he got a DUI back in his day, and he tried to hide it when he was running for President. I also assume that NRCC was against the deficits it helped expand because a deficit is really just another tax, albeit on generations much younger...

Anonymous said...

No, Republicans only dislike people that get dui's in their 20's who are Democrats. Any Republicans that get one are conveniently allowed to ignore their past mistakes.

It's called hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Bush's DWI was in a small town, very little traffic and it would be nice to know what the blood alcohol was so we could compare apples to apples.

Esch's DWI was in February 2001, a Friday night right after Valentine's Day, after the bars closed, and at very busy intersection downtown and he blew through the RED light. I am sure he wasn't feeling "so lucky" while sitting in lockup with everyone puking and peeing instead of home with his girl friday.

In addition, Bush's DWI was over 30years before he was running for President (20 years before running for any office).

Esch, by his own statements, decided to run for office the Summer of 2005, a little more than 4 years after a DWI and well within the timeframe of still having cocktails in public and then swaggering to his car (if you really want proof, I would be happy to give it in detail, but I doubt SS or Eschies really want me to).

Esch owed it to the public to disclose this lapse of judgement in his first race, not wait until his previous field director from 2006 was working for another candidate in 2008 and Jim knew the DWI would come out.

I am sure that the Esch Campaign looked at the past Lee Terry Campaigns and Commercials and bet on the dollar that he would not run an ad about the DWI. They were right based on yesterday's Press Conference with the General. They also never thought anyone would find the Ag Subsidy payments of $102,000. They were right again, those payments under the partnership with his parents and some of his siblings were easy to find. It was a lot harder to find the personal payments to the individuals (which is where the other $100,000 came from!).

Note to Jim Esch, if you push hard enough, someone is going to push back. Lying to Veterans was pushing too far. Apparently the NRCC agreed and decided to take you down.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:32 a.m. -- Wow, I'm embarrassed for you. Trying to explain why Bush's dui = fine, and Jim Esch's = bad is really unbecoming and unbelievable of you. I'm sorry you're going to be out of a job in a couple of weeks, but really, you need to see somebody about all this anger and hatred towards Jim Esch. It can't be healthy for you.

asecurityguard said...

How old was Esch for his DUI? How old was Bush? (I know that answer, just want to see if you do). I live in a black-n-white world, and so does the law. Being drunk and behind the wheel is against the law and dangerous, no matter if its a .10 or .22. Esch can at least use that he was still in his college partying faze, though on second thought so can Bush. But its interesting that stuff from 30yrs ago is forgiven but almost 9yrs ago isn't. Just curious, what is the cutoff date for DUI forgiveness? Even insurance companies forgive after a max of 5yrs i understand.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and how many dui's did Dick Cheney have in his day? Was it two? If Lee Terry hates people with dui's so bad, why was he going to have Dick Cheney come here and campaign for him?

Anonymous said...

Esch was well out of his college partying days and should have been well into a career in the practice of law with that $100,000 JD he received from CU.

As far as forgiving and/or forgetting, if you want to go with the law, in this state anyway, after 10 years you can no longer be charged with a Second Offense DWI. As far as your insurance, I wouldn't count on that 5 year plan you have. Insurance companies keep driving, claims and medical information about you for decades and will use it at will to raise your rates or disqualifiy you all together.

I am sure that the fact that Jim Esch didn't kill or mame anyone or damage anyone's property during his binge drinking post college haze, he will be forgiven/forgotten much sooner than if, not for the Grace of God, he had killed someone while he was driving drunk.

Forgive/forget whatever you want. Just pray that he never does it again!

Anonymous said...

"Forgive/forget whatever you want. Just pray that he never does it again!"

You're right. But I think most voters will see that it's been a long time since 2001 and he HASN'T done it again.

Doesn't it get awful lonely on that high perch of morality you've placed yourself? It must be awful tiring being in your presence. You know, since you're perfect and all.

Anonymous said...

FYI, it appears that it is the NRCC that doesn't like people with DWI's. Maybe that's why they pushed Vito Foscella-a Republican(sp) out of his seat?

Esch decided to drive drunk.

Esch decided to take Government Money away from REAL Farmers.

Esch decided to tell the radio world that he thinks frozen embryos should be destroyed for research.

Esch wants to surrender in Iraq and go to WAR in Afghanistan.

Esch wants to take away tax breaks that middle income (and low income) families need to get by in this tough economy. Call it what you want, but if your taxes go up because you don't get an exemption that you used to get, it IS A TAX HIKE!

Esch decided to tell the World Herald that he gets his spending money from his mom and dad's business (what is he 12 years old or something?!)

Esch decided to run for Congress.

Esch has to answer to all of his bad choices. The public is just waiting for him to make some good choices since he is in his 30's now!