Tuesday, October 21, 2008

JE-TV: Crossing his arms with authority

The latest Jim Esch for Congress ad, entitled "Veterans".

Interesting spot. Here are the problems:

First, note once again that Esch does not know the difference between a House bill and a House concurrent resolution.

H. Con Res. 99 that Esch refers to was a Congressional concurrent resolution -- a "sense of the House" -- on the ENTIRE 2008 budget and and the ENTIRE 2009-2012 budgetary levels. And, by the way, this resolution never crosses the President's desk to sign.

Now, feel free to pick out just about ANYTHING else that government does to see if Terry voted "for" or "agin".

Or don't because presumably you're not an idiot and can figure out that that would make no sense and you would gain no info on this party-line vote.

But Jim figures you are an idiot and won't go look.  

And if you are wondering who Vets support, just look who it is they have supported in the past, and who groups such as the VFW are endorsing this year.

It ain't Jim Esch.

(It is Lee Terry)


And then on pure images in this ad, note Esch's pose at the end.

My Jim looks..."confrontational"? "serious"? "not gonna pay alot for that muffler"?...with his arms crossed.

We always get a kick out of Dems who like to stare at the camera, with a big ol' frown, showing you just how serious they are.

A few examples we've hung onto include these:

But in the end, Jim's pose really just reminds us that he is more like one of these guys.

(More on campaign ads coming soon!)


Just so you will remember that the campaign never ends: the new Hal Daub for Mayor website.

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Anonymous said...

Typical Esch. Maybe he should go back to high school and take a civics class or two.

Cal said...

Hey SS - did you know this Congress set a record for passage of resoultions? They really want America to know how they feel about things(as opposed to doing things). Meanwhile, I think America knows how it feels about Congress (hint: 15% approval rating).

Anonymous said...

If Esch is such an idiot and if the poll you first cited has Terry up by 10 points, why is the RNCC coming in to try and save Terry now?

Anonymous said...

This Vet supports Jim Esch.

Anonymous said...

You should check out 270towin.com

This is a great website with the latest information about the electoral vote.

Obama has a 99.1% chance of winning the election.

macdaddy said...

Cal: Interesting stat about this Congress. They wasted about 6 months of the year trying to defund the Iraq war before they got the hint that Bush wasn't about to be rolled. By that time, all they had time for were resolutions. Esch should fit right in. I bet he could churn out Creighton-Appreciation Days by the doz...well, he could get one or two done anyway.

Anonymous said...

Congressman-elect Jim Esch. Hmmm, sounds great!

Just think with the numbers of Dems and Independents that have already early voted as opposed to the Republicans -- Jim Esch is already winning!

I guess, that is, unless they're all Obama-Terry voters. Ha ha.

Proud Terry Supporter said...

Gosh I didn't know the Bluehay had free wi-fi. Have a couple more beers Eschies!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm not at the bar. I'm at home with my husband and kids and we just watched Dancing with the Stars -- and we're anxiously awaiting Congressman-elect Jim Esch!

Anonymous said...

As an informed independent, it is obvious to me that Congressman Terry is a very well intentioned person. I have voted for him in the past. However, Lee lacks the fundamental drive and leadership necessary to compete at the Congressional level in such critical times. Same old Republican and Democratic talking points are unacceptable this time around. Esch has demonstrated the necessary passion and conviction to get the job done. We need new blood to fight for legislative accomplishments that will not only better this nation, but improve our state as well. A leader that will promote solutions to problems and find the means to enact the thoughts into law. Mr. Terry is interested in talking about his disdain for political hacks like Pelosi and Frank. Instead of finding common ground with reasonable moderate Democrats and Republicans. Again it is an issue of leadership. One can complain about the otherside or a leader persuades, negotiates, and yes sometimes compromises to get things done. 10 years is enough!! Esch is more than worth a two year commitment.

BB said...

Anon @ 5:23:

This vet does not support Jim Esch.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:36pm: WOW are you clueless. Lee lacks leadership? A REAL leader works across party lines, makes difficult decisions and finds solutions to problems. That's Lee Terry.

"Esch has demonstrated the necessary passion and conviction to get the job done."--- Like what? Details? Examples? Something please. I've been waiting since 2006 for these. Let me know when you can come up with some.

Anonymous said...

Look up H.Con. Res. 99 and tell me if any actual funding was voted on-----NO. DUH Jim. And when it came time to fund the vets, who voted for it along with hundreds of Democrats and Republicans...yes, Lee Terry. The same guy who got the national VFW-PAC endorsement this election. They are real people, not the actors in your ad new kid on the block.
The vets see through you Jim.

macdaddy said...

Anon 9:36 As an informed independent, surely you would know the praise from the Left side of the aisle that Terry got for his work on the Hill-Terry energy bill. Surely you would know that Terry sponsored or co-sponsored an awful lot of bills in his 10 years in Congress. Surely you would know that in 3 years of running for Congress, and with no other visible time committments, Jim Esch has yet to tell us how he proposes to fix Social Security (you know, the issue his commercials are blasting Terry about). Surely you would know that Jim Esch can't be bothered to even learn the basics about the job he is seeking. Surely you would know that Pelosi and Frank are worthy of derision and disdain and aren't fit to darken the halls of Congress. And surely you would know that they would be Jim Esch's bosses.

Jim Esch gives us only one reason to vote for him: he's not Lee Terry. Well, neither am I, so you may as well vote for me.

Anonymous said...

As veteran I find Esch an idiot. He doesn't have to be a vet to be in politics, but being an idiot is an issue. That boy can't even dress himself without mommy. The fact he parade's his dad around with on crutches is nothing short of disgusting.

Esch is a Frat boy who needs to get out and mix it up a bit with men. He looks like a kid who spent way too much time with his mommy. I have seen more spine in a worm, and I am sorry to have even equated him with a fine piece of bait like that.

If Esch were so capable a leader you could find at least one example of having done something for someone somewhere, out of the family tree. Heck even Max Yak, and his hideous pink shirts and ties can claim that. Not that Esch guy.

asecurityguard said...

Anonymous idiot 11:04, (and even that is to kind for you)...

Former board member of the Sienna Francis House homeless shelter, Heart Ministry outreach program, Black Student Catholic Scholarship Fund.

President of the Student Body at Creighton

Selected to direct the Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership (GO!), and raised $15 million towards Omaha Chamber of Commerce efforts to attract more business, jobs and investment to the Omaha community.

Your right, he has never "done something for someone somewhere, out of the family tree". You strike me as the type of person that would vote repub no matter who is on the ticket, who believes everything that the repub campaign commercials say and dont bother to check the facts. Well its a fact you dont bother to check the facts, the above information was taken directly from Esch's website. Come back anytime for a free edumacation

Anonymous said...

You have to understand one thing....to be a leader in the Republicans mind - you have to have made money or served in the milatary to be a leader. Nothing else will do.

On another note - So, what if his Dad wants to be a part of his campaign and see his son succeed. It's no different than what Leester's Dad does for Lee on Kaleidoscope.

Anonymous said...

The Terry campaign just keeps hitting new lows. They have no integrity whatsoever. This newest ad from the NRCC proves it. That they "had nothing to do with it"? Bull! I hope this just puts the final nail in their coffin in the minds of 2nd district voters. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:31 a.m.? Are you accusing KETV of breaking the law? If so, you should turn them in and demand that they remove that Kaleidoscope show off the air. It sucks anymore now that Branda Council isn't there to have a real debate with the older Lee Terry.

ASG, Lee Terry's accomplishments:

Actively worked on political campaigns since before his dad even ran for Congress and continued every election after.

Employed at Peony Park Amusement Park, Catering Facility and Pool 1977-1988 (a variety of positions as he became old enough to accept them and catering was year round including while in High School and during the school year while at UNL and Creighton Law)

AKSARBEN Racetrack Clubhouse-Waiter and Bartender 1981-1986

Sunset Valley Golf Course-Bartender1984-1986

President of UNL College Republicans

UNL BS 1984

Schrempp and Salerno-1986-1995 Law Clerk and Practicing Attorney

Creighton University School of Law JD 1987

Passed the Nebraska State Bar Exam September 1987

Law Office of Lee R Terry 1995-January 1999 started, ran, managed, and engage in the practice of law

Active participant of DART (Defense Attorneys Round Table)

Served on the NATA Board of Directors (Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys)

Elected to and served on the Omaha City Council in a landslide victory against Anne Boyle (yes, THAT Anne Boyle!) May 1991-January 1999

Served as both the Vice President and President of OCC, during his time of service to the City of Omaha. Involved with the development of the old Peony Park and AKSARBEN properties, as well as installing ice at the Civic Auditorium (thus opening the door for UNO Maverick Hockey) and additional public private partnerships to develop more open ice time for all of the hockey clubs in the area. Pushed for and passed a "No Cruising Ordinance" for certain areas of Omaha at the direct request of the neighbors and businesses that were having their peace and ability to conduct business destroyed by non-stop racing and reving of car engines at all hours of the night. He also engaged the youth in our community to develop a summer full of activities for them to partake in so they would not be bored without their ability to cruise and loiter on Dodge Street-sadly the only kids that attended were those that developed them and their friends. It appears that the cruisers and loiterers did have other options afterall.

While holding 2 jobs, Congressman Terry purchased his first home, got married, started a family and then still found time to serve on the American Diabetes Board (ADA). While on that Board, he assisted in the merger into a Great Plains Regional Board AND served as their President until he had to step down when he decided to run for Congress (he recognized that he could not devote the time and resources to the Board while having a family, running a Law Practice, serving in a leadership position on the OCC, and running for Congress.

This was all accomplished by Congressman Terry before the opportunity to run for the United States House of Representatives even presented itself (out of the blue) in September of 1997. Lee Terry was 35 in 1997 2 years older than Mr. Esch.

I would have to say, Jimmy isn't even qualified to be in the same room with Congressman Terry, let alone, on the ballot. But, just for argument sake, feel free to post Jimmy's resume of accomplishments for everyone to compare. (Please don't bother posting about the DWI, we all know about that one, but if he served time for anything, that might be interesting and other people are still waiting for the results of that drug test he took last Spring, that might fill up a couple of lines in an otherwise pathetic resume. Also, what crop is it that Farmer Jim could be farming but chooses not to?)

You see, the OWH had it right on in their Editorial Endorsement of Congressman Terry based on his actions, accomplishments and clear vision of the tasks at hand. Jim, as they so nicely put it, is treading water in hopes of no one being able to figure what kind of a person he is before 11/4.

And, BTW, the Congressman also managed to pay off his UNL and CU Law student loans EARLY and WITHOUT the help of any family lawsuit money, oops, did I say something about a lawsuit?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the laugh....

All eschy did... citing his web site......

puhleeze keep scroolin me.....

keep em komin

Anonymous said...


Oh please more.....

The great american way of life....


asecurityguard said...

Anon 10:13,
Large resume indeed, though pointless in response to mine because i never made any idiotic claims that Terry had never "done something for someone somewhere, out of the family tree".
Anon 5:06
Im just trying to help you out b/c clearly you are not capable of doing your own research, otherwise you would't be making moronic comments. Do a little fact checking and then come back and play