Friday, October 10, 2008

KleebTV - Hair today, gone tomorrow

Scott Kleeb has a new ad out called, "Game".  See it here:

So, if you are like us, you had the same reaction.

No, not that it's another banal ad from Kleeb touting "change".
Or that he steals another 30 seconds of your life, saying nothing.
Or that he really overworks the whole head-bobs and eye-squints.

No, what we noticed is that Kleeb has changed his hairstyle -- again.
The guy has had more hair-doo's, and colors, than Hillary Clinton!

Let's take a look at the Kleeb hair retrospective:

1) You have his post Yalie, gelled behind the ears
2) Runnin' for Congress, butt-head down the middle part
3) Some serious gelled-up TV look
4) Running for Senate, with the dry, mussed up, no part look
5) The gray dry-look -- taken on October 4, 2008
6) The harsh left-part, chestnut brown look from his latest ad

And then you might say, "Wait a minute. What's with the dual hair-colors?"
Let's view Kleeb at the opening of the Obama office on September 10, 2008, and New Kleeb from his ad:

Hmmmmm. Kleeb seems to be having a "Just For Men" moment.
Either that, or he has been visiting Ben Nelson's barber.


As you've no doubt seen, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is pouring nearly a half-million dollars into Omaha TV to talk you into giving Jim Esch a job.

The ads are scheduled to start on Tuesday. We have a feeling the Lee Terry campaign won't be sitting back.


The Dems have been pushing their voter registration goals more, this time at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Obama front group, "Nebraska Matters" asked none other than the Right Wing Professor himself, Gerard Harbison if they could use his classroom to spread the Obama love for voter registration, with the promise that "we do not support any candidate or party".

Except that the Nebraska Matters "About Us" page spells out who they support. And then there was that little prevaricating session with the OWH...


A couple of website shout-outs:

One, the Net Nebraska Campaign Connection that has a bunch of videos and stuff on the races.

And a new blog out of Wayne called Nebraska Republican Rambling.

Give 'em a click.

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Anonymous said...

Kleeb's whispering is absolutely creepy. Great for Halloween.

OmaSteak said...

And just how does Mr. Kleeb propose to pay down the national debt...which is really much more than $ 9 trillion? Is he supporting Obama's plans to increase taxes? Is he aware of the lawsuits being filed against the development/placement of wind turbines by his fellow left-wing eco-crazies? Has he seen the videos of what happens when something goes wrong with a wind turbine generator? You don't want to be within a half mile of one when that happens. How does he propose to increase the transmission efficiency of the grid to allow even 50% of the wind power generated to reach the markets who want it? Hope and that all it takes to become a US Senator? Like Jim Esch, Scott Kleeb is a totally empty suit.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think Kleeb should get some hair extentions and transition to mullet or a perm. That might finally get his campaign some attention.

Anonymous said...

Johanns doesn't give any details on how he's going to reduce debt, just a bunch of empty talking points surrounding the central idea of "keep the Bush policies in place". Kleeb actually has a LOT more details on his site than Johanns does.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, the homoerotic focus on Kleeb seems to continue. It really is a bit creepy this obsession by the far right about Kleeb's voice or looks. *shiver*

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for a guy with a mullet. A mullet just screams, "Hell, yeah!" I like to scream, "Hell, yeah!" so I like my politicians to scream "Hell, yeah!"

Anonymous said...

What about politicians who yell out, "Bull!" Or, "Get me my crystal ball!" a la Lee Terry?

Right Wing Professor said...

Why does anonymous @12:50 think homoeroticism is 'creepy'. Could it be he's a homophobe?

Right Wing Professor said...

Actually, I regret blowing the whistle on 'Nebraska Matters'. What I should have done is replied to Kleinsmith that my class are a bunch of Republican Neanderthals, and see if ol' Solomon was still eager to hand-deliver their registration forms to the County office.

(Just to make it clear, there are 60 students in my class and I have no idea how any of them vote, nor do I want to know.)

Thanks for the cite, Sweeper!

Anonymous said...

Did Dr. Flemming-Kleeb say ANYTHING in those spots? They spent money to air those? I must have blinked...

One Out In The Third said...

Prof. H.

I don't think we should be concerned about homoerotic or homophobic behavior here. We should however be concerned with Kleeb's obvious inner struggle to find his own identity. Hanging out in bars and racing down Nebraska highways can only lead to one tragic end...(TKS)...Teddy Kennedy Syndrome. The young man needs our sympathy and immediate help...he screams for our help with his aversion to being a cowboy...then a professor and now a serious politician. is also very obvious from his chameleon-like changes in hair style and coloring that it is too late to save him from the dreaded and slowly painful...(BENS)...Ben "Earmark" Nelson Syndrome - good tag SS. Then again...maybe Kleeb has just fallen onto a barber afflicted by (MPD).

Anon 12:50's assumptions have only scratched the surface of endless psychological abnormalities.

You haven't ever had an aversion to wearing chaps and a Stetson have you???