Wednesday, October 08, 2008

JE-TV - Chaos!

New Jim Esch for Congress ad out, entitled "Chaos".
See here:

Now if Lee Terry were to really "Get Smart" about it, he would come out with an ad entitled "Control".

Beyond that this is a well put-together, straight forward, scare the senior citizens spot.

The ad was produced by the Democrat campaign consultants, McMahon, Squier, Lapp & Assoc. out of Alexandria, Virginia, and their ad arm, Issue and Image, also in the DC suburb of Alexandria.

And for what it's worth, from the AP on last night's debate:
One question was about the proposed privatization of social security.

Terry said he makes no apologies for his support of individual retirement accounts, which would allow social security money to be invested in the stock market.

Said Esch: “When you’ve got a safety net, why would you risk it ... in a stock market we’ve just seen collapse.’’
Pick your side.

**Update, Thursday morning**

For those of you who notice these things, you'll see that in the end of Esch's ad that we posted on Leavenworth Street's YouTube site, Esch says, "I approved this message because...".   That ad does not comply with FEC regs, since he left out his name.

However, you'll note that on Esch's YouTube site, they just put up a version of the spot where he says, "I'm Jim Esch.  I approved this message because...".  Thus, in theory, he is avoiding any fines.

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Anonymous said...

Effective ad. Esch really has that Peter Hoagland charisma.

Anonymous said...

Hoagland had charisma? Ewe!!!

Anonymous said...

Esch also reminded everyone that SS was not suppose to be a retirement plan but intended as a safety net for those in need such as the elderly and disabled. This is apparently an issue close to home. I guess he was about to say that it was being used by people who shouldn't get it, but maybe he knows some of those people?

It sounds to me like the Terry position of allowing workers under a certain age to divert part of their SS payments to private accounts. He also talked about incenting saving by employees. Allowing that money to be treated similiarly to a 401k, but allowed, with financial education and counseling, to be used for big ticket items like a home or college tuition for themselves or a family member. I like that idea and would be curious to hear more about it. Is there anything currently in front of Congress about this?

I also wonder if there is any evidence supporting the point that if a person is taught how to save and shown the rewards of their efforts, does that person then develop a mindset toward saving?

What a great Country we would be if we could grow that mindset!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you might not agree with any of Peter Hoagland's policy positions, but he was one of the nicest men I ever met.

So now the Terry people are making fun of a dead man who served the 2nd district before him? Again, the Terry people are really showing their true colors lately. No class.

Anonymous said...

Nice man, yes. Met him several times, and he truly fought for his beliefs. No where did I make fun of a dead person. I just don't agree that if you're nice and you do a good job representing your constituents that it means you have charisma. I am actually grossed out by the term charisma as I never found Peter to be attractive and I associate the word charisma with an almost supernatural attraction, ie a charismatic church. So, I will reiterate my Ewe!, in reference to to thinking Peter had charisma.

Now go find something to do you twit.

BTW, that would be namecalling and making fun of a person, are you offended little girl?

Anonymous said...

Talk about short-sighted and dead wrong. This ad may make Jimmy boy feel good, but it makes no sense!! You'll have MUCH more money in the long run if you put it in the stock market.

Once again looking for government to take care of you from the cradle to the grave. It is pathetic what a bunch of wimps many people in this country have become. GROW UP!!

macdaddy said...

I'd like to have some money to put in the stock market. Especially now. As it is, with a new $700 billion bailout, social security isn't looking so secure. I doubt that I'll see any of the 12% of my income that goes to social security.

asecurityguard said...

Social Security would be fine if the way it is, the government just needs to stop stealing the surpluses from it every year and leave it alone! The surpluses should be left in their own accounts, and we could even put it in a bank account to make interest from that money. But that will never happen so why bother talking about it...

Anonymous said...

SS would be in better shape if people quit considering it to be their 401k.

Street Sweeper, you might want to consider a name change. You have the same initials as Social Security and that can't possibly be a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Esch's ad showed me something I didn't know about Lee Terry. The Congressman apparently has the ability to part his hair on both the left AND right side. I watched the ad a couple time to admire that talent.

Gene Frenkel

macdaddy said...

Yeah, maybe we should change social security to Dog Food and Cardboard Box Fund.

Anonymous said...

SS, it's interesting you had a different version long before the TV networks or the Esch campaign had the official version out. I believe that tells us something about you and your connections. Sorry, but your claim of some sort of scandal over not saying his name appears to come from your own manipulations because it's clear you didn't get an official version of the video. Very interesting.

Street Sweeper said...

We were forwarded the Esch video and we uploaded it to YouTube. We did not edit it in any way, shape or form.

Anonymous said...

Anon. (10:26 PM - 10/8):

How long is your long term? Cause the Dow is down 10 percent over the 10 year period since Lee Terry took office.

1/6/99 close: 9,544.97.
10/9/08 close: 8,579.19.

Anonymous said...

Is there anny chance that the Dow was ever higher than today OR 1999?

I seem to recall some frenzied news stories about the Dow being over 10,000. Can Lee Terry get the credit for the good times? Or is that someone elses good work?

Uncle Wiggily said...

I find this obsession with unmasking the Street Sweeper to be a bit sophomoric, though admittedly mildly entertaining. So ... if I discover he's really Bruce Wayne do I get to be an honorary member of The Joker's gang or something? Maybe a spin around the city in the Sweepmobile? And who's his teenage sidekick ... with the cape and short pants?

Gawd I do luv the internet ...

Saul said...

I think you right wingers are the stupidest people on the planet.

We Dems have been stealing elections with phony id's for years. We even have a cat registered to vote in Ohio.

What really makes you extra stupid is YOUR tax dollar goes to funding our voter fraud. Listen to this ---- even Suzy Buffett gets a tax deduction to steal the election from Lee Terry!!!! How do you like being screwed by a bunch of socialist that are more intelligent than you idiots.

Woooow!!! Are you stupid or what!!!!

You are all as stupid as Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!