Friday, October 24, 2008

Johnny the Jet endorses Lee Terry

Johnny Rodgers has cut an endorsement ad asking the North Omaha community to vote for Lee Terry.

See it here:

Couple this with State Senator Ernie Chamber's admonition of Jim Esch at a North O rally earlier this year...
Chambers attacked politicians who pledged support for the event but did not march. He had especially scathing words for Jim Esch, the Democratic candidate for the House from the Omaha-dominated 2nd District.

“I could get an axe murderer, I could get a serial rapist and put him up here and say ‘this is Jim Esch, vote for him, he’s here with you.’ and everybody would clap,” said Chambers. “They don’t know what he looks like. Is Jim Esch here now? How are you going to vote for him? They sent a flunkie because black people are so dumb and so easily tricked that the white man sends his flunkie.”

Esch was present at the initial gathering but left before the march began.
...and you have an interesting dynamic at play.

Dems point out that many of the new voter registrants this year come from North O, attracted by the Obama candidacy. But could this be an actual trend for Obama-Terry voters?

No idea if Johnny the Jet is an Obama voter, but it certainly adds an interesting twist.


New Mike Johanns ad here, entitled..."Governor Heineman". We will let you guess who it stars...

Of the pols in Nebraska today, Heineman has one of the highest approvals ratings of them all. In fact, by state, he's one of the most popular Governors in America.

Always nice to have him on your side...


Finally, this from a Leavenworth Street reader who is flumoxxed that the press has asked no questions about Scott Kleeb's latest manifesto.

Here are the reader's comments after each of Kleeb's bullet points:
  • I will not vote for any new spending unless there is a specific way to pay for it.
(Which means he wants to raise taxes)

  • I will not accept Senate health care until all Nebraskans have access to health care.
(This is stupid. Members of Congress are under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan, the same menu of health insurance and managed-care options offered to all federal employees -- including your postal worker. Or, if he doesn't take it he's a shining example of many 30-somethings who CHOOSE to go insurance-less, thereby burdening taxpayers with their health care when they could have afforded it all along.)

  • I will not accept a pay raise unless the budget is balanced.
(This isn't something he can turn down. It happens automatically. He can give it away, I guess)

  • My first bill will be the "American Jobs & Energy Act," which will end tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas and use the savings to create renewable energy jobs here in Nebraska.
(There are no ‘savings’ when repealing tax incentives. The increase would probably be used to pay for increased spending)

  • I will not take junkets or gifts from lobbyists.
(Pretty much already a rule)

  • I will publish a list of all targeted projects I support, and put it on the internet.
(Again, pretty much already a rule)

  • I will publish my entire schedule on the internet and not conduct any secret, closed door meetings.
(If it is such a big deal, then why isn’t he doing that already -- Manhattan, San Francisco, Chicago, DC?)

  • I will publish an Annual Accountability Report and conduct an annual independent audit of my Senate Office, just like businesses do.
(Great way to spend taxpayer dollars.)

  • I will host an "Ask the Senator" online meeting every three months.
(So, if you are not Internet savvy – like many older or rural folks – you are out of luck?)

  • My wife and I will keep our family right here in Hastings, Nebraska and our two little girls will attend public school here."
("And if I lose, we are so gone.")

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Anonymous said...

Good to see the GOP do all they can for the less fortunate. Good for you guys!

Anonymous said...

His health care "plank" talks of access...yet, every Nebraskan does have access it is a matter of payment, either out of pocket, via insurance or through us, the taxpayer or perhaps a little of both.

Kleeb simply avoids answering the question as to whether or not he wants universal government sponsored health care.

Pipsisewah said...

One thing about it, Iron Mike can't say anything about junkets. He already went on 38 of them while the AG. Way to stand up on your fiscally conservative foundation. Wasn't he on Bushes team at that time?

I hope the GOP isn't going to buy Stephanie $150,000 of new clothes, or provide her a stylist/makeup artist at $22,000 for two weeks. I never realized it cost that much for lipstick.

It just keeps gettin better n better.

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah, nice. Lee Terry courting the black people in his district less than two weeks (!) before the election when he's never paid any attention to them before.

And please, stop making me laugh about all those Obama-Terry voters out there. You're making my sides hurt. Seriously.

And exactly what has he done to help people in North Omaha buy homes?

Anonymous said...

And where's Richard Carter been?

My prediction: Jim Esch wins on November 4, 2008. And who runs against Jim in 2010 as a Republican? Richard Carter.

Anonymous said...

A response to the other readers response that SS posted:

- To assume only tax increases are what Scott is talking about is to be stupid. He has proposed cuts in spending before.

- Scott’s family currently pays for their own private health insurance, and would continue to do so, rather than take the Senate health insurance.

- Actually, Senators can return pay raises to the Senate. At present, Senator Russ Feingold has done that since taking office (after voting against the raises in the first place), to the tune of $50,000 so far.

- Companies who send jobs overseas (like the Dewitt plant) actually get bigger tax breaks for doing that right now. End that (so they eventually find it’s cheaper to stay put and give jobs to US Citizens), but us that extra income to invest into research and development of renewable energy so we can become less dependent on foreign sources of energy - and this all creates even MORE jobs. Got a problem with all that?

- Actually, junkets and gifts from lobbyists is allowed, but just has to be reported. I just saw a report a few weeks ago on Adrian Smith going to resort conferences paid for by the Club for Growth.

- Actually, only a very few members of the House and Senate provide open accessible information about their targeted projects. It’s not a requirement or a “rule”.

- Actually, Kleeb’s campaign schedule has been open and accessible the entire time. Those that actually look at his website and/or sign up for his emails have been well aware of all of his events, including those out of state. It’s Mike Johanns who has kept hush hush about where he is, especially when going out of state.

- An annual audit IS a great idea. All Senators get an allotted amount of money they can spend in running their office. Doesn’t mean they have to spend it all and there is a program for them to return or “donate back” excess funds. Most don’t do it. Scott would. You would know every penny spent and the reason why. I can’t think of a better way for a Senator to be open and willing to be held accountable when it comes to running his office. Hey, at least he won’t be taking taxpayer funded trips to campaign for fellow politicians in bad races like Mike Johanns did as Secretary of Ag.

- Don’t like the online approach? It reaches the most people. Better the Adrian Smith’s idea. He just randomly calls people for a townhall meeting by phone with no prior notice. Only those with land lines get accessed, and only maybe once or twice a year. If you only have a cell phone (which more and more people are doing), then you’re SOL. With an online meeting you get notice and you have a chance to go to a friends house or to a library or something to participate.

- All you angry, disgruntled, hypocritical Republicans have wanted Scott to leave from the moment you heard about him. You obviously don’t want people who want to work for this state to STAY in this state. You all said he’d be gone after 2006. He stuck around and after he got married, bought a house, settled down, has invested in his local community. On the other hand, Mike Johanns has no plans to stay in Nebraska. His wife currently lives in Arlington in their $1.3 Million home. But you don't have a problem with that, do you? Of course, they own about 2 dozen HUD properties around Lincoln, and a nice vacation condo in Florida. Scott has one home - his own.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Gov. Heineman on Greta's show last week? I can't remember what night it was, but it was the day the University rescinded their invitation to Ayers. Our esteemed gov was on Greta's show (on Fox News for those not "in the know") and it was painful to watch him. It was so embarrassing. He had the biggest cheshire cat grin on his face the entire time which just screamed, "Look at me! I'm on national tv! I'm a bigwig now!" Greta didn't quite know how to question him because he was obviously so starstruck he couldn't even get a coherent thought out. Ugh.

macdaddy said...

Scott Kleeb can make all the penny-ante promises he wants but they don't mean a thing because his boss would still be Harry Reid. The Democrats don't think that 3 trillion dollars is enough annual spending. The budget deficit will be about a trillion dollars next year. You think we give a rat's ass about a pay raise that won't amount to more than 5 or 10 grand a year? Puhlease. Start cutting some real dollars and then we'll be interested. Unfortunately, though, Kleeb, by being a Democrat, would be part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

macdaddy, tell me this: Do you think the Republicans over the six years that they had full control were fiscally conservative and budget cutters? Seriously!

I'll give you a hint: spending increased at the fastest rate in history under Republican rule than at any other time in history. And given the debt was $5 Trillion when they took over (and had actually stopped growing), and then doubled over the last 8 years, that doesn't bode well for them. This last budget, under Democrats, was actually smaller than the previous year. When you consider Johanns spending habits in Washington, and all his taxpayer waste, do you think he'll be good? Nope. And it sounds like Harry Reid will probably not be Majority leader, so get over your obsession with one man thinking he has all the power!

Anonymous said...

If you actually lived in North Omaha or ran a business in North or South Omaha, you would know that Congressman Terry has had a satelite office in both communities for several years. Meets with business leaders and community groups regularly, throughout the year and for several terms. Call his Congressional office, they will give you the facts, 397-9944.

Now, would you like me to let Johnny "The Jet" who it is that just called him a liar?

How much time has the Esch Family spent in North O, that is after they did a drive by of all the properties they have snatched up and away from families that might actually like to live in them. I wonder if the Carter Lake trailers are in Iowa or Nebraska? I was also wondering if they plan on farming their Waterloo property anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Sad day when you have to drag out Johnny Rodgers to prop up your campaign.

One Out In The Third said...

Kleeb lied about his ranch can we believe he will hold true to his campaign promises???

I am voting for the experience of Johanns.

Cal said...

Anon 3:22
you are clearly not from Nebraska.

familyguy said...

The last one is super dumb. He is going to have his wife raise the kids while he is in DC most of the time?

I would't have a problem with him taking his family with him to DC. In fact I would go as far as saying that if he doesn't take his family with him, I would think less of him.

If there is anything that MOC (members of congress) need is people who know them for who they are and don't kiss their behinds because of their title.

Anyone under 36 said...

Johnny Rodgers? Isn't that the football player who won the Heisman and robbed a gas station or something?

I wouldn't remember, because it all happened before I was born. I just remember seeing that punt return vs. OU over and over and over. As I recall, there was a fairly obvious clip on that play... Oh, the glory days.

Oh wait, was this guy supposed to influence my vote or something?

Anonymous said...

FYI, Johnny Rodgers has more experience as a Community Organizer as your "Chosen One".

Anonymous said...


Are white people more afraid of being around black people?


Are black people more afraid of being seen with white people?

Street Sweeper said...

"Anyone under 36",

Your BLASPHEMY will NOT be tolerated here on L. St.!

You can knock me. You can knock this blog.

But we're not going to sit around while you knock JR Superstar and, by relation, Nebraska, and I would say America itself!

If you don't like Johnny Rodgers why don't you just head back to Russia or Oklahoma or whereever it is your "type" likes to sit around and trash the American flag and Cornhusker Media Guide.

You've been warned!!!


bob said...

SS, now you have gone too far. While it is okay to damn a Nebraskan to a Russian gulag, it is beyond human decency to send any Cornhusker to Oklahoma.

RWP said...

Actually, refusing health insurance is an act of supreme irresponsibility. If Kleeb gets a brain tumor, and has refused health insurance, then we all pay for it, instead of his insurance pool.

But then, he's not exactly a deep thinker, and therefore, the tumor has rather a small target to hit.

Anonymous said...

Um yeah, and Johnny also has more time on probation than "The Chosen One"

Anonymous said...

Only because the "Chosen One" didn't get caught and arrested for the coke he was snorting and sharing.

The Black Community loves to tear down its own, when they step out of their purpose. I guarantee there are a lot of conservative minded African American men and women taking care of their families, running businesses, working for an hourly wage and just trying to survive and give their own kids a better life, that know who they will vote for on November 4th, but will not publicly support those people for fear of ridicule.

I am proud of Mr. Rodgers for his willingness to speak his mind and take the criticism.

Anonymous said...


macdaddy said...

Anon 3:03: you are right about the Republicans being profligate spenders. You are wrong about the budget being smaller under the Dems. And you are seriously delusional if you think a Democrat Congress and a President Obama are going to stand around and do anything except start passing all the new programs they have said they wanted to pass. The only thing they've proposed cutting is 25% of the defense budget. To me, that is not responsible, fiscally or otherwise.

Ryan the Angry Midget said...

Wow. An endorsement from Johnny the Jet. I'm sure that's going to push Terry over the top. I'm sure it will cause people to forget that Terry hasn't done anything during his career in the House.

Street Sweeper said...

My, you ARE angry.
(We'll take your for it about the "midget" part...)

Anonymous said...

ryan with the angry midget brain

asecurityguard said...

I believe things will get better under 1 party rule with the Dems in charge. What could they screw up that repubs havent? And 1 other thing... THOUGH SHALT NOT CRITICIZE HUSKER HEROES UNDER PAIN OF EXCOMMUNICATION!!!

Brian T. Osborn said...

Facing the pain of excommunication, I am one of those Nebraskans that could give a rat's ass about any Cornhusker football player. I believe that college football is just a GAME. An endorsement by someone that was a good football player back when I was just a kid is worthless to anyone with an above average intellect. Unfortunately those mindless drones that can only spew the "facts" they get spoon fed to them by Flush Limbaugh and Fox Noise outnumber us in Nebraska. How I wish it were different.

On occasion I do encounter a Republican with a healthy portion of grey matter. They are usually shaking their heads and asking, "what ever happened to my party? I don't even recognize it any more!"

There are probably more Nebraskans that could tell you the name of every single player on the Husker football team, along with their stats, than could tell you who represents them on their city council, their school board, their legislative district or most of the state offices. Now that is a real sad situation. Another real sad situation is that to those same folks an endorsement by an old used to-be-good football player WILL matter.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rodgers is also active in the Omaha business community. Lends his support to just about any charitable group that asks. He works with youth in North O and, apparently would like to see Congressman Terry returned to the House of Representatives.

I suppose all the negatives on this blog are good with everything about JJ, except the support of Lee Terry. Go ahead, call him that nasty little 3 letter name. What, you aren't brave enough to let it come out of your mouth because it would show just what kind of racist you actually are. I can understand why you would be afraid, you don't want to get kicked off the "Hope, change" playground.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anony 9:02,


jt said...

BTO: isnt it a frightening thought that 9:02 might have a 4 year degree?

Brian T. Osborn said...


Oh, not really. There are plenty of nincompoops running around with all kinds of certificates attesting to their having attended institutions of higher learning. Whether they actually learned anything while there or not is contestable. A case in point is our MBA CinC. I know plenty of folks that never went to college, or even finished high school for that matter, that have an abundance of intelligence and reasoning ability.

How anymouse 9:02 makes the jump from some of us being underwhelmed by Mr. Rogers' accomplishments while playing a GAME to accusing us of racism, or worse, frankly befuddles me. I don't mean to take anything away from Mr. Rogers' endorsement, but for those like me it has all the clout that an endorsement by my plumber, mechanic, or banker might give. No more, no less.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the commercial is in violation of Federal Election law.

Gretchen said...

TO Anon 1:55 PM, October 24, 2008

Come on Lisa ---- you talk about disclosure yet you are afraid to put your name on your letter of accusation.

You forgot to tell everyone how Scott claims he is free of special interest when he has already promised UNION BOSSES to vote to take away the secret ballot of American workers. With Scott's help, the Dems want to do to the rest of the nation what they have done for Michigan. (Drive businesses over seas or out of business and increase unemployment.)