Monday, July 28, 2008

Chambers pummels Esch

On July 19th, various activist groups staged a march in North Omaha to bring awareness to violence in the community and to the abrupt end to the Juneteenth celebration parade.

The march ended at Miller Park, where (former) State Senator Ernie Chambers took to the stage. The Omaha World Herald described part of Chambers's statement as follows:
(Chambers) asked black voters to be wary of white politicians who use them during campaigns and then disappear afterward.
But a recent article in The Reader fleshes out what Chambers said. It went like this:
Chambers attacked politicians who pledged support for the event but did not march. He had especially scathing words for Jim Esch, the Democratic candidate for the House from the Omaha-dominated 2nd District.

“I could get an axe murderer, I could get a serial rapist and put him up here and say ‘this is Jim Esch, vote for him, he’s here with you.’ and everybody would clap,” said Chambers. “They don’t know what he looks like. Is Jim Esch here now? How are you going to vote for him? They sent a flunkie because black people are so dumb and so easily tricked that the white man sends his flunkie.”

Esch was present at the initial gathering but left before the march began.

Esch has tried to make himself out to be a man concerned about North Omaha, but Chambers calls him to the mat here.

And this after some strange rumblings about Chambers thinking of running in the 2nd Congressional District race as an Independent. With Chambers having nearly 100% name ID, think how that would shake up the race.

Our guess is that Chambers has other fish to fry, but whenever you toss in Ernie's name, things get much more interesting.


And speaking of Esch, Jim's campaign came forward with a counter to the Lee Terry campaign's "Truth Squad", led by Esch primary opponent Richard Carter.

But the name of Esch's group? The "Dare Squad". Something about daring Terry to talk about energy policy (presumably about Esch's recent endorsement of Terry's energy plan ).

Of course, the Esch campaign clearly missed the irony of calling it the "Dare Squad", as opposed to the D.A.R.E squad -- you know, the one that teaches school age kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol...


We're still taking guesses here on what Fahey will announce tomorrow. KMTV's Joe Jordan says he "can't find anyone" who thinks Fahey will run for re-elect. The OWH seems to think so too. And frankly that's the way we've felt for awhile.

But all that being said, we've heard that Fahey has told numerous people he IS going to run. So we don't know what to think.

Maybe he's just going to pull a Hagel. "I'm here to announce that I'll make my announcement at a later time. Feel free to enjoy some cake and punch."


Macdaddy said...

Sounds like pretty strong words from Chambers, yet the OWH chose to leave them out. How come Ernie Chambers gets a pass from his outrageous statements? Or are they so commonplace that nobody pays attention anymore?

asecurityguard said...

Esch did not endorse Lee Terry's energy plan, continuing to make that claim is ridiculous and bordering on outright lying. The exact words were "there are some good ideas in there". Please tell me where in that statement, or that entire interview, did Esch say that the Terry plan is better than his plan. The only way you could make honestly make that statement is if Esch said "his planis better than mine". And yet, those words are not in there at all. Yet more right-wing LYING.

Street Sweeper said...


In a TV interview (not many of these) Esch is given the opportunity to flesh out "his plan".

Esch says, "we need to put all options on the table". Well then.

Apparently Esch is willing to discuss burning live puppies for fuel.

But beyond that, all we have is Esch's endorsement of Terry's "good ideas". We'll use our own eyes and ears, thanks.

OmaSteak said...

What's really scary about Ernie now that he's term-limited out of the legislature is that he's going to be on the new "learning community" board and he'll have authority to levy property taxes. Just think how much he'll enjoy "putting to the white man" to get even more money for failing OPS schools...and continue building upon his legacy a nothing but a "race hustler".

Anonymous said...

Someone should just file a lawsuit against the Learning Community law.

asecurityguard said...

Only pitbulls will be considered for the live burning, tell your Weinereimer to quit hiding under the bed. Esch is not dismissing the Terry plan as completely useless, there are some decent things in there and the bbeginning of a step in the right direction. But that is a completely different ballpark than endorsing the Terry plan. Your really grasping for straws trying to find praise for Terry.

Street Sweeper said...

We didn't praise Terry.
Esch did.

Anonymous said...


ASG said you were "trying to find" praise for Terry. Not that you were praising him.

The Truth Squad of Leavenworth Street

Anonymous said...

And can someone explain to me what specifically in Terry's plan is his own original idea? We know he lifted the (FALSE) idea that the Chinese are drilling off our coasts from Dick Cheney.

What in "his plan" did he come up with himself? Anyone?

Street Sweeper said...

Esch is the one who thinks Terry's plan has "good ideas".
Ask him.

Anonymous said...

No thanks. I don't know Jim Esch. I'm asking the Terry-bots on here.

It shouldn't be too hard. What in Terry's plan is his own original idea?

Anonymous said...

If Chambers got into the race, I think the first poll would show him well ahead of Esch.

Ernie has much more of a claim on the Democratic base vote than Esch could ever hope to have.

Mr. Goodsense said...


Not to defend Ernie, but wasn't he the one trying to break up OPS?

I wish he would have succeed. As Steve Brown noted on KFAB this weekend, OPS' 55% success rate for $13,500 per student is a huge blight on this city.

If smaller is better for the rest of Nebraska, why not the metro?

Go Ernie.

lnk said...

Sorry for the delay in posting.

We were just going over the final numbers of this weekend's 'power walk' into 15 West Omaha precincts. Good job, everyone.

(Meanwhile, it looks like the libs didn't do much other than attack each other over at NNN--check it out under a thread of people being angry--right side of home page-- lol).

Hey, I appreciate Jim's comments about the Terry energy plan--maybe I should make an in-kind contribution to their campaign.

I guess that way I could be making up for the $$$ Jim is taking out of his race under 'loan repayments'. I heard he took another $ 6,000 since 7/1.

3rd Floor Watcher said...

If Fahey isn't running, why is he feeding city workers pancakes out of his warchest the day before his press conference? Wouldn't be the first time Fahey tried to influence a city union.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, interesting development. Seems like the Terry camp has FINALLY taken off his website that the Chinese are drilling off our coasts. Guess he realized he shouldn't continue to lie to his constituents, huh?

Now, what parts of his "energy plan" are his original ideas? Anyone? Anyone?

lnk said...

Hey Anon--hope you had a good weekend. I assume you were probably one of the lib bloggers who sat home attacking one another on NNN--at the same time we were out doing voter ID in 15 precinct in W.Omaha.

You're all talk.

(Time to reread our energy plan--you've got it wrong, as usual.)

Meanwhile, I might make an in-kind contribution to Esch for doing his 'plan'. I can't believe you guys are so stupid--you have a 'plan' that says absolutely nothing. The press (which didn't cover it) thinks it is a joke. And, still no drilling from JE. It's too late now.

You've handed the major issue of the campaign to Terry--thank you!

No wonder the candidate himself is now cutting his losses by taking
$14,000 out of the coffers for 'loan repayment'.

Gotta ask one thing: does anyone prep Jim for press interviews? Apparently not. He sounded like an idiot on KPTM (uh, ummm, ummm, uh, uh, ummm, uh, uh, umm, ummm, uh). Maybe we'll post that one too on our web site--next to Dingell.

lnk said...

10 days since the OWH disclosed that Esch was employed last year for all of one month at Creighton Prep.

Jim--were you fired?

Anonymous said...

Like Lee sounds any better.

Anonymous said...

Lee sounds infinitely better than Esch or Chambers because he has an R after his name. Try it. "Lee Terry, Republican." Sounds pretty good to me.

bob said...

Logic test-Run it backwards.

Ask white voters to be wary of black politicians who use them during campaigns and then disappear afterward.

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry sounds like, and is, a bumbling idiot. Lets not get into a debate about better public speaking skills or better self-presentation, its pointless for the election.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ink, isn't the first rule of thumb as a political staff person never to let the story be about you?

Oops. Better check out NNN.

lnk said...

Day 11 since the OWH disclosure--was Jim fired from Creighton Prep?

How about a yes or no Esch trolls?

This just happened last year. It goes to the heart of whether Esch is qualified, or has the work habits, needed for a Congressman.

I think I know why you won't answer ...

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed in the OWH this election year. Papers everywhere are on the decline -- so they must be struggling -- but they still refuse to print any big stories. Nebraskans both want and need to know about their candidates, but OWH wont do anything to make Esch look bad. Why didnt they print anything about this Chambers story? Why didnt they print anything about the disclosure forms? Why didnt they do a story about his DUI? Nebraskans deserve better than what the OWH and Joe Morton are giving them. Sincerely, disappointed Anony

lnk said...

Anon 9:28--the OWH did write about Jim's finances on 7/18.

Ironically, if Esch had just filed the disclosure form on time with the U.S. House, there probably never would have been a story.

But, he was 46 days late--so they (OWH) did some digging.

What they found is the D candidate for Congress: 1) has told people he has a major management position with the family real estate company, but only earned $5,000 so far this year for it. Basically, an intern's salary.

2) Esch said he worked for one month at Creighton Prep last year as Director of Development. He then left. People have a right to know whether he has the ability to take on projects, successfully complete them or even show up to the office on time.

This is not going away. Jim, were you fired last year?

asecurityguard said...

In a completely unrelated angle from the one this blog has taken, sorry to see you go Mike. We know you would have won and we know you would have been great, just as you have been. Take care and good luck in life

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:02 pm and 6:22 am:

In his worst day, Terry is 10 times better than Jim (uh, ummm, uh, uh, ummm, uh, uh, ummm) Esch.

Anonymous said...

This would explain why the Douglas County Democrat Party has decided to do 4 townhalls a month in North O. I bet the Obama people went ballistic over Ernie's comments. What they don't get is that they don't need Esch, Esch, DESPERATELY, needs Obama.

Esch has not shown anyone that he deserves to be elected to anything, let alone the US Congress. He is lazy, arrogant and unqualified.

At least Ernie has exhibited the ablilty to show up for work, stay out of trouble, and stay in a job for more than a few weeks. Oh, he also does not take advantage of Farm Subsidies to the tune of $100,000 like Esch does.

This community is embarassed by the Esch candidacy and I would be ashamed to have him represent me in Congress.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Jim (uh, ummm, uh, uh, uh, ummm, uh) Esch sounded like when he blew that .233.

Anonymous said...

probably about the same as terry when he stumbles out of the capitol club into his taxpayer funded housing, lee terry recipient of government housing

Anonymous said...

Funny, most people like the fact that he spends his income in Omaha and not in Washington D.C. for an apartment that he would spend less than 100 nights sleeping in.

Unlike Esch who spends his family's hard earned money in Colorado and gets substantial government funding, I mean subsidies, for not sleeping there. You know, he could at least live on the land he and his siblings own in North Omaha that he is getting Ag subsidies for not farming. At least then his mom could rent out his room to someone else.

He has a sweet deal going, why would he want to run for Congress and screw it up?


Tyler said...
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Street Sweeper said...

If you have something to say, say it.
Links to other blogs are BS.
Feel free to re-submit.

lnk said...

Looks like Esch blew off Mayor Fahey yesterday.

Disses Chambers two weeks ago--now he insults Fahey. Good outreach, Jim!

lnk said...

Did Jim blow off the Fahey announcement because he was afraid an OWH reporter would ask whether he was fired last year from Creighton Prep?