Monday, October 27, 2008

Esch, falling off the table

From Jim Esch's website:
All options are on the table and I believe that the best solution needs to be a bipartisan solution. (Emphasis added.)
But.... here is Esch in Sunday's OWH:
(Esch) opposes drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, saying he doesn't think it can be done in an environmentally safe manner.
"My feeling on ANWR is to take that off the table," he said. (Emphasis added.)
Wait a... what?
We're a week away from Election Day and NOW he decides that we shouldn't drill in ANWR?

Well, then again, this is the guy who two years ago said PAC money makes you evil, then this year said he'll take PAC money.

And this is the guy who two years ago scoffed at those who were against stem-cell research, then this year decided to be against it.

But "everything's on the table" has been his line for the entire campaign -- and is STILL on his website.

Hmmm, wonder if it had anything to do with the half million dollars from the DCCC. Wonder what other positions Jim has that can be bought. 

(Or a better question, are there any that can't be bought?...)


Esch has a new ad out as well, entitled, "Wrong Direction". See it here:

Another negative ad by Esch, misstating Lee Terry's positions once more. 

Repeats his claims about Social Security and health care for Veterans. The second claim is so disingenuous that frankly, Esch should be prepared for whatever else should come his way.

As the OWH explains, Esch's claims on that issue are downright filthy.


For your viewing pleasure, here are three Lee Terry mailers that are out and about. (Note that these shots show both the front and back of the cards.) 

All are pretty self explanatory.


A Mike Johanns "web-ad" entitled, "Amercan Energy" for your viewing pleasure. 

Since it's pretty much you and people who go to MJ's website that will see this, consider yourself privileged and "in the know".  (But then you already knew that...)


Finally, just to be complete, a giant New Yorker article about Chuck Hagel, focusing mainly on his split with John McCain. It's 99% stuff you've already heard before.

Hagel's main beef seems to be that the Bush Admin doesn't listen to him like, say, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama did. Does he take it all personally and get petty about it? Let's hear Obama-endorser, Mrs. Hagel tell it:
"We don’t breathe the same air as Cheney or Rove. We cancel social engagements if we look at the list and see that they’re on it."
So there ya go.

By the way, Hagel called the troop surge in Iraq, "the most dangerous foreign-policy blunder in this country since Vietnam".

Since he completely whiffed on that, where does that put Hagel, and his predictions now?

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Eric said...

Where did the OWH say Esch's claims were filthy?

Terry is the one playing dirty here. He and the NRCC are playing good cop bad cop with the DUI stuff, and he's attacking Jim Esch on abortion even though that is one issue they actually agree on.

Anonymous said...

The "right to life extremist" comment is bogus claim that the Terry campaign, is hoping might help pull them out of the gutter.

I know this has already been beaten to death, but Esch was making the point that Extreme right to lifers (those who bomb clinics) are far more intense than the Extreme pro choicers.

I am glad Terry's campaign has to stoop so low, I will be glad to see his dirty campaign tactics and do nothing representation end.

Anonymous said...

Yes, ugh. It sickens me to see the "pro-family" Terry smiling on these ads when he is so dirty and slimy. And who are those little boys in his ad eating ice cream with him? Aren't his boys much older than that? Don't they have any current "happy family" pics? Hmmmm, I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

How about we acknowledge that positions may change as the situations change.

Esch always viewed drilling in ANWAR as a Temporary solution to a larger problem. Due the the economy we no longer have as pressing of an issue of lowing the cost of oil. Esch beleives now that this HAS CHANGED, it is no longer neccessary to drill in ANWAR and we can now focus more on alternative energy resources that will greatly benefit our nation in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is just another negative, misleading ad that cites actual votes and uses Terry's own words instead of citing a generic web address and leaving it to the viewer to hunt around a website for the source information like Terry does in his latest ad.

How dare Jim Esch attack Lee Terry's record (or lack thereof)! Outrageous!

PS - Kelly is adorable. But as a 3 year old I don't think she cares who her Representative in Congress is. Not to mention she has her facts wrong. Esch has opposed extending the Bush tax cuts in their entirety without paying for them, but has supported expanding the child tax credit. In the Project Vote Smart questionnaire (the same one relied upon by Terry in his latest ad) Esch states he would “slightly increase” the child tax credit.

Right Wing Professor said...

Estimates of how long it will take for ANWR oil to reach consumers range from 2 years(ultra-optimistic) to 7 years (ultra pessimistic). If Esch believes that because of the slow economy we don't need that oil, then he must expect the economy to be in the toilet 2 - 7 years from now.

Gosh, Esch is as pessimistic about an Obama presidency as I am!

Anonymous said...

there is no confusion-- Jim Esch is PRO-LIFE

Street Sweeper said...

Well, until he changes his mind. He still has seven whole days to change his positions.

What's on the table today may be on the floor tomorrow...

Brian T. Osborn said...

Wasn't ANWAR supposed to be part of our Strategic Oil Reserves? You know, that stuff we put aside for the day that we hope never comes, another world war. It was not set aside so that hockey moms could keep driving their big friggin' SUVs to Neiman Marcus.

Now, on to the issue of abortion. If the Republican party REALLY wanted that issue resolved, and not just keep it around as yet another scare tactic to keep the drones in line, it would have been resolved by now. Rather than discuss what we can do to change our society so that abortions become very, very rare, they keep it out there as their leading issue. It's a great tool to control the fools. Without that issue to harp on the Republican party would fade into obscurity.

Its kind of like the flag burning issue. OH MY GOD!!!! Three people burned U.S. flags in our country last year!!! Let's change the Constitution!!!!!!!! Yet, GW's using our United States Constitution for his personal toilet paper hasn't got any of you upset yet.

While in Minnesota for work I had the opportunity to see some of the Norm Coleman/Al Franken ads. Norm had a nice one out with clips of Al foaming at the mouth and spewing profanities against the Bush administration. But Al responded brilliantly . . . he just asked the question, "With all that is wrong in our country, why isn't Norm Coleman angry?

With all that is wrong with the Republican party . . . why aren't YOU angry?

Street Sweeper said...


I'm just trying to figure out where Esch stands.

Apparently it is for higher taxes so he can "pay" for more of his family wind farms.

Anonymous said...

Well, we certainly know where Lee Terry stands -- right next to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Right Wing Professor said...

Wasn't ANWAR supposed to be part of our Strategic Oil Reserves?

No. The SPR is at four sites on the Gulf of Mexico, about as far as ANWR as you can get within the lower 48.

Anonymous said...

A professor quoting wikipedia as a source? My professors say it's not a reliable source and we are never allowed to use it to back ourselves up. That's funny.

Something else to share: Lee Terry was spotted canvassing door to door in LD 5 yesterday. He must be really desperate. No way LD 5 is going to him. Or, for that matter, no way is the 2nd District voting for him again...can't wait for election day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, ha ha. Lee really is desperate this year. I wonder if he'll go back to his old law practice?

Brian T. Osborn said...

Golleeee Sweeper,

That would be horrible if a Democrat was to get a single dollar from your taxes. Nevermind the billions upon billions handed over so generously to Republicans by the Bush administration. No bid contracts for Halliburton ring a bell?

Wrong wing professor,

Thanks for the correction. I forgot for a moment there that ANWAR was part of our nation's Hockey Moms in SUVs Oil Reserve. You oil junkies just gotta have more of that Texas Tea don't you?

Right Wing Professor said...

A professor quoting wikipedia as a source? My professors say it's not a reliable source and we are never allowed to use it to back ourselves up. That's funny

Your professors need to get with the times. I contribute to wikipedia myself; by and large, I find it as reliable as most published sources, though there's no harm in double checking any source.

It isn't hard to find information about the SPR. Wikipedia's just one of many sources one could use.

Right Wing Professor said...

You sure seem obsessed with Sarah, BTO. I admit she's still a damn fine looking woman, but maybe you should set your sights on someone a little more, ahem, attainable?

(And whose husband is not a steelworker and a dead shot)

Anonymous said...

I heard Lee Terry did a poll this weekend. Any numbers to be announced?

ptg said...

I always like to see Chuck Hagel get kicked around. There isn't much time left to do it. Lee Terry might be an idiot, but he's a nice idiot; the kind that doesn't put on airs.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha. Who cares? Lee enters his final 3 months in office. McCain is flailing. Palin is listening to her fans holler N bombs. What a joke you Republicans have become.

ptg said...

Ha ha ha. Yes sir, anon. Ha ha ha. Going for that last laugh?

Anonymous said...

Does Jim Esch think that people that protest outside abortion clinics begging women not to abort their babies are extremists? Does Jim Esch think that the people that work at A Woman's Touch Pregnancy Center next door to the Carhart Abortion Mill in Bellevue are extremists for letting women come through their doors by mistake and go out their doors convinced of the sanctity of life?

Or does Jim Esch think that I am an extremist just because I want him to own up to his true beliefs on the subject?

FYI, if a person is an extremist because they are willing to break the law to stop what they truely believe to be an injustice, then I guess Mike Boyle just joined the ranks of the extremist this year!

Anonymous said...

What kind of a freak job spies on a Congressman on a Sunday afternoon. Oh, I forget, Jim Esch's Treasurer is a professional Private Investigator, I hope he is documenting his in kind services.

As for the current family photo, you apparently have been tailing the Congressman for quite some time, when would you suggest that his family should have taken a new campaign photo? It seems to me that according to the news, this blog and all the Esch blowhards, Congressman Terry has been working every day for his Constituents and every evening and weekend getting reelected. Heck, Lee Terry has probably worked more hours a week in the last 3 or 4 months than Jim Esch has in the last 3 or 4 years.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Wrong wing prof,

I have no sights set on Mrs. Palin, she's not my type. I prefer REAL women like my Trish. She is far cuter and much, much nicer. Plus, she doesn't need $150,00 worth of clothes and $20,000 worth of makeup to look as good as she does.

Oh, and I'm a might fair shot if I do say so myself and I've done a fair bit of steel work in my day too. I just don't have a reputation fabricated by the RNC to surround myself with, just the one I've earned.

ptg said...

You are a real piece of work, BTO. Tell us more about yourself. I know I'm fascinated. What size shoes do you wear?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Kelly is very cute. Too bad, Lee is a liar about Jim Esch on the Child Tax Credit. He does not want to end them, he actually wants to expand them.

Oh yeah, Lee is nothing but a lawyer who acts like one, A LIAR.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Cheney never showed in the district???

Lee must have been scared to campaign with him.

What a joke. Send him the way of the VP. Out the door on his rear end unemployed.

Terry staff -- have your resumes ready??

Anonymous said...

Ummmmmmmm, furthermore - Lee supports privitization of Social Security.

You are misguided. He co-sponsored legislation that would create private accounts.

If you want - I can find the legislation or you can do the work. Is Lee's brain that dense or does he remember co-sponsoring legislation by Presidential Candidate Bob Barr.

Oh yeah, it's not what you have done over your entire career. It's only what have you done for me lately.


Brian T. Osborn said...


Sorry, I'm not here to satisfy your foot fetish.

ptg said...

Darn it.

Ryan the Angry Midget said...

Can someone actually tell me what Lee Terry has been doing in Washington, aside from making our state look like idiots?

Brian T. Osborn said...

I saw him on the "Colbert Report" quite a while back and . . . uh . . . oh, nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lee would have had time for a new family photo if he hadn't been galivanting back and forth to DC in August playing partisan games with our economy and energy prices.

Oh yeah, whatever came of him giving all of our gas receipts to Nancy Pelosi? Nothing you say? Not surprising.

Anonymous said...


You are so dreamy and way to full of thy self


macdaddy said...

And Jim Esch has done what for this district?

Brian T. Osborn said...

anony 9:15,

to too two? dreamy? why thank you mary tyler moore. Say, aren't you that nun I met at a frat party back in '70? How're the kids?

Anonymous said...

"Since he completely whiffed on that, where does that put Hagel, and his predictions now?"

It puts Hagel in power. And it leaves opinions like yours mattering little.

Anonymous said...

What has Lee brought to the district besides laughter and comedy??


Anonymous said...

Ya know Terry is going to win:)

Might as well go back and resharpen your worn out arguments. All the Esch supporters just don't get it, that dog don't hunt. Next time go find a candidate who has done something, who stands for something for more than a week or two, and who has faced even a bit of adversity.

I do owe you a small debt of gratitude though for picking such a weak pony to put all your hopes and dreams on.


OmaSteak said...

Doug Parrot (sp?) was jut on KFAB and speculating about what's next if Esch happens to catch an Obama coattail. He said David Kramer, Chip Maxwell and Dan Welch have all expressed an interest in running. He advised Esch to start fund raising for 2010 race on Nov 5th if he happens to win...and to accomplish something of note or he's very likely to be a single term Congressman. Parrot also said that it's unlikely Kleeb will hit 40% on Nov 4th and as a two-time loser his political career in NE is probably over for quite some time. He called Kleeb's decision to enter the senate race "not smart".

Anonymous said...

Yeah, David Kramer is going to have an uphill battle as a Republican after he true colors have shown during this debate on Affirmative Action.

Hell, I may even run.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the Terry people are not releasing the findings of their poll.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder.

Anonymous said...

I heard Scott Hazelrigg has his sights set on the congressional seat or the Senate.

Boy, I can't wait until Lee's out of there!

Right Wing Professor said...

Plus, she doesn't need $150,00 worth of clothes and $20,000 worth of makeup to look as good as she does.

I'd never seen so many Democrat men so obsessed with women's clothes and make-up as I have this week.

Publicly obsessed, I mean.

Eric said...

And Jim Esch has done what for this district?

That's the best you can come up with when presented with Terry's failure as a Congressman?

Well, Esch hasn't been in Congress, so he hasn't had the opportunity that Terry has. But, privately, Esch raised a lot of money for economic development in the Omaha area, and he's contributed a lot of time to bettering the community through charitable work.

And, that's great that the Republicans have a whole stable of people ready to challenge Esch for the seat. But, my only question is why didn't you run them in the primary against Terry? You know, you don't have to put up with incompetence just because it comes from your own party.

macdaddy said...

No, Eric, that's the best Esch could have come up with for his campaign. He hasn't done that. Instead you guys just keep claiming Terry is weak and an embarrassment to Nebraska despite all the evidence to the contrary. We realize you want to see Esch elected. But, and I have stated this on this blog many times, you have to give people a reason to vote for your candidate. Esch has had nothing to do for the past 3 years. Surely there could have been something he could have done for people to say, "Hey, that Jim Esch, he gets things done. He's OK." Instead, we get, "I'm not Lee Terry." Esch has done nothing in 3 years and what that says to voters is that this guy isn't going to be able to hack it in Congress.

Anonymous said...

No macdaddy, I disagree.

This year "I'm not George Bush" and "I'm not Lee Terry" or part of their party WILL be enough to sweep Obama and Esch to win their races. The Republican Party has screwed up the last 8 years, and I say that as a registered Republican. We've lost our way and people are sick of it -- both Democrats and Republicans. Oh sure, there are the few die-hard base people who will always vote a straight Republican ticket no matter what. But there are a lot more people this year that are wanting to cross party lines and vote for some Dems this year. Myself included. The current Republican Party does not represent me any more.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Wrong wing Prof,

As usual you don't see the issue for what it really is, you just slather on the Republican talking points that were sent to you. The problem with Palin's RNC funded wardrobe is that it is a typically Republican coverup. Dress the gal to the nines and hope that covers up her lack of substance. Shovel money at the problem and hope it goes away. Talk about "tax and spend!" It's no wonder so many Republicans are upset about the way their contributions to the RNC are being wasted.

I don't think the comments about putting lipstick on the pig were that far off the mark, but I think a better analogy would have been describing what the RNC has done is to put lipstick on a pit-bull. By that wisecrack I don't intend to criticize Palin's appearance, I intend her stands on any substantial issues.

I think insofar as any Democratic man giving an appropriate review of her sartorial tastes, John Stewart described it best on the Daily Show, "What? Did you buy the original "Thriller" jacket off eBay?"

Right Wing Professor said...

Yes, and I remember you complaining, BO, about Edwards' multimillion dollar haircuts. That's why I respect you so much; it's the intellectual consistency.

There are many things I like about Sarah Palin, but one of the things I like best is how she's exposed the utter hypocrisy of so many Dems' professed feminism.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect Right wing prof, what else do you like about Sarah Palin? Even her major home state paper endorsed Obama. What part of her record do you like so much?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that the cook political report now has the Terry-Esch race as a TOSS-UP.

I sure hope Esch wins, it would show that even with a much less qualified staff, some inventive advertising (yep the water bottles sure didn't hurt their cause), and a lot of hard work a do-nothing congressmen can be defeated!

Eric said...

Personally, I don't care how the campaigns choose to spend their money. I mean, appearance is important. Don't they say that people's reaction to a public speaker is only based 10% on what they say, 20% on how they sound, and 70% on the look?

But just because it's ok to spend money on your appearance doesn't mean that all such expenditures are smart. It may have been stupid to spend $400 on a haircut, but that's nothing compared to $150,000. Edwards could have gotten a $400 haircut every day for a year and he still wouldn't have spent $150,000. That's in a whole 'nother league of stupid.

Anonymous said...

What I don't get is how her makeup stylist got paid $20k for the first half of October? I'm definitely in the wrong field because I most certainly am not pulling in $40k this month!

Ryan the Angry Midget said...


Palin has also exposed the hypocrisy of conservatives who were saying Hillary couldn't do it because she was a woman. It certainly goes both ways.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Far Right Wing Prof,

I'm glad that you recalled my criticism of Sen. Edwards' expensive haircut. Although I fear it pales as a comparison to the thousands spent trying to mask Palin's shortcomings, I'm sure you won't let that get in the way of your ideology.

OK. Your true colors are starting to show now that you are beginning to see the end of the line for your dear Republican party. You can't beat us on the issues so you start up with the "Nyah, nyah, nyah - buncha Democratic fags" routine.

By the way. How's it feel to be a loser?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:35- "What kind of a freak job spies on a Congressman on a Sunday afternoon. Oh, I forget, Jim Esch's Treasurer is a professional Private Investigator, I hope he is documenting his in kind services."

I'm not a freak and I don't work for Esch's campaign; I happened to be in the neighborhood for another candidate that afternoon and saw our wonderful Congressman walking door to door in the same neighborhood I was in. And really, is that the only response you have to Terry walking door to door in a highly Democratic district? He's desperate.

I heard the latest poll results had Jim down by only 1 point. Anyone from Terry's camp want to confirm that number?

macdaddy said...

Anon 1:16: I'm sure RWP will give you his answer, but let me tell you why I like Palin. She knows how to say "No." She knows corruption when she sees it and actually tried to do something about it. She hasn't forgotten that she works for the taxpayers and it's our money. Not the government's money. Obama has done a whole lot of go along to get along. He's NEVER stood up to anyone for anything. I guess that he and Esch will get along fabulously.

And BTO, dude, you got some issues. I hope you have some valium available on election night just in case things don't go your way.

Right Wing Professor said...

To tell the truth, BTO, the only campaign I've worked on this year has been Initiative 424, and it's not going to be a loser, despite the awful blow we suffered when the state Democratic party condemned it.

Fortenberry has no need of help this time around, and I can't see Johanns or McCain losing Nebraska either. And while nationally the O might pull it off, I have a feeling that long term he's the best thing to happen to the GOP since Jimmy Carter.

What puzzles me is why the NDP can't find anyone qualified to run for statewide office. Esch, Kleeb and Yashirin (apologies, but I don't even remember who's running against Adrian Smith in your district) don't have a day of experience in elective office between them, unless you count class president. And then Dems have the chutzpah come here and complain about Palin's two years as state governor and ten as mayor!

Anonymous said...

Ya just know Terry is going to win....:)

Told ya so!

Brian T. Osborn said...


I have some bottles of Asti Spumante already chilled to celebrate the extraordinary victory we Democrats will be enjoying next Tuesday. You might see your doctor about getting some Valium for yourself. Personally I'd recommend you see your friendly neighborhood pusher and score some pot. We'll probably be making that legal pretty soon.

Wrongo Prof,

I'm straddling the fence on 424 to the point my boys hurt. On the last census I checked "other" for race and wrote "human" on the line provided.

You may be right about how Nebraska will vote, but then we've always been ten years behind the rest of the country. By the time Nebraska comes to its senses and has a Democratic majority, the rest of the country will be Republican in protest over OUR abuses of power. Ahime!

Hang on to your hat in 2010. I honestly believe that the Nebraska Democratic Party is set for a rebirth. With Vic Covalt and a whole passel of new officers (yeah . . . including me) controlling the NDP we are going to have highly qualified candidates coming out of the woodwork. Get used to it.

As for Palin . . . shoot! . . . even McCain's own staff has had a belly full of her.

Anonymous said...

Boy I bet Mr. Esch and his followers really wish he wouldn't have made the "extremist" remark...that is really biting him in the ass these days. and it is very ofensive to most of us here in Omaha.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:40pm...

Obama stands with Bill Ayers.

I sure know who I'd rather be standing with.

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry going door-to-door: Here's a news flash folks, it is called campaigning. Lee and his staff have covered the entire district...knocking on doors, making phone calls, mailing flyers. DUH. So when Jim Esch is campaigning in West O is he worried??? Seriously people get a life.

macdaddy said...

BTO: You're right that the Dems will be legalizing drugs soon. I'm sure President Obama doesn't want to sneak around while trying to score some blow.

Anonymous said...

Maybe because the "Terry People" have never released the findings of their Polls even when they must have shown their candidate up by 10 points or better, based on Election Day results.

As a politico, it would be foolish because if you are up by vast numbers, your fundraising dries up because no one is worried about yur race and they move on to more pressing matters. If you are even or down, you don't release them for obvious reasons.

I have to ask, have any of you blabbermouths ever been actively involved with a campaign or do you just think you have?

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:32, I will be happy to quote you as I go door to door in all Precints whether they are Dem or Rep or somewhere in between.

"Our wonderful Congressman Lee Terry would appreciate your vote on November 4th" :)

Great quote, thanks!

Right Wing Professor said...


I admire your enthusiasm (really!) but with the NDP, since I've lived here, it's always been 'watch what we do in two years'. In fact, in the 16 years I've lived in Nebraska, all that's happened is you lost the governorship and one senate seat. Ben Nelson's about the only good thing you have left. And you refuse to learn from Nelson; he's as popular as he is because he's the most conservative Dem. in the Senate.

You might start by running someone who actually has a record to run on. The scam of running someone without elective experience, so they won't have votes that can be held against them, just hasn't worked. There are Dems in the legislature with experience and voting records. Why are they not being put up for statewide office? Are they simply too left wing?

Don't you think it's ultimately an insult to the voters to given them a candidate whose only attribute seems to be it's hard to actually prove he's pro-choice, or pro-union, or pro-taxation? "Vote for Mr. Jello, you can't nail him down on anything" isn't much of a platform.

macdaddy said...

RWP: Amen!

ptg said...

I'll second that Amen!

Brian T. Osborn said...

I don't know how many of you Republicans are aware of the revolution that has taken place within the Nebraska Democratic Party. Of course, with the old guard still entrenched until the first State Central Committee meeting following the general election it can't be all that noticeable just yet. But the Omaha centric, wealthy donor based, centralized power junta that has run the NDP for the past 7 or 8 years is coming to an end.

Inspired, energized and empowered by newcomers like Jim Esch, Scott Kleeb and Max Yashirin, along with an energetic young army of volunteers and candidates for Nebraska's Legislature, the NDP has metamorphosed into a grassroots based organization anxious to spread its wings and soar. It overturned the stasis inflicted on us by the reign of Steve Achelpohl and the old guard.

Vic Covalt, the architect of the highly successful Lancaster County caucuses was elected as our new State Chair. Backing him as his Associate Chairs are Maureen Monohan and Maureen Nickels, two very energetic and brilliant women possessing extraordinary intelligence and organizational skills. Jane Erdenberger, a world class fundraiser and devoted Democrat joins the indomitable VInce Powers, as our National Committee people.

Five of the six Congressional District chairs have been replaced with Democrats willing to fight for our party, not rest on past laurels. The new Chair of County Chairs, Doc Moore, has already rallied the troops at several regional meetings, helping the counties to become better organized.

When Vic Covalt assumes office later in November, rest assured that things will NOT be as they were. The NE GOP is going to be facing a renewed NDP that has broken free of its chains, one that thirsts for victories. My vision of Democratic successes in 2010 is based on my belief that, with the new NDP leadership, we WILL present seasoned, highly experienced and capable candidates for office; we WILL have very qualified people willing and eager to run under our banner.

And then, after two years of demonstrating to our fellow Nebraskans how two years of a nation governed by a Democratic President, a Democratic House of Representatives, and a Democratic (filibuster proof) Senate has renewed America's faith in itself and restored our respect in the world, they will be willing to elect Democrats even here in Nebraska.

The new and improved Nebraska Democratic Party is going to rock you. Get used to it.