Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kleeb lacks

Robynnn Tysver's must-read story in the OWH today finally gets to the nut of Scott Kleeb.

U.S. Senate race: Kleeb touts lack of baggage - OWH, 10/21/08.

(By the way, in the "Metro Evening" edition of the OWH, this front page article is entitled, "Kleeb: Life experience trumps time in politics".  Make of that what you will...)

It occurs in the third paragraph, after she describes Kleeb's extensive education. Here it is in full:
"His professional résumé is shorter."
Tysver actually does a nice job of spelling out that Kleeb's work experience isn't all that he has cracked it up to be.

We've heard and seen, since back in 2006, all about Kleeb's time ranch-handing. Here is the full description from the actual rancher, Michael McGinn:
"He worked here all of one summer, up into the fall and early winter. And then he worked part time for us another time or two. He was just a ranchhand, and he worked here probably a total of seven or eight months."
Seven or eight months??!!

From what we've been hearing, we were to understand that Kleeb was born on a hay bale and raised in a saddle.

But let's see, Kleeb worked on the ranch for a few months...than quit to run for Congress (and lost).

Then he got job as a history teacher, did that for two semesters...then quit to run for Senate (and well...).

Interesting, considering what the Kleeb camp's refrain has been on Mike Johann's career.


But the article doesn't just get to Kleeb's lack of experience, it also (finally) hits him on his positions:
"However, his tendency to speak in broad and ambiguous strokes leaves some of his listeners frustrated. For example, when he talks about health care, Kleeb never makes it clear whether he supports a universal health care plan like that envisioned by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama."
Of course we have seen this before.

Note this from the North Platte Telegraph today:
"Kleeb didn't say whether or not he supported the recent federal $700 billion bailout of major lending institutions..."
But we can't blame the NPT for not knowing that Kleeb put out a release saying that he DOES support the bailout. They're just listening to him speak trying to nail him down.

Of course, you may recall Joe Jordan of KMTV trying to nail Kleeb down on whether he is Pro-Life or Pro-Choice -- an important question for a lot of voters.

Well again, it's sometimes best to avoid the candidate here, and go straight to the campaign. In this case, we got it from a student blogger who went down to the Kleeb camp's Lincoln office to do some volunteer canvassing for Kleeb. Here is what that student discovered:
"Anyway, I got there, talked to the guy in charge (he can't be older than 25), got a brief iniation into the art of canvassing (basically: if they ask about abortion, obfuscate and pretend you don't know that he's prochoice, 'cause that's political death in this state), and headed out into the strangely muggy mid-afternoon to knock doors." (Emphasis added)
So we are glad we finally got that one squared away. Maybe Joe Jordan can call Scott back.


Finally, we are getting realllllly tired of this line from Kleeb:
"He believes his time in the classroom and his role as a young father who carries both a mortgage and student loan debt outweigh the credentials of a career politician. 
'There is the experience of living the life of people you want to represent,' Kleeb said."
Yeah, we get it Scott, you've got a new baby. Great. We are real happy for you. Bought a house did you? Neat.

But would you please stop pretending that is some sort of original thing that means you should be elected to the United States Senate.

No one believes it and it makes your experience sound (even more) shallow than it already is.

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Anonymous said...

Any word on the Hatch Act Violation SS? Thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Good moral leadership to break the law?

macdaddy said...

Anon 10:44: you forgot to add BushannsChimpyMcHitler.

Shawn Harstad said...

Hell, I have a two year old and mortgage and credit cards and student loans. I even have a car loan! I also recently visited Mt Rushmore!! I am now declaring my intentions to run for the United States Presidency in 2012!

BB said...

Great piece. Now when are they going to do a similar one on Esch's lack of resume? The last one they did was too kind to him and not nearly as funny as it could have been.

Pipsisewah said...

After the Ag Dept's travelgate issues, and Johanns "Yes sir boss!" to Rove and taking 38 political trips on our pocketbooks, you guys are still pushing Johanns?

If Iron Mike is such a great Republican conservative, why doesn't he say he is a Republican on his website, and why doesn't he say his buddy President Bush appointed him. How proud he must be.

Johanns is a career political hack who has sold his soul. He has even been called a "Rising Star" by the Repubs because of his tireless illegal campaigning for Rove. Mike will run for President someday, but I'm betting he won't quit his dream job to do it. Wait, wasn't the last job he quit his "dream job?

His dreams, my nightmares.

Eric said...

The Omaha World Herald is such an elitist ultra-liberal fishwrap. It makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

and,,,, McCain/Johanns/Terry

What is even more fun is the show being put on by the libs. I say Libs because there are some fantastic Democrats who are just sick of what the exteemists have done to their once proud party. Not that it hasn't happened to the Republicans either. It's just more of a crime against democracy what the Lib's are doing to bring about a flavor of socialism. Which by the way isn't their dirty little secret now. Heck they are proud if it and speak about it in the open.

Now will the people of these Great United States Stand up and put this Liberal movement to rest?

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,

Look at Hal Daub's new website! Lookin' sharp!


Matt said...

To --- Anon 2:13 I agree with your statement. A democrat I will probably be for life ----- but I am not a SOCIALIST. We cannot let the Socialists like Obama, Kleeb and Esch steal the secret ballot from workers OR let the extremist in the Democrat party do to the entire nation what the Democrats have done for/to Michigan!!!!!

May GOD protect us from getting what we, our country, really deserve

Anonymous said...

Fatherhood is a qualification for Kleeb? Must have decided that pretty quickly after losing the 3rd District race. He was single and childless during that campaign.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, Johanns was married with two kids, before he decided to get a divorce, marry Stephanie and become a Republican. Do you really want to go there?

macdaddy said...

Anon 5:43: Sounds like Johanns has twice as much experience as Kleeb.

asecurityguard said...

If the dumb broad commonly referred to as Sarah Palin can use motherhood as a qualification, surely Kleeb can as well

Jean said...

Vote for Scott Kleeb. He represents the best of Nebraska values. http://acropolisreview.com/2008/10/senate-scott-kleeb-for-nebraska.html

Anonymous said...

WOW, now the OWH is an ultraliberal fishwrap? Just Sunday they were a bunch of conservatives pigs showing their true colors by endorsing Congressman Terry, not for "what" he is, but for what he has accomplished, understands and intends to do in the future.

Is it possible, that the OWH is actually closer to fair than anyone every thought?