Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pumping the resume

Jim Esch will apparently be speaking to the Creighton University College Democrats on October 1st.

A flyer (provided by an observant L. St. reader) below, brags that Esch visited Afghanistan "to visit our troops and learn firsthand about the challenges they face there."

Except that Esch didn't visit any American troops.

Note the final line of the OWH article about Esch's Afghan vacation:
Esch did not meet with staff at the U.S. Embassy or visit American troops.
Sort of crystal clear, eh?

The flyer also notes that Esch will talk about "his experience". You might want to get there early, as this could be a short meeting...


Congressman Lee Terry and Esch will be debating at Creighton the following week, October 7th. We have been asked by a C.U. student if we would ask our readership for questions for the candidates.

If you have an intelligent question, add it in the comments section, or email it to Leavenworth Street (link above).

Try to keep it short. We are sure "gotcha" questions will be submitted, and those are fine. Just keep in mind that they are looking for actual questions that can be asked in a public forum...


Scott Kleeb is apparently ending his pub-crawl across liberal America. He has yelped in New York City that he loves, "Drinking Liberally!". He has begged Chicagoans at the Billy Goat for money so that he can spend it in Nebraska in order to guess.

And then there are the San Franciscans who just can't get over the fact that there is a someone from Nebraska near them. Not that they would ever actually GO to Nebraska, but you get the gist.

(And it still kills us that people are now actually pointing out a comparison to David Hasselhoff -- originally based on our Separated at Birth. Uh, folks, IT WAS A JOKE. We were making fun of his Hoff-pose. It wasn't a compliment...)

In any case, apparently in honor of his pub-money-grub, Kleeb has put up a web-only ad on his YouTube site, proclaiming that he and his supporters are "the 50 state strategy!" You know, the plan for Democrats like Obama to compete in every state.

(Well, except that Obama has now abandoned North Dakota. And Montana (didn't they just have offices there?).)

But in any case, we found it interesting that the music used for Kleeb's little video is "Closing Time" by Semisonic.

You've heard it before. The pertinent lyrics are:

Closing time, one last call for alcohol, so finish your whiskey or beer
Closing time, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

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macdaddy said...

Color me cynical, but I doubt that you will get substantive answers on anything, but here goes, and they're easy:

1. While not wasting our time with digs at the other party, what is your view on the proposed $700 billion dollar bailout? How should the federal government handle the assets of the companies that they have just been taken over? In other words, how are we, the American taxpayers, going to get our money back?

2. What is your plan to increase our energy independence? Where does increased nuclear power and increased domestic drilling fit into this plan?

3. Does a tax cut decrease federal revenue or decrease the amount of money that comes out of my pocket? You may not choose the answer "both."

There's my humble contribution.

macdaddy said...

One more:

What is your view on the recent push by University presidents to get the legal drinking age lowered? Do you support this or not?

One Out In The Third said...

Great post SS. I found the SF news piece says a lot.

I particularly liked this parenthetical part of the line -

"They also probably didn’t know that he’s 15 points down in the polls (though doing surprisingly well in the west of the state, which is traditionally redder than a baboon’s ass)."

"...redder than a baboon's ass..." I guess someone from SF would know something about that.

I may vote for Kleeb just for the entertainment factor...he would be a great fill-in for Ted Kennedy or Joe Biden.

Oh...and we do have river otters in Nebraska...I have seen them in the Platte between Kearney and Lexington. Well we will until they drain the Platte into the Republican.

Anyone have any comments on Adrian Smith's conference call last night?

Anonymous said...

How about:

What is your position on Ag Subsidies for non farmers?

How about:

Who has paid your rent/house payment since you graduated from this fine establishment (oops, I mean institution!)?

How about:

What did you do for a living in 2007 and how much moola did you get paid to do it? And, how did you pay your living expenses (this is only if he tries to tell you that he "earned $10,000" that year, too?

How about:

How much Ag Land do you, and, you and your siblings own jointly in the State of Nebraska, how much of that is in North Omaha, and what kinds of veggies do you grow on that land?

How about:

What did the Priest say to the other Priest when you walked into the room after approving embryonic stem cell uses? (I know it sounds like it, but it is not a joke!)

How about:

Have you ever purposely mislead the FEC when filing documents with them or are you just too stupid to know what your address is?

How about:

How hungover were you on Thursday morning while in Denver during the DNC? Who paid for your drinks the night before? And what bonehead told you to skip addressing your base from Nebraska?

How about:

Do you and your family, okay, just you, your dad and your campaign spokesperson, enjoy lying to the Press about your whereabouts, and, without lying again, what Troops did you visit with while in Afghanistan? And remember, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, so lets just stick to the facts and the truth!

SS, that should get you started, feel free to ask Congressman Terry all of the same questions.

BB said...

"Why were you not upfront about your DUI when you ran in 2006?"

"How come you did not pass the bar until 2 years after you graduated from law school?"

"Why do you list your occupation as "attorney" when the only word you have ever spoken in court was "guilty" when the judge asked you how you would plead to your DUI?"

"And, along those same lines, what exactly is it that you do and how does that make you qualified to serve in Congress?"

"Do you plan on voting for Ralph Nader again this year, just like you did in 2000?"

"How do you pay your rent? Don't you live in sin with your girlfriend? Does she pay it?"

"Explain to us your understanding of, in your own words, how a bill becomes a law."

One Out In The Third said...


Forget the's time for a shakedown. We caused this problem by spending beyond our means...and banks lending beyond our ability to's time to bite the bullet and suffer the consequences. We did it to ourselves and future generations should not have to pay for our greed...they are already paying for our blunders. America does not need a "Taj Mahal" bank on every street corner.

My plan for energy independence is to conserve...spend less on goods and services.

I am for drilling and nuclear power. It will be at a minimum three generations before technology even comes close to ending fossil fuel dependence.

How many people can afford a $40,000 Chevy Volt that only travels 40 miles before it needs recharged...requiring you to switch to the gas tank until you can plug in to the nearest wind farm? We still need to drill while the technology improves.

I am also of the the strong belief that for America's security we need new refineries built in the central a location safe from hurricanes and potential terrorist acts. With Russia...Cuba and Uncle Hugo flexing their military muscle...our coastal oil rigs and refineries are easy targets.

To your third question...neither. When was the last time you paid less taxes?

I also believe lowering the age is a push by university presidents to pass off a problem they can't deal with on campus. I guess if they feel putting drunk students out on the street eliminates the problem it must be...afterall...they are the ones with the great intellect.

Eric said...

Lee Terry has already come out in favor of the bailout. In fact, Terry said his "plan" was going to come to a vote today.

From a Fox 42 news story:
"Terry's plan would push congress to give the treasury more power and money. "Allow the treasury to purchase the bad debt." The money to buy the debt would come from you. Taxpayers would foot the bill, which Terry says would be a lot less painful than the possible alternative. "

I bet you didn't realize that this whole bailout thing was Terry's idea.

OK, so my question for Terry would be:

Since socialism > pain, which industries will you be socializing next? There's a lot of hurting going around in the auto and healthcare industries which could be alleviated with nationalization, are they next?

Eric said...

One correction. Terry said his plan will be up for a vote by Thursday. That probably includes Thursday itself, so it may be tomorrow. If anyone can find the text of this legislation, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, this bailout is all Terry's plan? I don't think I can wait until November 4th to vote Terry OUT. I'm headed to our election commissioner's office for early voting for Jim Esch!

Anonymous said...

What is the bill number of Terry's "plan"?

Eric said...

Good question. The article doesn't say, and as far as I can tell, it isn't in the Library of Congress Thomas system yet. It lists two other bills that he introduced yesterday, and although the text of those bills are not yet available, the titles suggest that they aren't it.

Anonymous said...

I'm also begging for an answer from the Terry people -- what, pray tell, Members of Congress went to listen to Lee Terry spout off about his "plan" for our economic mess? The Fox 42 site shows a picture of the Leester in a shirt with no jacket or tie supposedly talking about his plan to "a few members of Congress." Who are those Members of Congress who cared what Lee had to say about it all???

Anonymous said...

Now don't go spreading lies about Jim Esch,BB, he plead "No contest", not "Guilty, your Honor". As far as anyone knows, Jim Esch leads a "guilt free Life"!

Anonymous said...

You actually think that KPTM saying that it was "Terry's Plan" makes it so? The Plan that Terry was speaking of was "The Plan" that Congress was going to be forced to vote on and pass to prevent financial ruin in America.

KPTM paraphrasing does not make it fact anymore than Jim Esch putting Attorney on his resume makes him a Lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, anyone want to know who ACTUALLY had foresight and was working for Nebraska's and America's best interests against the CRA in the 90's? Nebraska's very own Doug Bereuter.

Google "Bereuter and Community Reinvestment Act" and see what you come up with. There's an article where Ralph Nader criticizes Doug and another article where Janet Reno criticizes him -- amongst other stuff.

Now there was a congressman who was actually intelligent and had vision to try and correct problems BEFORE they became major country-wide crises.

My gosh. Those were the days. Too bad Mr. Bereuter retired. It was nice to have a Member of Congress in Washington who actually made people proud to be from Nebraska.

Anonymous said...

Is one out in the third Jim Esch, or does he just play him on Blogs?

Why did you answer questions for macdaddy?

Are you Esch's new spokesperson?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmm, seems Lee has that crystal ball really working now to get us out of the mess that his Congress helped get us into.

Anonymous said...

This is truly becoming entertaining. You must have hit the mute button every few seconds to have heard the story about the bailout that you keep trying to quote as Lee Terry's words.

As for the "Bailout Bill", not even written yet. Once it is written, the Members themselves will be lucky to get more than a few hours to review it, let alone the general public.

Any way you look at it, Jim Esch is going to have to have a seeing eye dog help him find it since he still doesn't know the difference between a Bill and a Resolution. Creighton University should be embarassed that he keeps telling everyone that he graduated from there. They should get a Gag Order to go along with their alleged Restraining Order!

One Out In The Third said...


He asked. I figured he didn't know.

Anonymous said...

One more question, but I want this one answered NOW!

Now that Obama has publicly thrown his support behind the Bailout and challenged John McCain to stand with him in support of it, how would Jim Esch vote on this if he were forced to commit to a position that he can't change a few weeks later (once you vote for or against something, that vote is forever stuck to your back)?

Inquiring minds are still waiting for some backbone, Jimmy. Why don't you call your buddy, Wally and ask him what you should say.

Anonymous said...

OOITT, do you actually think that would be Jim Esch's answer to any of Mcadaddy's questions? If so, how would you know?

BB said...

Anon @2:53:
I stand corrected! Jimmy has said two words in a court room in the course of his extensive legal career! Thanks for pointing that out, and pointing out that he did not take responsibility for his actions by pleading "No Contest."

Anonymous said...

Isn't Terry Lee in favor of the bailout? Isn't that what Fox 42 is saying is "his plan"? So is he with Obama on this?

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to know what Jim Esch is saying about the bailout, go look at his website. He has it very clearly laid out.

Unlike his opponent, Lee Terry's website. What a mess!

Anonymous said...

And to add a question on here for the debate between Esch/Terry, Esch has a good one for Terry on his website:

Does Lee Terry still support privatizing Social Security?

Eric said...

It may be that Fox 42 is incorrectly reporting it, but it definitely indicates that this is "Terry's plan." The reporter is definitely under the impression that Terry is the one crafting the legislation here. I don't see Terry refuting that story anywhere, so I can only assume he's fine with taking the credit. I read it to mean that he's got a bill that he either has introduced or is going to introduce.

Anonymous said...

That's the way I read it too, Eric. If it's incorrect, the Terry people better demand a retraction and/or correction.

Anonymous said...

Jim Esch changes what is written on his website on a regular basis, pretty much whenever the wind changes. What I want to hear is Jim Esch's very own mouth saying the words that his campaign has written for him. Take a stand Jim, and then live with it.

Let me know when that happens.

BTW, I want Jim to do this, not his dad sitting in front of a poster sized black and white of the child prodigy.

Anonymous said...

The KPTM folks got it wrong, it is NOT Lee's plan, the reporter is just a complete idiot. End of story

Eric said...

Really? The article was originally published on September 19th and was updated yesterday. I assume that if Terry had a problem with the story, it would have been corrected with the update. I don't know about you, but if I were a candidate for Congress and the local press were misrepresenting my statements, I'd make sure my refutation of the story was well known. It's not like Terry doesn't have the opportunity to get the word out. I'd put much more stock in the refutation if it were coming from his campaign rather than some anonymous blog comment.

I think we can operate under the assumption that the story is correct until the campaign says something to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, not really "end of story" as far as I'm concerned either.

So, if it's not Lee's "plan," what IS Lee's plan to assist his constituents out of this mess? Other than this {incorrect apparently} news story, I haven't heard one word from our esteemed congressman on this issue.

inthekno said...

Question to Mr. Terry: How did the financial markets magnify the effects of mortgage defaults?

Question to Mr. Esch: Does the proposal include provisions to help home owners facing foreclosure?

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party is a whimpy bunch. McCain is whimping out of the debate. Some kind of political ploy to be sure. The American people are wising up though. We know he is not ready and he is afraid that he will make a bigger fool of himself.

I heard that Sarah Palin would like to take a leave from the campaign also. She and her minister have a little "witch hunting" to do.

Anonymous said...

Remember the good old days when it was the Right Wingers that spun the conspiracy/black helicopter tales? My how times have changed.

How about all of you Terry Haters call your good friend Barney Frank who has been in Congress a bizillion years and is Chairman of Financial Services? What is his plan? So far, at least 2 hearings have been held and covered live on television and radio, yet the Financial Services Chairs in both the House and the Senate have failed to put a Bill on the Floor of either chamber. What the Hell are they waiting for?

While I am at it, I'll go ahead and post my answer to the next post, The House and Senate are currently under the control of the Democrat Party, is there some part of that statement that you don't understand? Call your Leader Madame Pelosi and her buddy Sir Harry Reid and demand they work with the Republicans to get a friggin' solution!

Anonymous said...

Eric, are you really advocating that the Press do exactly what a Member of Congress tells them to do? While I frequently wish they would report the "news" differently, it would scare the hell out of me if they reported verbatim from a press release without any fact checking. Is that what you think happens?

Surely if Congressman Terry told that reporter that this Bailout was "his" idea wouldn't one of the other real news stations in town have reported the same thing? I would think that the news stations would have picked up on the fact that Terry was giving them an inside scoop on Members only information.

BTW, when did you first hear about the idea of a full boar bailout of Wall Street? Was your first reaction to see if you had cash to buy up a bunch of depressed stocks?

I am still waiting for Esch to come out in person and tell everyone that he would vote exactly the way he thinks Terry will. He is a master of the "Ditto"!

asecurityguard said...

Question to Lee Terry. How would you feel about limiting compensation to executives from companies who receive help from the government in this bailout.

Anonymous said...

ASG, why don't you call his office and ask them? You would be amazed how easy it is to talk to a real live person if you just make the effort. Thousands do every year and that is why his Constituent services is better than most other Members and Senators.

I can tell you, because I took the time to call, that he favors ensuring the governments investment in America, and yes, that does mean that those bastardly executives should not be able to make 10's of millions in salary and compensation after running their shareholders companies to the brink of destruction (my words to the opinion I was given on the subject).

Perhaps they should all get paid $1 a year like Wonderful Warren and then they and their entire family can survive on the MILLIONS they make off of Capital Gains, which, btw, makes him pay taxes at a lower rate than many of his very own employees. He sure was smart to give away all his money and cut his salary to $1 a year. How very generous of old Warren.

BTW, are Warren or Wally engaging in the buying up of companies and stock portfolios at a depressed price? I sure hope not, that would be somewhat predatory, wouldn't it?

How about the Esch Family Dynasty? What kind of investment strategies have you been engaging in in the last few years that have helped fatten your wallets and purses at others expense?

Eric said...

Do I advocate that the press correct a story when it misrepresents the words of a Member of Congress? Yes. Yes, I do.

So... you're saying that when they interviewed Terry, he told them it wasn't his plan but then they did some "fact" checking and decided he deserved so much more credit than he claimed? Yeah, I don't think that's what happened.

The most likely explanation here is that Lee Terry has some minor variation on the ideas being bandied about for a bailout. That way, he can call it his "plan" and it sounds like he's in the thick of the negotiations. It seems to me that this is a fairly common political tactic. Politicians try to take as much credit for the things they support as possible. Sure I'm going to poke a little fun at them for doing so, but who care? Big deal.

The real irony here is that Terry and a whole slew of other Republicans seem so eager to bring government and socialism to a problem that the almighty hand of the market has brought us. I just want to know what is next. He's flipped on socialism in this case, how about socialized health care? His thinking has obviously evolved here, and I think his constituents deserve to know to what extent.

Anonymous said...

Esch has worse problems than plagerism and not knowing which people were the Americans and which ones were not. Lee Terry's 11% lead will not be worn down by Esch's lies to a bunch of students who don't vote anyway.

asecurityguard said...

Anon 6:41
That was a question for the debate you idiot. If you recall from the original post SS asked for questions that could be used for the debate. Next time i will go slower.
On a side note, i have actually e-mailed Lee Terry, Ben Nelson and Hagel in the past to ask about a particualr issue. All three snail-mailed and i got the letter within 5 days. And im not making up this next part either, Hagel and Nelson had typed responses relating to my particular question, the Terry people mailed me a blank envelope.

asecurityguard said...

sorry it wasn't a blank envelope, it was a empty envelope.

Street Sweeper said...

FYI to everyone interested:

We've been informed that KPTM took down the story that said Terry called any financial bailout (or whatever) "his plan".

(Though I think that link may still be active.)

Hope that makes everyone happier.

Eric said...

Speaking of contacting your representatives, I contacted Nelson and Hagel one time using their respective web forms, and Hagel actually called me on the phone within a few days to talk about it. I was shocked. Nelson eventually got around to sending me a standard "thanks for contacting us, here is what happened with the bill" letter.

And SS, when you say you were "informed" that KPTM removed the story (while apparently still leaving it accessible) what do you mean? Did the Terry campaign tell you that? KPTM?

Again, I should point out that I didn't find it to be much more than typical political grandstanding, but it does seem to have hit a nerve...

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact the KPTM morons were asked to take the story down and all related links. The entire newsroom knows they screwed up big time. And isn't it funny Joe Jordan did the same story and never called it Lee's plan. That's because, love him or hate him, Joe is smart and knows it isn't Lee's plan, nor did Lee say it in the news conference. Don't trust the media folks. The dems are just just grasping for another way to hit Lee. Anyone who has watched 5 minutes of the news knows(minus KPTM--although to call them news is a REAL stretch)this is not Lee's plan. DUH

Anonymous said...

I have received many informative letters and emails from Congressman Lee Terry. He is a true leader and understands the issues. We may not always agree, but I respect him, and I'll vote for him.

Eric said...

You know for a fact huh? I would imagine that the only people who would know that for a fact are people in the campaign or those at KPTM. Given the apparent vitriol against KPTM, I'm guessing it is the former (if indeed you speak truth). So then my question is... if you are so outraged at KPTM for misrepresenting Terry's words, why don't you just put something up on your website to clarify to anybody who might have been mislead? Or are you still trying to have it both ways? Take the credit when you can get it and then quietly bury the story once you get called on it?

And also, Joe Jordon is not smart. He is a pretend journalist who likes to imitate the style of journalists he views as being successful. However, he fails to actually inform or bring any original analysis. This makes him appear very "Action" oriented and hard hitting to unacquainted observers who might turn to "Action 3 News" expecting to find news.

Anonymous said...

What - so we can send the same asses to Congress who allowed this crap to happen?? Both sides should be held accountable and throw all the BUMS OUT!

Anonymous said...

Eric, you are a clown. Lee Terry DID NOT say it was "his plan". KETV also has a story that I just looked at on their website (titled "Local Leaders Respond to Rescue Plan") that says at the Friday news conference Lee Terry told reporters the amount needed for the PRESIDENT'S PLAN is a staggering number.

KPTM is a joke of a news organization and anyone with a functioning brain would lend more credence to what a real news organization like KETV would write, not to mention a good reporter like Joe Jordan.

Remove your lips from Esch's behind and think for yourself.

Eric said...

OK... so don't blame me for what you claim is a false news story. Have your candidate refute it on his website.

And, not reporting that something happened isn't the same as reporting that it didn't happen, so what other news outlets didn't report is of no relevance.

All that said, how many times do I have to say that the real issue is not what Terry is or isn't taking credit for? The legitimate question here (that none of you Terry campaign people nor Terry groupies have addressed) is that Terry hasn't leveled with his constituents on the extent of his socialist agenda. It seems to me that this is a change in philosophy for Lee Terry, and his constituents deserve to know more.

Where is the guy that fixes our country's health care problems by offering tax incentives for staying healthy? The old Lee Terry would have this whole mess cleared up by offering a few tax breaks here and there.

Anonymous said...

Eric - All Lee needs is his crystal ball.

macdaddy said...

And here's another question for the candidates: Can I have a mere $100 million bail-out? Will you get that into law?

OmaSteak said...

Question for both Terry and Esch. When the $700 billion bailout bill is approved and the government begins buying "toxic assets", where is the money going to go? If they don't know it's going to private equity firms and hedge funds from the holders of mortgage-backed securities to "unwind" credit default swap contracts, then neither candidate knows enough about the "financial crisis" to even vote on the subject. BTW, what are the odds that even with the bailout as even more home mortgages, home equity loans, car loans and college student loans go into default that this crisis happens again about this same time next year or sooner??? Right now I'd estimate that it's better than 50/50 it will.

To the Press: said...

If I was a Creighton ROTC student I would call the press and tell them you are going to confront Jim Esch on his "troop visit" Message to Joe Jordan: I think you and your camera man should go see Jim speak on his trip.

Anonymous said...

Funny. When there's an error on a KPTM story about Lee, it is obviously the press's fault.

When there is an error on a flyer sent out by Creighton, it must be Jim Esch's fault. Or there couldn't have possibly been an error in the OWH story either, could there?

I see how this works now.

asecurityguard said...

Question for candidates:
Why 700B? Why not 300B and if more is needed then come back again?

macdaddy said...

Another question: this bailout is touted to make as much as $2.1 trillion when all the propoerties are finally sold. What is YOUR plan for MY money? Because I have a plan for my money so I want to make sure you and I are on the same page.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on macdaddy, Lee Terry would need a crystal ball for that one! Right?

Anonymous said...

Eric, I am glad to see that you now understand that Congressman Terry never claimed or even insinuated ownership of the bailout. At last check, there is still no "plan" to support or defeat. Therefore, let's hope the Congressman is not committed to a yes vote, or a no vote, until there is confirmation of the facts of the actual Bill.

Also, as a reminder, neither the Fed Chairman or the Secretary of the Treasury is permitted by law to write the Bill. Only Congress. Friday the problem and request were laid out for all to see (God knows how long the 2 of them knew about it and let's hope that they were smart enough to get their personal $$$ out of the money markets before they were frozen!), apparently Congressman Terry believed that all of his Constituents deserved to know just how bad the situation was. I would suggest you call him and thank him instead of accusing him of lieing to the Press.

FYI, have you ever heard the phrase, "Don't pick a fight with people that buy ink by the barrel."? We now live in the instant gratification age of electronic media, but the point still rings true!

Anonymous said...

What? We're supposed to call Lee Terry to thank him for telling us something that was ALL OVER THE NEWS that day?

Who are you anonymous 1:43? Lee Terry's wife?

Anonymous said...

Where on that flier does it say that Creighton University printed it? I really want to know.

Just because it does not say that Jim Esch did not print it does not make it so. Does that sound familiar?

How about, why doesn't Jim Esch go in front of the press and tell them that the people at Creighton University are liars!

Why doesn't he demand that they collect all said fliers and insist that they be reprinted with only truthful claims of Jim's glowing resume?

How about we just ask his sister and his cousin to tell every single person that they go to school with at Creighton University that Jim is not a liar, the stupid University is trying to discredit him, and that he really did go to Afghanistan, but only caught some disease there that makes him feel like he has a hangover all the time, but if it weren't for that stupid Afghan Disease that he meant to borrow somebody's car and head to the hills to find Osama Bin Laden and say "Hi!" if he happened to run into some of the Troops on his way to capture him some terrorists?

Yeah, how about he does all that?

PS: I love Joe, he is equally evil to all parties and I love a little dose of evil every now and then!

Anonymous said...

Anon You really need to let it go. All this hatred in you can't be healthy. Have you had your blood pressure checked lately? I understand you must be really nervous about losing your job in this economic climate and all, but really.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I spoke to many people on Monday morning that had no clue of what happened or how it might possibly affect them.

I am married, I do pay taxes and I happen to have a little bit of money in the markets, although significantly less since Level 3 tanked several years ago. What's your excuse?

BTW, how is all the Trust Fund money doing?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 11:44. It is not Jim's fault that a poster promoting him made by an outside group had information that was incorrect on it. Let it go. And when was Terry's last trip to Afghanistan to get any sort of grasp on the situation? Terry acts like it's his God-given right to have this position in Congress. Reminds me a little bit of another current administration. Jim's got my vote.

Anonymous said...

"Funny, I spoke to many people on Monday morning that had no clue of what happened or how it might possibly affect them."

I don't know who you were talking to, but if they didn't have any "clue" of what happened, what good did Terry's grand proclamations he was apparently making last Friday do? Why should we call and thank him for something nobody heard him say anyway? You're not making sense.

Anonymous said...

My job is very stable. No need to be concerned about my future.

Bad blood pressure does not run in my family, actually, we are fairly healthy and tend to live into our 80's. I would like to lose 10 or 15, but wouldn't everyone?

It is strange that defending someone with a common value system is considered hateful. I suppose when your candidate doesn't have much of a value system, it is easier to attack others for theirs.

If we want to go back to the original intent of this post, then let's change the subject from inept reporters to Jim Esch's resume.

Care to defend the indefensible?

Anonymous said...

You know, we've elected people with long resumes before that seem to have done horrible things to this great nation of ours. Bill Clinton? Dick Cheney? And, oh yeah, Lee Terry?

Just because someone has tons of "experience," does not mean they are the best person for the job.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:16,
Burden is the same. If Congressman Terry was suppose to "prove" that he didn't tell the KPTM reporter something that no other reporter in the room heard, then Jim Esch must prove that neither he nor his campaign had any knowledge of the Creighton Flier being distributed. It is simple, whatever Creighton University administrator is overseeing this activity, make him or her come forward and tell everyone that he did not fact check the flier and that the Esch Campaign was not involved in its creation in any way.

Anon 2:20,

Are you dizzy from that little circle you keep running around in? Why don't you take a break and actually read what you are writing?

Anonymous said...

I'm not dizzy at all. Apparently whoever anon 2:14 hangs around with are quite dizzy if they had no idea what was going on on Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:25,

I am not talking about "experience" in the political sense, I am talking about working at a job and providing for yourself, life experience.

Find me anyone in this City that actually believes that you can live off of $10,000 a year and have the credit worthiness to rent a loft apartment in the trendiest part of Downtown Omaha. I mean, I know your boss likes Government Subsidies and all, but is he getting Rent Subsidies for that cool loft above the Slowdown too?

This is how life works for most people:

Live with Mommy and Daddy while in High School.

Get a job or go to college, or both.

After college, you might have a layover living off of Mom and Dad while going to Grad School or landing a job.

After a couple of paychecks you move out with a friend or get married.

This is usually about the time that student loans kick in and you have to curttail your partying.

You go to work everyday, work hard, maybe have a second job to make ends meet and eventually you might get a raise or promotion or both!

This is a good day because you can now start looking for a house and think about starting a family and giving back to the community that you live in by becoming active at Church or with a Charity.

You are usually about 30 by now.

What has Jim done since college? And how does he afford to do it?

Anonymous said...

I don't have ANY idea about Jim's personal finances, just like I don't have ANY idea about Lee Terry's personal finances.

You've been making these same accusations against Jim Esch for months now. If you're so sure he's doing something illegal, why don't you put up or shut up? Go to the police or the press with your accusations!

Personally, I think you're just jealous. You wish YOU had such an apparently cool condo like Jim Esch has.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:27-

In regards to my post (Anon 2:16), most of the time student groups don't have to get an administrator's approval before putting up posters on campus. They simply go to someone at a student organizations office who makes sure it's not too offensive, and it is posted. There is a difference between a flier on a college campus that students put up and a news report that is actually reaching quite a few more people. And there is also a difference in that the statements came directly from Terry in the news report and there was no direct statement from Esch.

Street Sweeper said...

Anony at 2:50,

FYI, you can find Jim Esch's Financial Disclosure report linked to our post here, or directly here.

Anonymous said...

SS, okaaaaaay. Thanks.

Again, put up or shut up. What are you accusing him of?

Sure, I could waste my time and look through his financial disclosure, but I'm sure you've spent plenty of time perusing it already.

Tell me in your own words -- SS or anonymous -- what are you accusing him of? Is he doing something illegal?

Street Sweeper said...

Accusing who of what?

Anonymous said they didn't know anything about Esch's finances. I gave you a link to his finances.

Educate yourself. Or not.
I don't really care.

I have work to do.

Concerned Citizen said...


Why does Sarah Palin need more time to file her FEC statement? According to the many readers of this site, it is as easy as applying lipstick.

If she can't file her own campaign report properly and on time, how can we expect her to govern?

Can someone please volunteer help our favorite hockey mom and the McCain campaign?

Street Sweeper said...

I'm leaving this up as a goofy example of someone attempting to hijack a post.

In the future, please attempt to stick to one of the numerous issues presented in the post.

There are plenty of other blogs to discuss your tangents.


macdaddy said...

Anon 2:59. I don't think SS was accusing Esch of doing anything illegal. Nobody is accusing him of doing anything illegal. They're just accusing him of not doing anything.

Phil Stuhr said...

Sweeper: As a Democrat, I must ask the question of what Kleeb is doing going 1500 miles away for a measely $4000 fundraiser? I would hope he spent sometime with his hat out in Silicon Valley where he could raise some real cash.

asecurityguard said...

Question for Lee Terry: Does he support the House Republicans not showing up for the negotiations for the bailout?

Anonymous said...

Sure is a chance for the traditional media in this town to do some real reporting...... Jim the Financial Genius, Warren Who step aside, just how is it you can live in the condo on so limited a budget? Genius.

Oh how is it you are an officer in a company and get paid what you do? Genius

We all know the media in Omaha couldn't do real reporting even if they wanted to, too tied up with the group who wants to socialize everything. Of course then once there is a state run media they will have a glazed look in their eyes as they are ushered out the door to work on a state farm.

But seriously the question really has merit. How does someone who can't level with the public on how they survive on such a limited income expect to earn the trust of the same public? Either you are extremely naive, or you believe the same voter is incapable to see the problem. Oh and as far as NOT visiting the troops, that will NOT play well in the 2nd with so many active, reserve, guard, and retired.

Anonymous said...

Hey SS,

Could you do us a favor and repost the link to how much jim and his family that have never worked a farm get from the Federal Government in Ag Subsidies for all the unfarmed farmland they own?

You and your researchers are the only ones that can find it for the good folks of the 2nd District.

To the Esch folks,

The question about Jim's finances, or lack there of, is valid because he doesn't earn much money, but lives the a happy playboy-or used to until about 8 1/2 months ago.

If he is wealthy, who cares, but if he is he should quit acting like a common everyday guy!

snowflaketears said...

question for Terry:

Do you think John McCain was tortured?

Terry Supporter said...

To Esch detractors: Jim is not that wealthy and do we realy care. Focus on the issues. He has no substantive policy positions and he hopes to ride the Susie Buffet/Obama wave to victory. Jim is a nice guy but a terrible congressional candidate. I think we republican posters can do better by focusing on the issues.

To the Kleeb detractors: Scooter deserves every bit of

Anonymous said...

Is someone actually trying to spin that McCain has invented his torture?

The way in which Jim Esch earns a living is important because it goes to his character. So tell him to answer the question, does he take Federal Subsidies meant for actual real life Farmers? Does he believe it is morally correct to take Government handouts intended to help farmers keep their farm in a depressed Ag Economy?

macdaddy said...

Anon 10:25: Yes, there are people out there who do not believe that McCain was tortured during his stay at the Hanoi Hilton. I mean, what's to believe? No less an authority than Jane Fonda declared the North Vietnamese to be a peace loving people, righteous and generous in all their dealings with other humans, even those who would do them harm. And we all know that the Hilton Hotel chain is synonymous with luxury and service. It's kind of outrageous for McCain to claim that he was anything other than pampered. Don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's so much that people don't believe he was tortured, it's people wondering why he recently voted that things such as waterboarding AREN'T torture after what he lived through himself.

macdaddy said...

Anon 11:53: You need to lay off the hallucinogens. There were few more vocal against waterboarding on either side of the aisle than McCain. Jeez.