Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kleeb for U.S. Senate?

First, sent in by a Leavenworth Street reader, a Separated at Birth for our headliner of the day...

"Hot Rancher" and potential U.S. Senate candidate, Scott Kleeb
"Knight Rider" and always Beefcake candidate, David Haselhoff

(Whose pants are tighter?)

Back in April, Leavenworth Street pointed out the dilemma faced by Nebraska Democrats for the 2008 U.S. Senate race. Namely, that Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey and now former Senator Bob Kerrey have both said that if Chuck Hagel decides to run for re-election that they will NOT run for seat. (And, btw, Don Walton has suggested that Hagel could be announcing his decision on July 3rd…)

So the dilemma for the Dems comes in the fact that Attorney General Jon Bruning’s polling shows that he could beat Hagel in the GOP primary -- but Dems figure that they could beat Bruning with either Kerrey or Fahey, but neither would be in the race at that point. What to do?

Enter “The Hot Rancher”, Scott Kleeb! Kleeb, who got whacked by now Representative Adrian Smith by ten percentage points in 2006, has adjusted his campaign web site and is actively raising money to…“continue and expand our campaign”.

When asked by the LJS’s Don Walton whether that means a run for Senate if Kerrey or Fahey don’t get in, Kleeb responded, “I’d definitely consider it, for sure.” (Kleeb emerges as Senate prospect – LJS – 6/27/07.)

Feel free to just focus on the “for sure” part.

In his fundraising site, which asks for you to donate to his “expanded campaign” FOUR times on the single page (nice copy there, Jane Fleming), Kleeb brags about his new life in Nebraska: selling beef overseas (out of the back of a truck?); pushing ethanol or solar panels or something; and teaching history at Hastings College in the fall. Just a thought, but Hastings College may want to look into a substitute for that class.

Now the kicker on his little letter (and one that gets us riled up here on Leavenworth Street), obviously to get the juices flowing in all those true-blue Dems, is his inclusion of the issue of a recorded Kleeb campaign message sent by robo-call just before the election, calling it a “dirty trick”. Now keep in mind that the calls just replayed a Kleeb campaign call. But of course, Kleeb uses a New York Times article that stated the calls, “distorted Mr. Kleeb’s views”. Come again? And of course NO ONE has said that they decided not to vote for Kleeb based on those calls, whomever they came from.

Here’s the thing: Kleeb lost by 10%. – over 19,000 votes. Now, Kleeb would like you to believe, first of all, that the above mentioned “dirty trick” made over 19,000 people who WERE going to vote for Kleeb, not vote for him. Uh huh. Well, we’ll go ahead and realistically put the over/under on that number more like…six. And we’d guess even they weren’t really going to vote that day anyway. So, again Scott and Jane and all the rest of the Dems out there who are convinced that the election was just soooooo close: you got clobbered, by Adrian Smith, plain and simple.

So can Scott Kleeb, sexy ranch-hand, one time loser, newly married, beat a Jon Bruning, who has won statewide twice, and in this theory just beat a sitting U.S. Senator? From Kleeb’s perspective, sure, why not. What else has he got to do? Sell beef to India?

Rock on brother. Rock on…

(Oh, and we’ve added him to the Hagel Countdown bunch, above right. Tick, tick, tick…)


Anonymous said...
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Street Sweeper said...

Take out the renaming of Smith and resubmit and I'll post it.

Driver 8 said...

I've already mailed my contribution to Mr. Kleeb and Jane. Here's hoping that cow chip is as stinky as the B.S. he's spewing.

Adrian Smith, far from a dynamic campaigner, beat Kleeby like a drum. Imagine what Chuck Hagel would do to the poor young lad.

Anonymous said...

I guess calling out people who they really are is out of bounds....

Reason why I support Scott Kleeb and not Mr. Smith is because Adrian is a coward. Scott has a back bone that stands up against the critical voices that attack him. Smith only caves into such opinions because he wants to be the "it" guy. Scott didn't run a popularity contest, he ran a campaign that is about the future of Nebraska. What did Mr. Smith did, he got what could possibly be the worst American President in history to help him out because he couldn't break Kleeb's integrity. It takes more than one coward to defeat someone who has the strength stand for his/her ideals. Unfortunately the 3rd District voters sought to reward such a pathetic man because they were swoon by another coward, President Bush.

Luke Peterson

Fairbury Weiner said...

Sweeper, its good to see you permit the junior high kiddies leave comments here.

Luke, send me a copy of Michael Moore's new film when you're finished with your brain washing session. Thanks.

m.a.h. said...

I'm not sure how you pass out the integrity label to Kleeb. He ran around Nebraska for several months trying to convince people he was a Nebraskan. I knew there was no way that Ms. Lib Jane would be able to stand living the life of a "ranch-hand". She's barely been here 6 months and she's already retitled him as a "rancher" and can't wait to get "back East". People like that make me sick!-And, don't get me started on stupid Bob Kerrey and his attitude of Nebraska not being good enough to bring his family back to. I am sick and tired of carpetbagging politicians running around the this country and thinking they can plop down anywhere they please and represent the life-long residents there.

Oh, and before anybody gets all wigged out, I don't particuliarly like it in either party!

Anonymous said...


This was great. I haven't laughed like this for ages. I do think you are doing a disservice to "The Hoff" cuz he got to drive KITT around and all Kleeb gets to do is drag Jane around in a pickup truck.

TH said...

Kleeb may not of been born here or raised here but in this 5th generation nebraskans's mind he understands this state better than most polititians here, and certainly much better than Smith. I proudly voted for him last time around and hope to support him in another contest come '08. He could be able to win easy. Just because he lost 1 election does not mean he is harmed in any way. Look at recently elected Rep. Boyda from KS-2 or even look at former rep. from nebraska Terry Carpenter. Lost a mayoral race, next year won a congressional race. Then tried unsuccessfully to run for senate, governor, and Lt. Governor. Even after all that, he had a successful 22 yrs in the legislator. Kleeb has a good shot,at any race, and he has already has a good base in the most republican part of the state. Heck, he only lost Rock County by 13 votes. Now, I happen to know a lot of folks there, and there ain't that many who are liberal democrats that take kindly to folks from the east coast. I mean republicans do make up 77% of the registered voters there. Yet, he almost won that county. And it wasn't because they were ignorant, and only saw him on the tv where he "played rancher" in his commercials, but he went to Bassatt, and surrounding areas, many times and talked to anyone that would listen. And answered questions to any that he was asked. I know many members of my family that had him show up at their homes, and they were impressed by his knowledge of the issues that they were faced with. So he ain't here just looking for a way to be elected, or for a ticket to the east coast, he is genuinely concerned with the issues we face and wants to do something to solve problems facing us.

Homegrown Nebraskan said...

Bring it, Kleeb, Bring it.
I think it's a well-known fact that the Smith campaign was not run even half as well as it could have been. Let's give him the campaign that will officially kick his sheltered butt back to the Atlantic.
HE'S NEVER HAD A JOB, PEOPLE!Not all Nebraskans are naive and blind enough to believe Kleeb's lies, ie. his "independence from partisanship" or his "traditional, conservative Nebraskan Values". Nebraska is nothing like the east coast, Mr. and Mrs. pretend Rancher. Bring it.

Anonymous said...

Politically, Kleeb would have a chance if he were running in an off-election year (non-presidential). His showing in CD3 is impressive considering he's an Ivy League YD president. He would score better in Omaha and Lincoln, but even then he couldn't win in an off-year. But this is a presidential year in which turnout will be higher (and in Nebraska that means GOP voters). His being a Democrat will win him no points (the Dems are disliked more than the Repubs were in '06). And he certainly isn't a Republican. The voter turnout will be far too much to overcome for this carpetbagger. And beyond that, he will be running against Mike Johanns. Kleeb vs Johanns?! That's a child vs a man. Besides, bear in mind the Dems have NOBODY. Of course they're going to get pumped for Kleeb - it's better than getting pumped for Stormy Dean. LOL.

Anonymous said...

The same lies continue to be spread, I see.

Scott worked on his families ranch for a year after getting out of college, and before going to Yale, and then worked there breaks and summers until going back full time right before running for Congress. Just call the McGinn Ranch (a well respected ranch in Custer County), and they will confirm this. Scott is not pretend. He's genuine.

And so you know, SS, the beef that is being sold is very top-grade Kobe beef that is considered some of the best in the world by some of the finest restaurants in the world - and it's raised and produced right here in Nebraska. To sell that kind of beef takes someone with real business skills and the ability to work directly with very picky customers.

Finally, I hope the continual snide remarks about Jane aren't going to be the norm. If so, I'm ashamed to call you a fellow Nebraskan. She's not running for any office. She's a decent, hardworking woman who stands up for her beliefs. Disagree with her if you want, that's what makes this country great, but at least have the morals and the decency to leave it at that.

Oh, and Adrian Smith is the weakest Representative we've ever had. He's proving that out every day.

Street Sweeper said...

These last remarks seem to be directed to L St, so I'll go ahead and respond on this fine Thursday morning:

1) That’s nice that Kleeb worked on the ranch during his summer vacation. But just because someone takes tickets at Arnold’s Park in Okoboji in the summer doesn’t make them an Iowan. All that said, Kleeb lives in Nebraska now, so as far as I’m concerned the carpetbagger issue is pretty much moot.

2) So now Kleeb is selling Japanese beef? What’s wrong with good ol’ AMERICAN beef, huh? Huh?!
(Of course, since he'll be running for office again, it's a good thing he got married and now has a full-time bread winner in his house...)

3) Show me where in the post we are “snide” towards Mrs. Kleeb? And in any case, Jane Fleming Kleeb is a Democrat operative who continues to go on talking head shows to spout her liberal philosophy. She’s a big girl. She can handle the criticism of Kleeb’s money grubbing website and whining claims about the phone calls.

Ya’ll have a swell Thursday.

OmaSteak said...

Even more amusing than watching NE republicans dance around the "will Hagel run" issue...excluding watching how desperate the NE democrats are for any kind of a credible candidate. Touting Kleeb has got to be getting pretty close to the bottom of the barrel by any objective standard. Kerrey??? Just what we need another senate candidate whose wife and kid(s) will be premanent east coast residents while daddy is out here claiming to be a "nebraskan" ala Hagel. Fahey isn't going to run unless/until Landow can figure out a way to shakedown potential victims...oops, donors...outside of Omaha. Plus I sill maintain that Mikey doesn't want a job where they take attendance and report it.

kleebite in love said...

Kleeb's family moved to Colorado. He worked in the summers for two or three months at a time... for his family. Not the same as a year round job. He spent his life in a classroom, not paying Nebraskan taxes. His 12 Points of Independence is a joke. Get over it. He lost. He'll lose again. He has no real qualifications. Stop the love affair.

If he's so western, why did every rancher and farmer in the 3rd dislike him... because he is fake. They are the real working men. Nice insult, Kleeb.

Anonymous said...

Luke, Adrian wants to be the 'it' guy? You've apparently never met him. Adrian is the real deal. He is what he is. Know what you're talking about before you post it on the internet.

Kohoutek said...

Jane is better suited for NOW than NEB.

And soft-spoken, tight-jean-wearing Scott has more of a future at Common Cause than he does in the Cornhusker State.

The fact the Kleeb's political ambitions is proof there is absolutely NO SUBSTANCE behind the Democrats' efforts or their candidates.

Hating Bush and conservatives isn't enough. Loving socialist causes isn't enough. Compare lil' Scotty's resume to that of Hagel, Bruning, Raimondo or Daub. How does this guy even get mentioned in the same breath -- other than the fact that Don Walton finds him politically sexy?

Anonymous said...

SS -
1) Have you ever worked on a ranch? If you had, you wouldn't make the comments you did. And didn't someone insinuate a few posts ago that working for family on the ranch is somehow meaningless? I'm sure all those families out there that work generation to generation on farms and ranches also think it's nothing to consider "work", right? I mean, in an ag state like Nebraska ESPECIALLY.

Also, just say you have something against someone getting an education at a school Bush also attended, which then lends to why he's not working everyday on that ranch. Everyone will understand.

2)Do you not know about beef? It's not "Japanese" beef, it's a type of beef that originated in Japan. But this particular beef is raised right here in Nebraska, so it is NEBRASKA beef.

That's's a Nebraska success story, one of the few places trusted in Japan to order from, and it's income that comes right back into Nebraska. You should be proud that a ranch in Nebraska has become such a success. It only HELPS the image of this state!

3) You've been snide about Jane through your insinuations several times since hearing they married. But, if that is how you convince yourself that you're superior or something, have at it. It always seems like the right wingers that go personal to get AWAY from the actual issues that we SHOULD be discussing: Iraq, Afghanistan, the economy, health care, the environment, gas prices, national security, immigration, etc.

Have a nice day.

Street Sweeper said...

Hmm. Well…

1) Since you insist, for some reason, to keep getting back to Kleeb’s carpetbagger-ship of the last campaign, feel free to note that the issue has ALWAYS been that he isn’t FROM Nebraska, and only worked in the state during the summer. I don’t care if he was selling Mutual of Omaha insurance while stamping Nebraska license plates on top of Chimney Rock – it was a SUMMER job.

2) “Sarcasm”. Look it up.

3) On your pal “Jane”, same point I made before. Snide-free here.

snowblwr said...

Sweeper -- Can you believe the audacity of Scott Kleeb and Ms. Jane? I didn't understand the brazen disregard these two have for Nebraska until I had a liberal friend of mine interpreted the "left-wing speak" used on Kleeb's new campaign website.

Here is an interpretative sample of Kleeb's statement so that your conservative readers can understand what the "hot rancher" is really saying (liberal translation appears in parentheses):

"Rather than take a job on the East Coast, as many claimed we would (and we can't wait to do), we have since settled down (temporarily) in a lovely home in Hastings (it beats the trailer I was in) where I am currently working (a liberal's definition of 'work' has no connection to wages paid) as an advocate of renewable energy sources (not including real energy sources like nuclear power, hydropower, clean coal, etc.) while also helping sell beef internationally for a Sandhills cattle ranch (but remember, I oppose international free trade). I also recently accepted a tremendous position with Hastings College (I couldn't accept the UNK gig after getting spanked in Kearney.). Click here to donate to my cause. (Get us out of this hick state!!!) In choosing to remain in Nebraska, I arrived at a very simple realization: my home is here (I see no political opportunity elsewhere); my history is rooted here (my campaign commercials already say 'Nebraska'); my family still ranches here (they went broke farming); and I remain excited about the future of our state (or at least its House and Senate seats). Click here to donate. (PLEEEEASE, get us outta here!!!)

TH said...

I would like to know where the comment that every rancher and farmer in the west disliked Kleeb was pulled from. I could tell you many ranchers and farmers who supported him, also the president of the Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska supported Kleeb. The one they didn't like was Smith. Most of them supported Hanson in the primary and alot, not all, supported Kleeb in the general because of Smith's Club For Growth connections.

NE03 voter said...

And to think -- all those "Club for Growth" scare tactics used by the Kleebites will be invalid when Smith votes for the budget-busting farm bill. (Not to mention, either Hillary or Obama will be on the ballot in '08, drawing all conservatives out of the woodwork in Nebraska. Poor Kleebie. Doesn't have a chance.)

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, SS. You may see the similarity a little better on this site:
(Warning: do not look directly at the image.) (Hey, I warned you!)

I'd vote for Kleeb before I'd vote for Hagel. Of course, I could be a little disoriented after viewing the Hasselhoff Recursive. But having said that, Kleeb's lack of experience in anything other than running around is a serious drawback. (BTW, his bio isn't on his website. Odd) That and the inane comments that came out of his mouth during the House race. Maybe he should settle down for a few years, win a local race or two.


Anonymous said...

You say Kleeb asks 4 times for donations. Actually, in the text of the letter (as it mirror's the letter that was sent out to supporters), it's only 3 times. (The fourth would be the button that will probably remain on the top of the web page).

Have you ever received letters asking for contributions? This is the norm, actually. To prove this, just go to the website below, and look at a letter Adrian Smith sent out in December 2005. He asks 3 times in the letter for people to send him donations.

Adrian's Campaign Letter

Frankly I find it silly, but if you get regular emails from the parties, they also do the same thing.

Just a little info for you and your readers!

Street Sweeper said...

Being the savy politico followers that they are, I have no doubt that the Leavenworht Street readers are familiar with fundraising tactics.

The difference here is that Kleeb hasn't even announced for office yet, hasn't even set out any positions and has barely said hello since his crushing defeat to Adrian Smith, and he's already got his hand out.

Come on Scotty, how about buying us a drink first before you try to take us home!

M.A.H. said...

The Anon that keeps bickering seems to be a bit , personally, defensive.

It's gotta be Grandma, Mom, or Wifey!

One Out In The Third. said...

Shouldn't there be a law that says you can't accept campaign funds until you actually run or at least file a declaration?

The closest Kleeb will ever come to being a "rancher" is if he rent's/buys a ranch style home in the "Kool Aid Capitol of Hastings."

I thought I read that his grandpa...(and the "ranch" involved more sheep and goats than cows on beer mash) sold out his share years ago. I forgot...collegiate bull rider too...except the only bull he rode is the one he and his NY and CA friends made up about illicit robocalls this past fall.

Sorry SK...I won't be drinking your grape Kool-Aid.

Ag Man said...

Snowblwr: Thank you for your analysis. It's good to see that the politically savy see THROUGH the bull-honkey. All Kleebie responses on this post are touchy-feely, lovey-dovey nonsense. It's good to see some substance.
As for farmer boy's substance... while on the campaign, he was asked the difference between the types of beans grown in Nebraska. The man could not answer the question. He did not know what beans were grown in NE. As an ag man... not impressed.
Anon. June 28th, 11:57am: Hi Kleeb! Nice to see you check this site.

bull rider bull$h!t said...

Remember when Kleeb used to talk about being on the "Rodeo Team" when he was at college in Colorado?

Yeah, there was no rodeo team at his college. There does appear to be a rodeo "club", but no proof Kleeb was an active member or that he was ever a bull rider.

He made up his whole rancher identity and tried to take Nebraskans for a ride. It didn't work.

not even close said...

What cracks me up about the Kleeb people (including his admirers at the LJS) is their need to believe that Kleeb "almost won".

This dilusion is so widespread, and I'm really getting tired of it.

Smith won by ten points--that's more than Virginia Smith or Bill Barrett. It doesn't matter if "internal polling showed Kleeb within 2 points." Once again, still more than Virginia Smith or Barrett.

It wasn't close, people! Wake up! Every time that seat is open it's a close race. Only this time Adrian won decisively.

What makes that race noteworthy was not that a Democrat came within two points a few weeks before the election but that there was such a wide spread when it was all said and done.

I almost hope Kleeb does run again just so I can see all of these dilusional people whine with disbelief when Adrian wins by 15 this time around. All through the district people are happy with him. He's doing a great job. The Kleeb people hang around in their cultish bubble thinking that they represent an actual sample of the third district.

(Oh, and Lisa why don't you go back to your own blog.)

Anonymous said...

Why would Lisa go back to her blog. No one reads it!!!!! More Kool-Aid toting Dems read Leavenworth Street than her blog.

curbfeeler said...
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Street Sweeper said...

Sorry Curbfeeler, as GHWB said, "NaGaDa". Try again.

Lisa Hannah said...

Holy Moly! I should wander over here from now on, cause this is entertaining.....And it solidifies I'm having an impact if people are seeing me where I'm not. Cool!

Oh, and SS, have to say that Hasselhoff pic comparison is HYSTERICAL! :o)

Anonymous said...

So hot... I'm melting.