Monday, May 12, 2008

Tony: Maybe I'll support Kleeb, maybe not

It was probably a routine question by KMTV's Joe Jordan to Tony Raimondo: Will you support Scott Kleeb if he wins the Senate nomination?

And Raimondo's response: "I'll think about that later."

He'll think about it later?

That's right, Tony, who has been a Dem for about fifteen minutes, will have to weigh whether or not he'll support his new party's nominee. Because, he wouldn't want to convince party regulars that he's a party-guy, or anything.

The kicker on Jordan's story is Kleeb's face after Jordan tells him what Raimondo said.
We're pretty sure he was thinking, "That little..."

Well, at least Tony's on the Esch bandwagon.
"Behlen-Esch-Johanns '08!", and all that...

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Todd said...

I cannot believe my party has sunk to such depths. Our only choice is a Faux Democrat in Tony and Flim Flam Scott.


Anonymous said...

As we all go about our day, and hopefully go vote, kep in mind that when in times of uncertainty, always go with the enemy you know-never the one you don't.

You know, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

Anonymous said...

oops, keep has to e's, just like Kleeb!

Anonymous said...

It is pronounced Kleb. The extra "e" is a useless thing that just sits there and does nothing.

Anonymous said...

Useless and does nothing? Interesting take, is that yours or Miss Jane's?