Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Never tell me the odds..."

It's that time again folks! The Leavenworth Street Election Day Odds! As always, wagering using these odds is only permitted in designated legal locations and/or off-shore servers.

We're only going to do three races here today, but we'll break them up over three hours:
The GOP Senate race now (8:00 AM CST);
The 2nd District Dem House race at 9:00 AM CST;
The Dem Senate race at 10:00 AM CST.

Also, while we won't be commenting on the "down-ballot" races, you should feel free today -- and today only -- to toss in your POLITICAL comments about other races. Feel free to comment on strategy, mailing, speeches, hairstyles, etc. But be forewarned, that if these become boring, we will use the DELETE button to our hearts' desire.

Now with that, we give you...

The Over/Under on Mike Johanns Victory in the GOP Senate Primary.

What, we're calling it already? That's right politico fans. But it's not like we're alone.
Frankly, we're not sure what Pat Flynn set out to achieve here. Somehow, he was hoping to out-conservative Mike Johanns. And we really don't know why.
Maybe Pat has political plans in the future that he hopes this race will jump-start.

In any case, Johanns has run the primary like he had real competition. He has toured the state. Hit small towns and medium towns and the cities. He has gone on TV talk shows across the state. Put together a top-notch website. He has run a TV ad campaign. He has done everything that a a solid candidate should do.

Other than a sort of average commercial, Johanns has run a flawless primary. So...what's the over/under on his victory?

Well, we considered all the factors, and we look at the fact that no matter whose name is on the ballot, some people just like to vote "Nay."
Pat Flynn is that Nay.

So, the Leavenworth Street Odds Makers put the Over/Under on the Johanns victory at...83%.

Did we nail it?
Do you like the over?
Are you a fan of the under?
Or do you just want to spout off about a lower race?

Rock those comment boards. And we'll see you in an hour.


Anonymous said...

Johanns is running against somebody?

curbfeeler said...

More around 90%

OmaSteak said...

Unfortunately Curbfeeler is probably being a little to cautious at 90%.

Anonymous said...

I'll put $1000 on Johanns and the under.

YoungRep said...

Well, looks like Flynn did a little better than expected...is there any credit for that? Possibly!

Street Sweeper said...

Credit for what, where and whom?