Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kleeb TV: LOTS of info

Scott Kleeb is closing out the primary season with a new ad entitled, "Time". Take a gander:

Wow. Information overload! Quick, what's the theme here? Yeah, we don't know either.

In thirty seconds we see Scott in five different outfits, pushing (at least) six different ideas, with a two different narrators, and twelve -- count 'em -- twelve different screen "subtitles".

For instance, you're supposed to
  • read, "The Kleeb Plan - Affordable Health Care", "The Kleeb Plan - New Jobs from Renewable Energy",
  • while the narrator is (presumably) telling you the same thing,
  • and you are also supposed to take in the visuals as well --
  • all in four seconds.
OK, you think you can do that?

Well how about learning that:

1) The Nebraska Primary is May 13th (just in case you weren't sure what state you're in)
2) There's some sort of "Kleeb for Senate" brand.
3) That's "Nebraska's Brand for Change"
4) It, or he, has been "Endorsed by the Lincoln Journal Star"
5) And it was all "Paid for by Nebraskans for Kleeb; Approved by Scott Kleeb"
6) All while learning that he's Scott Kleeb and approves that message
7) And what's with that giant Stetson...


Not to go all Simon Cowell on you, but this ad is a mess.

There is no defining theme. The message is muddled. The images are all over the place. And frankly, when Kleeb is talking at the camera, we find ourselves counting how many different versions of "beige" there are in the picture.

Kleeb better hope that the voters in this short primary season don't judge him by his TV ads.

If they do, Tony Raimondo has more than a fighting chance.


omaha repub said...

I wasn't going to give Toni a chance. The guy actually spent a half a million of his own money and his ads were not that horrible either. I give him a 1 and 3 chance. I think he could have been even money if he was up on the air a few weeks earlier. What do I know, we will see Tuesday

Pete said...

The RoboRancher has the same MO as the last election.

1. No one really knows him or what he is for except change.

2. He will have a lot of mony left after the primary --- even if he loses. That way he can still live the good life on "other peoples money".

3. He has yet to put any of his own money in a campaign --- either last cycle or this year. Why should he when there are idealistic smucks out willing to send in money for Jane's birthday.

4. He still doesn't complete questionnaires on positions --- he doesn't want the voters to know the real part-time cowboy and part-time teacher.

He has pushed good real Nebraska candidates out of the race for what ever office best serves his ego.

Just think --- he says his occupation is either ranch hand or teacher --- yet he has spent more time being a professional "campaigner" than the other two positions put together.

What an ego, what a man??

I was fooled once --- but never twice. Kleeb is a poser that will not get my vote again.

Brian T. Osborn said...


Based on your criteria I will assume that you also won't be supporting Mike Johanns?

ttg said...

Kleeb's ad is a bloated hodgepodge for the same reason a kid who uses his allowance to purchase a coloring book will fill every square inch using every crayon.

But what about Kleeb himself? The guy acts like he's on Prozac.

It is downright eerie. I half expect the camera to pan down and show control cables coming out of his lower half and there in the background is Frank Oz doing the voice of drug addicted Muppet while Scott moves his lips.

Kleeb's wife has good screen presence. Why isn't she running for office instead of this dopey mope?

Brian T. Osborn said...


If you want to see a real "sock puppet" just look at any photo of John McCain. You'll see Joltin' Joe Liebermann standing right beside him like Edgar Bergan with Charlie McCarthy, hand up his back, making his lips move. To aid in the illusion, Joe even makes John say stupid things, then leans over and whispers in his ear to "correct" him.

ttg said...

McCain and Liebermann? Where did that come from?

This blog is about a Kleeb ad. This is a Nebraska politics blog.

But, since you mention it, yea, McCain is a crappy speaker. But everybody's problem with McCain is that he listens to nobody.

Mister quavering wimpy voice Liebermann couldn't manipulate his own goodies let alone a wild hair like McCain.

Brian T. Osborn said...


Where did that come from? Gosh, I don't know, maybe. I only mentioned it because you brought up Frank Oz, or did you already forget that? Clips of McLiebercain are all over the news, even on Faux Noise.

So anyone that doesn't rant and rave like Bill O'Reilly is on Prozac, eh? Then again, some of you folks think that George W. is a freaking genius. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

This political environment is so bizarre that I don't even care about how confusing Hottie Scottie's latest commercial is.

I cannot believe the World Herald did not pull its endorsement of Jim Esch for plagiarizing on his website. If no one else cared, you would think a newspaper would!

If Esch were half the man Carter is, he would return all his donors' money and step aside for a more honest candidate.

I guess his family just does not need that money.

Anonymous said...

OK that's way too many empty promises, even for a political TV ad.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anon 11:47,

Empty promises? Better than the dearth of promise that Mike Johanns will bring us. Just look at what happened at the Beatrice State Development Center if you want to see the results a Johanns administration was capable of.