Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Non-Nebraskans for Kleeb

With a week to go in the Democrat primary for Senate, Tony Raimondo has been taking a beating for donating about $500,000 of his own cash to his campaign. Now, forget for a minute that Raimondo said he was going to do that from the start. It's all new news now.

(We'll also put aside for now the fact that Kleeb has been running for office non-stop since 2005.)

(And we'll put aside that Raimondo's mouthpiece, Dem strategist Eric Fought, has apparently decided not to fight back too strongly -- lest he upset his fellow Dems?)

So Scott Kleeb is slamming Raimondo because Kleeb says he has more "grass roots".
So here's a quick question : Where do Kleeb's roots grow from?

For the past few weeks we've been lectured by Kleeb (raised in Italy, educated in Colorado and Connecticut, and a recent Nebraskan) about what "Nebraska values" are. So, like we asked back in 2006, who is supporting Kleeb?

Well, according to his FEC reports, a majority of the cash that he has raised has come from OUTSIDE Nebraska.
55% of the $234,032 attributed to individuals in his report come from places without an "NE" at the end.

And that's not counting the amounts that Kleeb has collected via such sites as ActBlue where low-contribution donors don't have to be identified. This is a favorite method of the Daily Kos types around the country, who have a running love-affair with Kleeb.

So while Raimondo may have had to reach into his own pocket to get attention during this short primary season, his campaign should also point out the cash supporting Kleeb on Primary Day.

And you'll find that more than half of the money doesn't come from those who wear Husker-red on game-day Saturdays...


The OWH came out with their endorsements for the Congressional races on Sunday. After their surprise pick of Kleeb over now-Congressman Adrian Smith in 2006, this year they've picked Raimondo over Kleeb for the Dem Senate nom.

The interesting part isn't about Raimondo -- businessman, buds with Ben Nelson, etc. -- but that they completely ignored Kleeb this time around. Nary a mention of his name.

You may remember that in 2006 the OWH's endorsement of Kleeb included gratuitous shots at Smith. But this time, they're silent on the Cowpoke. How fair of them.


The OWH also endorsed Jim Esch, apparently over Rich Carter, but you wouldn't know, because as in the Dem Senate race, they failed to even mention Carter's name. So why did the OWH choose Esch over the seemingly just as competent, if not more educated and informed Carter?

Well, as they said it:

"He packages a message of modera­tion around a smartly designed campaign strategy."
So there you go 2nd District voters. Esch is the OWH's pick because he makes a better bus-bench.
Hope you're all more informed voters now.


Uncle Wiggily said...


I attended an outstate Pubbie confab recently and I can reliably report that out here in the Third, Republicans are salivating at the thought of getting another chance to show the Stonewashed Stud how a sheepherder kicks the you-know-what out of his dog.

I doubt it matters much who wins the Kleeb-Raimondo feces-fest because neither has a chance in the general, but it would still be fun to slap the Kleebster around one more time.

Barbaro said...

Funny how we heard little of the carpetbagging nonsense when Virginians like Daub & Hagel came back here to play Music Man. Johanns, Nelson, Terry Lee, Smith and Fortenberry. Is there a worse case of $2500 claimers out of any state anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Nothing is worse...except of course when all your relatives donate the maximum amount on the same day in April while as a candidate you spend your summer vacations "helping out" at the wind farm. Ya, I think Jimmy Esch ranks right up there folks.

Anonymous said...

The point was made that Kleeb's individual donors are from outside Nebraska. No one mentioned his PAC money, which is assumed to be outside Nebraska. Personally, I think Act Blue should be counted as PAC money because it is the same concept. A group of like minded people giving their money in a lump sum to a particular candidate. Apparently, that is only bad if you are a Republican and the money is not coming from a Labor Union.

As far as Hagel and Daub go, they were both born and raised in Nebraska. They were both working in D.C. prior to coming back to run for something, but the voters didn't seem to mind. The voters did seem to mind Kleeb's claim that he was a Nebraskan by designation of Granny's roots.

As for Esch, if he references his Catholic values any more, people might start wondering why he thinks it would be okay to destroy human embryos to harvest their guts, 'er I mean, embryonic stem cells.

Anonymous said...

You were obsessed with the money Kleeb got from out of state last time. But have you looked at Johanns and what he's taken in so far?

According to the FEC, of the individual contributions that are itemized ($756,378), 61.5% is from out of state, and only 38.5% is from Nebraska. Over $117,000 is unitemized (small donations where donor is not reported).

If you add in the PAC money (which according to the FEC, makes up 47% of the funds he's taken in under this committee - not including funds transfered in from other committees he's had previously, which is around $450,000)....the out of state percentage jumps to 77.4%.

And just for shits and giggles, the biggest contributors come from the DC/VA/MD metro area ($100,390), followed by Arkansas ($76,450), and Texas ($53,150).

Street Sweeper said...

("Obsessed" is a little strong.)

But Scott Kleeb isn't running against Mike Johanns.

He's running against Tony Raimondo.

Focus kids, focus.

One Out In The Third said...

Jane must be growing weary having to haul his sorry butt around in the ol' F-150 and trying to get the kids to school at the same time.

Next strategy will be Kleeb accusing Raimondo of recycling Kleeb's Robo-Calls to alienate voters. Oh...can't do that this year...Hilary has already used that trick. You would also think that after learning the faux cowboy act in the last election didn't work that it probably won't work this time either...nope...a bigger dose of "Marlboro Man Meets Dances with Bulls." Unless of course those 1st and 2nd District voters aren't as saavy as we out here in the 3rd...Raimondo is a lock unless Jane sways the youth vote.

Where are the polls as the primary closes in? A lackluster CaCa-us followed by an even more boring run up to the Primary.

All this milk-toast sorta makes you wish Hagel would have run again doesn't it?

NE Voter said...

so what you\'re saying, SS, is that it\'s bad if Kleeb gets any money from out of state for a Democratic Primary.

On the other hand, it\'s just dandy for Johanns to raise a lot more (in amount and in percentage) for the Republican race (especially when the biggest chunk is Washington money). Essentially, you\'re okay with Washington buying this election.

Glad to know you at least admit you\'re a hypocrit.

Street Sweeper said...

NE Voter:

No. We're saying:

1) we're comparing Democrat Scott Kleeb to his Democrat opponent, Tony Raimondo. As much as either of them is dying to run against Republican Mike Johanns, they have to get past their own primary on Tuesday, first; and

2) you have issues with your keyboard and/or spell-check, but I'm not going to hold that against you, b/c it happens sometimes

NE Voter said...


As a point of clarification, the "ne voter" comment posted above was not posted by your correspondent, "NE Voter."

I admit that I have not posted in a long time, but I still claim my moniker!

Wake up, people!

Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of that going on here lately! I post anonymous now because my moniker was hijacked a couple months ago.

There is no honor anywhere anymore!

Blogmaster said...

An easy way to "protect" your moniker is to go and get yourself a Google/Blogger account. It's easy. It's free. Then you can post away to your hearts content knowing that your "identity" is protected. Plus you can set up your own danged blog and rant to your little heart's content.

I just did it myself. It took all of about five minutes.

Just go to blogger.com

Brian T. Osborn said...

Well heck, that didn't work right. Let's try it again.

Paul said...

What you should do Sweeper is change the header of your Blog to the GOP mouthpiece of NE politics.

Since you go after Dem candidates for their fundraising and record, but you don't even touch the gop candidates on theirs.

It is pretty obvious you have an agenda to do nothing mnore than be a poor version of Rush Limbaugh.

The talk of Nebraska politics is passing you by, because in reality the people of Nebraska want nothing to do with the people that have given us the mistakes, and spin and lies of the last 7 years.

It's easy to talk trash about someone else when you have NO PLAN
other than elect the same old people to give us all more of the same.

Anyway, good luck with your kool aid drinking Site NABBITY, your ten hits a day you get from your fellow head in the sand supporters should sustain that stuck in 1980 mentaility you have.

And yeah, focus on THIS... the GOP had it all for 6 years, and they fucked it up 8 ways from sunday.... see if you can figure out how to come back from that.

Tim said...

It is time to give the Kleebster the credit he deserves.

He is a great scam artist.

When he ran for the 3rd he did not invest any of his own money to get elected and now I see the same thing for the Senate ---- he has invested "0".

He will take money from little old ladies or poor college students --- but will not invest in himself.

He took his training from PT Barnam!!!!!

Gwen said...

Paul ---- I don't understand where you are coming from.

The Dims have been in control of Congress as of late and you blame WHO??? I don't recall THE EVIL BUSH using his veto pen on any of Nancy's or Harry's great ideas.

Sooooo big guy when you talk about people will their heads in the sand (or other places) or kool ade drinkers --- look in the mirror!!!

Anonymous said...


I don't recall THE EVIL BUSH using his veto pen on any of Nancy's or Harry's great ideas.

8 of 9 vetos by Bush have taken place since Democrats gained a majority last year. Before that, only one bill (stem cell research) was vetoed under a Republican majority. He made no attempts to stop their out-of-control earmarking and spending (record levels under Republicans). There has been some control brought back to the process, and it could be better, but it's been the Republicans who have caused the most problems. One year can't turn around 6 years of abuse.

One Out In The Third said...

Boy the Libs have sure become irritable lately...Ever since Obama and Clinton showed up on Fox groveling before the voters.

How pathetic our nation has become...everyone is salivating at the Gas Tax Holiday Clinton and McCain are proposing. It's the equivalent of saying "Let them eat cake."

I think I'll stay home this May and November. I see no standouts this cycle worth the gas or the shoe rubber...very little leather these days...to race to the polls for.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. What a sorry state of affairs our state is in these days with our selection of politicians. I miss our old powerhouse days of Virginia Smith, Barrett, Bereuter, and Daub. No one currently elected or running can hold a candle to them. Now all we have are wimpy wannabes.

Anonymous said...


Why did you let "Paul" post with the "f" word in his comments?

Paul is what is wrong with politics today!

Street Sweeper said...

"Fundraising"? "Focus"?

Frankly, I couldn't get past Paul accusing us of being Dave Nabity.

Don't worry, hopefully Paul can get himself a Keystone Lite and get rid of that bitter beer face...

(And in the future, Commenters, please avoid the swearing. This blog is all about "the kids"...)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read the editorial about Pelosi in last nights WH?

Remember that she promised a solid 5 day work week if she were elected Queen? Well she got her crown and her septor, but it seems she is still enjoying her own little 4 day weekend and has accomplished even less than we did while in office. Most of the budget that passed last year was another extension of funding under previous budget levels because she couldn't even get her Members to agree to anything worthwhile.

Without a landslide majority, which this Country seems to not want, you will never again see action like you did following the Republican takeover in 1992(?).


As for the ridiculous gas tax vacation ideas, that plan will fix NOTHING! Our transportation infrustructure would not be the only casualty under such a crazy plan. When in times of short supply (due to the refusal to authorize permits for new refineries, recovery of our own energy supplies off of our very own shores and under our very own soil!!), conservation is the only key to survival. We need to incent conservation, the Libs and Greenies need to pull their heads out of the compost pile and work with us to recover some of our own energy, and people need to quit driving their kids to the neighborhood park and their friend's house 4 blocks away.

If we don't like our kids and spouses and brothers and sisters "playing in the sand" in the Middle East, then get off your butts and do something about it. Refuse to elect politicians that won't allow our Country to be self reliant on our own energy supplies!

PS: I forgot to talk about our coal and wind energy, oops!