Saturday, October 21, 2006

Who Supports Scott Kleeb?

Kleeb, in his College Democrat days

Democrats these days have decided that they can pull a fast one on you and pretend that they’re not Democrats. The catch-phrase of the day for Dems? “Independent”.

The latest to claim the “Independent” label in Nebraska? None other than Yale ranch-hand, Scott Kleeb. Thus far Kleeb’s campaign has been based upon him once riding a bull at the University of Colorado, spending summers in Nebraska and...well…that’s pretty much it.

Oh, and of course, that his opponent, life-long Nebraskan State Senator Adrian Smith, takes campaign contributions from an anti-tax group. As a matter of fact, Smith’s fundraising is pretty much the ENTIRE basis of Kleeb’s campaign. No matter that Smith has a sterling RECORD of supporting farmers in the legislature, as well as a solid anti-tax positions.

Well, as Ben Nelson would say, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. So who is giving money to Scott Kleeb? Well, since last week, money has been POURING in via the liberal website,

Now we don’t want to just chuck around the term “Liberal”, but AmericaBlog would probably have it no other way. Its founder, John Aravosis, is a nationally renowned gay-rights activist ( calls him “a proud, gay American”). Aravosis has served as a consultant to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU and is the co-founder of something called His blog states that from October 19, 2006 through today, October 21, 2006, it has raised nearly $10,000 for Kleeb. (Of course, Senator John Kerry has also given him $4,000.)

So when Kleeb has volunteered for ultra-liberal Congressional candidates, led the Univ. of Colorado -Boulder College Democrats, and is supported through radically liberal sites, like AmericaBlog, to say nothing of the national Democrats, just ask yourself what positions Kleeb would be supporting if he were elected.

If by “Independent”, Kleeb means independent from the positions of the Third District, he just might have that correct.


Kyle Michaelis said...


I don't remember you mentioning that Pete Ricketts' sister is a prominent "gay rights activist" - although she's given thousands to her brother's campaign.

Now, you want to hold it against Scott Kleeb that a man he's never met - who happens to support his campaign - shares that same distinction.

John Aravosis and Laura Ricketts want equal rights for all. That doesn't make them liberals. It makes them Americans.

Way to play to your audience, though. A little hate-mongering against a "proud, gay American" isn't surprising at all with the white sheet of anonymity you wear over your head.

Street Sweeper said...

Ha! Interesting point Kyle, until you factor in Kleeb's support for civil unions and campaigning for ultra-liberal Gene Nichol's failed campaign in Colorado.

White sheet??? Hey, I point out that Kleeb's pro-gay and pro-choice positions are hardly in step at all with the 3rd District, not whether said positions are right or wrong. It’s about time Kleeb’s true positions are known, instead of his hiding behind “I’m a Catholic bull-rider,” crap.”

You're the pig who decided, on his own, to out the sister of a candidate. Tell me Kyle, did Laura Ricketts ask you to do that? Did she authorize it? Did you ask her? Did you consider whether she wanted all her friends and family in Nebraska to know her background? Work on the answer to that, you dirtbag, before you go casting aspersions my direction.

TH said...

I love to hear rambling about Kleeb's ties to ultra liberals. And also that he wouldn't represent the third district, oh and my favorite that he is an "East coast, liberal carpet bagger." They want to give money to him more power to em. The fact is Kleeb is not a Liberal. He is a conservitive/populist. Last time I checked pro-life, not leaving Iraq but actually sending more troos, and mony other issues were ones that conservitives advocated. But those are also Kleeb's positions. While I am at it, what has Smith ever done that has been beneficial to the third district? Sure he was born here but Kleeb probably would of been born here too if his parents didn't teach for the military. Yes, Kleeb did go to Yale, but don't forget Smith's short stint at Liberty University where Smith had the opportunity to learn the lessons advocated by the man that Barry Goldwater said,"Every good Christian should kick his ass." I am a royal Nebraskan. I never want move out of state. I love it here. And I just hope I don't have to be embarresed by Smith. The one who said he would have voted against CAFTA. But once endorsed by the CFG he suddenly changed his mind. In Kleeb we would get a leader who said he can't follow the party line because he knows he would get voted out. But in Smith we would get a waffering lameduck.

Street Sweeper said...

Well "TH", as soon as you master spell check, I'm you won't be "embarresed" any more.

Kleeb can claim being "pro-life" all he wants, except that he wants to keep abortion legal. And that's fine if he does want to be pro-choice (or pro-gay marriage, or anything else), just level with us instead of speaking in some unbreakable code about "non-criminalization" and "civil unions".

And since all the Kleebians want to tie Smith to the CFG, it's about time then that Kleeb is judged by his ties: John Kerry, George McGovern, John Aravosis and Gene Nichol, among others.

TH said...

Yes, I made spelling errors. But I believe your reply would of been better if you would have answered my intial question on what Smmith has done for us? You didn't answer it because you know the answer is nothing. Also I was not pointing out his connnections to CFG I was pointing out he had a stated position and later changed it after they endorsed him. To what their positionis. I do not believe that Kleeb has ever change a position to match that of a supporters.

Street Sweeper said...

We certainly don't claim to be an experts on Adrian Smith's resume, his numerous votes on the Gering City Council or his record of voting during his two terms in the Nebraska legislature. Has he represented his constituents well? I'd present his re-elections by them as evidence that he has.

But, once again, that wasn’t point of this post. It was to discuss Scott Kleeb’s positions and those of his supporters. As is mentioned in nearly every article about him, Smith is being judged based on those who support him. We here at Leavenworth Street offer the same for Kleeb.

And while you’re looking for a “what has he done for us” argument, take a look at Scott Kleeb’s resume. Oh wait, it doesn’t go beyond the “Education” section (and of course is overwhelmed by the “Previous Residences” section as well).

Daily Bulldog said...

Sweeper, Nice call on Kylie Michaelis and her "exposing" of Rickett's sister....and you asked the same questions I asked earlier which went unanswered (did you ask Laura if it was OK to use her for campaigning, ask her family, etc.). I thought the blog world was a decent way to debate, but dirt-bad Dems like Kylie and his stoner, loser buddies cannot help but to revert to the same old tactics suchs as calling people racist/klansmen (even though Racist Rubin made a racial slur towards a Hispanic man in Omaha), getting the World-Herald to do a cutesie little story on this little whack-job who follows around candidates and falling in line behind a candidate (Nelson) who has people burn and destroy yard signs (private porperty) and cheats on his taxes.

Nothing really changes, does it?

Anonymous said...

Scott Kleeb is a liberal. Why are Democrats so ashamed of the "L" word?

Kyle Michaelis said...

SS -

Ms. Ricketts serves on the National Board of Directors of Lambda Legal. She is in a highly-prominent, leadership position in an organization that is, without a doubt, the nation's most active in the struggle for equal rights for gay Americans.

Lambda Legal has led the court battle against the Nebraska Constitution's ban on gay marriage and civil unions, while also lobbying vehemently against similar amendment of the U.S. Constitution. As such, Pete and Laura Ricketts are both public leaders - one as a politician, one as an activist - on opposite sides of the same issue.

This struggle is relevant both nationally and in Nebraska. Clearly, reporters from the Omaha World-Herald agreed.

I "outed" no one. Laura Ricketts is as "out" as one can be - personally and politically. I'm sorry that sites such as this choose to ridicule "proud, gay Americans" and treat them like a political liability, but don't blame me for the ignorant bias of others.

I respected Laura Ricketts enough to acknowledge her principled dedication to the civil rights struggle of our generation.

What's saddest is that you even admit it's "not whether said positions are right or wrong" but whether you can exploit that position for politicial gain (a la Aravosis).

Call me names. Use a contributor's sexual orientation as a weapon against Scott Kleeb. Hide Laura Ricketts in a closet she broke free from long ago. It's all part of the same corrupt agenda. Whether in 2 weeks or 20 years, it will fail as truth and humanity prevail.

Street Sweeper said...

Kyle, what a complete load of crap.

You decided, on your own, before anyone else, that you should out Laura Ricketts to the Nebraska community -- to her friends, family acquaintances, whomever. As your little wink-wink post pointed out, she’s a lawyer -- not an elected official. And your post about her personal life was purely to score political points to get some guy elected.

And who said being gay is a political liability? You CROWED on your blog about how much AmericaBlog was giving to ranch-hand Scott Kleeb, then you RUN from the basic tenants of the blog’s writer, and claim gay-bashing. I pointed out who supports Scott Kleeb. It’s a shame that YOU consider that a “political liability”.

Oh, and I wasn’t calling you names Kyle. I was describing you.

Daily Bulldog said...


As I stated before, you are a self-serving wanna-be elected official.

The World Herald agreed! Wow!! That means something. The World Herald also is 0-for-20-something with its endorsements this cycle.

Anonymous said...

Well, who supports Adrian Smith?

Craig Schelske - the future ex-husband of Sara Evans.

Who, as Sara puts it, is guilty of verbal abuse, harassment, excessive consumption of alcohol and adultery.

Cow Pie said...

How did Ann Richards say it? "All hat cattle." I'm not afraid of the hat...I'm afraid of what's under it.

Anonymous said...

i bet you don't have any pix of Adrian from college like this - certainly not with any women...

Street Sweeper said...

Well, we don't have ANY pix of ANY candidates. Everything we get, like this one of Kleeb, is from the web.

Daily Bulldog said...

And supporters of Nelson move jobs overseas (Behlen), set fire to private property on private property and stalk people.

Acting like your typical high school or college kid/Ted Kennedy/William Kennedy Smith (verbal abuse, harassment, excessive consumption of alcohol) is more tolerable than acting like Bill Clinton (adultery).

nepolwatcher said...


Once again you enlighten us with your false allegations and fake issues.

I challenge you to prove that anyone from the Ben Nelson campaign destroyed even one of Pete's signs. If its the Nelson campaign, then who is destroying the Nelson signs?

I love that this is your best argument (tax cheeter and vandal) against Nelson. Your side has the voter registration advantage (why is nobody talking about that anymore), the financial advantage (15 million and counting)and you even have Chuck "Kingmaker" Hagel.

But you can't beat Nelson on the facts so lets call him names. Here's one for you to remember:

Daily Bulldog said...


Prove how *Senator* Hagel rigged his cell-phone license lottery.

DJ out!

stan_sipple said...

At most news reports that Laura Ricketts advocates for gay rights. Didnt know that activity automatically made you gay. BTW ive heard next to nothing about gay rights issues during the ricketts nelson campaign. actually if pete had said more about nelson's supporting activist judges like Battaillon it would have punctured nelson's "centrist" balloon.

Uncle Wiggily said...

Sweeper guy:

Excellent overlay on Scott the Rhinestone Cowpie. Amazes me how he continues to hang on to this "I'm a real Nebraskan" line. The guy has got more guts than you can hang on a fence.

Nice job, and keep after 'em.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you make this about the issues Sweeper?

Kleeb's possition on abortion is the position of the majority of Americans. He takes the middle ground on the issue. Futhermore, since this issue would likely be decided by the Supreme Court, it doesn't really matter what representatives think about the issue since it is the Senate that reviews Presidential appointments.

Kleeb has stated that he is opposed to gay marrige and thinks that civil unions is an issue that should be decided by the state.

Now for some of the more important issues.

Kleeb has based his campaign primarily on biofuels and alternative energy. This is probably the most important issue in our state because in it lies our economic future and our countries security.

We are in an energy crisis in this country. We depend to heavily on oil for our fuel. This is bad for our environment and our national security since countries like Iran can use their oil fields as leverage.

Kleeb has stated that he wants federal funding for research to improve biofuels and other alternative fuels and he wants to have tax incentives to encourage growth in those fields. At the same time he wants to cut subsidies to oil companies who are given billions of tax payer dollars even though they are making billions in profits.

Kleeb has also made his campaign about health care. After reading his responses to the NTV survey I'm left with the feeling that Adrian Smith's primary plan to reduce health care costs is to control liablity law suites and to make health care savings accounts. He also would like to cut funding for Medicade and Medicare.

First, the talking point that health care is so expensive due to law suites for malpractice is bogus. The real reason is much more complicated than that.

Part of the cause is that drug companies over charge for the price of medication. As you conservatives will note, market forces should balance that out due to competition but the fact is their is no real competition. The only potential competition comes from Canadian drugs but the drug compainies have lobbied to prevent U.S. citizens from getting cheaper medicines from Canada so that they can block out the competition.

Another problem is the number of people who wait to long to take care of medical problems. They end up going to the ER where the hospitals treat them and then they are unable to pay the hospital's fees so the hospitals raise prices to make up the loss. This means that insurance premiums go up to compesate for the higher prices which means less people have health insureance. This results in more people not getting check ups and thus not taking care of medical problems soon enough. Thus, ending up going to the ER wiht a serious problem and then not being able to pay the hosiptal.

As you can see it is a vicious cycle that is snowballing out of control. The only solution is to increase the number of people with health insurance. The best way to do that is to allow small buisnesses to get to gether and collectively bargin with insurance compainies reducing premiums and thus increasing the number of people with insurance.

That is the policy that Kleeb proposes.

So lets try and make this about the issues Sweeper. Calling Kleeb a carpetbagger isn't helping the debate.

The fact is, Kleeb is the better of the two candidates. He is obviously the smarter of the two. He his the more moderate candidate. NOTE: Kleeb is not a liberal. I am a liberal. I know a liberal when I see one. Politically Kleeb could not be considered anything other than a moderate, which makes him perfect to represent a state like Nebreska which is very moderate, God bless good ol' midwestern commen sense values.

Of course I don't expect you to listen to me. You are obviously one of those mindless neocon zombies. Thank God there aren't very many people as mindless as you in this state. People here have common sense. They can see right through Adrian Smiths retoric about Kleeb being a carpetbagger. After all, Kleeb obviously loves this state and its rich history. They guy has a PhD on the hisotory of cattle ranching for God's sake.

Street Sweeper said...

My gawd! Are you looking for a place to publish your graduate thesis? Suffice it to say, I did NOT read your 10,000 word essay, latest "anonymous", so you may have called me a kitten-molester for all I know, and I don't really care.

I did read your opening statement, with something about "the issues". And for what it's worth, this blog is, and alwasy has been, about POLITICS (I believe we put it in the title). Sometimes politics addreses policy. Sometimes it addresses shirt colors. We decide what areas to address.

Now, good luck on getting that published somewhere.

Anonymous said...


i'm gonna give you a pass on wiht.
but not hosiptal.
"to get to gether" what the heck?
again with the compainies?

and i won't even start on the grammar.

no wonder you are so impressed with scotty and his big words and airbrushed levis.

this post looks like one of esch's rants at midnight, after he's been out at the bar.

yeah... kudos, cowboy.

Anonymous said...

From one anonymous to another, gay marriage and "life begins at conception" are both "representative" issues. Kleb (on purpose so you can pronounce it right to all of your pro choice friends) should do a little more research about his middle of the road positions (also known as fence sitting). When life begins, or in his case, ends, is important when it comes to him deciding how many innocent lives that have not had the opportunity to breath there first breath outside the womb should be destroyed simply because of impatience toward other successful ways of getting the same life altering components that Kleeb, apparently, wants through the destruction of already fertilized eggs. As a Representative, he would have to cast a vote to fund that destruction of life or fund only Cord Blood Research, or Adult Stem Cell Research, or maybe even Synthetic versions of stem cells. As for Gay marriage, most of Scott's ads make him look like the "Marlboro Man" of the 1970's-enough said!