Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bettin' on the Second

As we continue our Leavenworth Street Election Day Odds, we point you first to the 8 o'clock hour where we prognosticated on the GOP Senate race. Be sure to take a look.

Now we set the odds on the 2nd District Democrat primary between Jim Esch and Richard Carter.

This was a strange race from the start. Months back, Jim Esch, who came within 10% of Lee Terry two years ago, declared that Hillary would be too much of a drag on the ticket to overcome. Thus, he wasn't running.

Enter Rich Carter, Econ 101 teacher, Air Force veteran, eager beaver. He got the formal promise from Esch and jumped in.

But what did Jimmy hear? Was that his name they were chanting at the Obama rally-cum-Democratic caucus? Could they love him? Really LOVE him? Why then , Jim was IN!

But wait a second there, said Carter! Pee in this cup, Jim. It's for the children. (The results, not the sample.)
And while Esch turned up clean...

...his website, DID NOT.

JimEsch.org tested positive for "Plagiarism". But did anyone notice? Did anyone care?

Apparently Tony Raimondo did. Because Tony drove down from Columbus to convince the Esch Juggernaut to endorse HIM in his Senate race!
(Side note: How come Tony didn't endorse Jim? But we digress...)

So did the Carter Camp call foul? Did they call a presser of their own? Did Rich don a giant Stetson to show his campaign's desire to be the true Team of Change -- Kleeb-Karter '08!!!???


Maybe Rich hopes to run for something else in the future and is content to let Esch tilt at the windmills.
We dunno. But any champagne that he may have nearby tonight ,will stay firmly on ice.

We put the odds of each candidate claiming victory tonight at....

Jim Esch: 1 to 5 (bet $5 to win $1)
Richard Carter: 20 to 1
Over/Under: Esch 68%

What say you? Too high? Too low? Got something to get off your chest? Saw something at the polls?
That's what the Comments section is for...

(Come back in an hour for our final odds of the day -- the Dem Senate Primary.)


Anonymous said...

Initially, I was on board for Esch...and then he opened his mouth.

What put me over the edge was the plagiarism "mistake". As someone said, had this happened in law school, he likely would have been expelled.

Of course Carter is running the anti-campaign. I think the only place I've seen any sign of him is on the so called "debate" on Cox 22. Disappointing.

I'll agree with the 1:5, the 20:1 and I'll take the over at 68%.

I'll also throw in with "sad day for Nebraska Dems" at 1 to 10.

Anonymous said...

I'll put $20 on Esch and the over.