Monday, February 25, 2008

Kleeb goes Negative

Scott Kleeb has been in the Senate race for, what, ten minutes?
And he's already gone negative on Tony Raimondo.

From the OWH:
Kleeb said the biggest difference between the two is that he, unlike his opponent, has always been a Democrat.
Noting that Raimondo opted not to compete with Johanns in a Republican primary, Kleeb asked how the businessman expected to beat the former governor in the general election.
So when Kleeb rips off the Obama campaign by talking about "Change", you'll know that it's "change from running the positive campaign that Nebraskans hoped for."

Oh wait, did we say he ripped off the Obama campaign?
Why, yes, we did.

Take a gander at the top mast image from the new Kleeb website:

Now, take a look at the Lord-God-Obama mast image from the Obama site:

Note the blue fade to white? The "Change!" and "Believe!"mantras.
If we don't hear Kleeb exclaim "Hope!" at some point, we'll be severely disappointed.

Oh and by the way kids, you think Raimondo is in this campaign for his health?
You think he's going to take these cracks lying down?
(...even if he does have the dullest campaign website around...)
This is gonna be fuuuun to watch.

By the way, we should have noted Kleeb's main altruistic point in his announcement:
There are no Republican issues, no Democrat issues. There are only our issues.
So, Scott, why then do you point out what party Raimondo came from? If it's all about "the issues" that shouldn't matter right? Help us out here Scotty.


Anonymous said...

Kleeb's not going negative on Raimondo.

Going negative is putting up a website with photos of a 25 year old drinking just days after he announced. Going negative is an ad with Nelson shooting turkeys.

Kleeb is stating a fact.

And the banners look nothing alike. If you showed the whole banner it is a picture of western Nebraska with Scott and a kid. The vernacular is similar for sure, but some on.

Street Sweeper said...

Not going negative???

He's cranking on Raimondo for switching parties. That's not comparative, nor is it and "issue", per se.

Now if Raimondo points out that Kleeb has never had a full time job, would Raimondo be stating a fact or going negative? Just curious.

And should Raimondo ask how Kleeb expects to beat a juggernaut like Johanns when he couldn't beat a lowly state Senator?

These are just questions that we're wondering about (and encouraging).

And Kleeb's entire theme is a rip-off (homage?) of Obama. From the color-scheme to the text. But hey, keep your head in the sandhills if you wish.


Anonymous said...

Well let's be fair. In terms of message, sure they are going to similar. I expect that.

But the websites are quite different. The color-scheme is very different as is structure. Of course the little bit you showed looks that way but that was because you showed a small part.

My head is out of the sandhills but you can keep yours in the famous prostitutes of Leavenworth St all day if you like.

Let's try to keep things fair.

Both candidates have serious questions to answer in the primary. I expect they will do their best to answer them.

Just as Johanns must address concerns with the Farm Bill and other issues he left unfinished in Washington.

At the very least, report fairly.

Street Sweeper said...


I like the suggestion that when Kleeb comes right out of the box...RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX... taking cheap shots, we must all be thoughtful and consider things "fairly".

Well guess what? Kleeb is in the big time now. He's not a rookie in his first race and he doesn't have a a rookie staff either. Everything he does at this point is calculated and deserves high scrutiny.

Including the day he decides to announce.

Is Kleeb pretending to be Nebraska's Obama by stealing his campaign themes (right down to the look and feel)? Yuh huh.

Is he taking cheap, negative shots at his opponent? Mmm hmm.

Is noting that "fair"? You bet it is baby.

Get used to it.

'Sker said...

SS, good post. It is obvious that Kleeb is trying to tie himself to Obama. He's said it is the Obama effect which played in his decision to enter the race. There will be operatives who believe in his deity, however they represent a fringe group. Nebraskans see reality pretty well and will make their judgments accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Scott Kleeb has been in the Senate race for, what, ten minutes?
And already Leavenworth Street has gone negative on him. I guess the only surprise is that more than one semi-coherent paragraph was strung together without a specific 'brokeback' or other gay bashing comment. Finish your coffee and get back to us when you're back down to your usual level of mean pettiness.

BTOsborn said...

Yup. That Kleeb guy is such a loser, couldn't even take on a lowly Nebraska State Senator (that needed the presence of a Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, a Vice President of the United States, and even the Decider Hisself - George W. POTUS propping him up) without losing by . . . what was it, forty? fifty points?
Whaddaya mean a shift of only 5% would have thrown the election the other way? C'mon, your kidding right?
Who is Mikey going to bring in to prop him up? Vice President Torquemada? The least loved POTUS of all time? Or Speaker of the House Pelosi?
I know that a lot of farmers here in south central Nebraska have had a belly full of Johanns' policies and are ready for something different. Scott will provide that difference.

Street Sweeper said...

Per your standard methods, you fail to address the post topic. But it's not surprising.

You guys have propped up Kleeb as the second coming of sliced bananas, yet here he is, on DAY ONE, slamming his opponent on non-issues. It shows how typical he is, and where this campaign is headed.

(And, uh, we're talking about POLITICS here youngins. If you want glowing tributes to your boy, head on over to the NNN for that pap.)

BTOsborn said...

Sweeper, what's the topic? That Kleeb went negative or that LS always goes negative? Hey, didn't I start my rant by agreeing with you?
Sorry, I forgot to keep my comments to the topics of hairstyles and sexual preference. Consider me reprimanded.

Paul M. said...

BTO: When you get on this website is it your intent to come off sounding like the world's most profound rube or does it just happen naturally?

Why should LS be "objective"? It's a freaking biased political blog!!! People come here to read and absorb political OPINION and provide their own in return.

Scott Kleeb, on the other hand, is running for the United States Senate and the fact that he wasted little time attacking his primary opponent shows his utter lack of substance.

And yes, I understand how a completely irrelevant party like yours would deem a 10-point trouncing as a "moral victory" but a loss is a loss is a loss. Today, Adrian Smith carries the title "Congressman" while Scott Kleeb is dead-set on adding to his list of political losses.

Street Sweeper said...

Hey BTO, nice non-comment comment.

Since you're playing the village idiot (or "profound rube" as noted above), I'll spell it out for you:

1) L St ain't running for office. We DO however comment on the political activities of those running for office. Like your boy Scotty.

2) Kleeb went negative on Day One of his campaign. This seems to be the sort of thing Nebraskans and voters in general are sick of.

3) So, if you want to try to claim somehow that he wasn't going negative, give it your all. But I think you're more intellectually honest than that. Otherwise, what's the defense of this? Hardball is the only way? He has to take Tony out early? It's all Jane's fault? Help us out here.

One Out In the Third said...

I would bet that Raimondo actually owns a cow. I would also bet that Raimondo has paid more Nebraska taxes in one year than Kleeb has paid in his lifetime...or will ever pay in his lifetime.

All Raimondo has to do is announce a platform that he will honor to win the primary. Raimondo's vision and goals will appeal much more to moderate Nebraska Democrats and Independents.

Debate? That should be interesting. Raimondo produces his list of accomplishments and his vision for Nebraska. Kleeb offers what? That he played on a ranch in the summer when he wasn't working on his goal to visit all of the U.S. National Parks or that his vision is for more taxes which he has stated we don't pay enough of?

The best Kleeb will be able to do is move or remove a few campaign yard signs...blow the dust off his autodialer and have 7 or 8 of his friends complain that Raimondo is playing dirty.

After May...Kleeb and the lovely Ms. Jane and family can jump into the old F-150 and head east and find a real job.

I just heard on the radio Ol' Earmark isn't picking a favorite. I thought he and Tony were buds? Go Tony!!!

OmaSteak said...

Wow...Kleeb is praying that Obama's coattails are long and that they reach all the way to May 13th in Nebraska. One cool gimmick, start a "contest" for graphic designers or wannabes to design your campaign logo...for reinforce it's "our" campaign theme. I wonder if his PhD in history really has an official "with special focus on agricultural economics" as his Bio claims. Like they say out in the third district...all hat, no cattle.

Street Sweeper said...

Don't think that "logo contest" won't have some legs here on L St. Come back later in the week for OUR plans...

Uncle Wiggily said...

OK ... now just a dad-gum, stump-jumpin' minute here ...prosties on Leavenworth Street??! Dang, Sweepie, you holdin' out on us again?

That's a much more interesting discussion than the Dismal River Dood and Bubby Behlen ... which contest has all the relevance of a second-grade soccer match. Did you guys forget who's waiting for one of them at the end of the tunnel?

Splat ... instant grease spot.

OmaSteak said...

Street Sweeper,
If I wasn't graphically challenged, I think his logo should be an old Kleeb for Congress logo/sign with a slightly misaligned bumper sticker pasted over the "Congress" which says "Senate 08" with bottom third of Congress lettering still showing.

BTOsborn said...

Sweeper, Leavenworth Street is already well populated with village idiots. I won't be trying to take their jobs away from them, so I won't be playing one.
As I see it, Kleeb has just started out by attacking a Republican. What would you have him do, lay laurels at Tony's feet and blow him kisses?
Despite Raimondo's switcheroo at the County Clerk's office, I maintain that his heart still pumps Republican blood. Sure he's got Eric Fought churning out Democratic sounding phrases on his behalf and a coterie of little Democratic "friends" on his Facebook page, but a real Democrat wouldn't have been donating so generously to Republicans and Republican causes in the very recent past.
I would say it is looking like Obama will be facing McCain in November. If Barrack has some long coattails I'm sure that he'll be much quicker to invite Scott to ride on them than Ben Nelson was in 2006 with his. It is interesting that Earmark Earl isn't taking sides in this contest. But, then again, he's going to insure that whichever side of the fence he lands on, it will be where the softest spot is.

Right Wing Professor said...

It just makes sense for the Drugstore Cowboy to attach himself to Obama's coattails. They can call it the *No Experience Needed* ticket.

Street Sweeper said...


Kleeb said (and I may update the post with this point):

"There are no Republican issues, no Democrat issues. There are only our issues."

So then, what does it matter what party Raimondo was in? If it's really about "the issues", then Kleeb's points are nothing more than negative politics.

(And...and..I thought Scott was above all that! sniff...)

Anonymous said...

The logo thing sounds like Esch-hole's commercial contest.


Also, what do you call someone who loses by at least 1 point?


What do you call someone who loses by 8-10 points?



BTOsborn said...

Sweeper. When has any politician ever won anything by playing nice? Politics is dirty. That's why we love it. If we were all "nice" people, we would find better things to do with our time than hang out here on the blogs. Wouldn't we?

What do I call anonymice? Losers senza coglioni!

Street Sweeper said...

But Brian,
Scott himself, said it's about the ISSUES.

I'm just trying to reconcile his statement about issues being neither Dem nor GOP, with his knocking of Raimondo for switching parties. That's all.

I'm just trying to figure out why he's being so hypocritical on the first day of the campaign.

You would have thought he'd wait at least a couple days before he started tossing the slime...

Anonymous said...

JOhanns is so prone to quiting everything he has every done I forsee him dropping this senate race to be ambassador to tahiti for 3 months. Get em in while you can Mikey the elephant is getting trampled in November

BTOsborn said...

Sweeper, one of my favorite Italian words is "quisquiglie." A loose translation would be "niggling little details, insignificant particulars." I guess I just like the way it sounds.

Anyway, I think you're trying to build a mountain out of a molehill. Politicos are always going to say contradictory things, especially about their opponents.

Let's talk about the really important things. We can discuss Scott's lack of "experience" compared to the experience that Johanns has of sticking it to the farmers in this state. We could talk about what it might take to be an effective representative in the Senate - Scott is a good public speaker while Mike could put a speed freak to sleep with his nasally drone. Let's get past the B.S. topics.

One Out In The Third said...


Hitler was one of the best public speakers ever...I wouldn't vote for him either.

As Clara Peller used to say..."Where's the Beef?" That's what I'm talking about. In just one day Raimondo is defining his run...check the papers.

Proud Dem said...

What does one call someone who doesn't want to be a proud dairy farmer anymore?


t does one call someone who doesn't want to be a practicing attorney anymore?


What does one call someone who doesn't want to be a mayor anymore?


What does one call someone who doesn't to be a governor anymore?


What does one call someone who doesn't to be an agriculture secretary anymore?


What does one call someone who has his nose stuck up Bush's "you know what"?


Street Sweeper said...

Just in case you're confused, this is a site that talks about politics in Nebraska (shockingly, we put all that in the title). So we talk about things like websites and commercials and signage and appearance and slogans and statements and speeches and other political issues.

Now your guy’s experience (or lack thereof) or positions on “the issues” (which he seems to mean, his opponent’s political background) can certainly be discussed. But we’re focusing on the politics here.

So if your guy makes a boneheaded statement on his first day, strangely enough, we’re going to split a few hairs on it. Now feel free to come back when we’re discussing the minutiae of Part A and Part B Medicare, but don’t be shocked if we’re also talking about your guy’s lame commercial.

It’s all part of politics…

BTOsborn said...


Oh My God!!!!! You've raised the specter of Hitler!!!!!!!!! Obviously your argument has taken on an insuperable amount of gravitas!!!!!! How can I argue against . . . Hitler?!!!! You win this round. I can't beat that!

Geez, the only cards I have left are Attila the Hun, Mussolini, and Pol Pot.

By the way . . . have you ever heard of Godwin's Law?

One Out In The Third said...


I was just following your lead about the oratorical skills of one S.K. and how that ability alone paves his way to making Nebraska/America a better place. My response wasn't any different than yours.

You could have at least included a bit or two about Kleeb's platform...educating all the village idiots out here in the Third. Of course Kleeb couldn't even do that himself when he lost the last time. So much for oratorical skills...he couldn't even beat a bland Adrian Smith. Must have been something else Thirders were looking for that gave Smith the 10 percent landslide.

The Kleeb camp is just another pack of liberal out-state political weasels using the same tired tactics. Even Hillary borrowed one of Kleeb's tricks against Obama claiming he used the evil "robo-caller" against her. We see through the facade.

Anonymous said...

Brian Osborn reminds me of the "Know-It-All Boy" from Polar Express who Santa tells "Patience, and a bit of humility might do you some good".

Geez. Take a breath once in a while!

BTOsborn said...


If I recall correctly it was:

Kleeb (minus Earmark Earl's coattails)
Smith (plus Hastert, Cheney, and W)

Anymouse, I'll take a breath when I run out of ideas.

Anonymous said...

Your whining and complaining has only just begun. Just wait till the Fall, when Kleeb is ahead in the polls. I live in Boston, and, I'm gonna raise money for this guy.

Remember: keep complaining!

One Out In The Third. said...


Thanks...your out-state contributions will help lift the sagging advertising and donut economy. Just like in the last election.

Anonymous said...

So what! Let kleeb win the JV match. It will be his first political "win."
Hey I like the enthusiasm of Kleeb but not the party. Can we trade Raimondo for Kleeb? BTW, Johanns has my vote and my vote shows up at every election.

Socratease said...

To: Sweeper and fellow perusers

As a friend of BrianTO --- if I (we) can get him back on his meds he will quit ACTING OUT so freaky. I know we are all getting fatigued with his cut and paste attack tactics from one blog subject to another degrading and belittling people.

Brian is really nice guy if we can get him past the repetitive babble by stabilizing his blood chemistry.

Betty said...

Socratease help me with a problem I have with the COWBOY.

Scott on his FACEBook states his HOMETOWN is Dunning, Nebraska. He wasn't born there --- he was born in Turkey. He wasn't raised there --- he was raised in Italia. Does vacationing in a place make that town your HOMETOWN?

Are we going to need a secret decoder book when the Marlboro man speaks? Is he already rewriting history?

I know BTO --- it is such an infinitesimally minute detail, why bother. BUT -- if I cannot trust him fundamentally on how he defines himself, how can I ever trust him on the BIG things?

BTOsborn said...

Socratease, still hitting the hemlock? I'm just getting off the NyQuil, Mucinex, and Alka Seltzer Plus. Like many of you the flu bug got me too.

Betty, home is where the heart is.

Mike Kennedy said...

I believe that change is our future and the past is history. Scott hopes for change and in that hope is our you guys really don't believe this stuff do you? Your party cannot be that intellectualy bankrupt. I actually feel sorry for Hillary. She and Bill must be going insane trying to beat the Hanna Montanaization of the democratic base. You think this will buy you the White House, maybe! But you cannot sustain a movement on this empty psycho-babel. Eventually it colapses. Conservatism has had its peaks and valleys, but it has remained a force because it is tied to an identifiable set of core values and beliefs. 10,000 people recently didn't go to the Civic auditorium for free health care or abortion on demand. They were their to see a rockstar. It's a long way until November.

BTOsborn said...

Sooooo, Mike,

What are these "conservative" core values and beliefs that you speak so highly of? I know what the "traditional" ones were, and they really were honorable, though regressive traits, but I really wouldn't want to be associated with those held by many of the current crop of "conservative" leaders.

If what we've seen from George W and his cronies is any indication of "conservative" core values then we are really in the deep doo doo.

OmaSteak said...

Kleeb was on KFAB yesterday afternoon with Tom Becka. Totally unprepared to answer a simple question in response to his "justification" for his campaign of "$30k/child born in USA national debt". Watched coverage of Raimondo's campaign kickoff, Johanns has nothing to worry about from Tony's really bad oratory. He had trouble reading his own speech.

ptg said...

Mr. Kleeb's best spokesperson is the highly educated, well-informed and patriotic btosburn. How can you say hoping for a future filled with hope is at all negative? If Mr. Kleeb were only a black cowpoker, Nebraska Republicans would be taking him more seriously.

Street Sweeper said...

To our reader from Boston,
Here’s who I suggest you support instead:

There’s a Republican who has lived in Massachusetts for a little over two years.

He grew up in Spain, and went to college in Maine and then at Stanford.

In his first job since school, he’s teaching an intro Poli Sci class at Williams College.

He has a winning smile as is married to Ann Coulter.

We think he has a great chance to beat Ted Kennedy this year.

What do you think?

Betty said...

BTO ---- I am finally following your great REASONING skills. If you are a DEM -- home is where the heart is found. If you are REP it doesn't matter who you are, where you are from or what you believe you are piece of sh*t. YOU are so brilliant!!!!

BTOsborn said...

Betty, thanks for the compliment, but you shouldn't deduce that all Republicans are short. In fact, some of them are quite tall.

Some of my very best friends are Republicans. We don't discuss politics, for obvious reasons. I don't HATE Republicans, I just am diametrically opposed to their philosophies.

Boston Reader said...

I take your point Street Sweeper. That said, it's harder to get any more Blue than Massachusetts, where we have voted for the DEM candidate in the Presidential election all but 2 or 3 times since WW2.

I'm not saying I like that. In fact, as an Independent, I find it quite tiresome to be surrounded by so much groupthink.

But Nebraska is not anywhere as close to being Red, and MA is Blue. We are still saddled with antiquated, urban, labor-politics here. My experience in the Plains States informed me that the entire framework was very different. I spent alot of time in Iowa. (No, Iowa is not Nebraska either).

What are Johanns negatives? Are they low? I'd wager they are low. So Kleeb does not have much of a chance, I agree. That said, Kleeb can force the GOP to spend money and time they would prefer not to spend. Kleeb would have a better shot were Johanns a lightweight, which clearly he is not.

But it's going to be a much-watched race, regardless. Especially, as you correctly point out, Kleeb has sunk his teeth already into Obama's coat-tails. Now, that probably strikes you as lame. But frankly it's not such a bad idea.