Thursday, February 21, 2008

What's in it for Kleeb?

As any political observers outside of a rock have heard, Scott Kleeb is planning on announcing his entrance into the U.S. Senate race.

A few thoughts:

First, how about the fact that Kleeb plans on announcing his intentions on Monday? Guess who is also announcing on Monday...Tony Raimondo!

Now it's one thing for Kleeb to get into the race at the 11th hour after Raimondo (via Ben Nelson) went to all the effort to switch parties, hire a staff (like former NDP spokesman, Eric Fought), and arrange and announcement at Behlen. But then Kleeb, knowing his announcement will garner more interest among party faithful, goes and steps on Raimondo's gig!

(Friends, in politics, this is known as a d*ck-move.)

Don't think that the powers-that-be in the party (namely E. Ben Nelson) won't forget about this move by Kleeb.

But the bigger question for Kleeb is...why get in?

For Raimondo, it's easy. He's old and this is his one shot at taking such an office. He's got some money to blow... and switch parties? What the hell. If he loses, he can go back to being the king of the hill in Columbus and spend his retirement sipping pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

But for Kleeb? Sure, if he makes it all the way through, lightning could strike. Everyone could decide that Mike Johanns is the devil and that Kleeb is more than just the Hot Rancher. And on that same day Kleeb might also hit the Lotto and discover a cure for lumbago. It's possible right? Sure it is.

Probable? Not so much.

And there's the rub. The primary will be forgettable (even as all the Dems are getting pumped about it). If Kleeb wins -- big deal, he beat a Republican in a Democrat primary. He loses? His short political career will get even shorter.

But even if he wins the primary, and even if he rides Obama's coat-tails as far as they'll get him, he is much more than likely to lose to Johanns. And probably lose badly. And even if he loses in versus-Adrian Smith style (by 10%), what does he get out of that? It's not as if he's going to ride that loss into a House seat or the Governor's office, or into another Senate seat. A loss is a loss is a loss.

And this will be another loss for Kleeb, no matter how you slice it.

But hey, it beats working for a living, right Scott?


Ricky Gervais said...

Let's get back to bashing Matt Miltenberger!!!

Here's another reason to dislike him: he's Oxford educated! What a loser!

Long live, King George, you red-coat loving limey! And thanks alot for David Beckham. Miltenberger.

Mike Kennedy said...

A contested party may give Kleeb in an Obama Obasm environment 5 more points against Johanns. So Kleeb gets beat by 30 points instead of 35. Johanns will do to the Democrats what Nelson has done to us. Erode the base of the other side. Nothing against Scott but everyone likes Mike.

Eric said...

I'm touched that you're so worried for the well being of Kleeb's political career.

The reason Kleeb has to run now is the same reason that Obama had to run now. They both had a lot of buzz at the moment, and that buzz doesn't last four to eight years. Now is the time to capitalize on it despite the other things going against you.

The NDP is grooming a handful of other young political hopefuls who they want to make a bigger impact in the future, so it isn't a huge loss to not put Kleeb in the Legislature for eight years before running him at the federal level again. Who knows when the next open seat will be (or who the 800 pound gorilla will be at that time). I'm sure Kleeb understands the political risk, and if he feels comfortable going all in with his first few hands, why stop him?

mike kennedy said...

Query BTO and other dems, whom do you line up with? Toni or Scott?

Uncle Wiggily said...


You may recall I have a vanishingly small fondness for the Limestone Cowpie, the baddest, latte-lappingest galoot east of the Quinnipiac - so the notion of him running headlong into Johanns sends me into a veritable paroxysm of anticipation.

Yo - Scotty - you thought Adrian was tough? You best take a deep seat and short rein, cowboy ... cause it's Powder River time in Kleeb-ville.

Bwahahahahahahahaha ....

Anonymous said...

Regarding Kleeb's apparent bid for US Senate and forthcoming loss to Johanns, Vince Lomarbdi put it best. "Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser."

-Gene Frenkel

BTOsborn said...

Mike K,

Oh there is no doubt about where my loyalties lie. I'm with Scott Kleeb 110% of the way. I really do believe that even here in Nebraska, one of the reddest states in the union, people have had their fill of Republican shenanigans and are ready to make some historical changes. Scott's victory will be proof of that.

Tony Raimondo is a poster child for all that is wrong with the current Nebraska Democratic Party. There are those willing to sell their souls in order to get on Ben's buddy's bandwagon and he'll accumulate a coterie of political consultants willing to feed at his trough.

There is a grassroots movement sprouting that is going to take the entrenched political structure by surprise. If Scott takes advantage of it, he will ride on the shoulders of Nebraskans that give a damn about real issues, not just those imposed on them by the media and big money. There are thousands of Nebraskans that supported his last race that are chomping at the bit to have another chance at it. Only this time, they're going to be better prepared and better organized.

You all can make all the Brokeback and Limestone Cowpie jokes you want, but come November you're going to have to get used to the idea that Sen. Scott Kleeb will be going to Washington.

bob said...

Scotty is about to step on Ben’s boy. Ben has cultivated a soft, pliable, happily dough-like exterior to mask a darker nature. He isn’t a gentle Ben.

No more Brokeback jokes. Think Deliverance. When Ben gets done with Scotty, that not-so Jolly Rancher will wonder what hit him.

BTOsborn said...


You guys just can't help yourselves, can you? No matter what the topic, you always turn any comments about Democrats into some cheap "gay" joke. I'm beginning to believe what I hear about those of you that do that, that you really are just closeted gays trying to mask your homosexuality by acting out your "manliness."

You should consider changing your party affiliation. At least we Democrats understand that homosexuality is determined by nature, not choice, and we accept gays for what they are . . . human beings. Is your Republican party as understanding?

Uncle Wiggily said...

Gay??! Who said anything about gay? btosborn - you mentioned it first. Maybe you know something the rest of us don't?

Phony carpet-bagging lightweight yuppie type with waaaay more ambition than ability - I'm down for that ... but gay? Don't know - don't care.


BTOsborn said...

Wiggly, you'd have to get out of your rabbit hole once in a while to "get" the cinematic references hinted at by Bob. But then you might get some fresh air and your mind would start to function better. That's a risk you'd have to take.

bob said...

No characters in Deliverance were homosexuals. The film was about rape and rape isn't about sex. Rape is about viciously dominating others. Political power is the intellectual equivalent. And if you don't think that's true, I have bridge for sale.

The revenge Ben will take on Scott won't be less painful because it is political.

BTW, all sex is funny. No form of human effort is more ridiculous, except perhaps the seriousness of those who defend it as if it was an intellectual achievement.

BTOsborn said...

Bob, you have a right to your opinions, wrong though they may be. I thought Deliverance was about revenge. It also gave me hope that even I might one day learn to play the banjo.

One Out In The Third said...

The Uncle put it the best. BWAHAHAHAAHAHA!

Kleeb won't get past Raimondo in the Primary. I might even become a Dem for a Day to vote for Tony based on a twinge of hope that he is more moderate. It was Kleeb that said we aren't paying enough taxes. That scares me.

omaha repub said...

Ber, der der,der der, der der, der der der der.

I hear banjos.....Squeel like a

You guys crack me up. How can you compare the chizzled cowboy to Ned Beatty? Funny I saw Kleebs wife last night basically saying the New York Times hit piece on McCain was credible.....Message to Scott "please roll your wife out on the campaign trail" ...her comments will make her negatives higher that Hillary's in this state.

One Out In The Third said...

If you notice, Kleeb's wife, the lovely Ms Jane is not much more than a token Democrat on Fox. She is usually cut off, leaving her to shake her head and smile. Scott is obviously a vegetarian cowboy (I'd say cowpoke but that would be misinterpreted) because the lovely Ms Jane rarely brings "meat to the table" in her interviews.

All cows.

omaha repub said...

It's funny about Fox (and I enjoy watching fox). They get a 55 year old white guy to host the show and have 30 year old young women duke it out. These women are credible and qualified but is Fox trying to have the equivalent of a "cat fight" or "ladies mud wrestling" on its programming

BTOsborn said...

The lack of serious political discourse on this site is amazing. Name calling, catcalls, and unsubstantiated BS is all I see. C'mon, put up your best political wits guys. Give me some practice! I'm losing my edge arguing with you. I might have to go back to picking on the NNNers just for the sport. At least some of those kids over there know the subject matter and can argue their points intelligently.

OmaSteak said...

"What's in it for Kleeb?" He gets to feed his ego with other people's money? He puts family/friends on campaign payroll? He gets out of "honey do" jobs for the duration? Who knows why he'd run when he's got to be fairly sure he'd be lucky(?) to win the primary. On the upside, will conclude his "saga" as an up & coming NE dem.

Paul M. said...

BTO: if the level of intellectual discourse on this site displeases you then how about this for a novel idea: go somewhere else! Or better yet, start your own blog! But then again, if you started your own blog no one would stop by to read your painfully obnoxious and flimsy political arguments. Here you have a captive (or should I say "captured" audience). Out of curiosity, what was your highest level of education? And no, a trade school doesn't suffice. But judging by your sentence structure and marginally proficient use of vocabulary I'm going to say high school or a couple of semesters at Southeast. Am I right?

Let's just remember your ignorant prediction: Scott Kleeb will beat Mike Johanns. Let's say that one more time: BTO thinks Scott Kleeb will beat Mike Johanns.

Such is the prediction of a rube.

SImply put, Brian, you are a moron of titanic proportions whose political acumen is no more keen than that of a 3rd grader. If you choose to stay here fine, but please, how about employing a little discretion with your idiocies.

TH said...

Wow, really, you are questioning what level of education he has achieved? Personaly, I think he makes more sense than rest of y'all. Oh, maybe you shouldn't be calling in question his prediction that Kleeb will win. It was just a couple of years ago I was called a complete idiot by an acquiantence when I said that Jim Webb would beat Allen. I also want to know who predicted that Jon Tester would beat Morrison in the Mont. Primary then go on to beat Burns? I don't know of anyone that saw that coming. Who saw Nancy Boyda beating Jim Ryun in Kansas? No one thought that Truman was going bounce back and beat Dewey.I am one that thinks that no one should ever make light of others predictions in Politics, anything can happen in Politics. Because every cycle someone is made of fool of by what they said of others predictions, and i want to help you not be that person. Just in case you need to know my education background too, I graduated high school with an average gpa of 3.97, I am currently in college and yes i know my grammer and spelling sucks. English, lit, and other such classes have never been my forte. That is why i ain't going into english but am rather a proud PoliSci major.

BTOsborn said...

Paul M.,

Just FYI, I have a BFA (summa cum laude), graduated advanced avionics school in the USNavy and worked depot level repair on the most complex avionics the Navy had flying at the time I was in. I worked as a civilian at a nuclear cruise missile base for Raytheon. I am mother-tongue fluent in Italian, and I can speak some German and Spanish. In your book I must be a blathering idiot, but coming from someone so obviously handicapped, I will take your insults as a compliment.

Where did you say you got your G.E.D.?

Anonymous said...


I'm a working class Republican. Good to see your Democrat elitism is showing its stripes.

For what it's worth, Kleeb's East Coast "avoid the real issues" liberalism will go down in flames thanks to Raimondo's "Ben Nelson" moderate Democratism.

Funny thing, but your own Senator is the skunk at your party.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian, you elitist liberal pig. How dare you serve in the United States Navy and do quite well for yourself. Come on!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the lack of political discourse on this site, please remember the topic is Scott Kleeb. Zzzzzz.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ricky - no need to continue bashing Miltenberger here - the Omaha World Herald, the McCook Gazette and the Grand island Independent have all trashed his tactics in the last week.

I'm glad he's "Oxford educated". Its more proof of the NE GOP hypocrisy - an Ivy league educated Kleeb is somehow a semi-homosexual east coast elitist and an Oxford boy who hasnt seved in the military is within his moral bounds to attack NE Iraq war veterans.

Its the great irony of this war - Democrats get bashed for not supporting the war but supporting the troops when they come home and the Republicans support the war and leave the troops to fend for themselves back home.

The republicans are oppsoed to mental health care for troops, rehab services for veterans - hell they even want the soldiers at Walter Reed to pay for their own lunches. What a deal - - here's a prosthetic leg and you owe us $6 for the bacon cheddar soup.

Miltenberger needs no more bashng - in his time at the NE GOP he has sparked more negative media coverage of the NE GOP than anyone else could have achieved.

The new Pete Ricketts branded NE GOP - waiting to attack the next veteran who dares seek public office.

Oh - and another reminder for everyone - Mike Johanns and Chuck hagel were both carpetbaggers. And Johanns USED to be a Democrat while Hagel is now a Democrat.

How ironic.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness to Chuck Hagel, he votes with the GOP somewhere around 95 percent of the time.

He is just against the war. That doesn't make him a Democrat.

Mike Kennedy said...

How is Johanns a carpet bagger? He moved to Omaha in 1971 when he was 22 years old. Graduated from Creighton law. He didn't run for office until the 1980's. He only lived in DC as Ag Secretary. Justt trying to get Anonymoys' story straight.

omaha repub said...

Kleeb is the carpetbager!!!! And as far as being a real cowboy, that is hogwash. Johanns grew up and WORKED on a farm. While the Professor/Ranchhand played on the ranch, Mike got up at 4:00 in the morning and cared for his family's dairy production. If anyone knows, a dairy farm 40 years ago is no picnic. It's a 365 day a year job. So before the Leavenworth Street Dems attack Johanns they better get their facts straight.

One Out In The Third said...


You forgot the part about Chuck Hagel voting for illegals. His track record there is abysmal...when he does vote.

what about these facts? said...

Chuck Hagel's voting record is actually around 72% support for Bush. According to the World Herald anyway. He had the sharpest drop off in support for Bush - even steeper than Nelson's when the Democrats took control of Congress. His position on the war is the same as Hillary Clinton's (voted for it, hasn't stopped complaining since).
He supports amnesty, called border security "silly" and is opposed the the Protect America Surveillance bill. He recently indicated he would disavow his pro-life stance to be Obama's running mate and has openly considered becoming a Democrat for political reasons.

Johanns is from Iowa. At least you all can agree. And his farming background didn't do much for NE agriculture when he was in the cabinet - see FSA closing, opposition to drought assistance, support for illegal immigration and amnesty.

To co-opt an argument made on this site about the usefulness of military service as a qualifier for running for office - I'd take a guy who has seen combat over a guy who pulled on cow tits for experience - any day. (and before everyone gets up in arms - that isn't a slam on farmers - its a slam on the hypocrisy in the "qualifications" argument here on LS.)

Anonymous said...

Which is the Shagcarpetbagger?

olgathemilkmaid said...

I believe it is cow "teats".

Frank said...

To: What about these facts? And Olga.

Olga --- you have a "gotcha" for the Einstein --- NOT!!!

WATF --- With your superb reasoning I am sure you voted for Bob Dole over Bill Clinton --- since "war veteran" always trumps "teats" no matter how you spell them. (Or does that logic only apply to candidates that "pulled" on critters that walk on four legs?)

A prophet from the west said...

Scott does not want to swim upstream against Gentle Ben by running head to head with Tony. All the DailyKOS horses and men cannot put Scott back together again after the junior Senator from Nebraska goes caustic. The (un)friendly fire from Ben has surprised and sidelined many a good wannabes.

Therefore, come Monday --- I don't think the COWboy has the stones to burn the bridge where Ben is the keeper.

BTO ---- make down that prophesy. We will compare scores come November.

WATF said...

Frank - I guess you mised the point. Fact is the Nebraska Repubs are OK bashing personal experience of war vets and staunchly protect party-switching-career-politician-cow milkin-milquetoast candidates because they grew up on a farm in Iowa.

I'm not saying Johanns' background is a bad thing. But some have indicated serving in Iraq is not esteemable enough. That makes sense - all the war supporters in Nebraska's Congressional Delegation are non-military. The one that was in the military is against the war.

But it's OK for Pay-raise Lee, Holy Fort and "businessman" Smith to keep sending folks like Rich Carter and Max to fight in wars they wont even visit on a CODEL.

Anonymous said...

Which elected official has not been to Iraq?

Tim said...

WATF ---- no, I think it is you that is missing at least one point.

We could have kept doing the Bill Clinton retreat dance resembling Neville Chamberlin. But weakness historically has never, NEVER lead to peace if you are head to head with a despot tyrant pushing you to the limits.

Not one single member of Congress would vote for WAR if we were not threatened by an enemy that hates the United States more than they love their children that they send on suicide missions.

Anonymous said...


Get the facts, Jack...

Congressman Terry is the ONLY one to vote against the pay raise.

Nice try, though.