Friday, January 11, 2008

Kleeb in the Balance

Last month, Pope Benedict warned of the global warming “Prophets of Doom” who are using scare tactics and phony science to gin up support for their political agenda.

Well Nebraska now has its own official prophet – none other than the Hot Ranch-Hand, Scott Kleeb!

Kleeb was up on his pulpit at the Nebraska Democrat’s Harry S Truman Dinner on Friday spewing forth about the evils that Nebraskans are ignoring.
We face the moral test of our lifetime in combating climate change and achieving true energy independence, not just from our enemies in the world, but from ourselves and our consuming habits.

(Domestic policies) tell us we can drill our way to energy independence and then bury our heads in those wells when it comes to global warming.

But nothing worth doing ever is easy.
(And when Democrats tell you that their “moral” plan won’t be “easy”, keep a firm grip on your wallet.)

So when Kleeb comes knocking at your door, asking for your vote (and your money), keep in mind that he will be among those that:

Want to control your thermostat.
Want to regulate the belchin’ and fartin’ cows in your feedlot.
Want to tax your minivan.
Want to take away your SUV.
And want to beatify Al Gore.

That’s the direction he’d be heading in office.
Whether he should get to the Senate, or the House or the Unicameral.

But Kleeb got one thing right in his little speech that made the Dems all dewy eyed:
We face a global threat of extremism and division…
Only thing is, while he may have meant terrorist, it can apply to the weather-nazis just as well.

Consider yourself warned.


OmaSteak said...

For some deep insight into the "liberalism" of Kleeb and company, try reading "Liberal Fascism" by Jonah Goldberg.

Fred said...

Did the "COWBOY" and adjunct college professor miss something about the 110th Congress. Czar Pelosi said "partnership over partisanship" and lied ---- by the congressional approval rating of 15%, perhaps the Dems idea of being agents of change is not what the nation had in mind when they changed the majority in the House.

Anonymous said...
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One Out In The Third said...

Everyone out here in the boonies thought he would be giving his coming out speech...and all he does is try to scare folks with climate change and tell us how much more we have to sacrifice (translated - TAXES.) There's a platform that will leave Johann's in the dust.

I still think Ms. Jane oughta be the one running.

socratease said...

Only in the world of Nebraska Democrats can a person that has never had a full time (40 hour week or more) job be considered seriously as a candidate for other than a dog catcher.

Also, the last time even the Republicans BELIEVED in and supported a candidate that lived in Nebraska just a few days before running for the Senate got burned badly.

Are we, both Democrats and Republicans smarter today than we were twelve years ago???

One Out In The Third said...

To set the record straight as I do want to be politically correct. By "coming out" in my previous post, I meant his announcement to run as a candidate for U.S. Senate.

My how the times have changed.

Eric said...

That's not the environmental extremism that Benedict was talking about. The Pope was talking about people who try to blame things like hurricanes and tsunamis on global warming. There is broad scientific consensus which is "uninhibited by ideological pressure" that shows that the world is being polluted in ways that negatively affect humans. Calling for public policy which seeks to turn around this failure of stewardship is the moral and prudent thing to do.

I think the Holy Father would agree. In the same "Prophet of Doom" speech you mentioned, he talked a lot about how we should protect the environment and how costs "should be justly distributed, taking due account of the different levels of development of various countries and the need for solidarity with future generations" (that means us). In his Christmas midnight Mass he mentioned "the abuse of energy and its selfish and reckless exploitation".

But, you know, Jesus probably does want us to keep throwing all the garbage from our excessively wasteful lifestyles into the oceans and the atmosphere.

BTOsborn said...

I recall an old cartoon from the '60s by Gahan Wilson entitled, "I Think I Won," showing a soldier, the last surviving person on earth, standing alone, grasping his rifle, amidst the ruins of his world.

I think the modern version will show a Republican, the last surviving person on earth, standing alone, grasping his wallet, amidst the ruins of his world.

One Out In The Third said...


That is my all-time favorite cartoon.
I am afraid the modern version might be a Democrat holding a Republican's wallet though.

BTOsborn said...

3rd Base,

If it's a Democrat holding a Republican's wallet, then it will be empty because the Republican would have spent his last dime helping to destroy God's creation.

Mike said...

Street Sweeper you twit. How dare you misuse the words of the Pope for political gain. That is one of the most disrespectful things you can do. I didn't have much respect for you before because you are clearly a political hack but this is tremendously offensive.

You might not agree with Scott Kleeb on Global Warming, but this is ridiculous.

mike in omaha said...

question for Brokeback Kleeb...Are you going to tell farmers that they can't have their pick-ups because you support 35 mpg mandatory standards? Everyone on the page must admidt Kleeb will never have a chance to be a Senator or Congressman from this state.

Kyle Michaelis said...


Congratulations. This is probably your lamest, most outlandish, and most childish post yet. You're associating Scott Kleeb with "weather-nazis" and accusing him of every form of environmental extremism without any basis beyond your imagination and your political bias.

It's ironic that you'd attack Kleeb for his innocent call to action in the same week that Adrian Smith publicly acknowledged mankind's role in global climate change after years of imbecilic denial. The only difference between the two is that Kleeb was right from the start and is actually willing to offer some leadership on the issue.

Neal Obermeyer said...

I don't know, Kyle - I've long suspected that Leavenworth Street was some kind of long-form performance art - the Sweeper may have tipped his hand with this one.

I just thought it was really funny how SS was criticizing Kleeb for being a "Prophet of Doom" using "scare tactics" ... in the body of an entry trying to frighten people about what scary old Scott wants to do with their money - even ending with "Consider yourself warned."


Street Sweeper said...

Well, well well. Looks like we struck a nerve on this one!

We all know a good chunk of Kleeb's political agenda now and can see how his defenders will jump.

I'm looking forward to more of Kleeb telling us how to be moral. (I have a feeling it involves Al Gore and Netflix...)


Neal Obermeyer said...


Ward said...

"Coming out" and "brokeback"?

If you have something to say, just say it. Your moral embarassment isn't shared by everyone.

Democrats think homosexuality is a form of heroism. You cannot hurt thier feelings on that topic. Gay Republcans may find thier careers ruined but gay Democrats find thier donations increase.

bobby fidelis said...

The comments here are exactly why many consider the whole global warming crowd and their philosophy a religion. Sweeper you did hit a nerve, the same nerve that exists across this country with the members of The Church of Global Warming.
You can't disagree with these zealots, who ardently and fanatically believe in their religion, otherwise you face their wrath.
It is right, not despicable, to point out Kleeb's comments here, after all, it is a political blog. His associations with those who constitute the majority of The Church body, those on the far left were well suspected prior to last election and will impact any attempt at another run.

BTOsborn said...

I am a proud left wing Liberal and I will certainly defend my beliefs when I feel it is necessary. I won't be doing it by calling all the ignoramuses that disagree with me names like stupid idiots, uneducated fools, or pea-brained numbnuts. No, I'd never do that. ;-)

And what is it with all you Republicans that have so much hatred towards homosexuals? Are you afraid they're going to tell on you after you've done your little tap-dance routine in the bathroom stalls?

Eric said...


You're right, my religion says I should try not to pollute God's creation. But, you're wrong about the name. It's actually called Christianity.

BTOsborn said...

So what is with Bush skimming the cream off the top of the money allocated as earmarks? Both the Lincoln Journal Star and the Omaha World Herald had stories on this today?

What's Bush up to? Is he funding his own little (Blackwater) army to ensure that he won't have to leave his office next year? Is he pulling an Iran-Contra style funding for another dirty war? Is he just paying for his huge new ranch in Paraguay? What's he up to?

Street Sweeper said...

Now Brian,
There's a perfectly good post on this over at the NNN for you to comment on, instead of hijacking this post...


Anonymous said...

Somebody give Ward a dictionary!

Anonymous said...

That is nothing. The current Republican governor and Republican Senator Gay want to control the individual habits and force state employees into wellness programs. Most programs use a carrot for those who enroll, here they have used a corked bat.

I thought Republicans wanted to stay out of the individuals life? I thought Republicans wanted government not to impose its will on people? When did these guys stop being Republicans?

BTOsborn said...


I quit posting on the NNN because a good Democratic woman, one that I genuinely respect, asked me to please quit picking on the children. I wonder how long it'll be before she finds out I've been posting over here and asks me to do the same.

Besides, it wasn't much fun any more. Kyle's hyperbole wore thin, Dave's defenses of the indefensible was downright dull, and all the self-congratulatory kudos they spewed all over the site whenever they got mentioned in the "real" press was about as welcome as the next Britney Spears "breaking news" event on the Fox Noise channel.

I enjoy the mudslinging as much as anyone, but I sure wish the level of competition were a bit higher. Those posters who make derogatory allusions to the sexual proclivities of those who disagree with them really do need to hone their debating skills. Who knows, they might eventually become master debaters.

Mike in Omaha said...

Hey Brian the Brokeback comment is not anti-gay or homophobic...Kleeb purposefully puts the image of pretty boy coyboy out to the public. I know a lot of ranchers and they do not look like Kleeb, they actually work the land and have dirt under their fingernails. Also if they wear a hat, they wear it all the time. I challenge anybody at Hastings college to see Kleeb on campus or around town wearing a coboy hat. The hat goes on for commercials or for campaign purposes only. But once again the hat is so Brokeback.

Bob said...

Homosexuality is accepted by the Democratic Party as normal. So why the heated response from Democrats here?

Whether we agree or disagree about homosexuality, it is an issue that Democrats embrace. So go give it good hug.

mike in omaha said...

Message to Street Sweeper: Please in all future postings of Scott Kleeb use the Cowboy picture off his website as opposed to the "clearisil or Oxy 10" picture you used in this posting. Mr. Kleeb needs to been seen publicly as he portrays himself, rough, rugged, and ready to bring to us a "New Brand of Liberalism..errr.. I mean Politics"

BTOsborn said...


The tie-in with "Brokeback Mountain" is such a blatant , however lame, attempt to tie the issue of homosexuality to Scott Kleeb's image. If your primary concern is whether or not Mr. Kleeb's headgear is "in" this year or not, perhaps you should limit your comments to the "Queer Eye" website. I'm sure you and boys over there would have quite a fascinating conversation.

I have several good friends that earn their keep by farming or ranching. What they wear to work and what they wear when they're dressed for social events cover a wide range of sartorial choices. There are those that trade their beat up old cowboy hats for a very fancy Stetson. There are those that choose to go without. One old pal of mine, a Republican (darn it) and a hard working rancher, tells me that REAL cowboys were Nike's and ball caps with a seed corn logo on them.

If you want to take issue with Mr. Kleeb's political opinions, I'd say this is the place to do it. If you want to take issue with the fact that the Democratic Party does, indeed, support those whose sexual preference is homosexual, just as it supports every other difference that differentiates each and every one of us, then that's fair game too. But your references to "Brokeback Mountain" are really childish.

Isn't there anyone here on Leavenworth Street that wants to discuss the real differences between the political positions of Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians, etc., or is this just another one of those blogs where bozos that hide behind made up monikers like to throw around junior high school level pot shots at what their opponents wear, how they comb their hair, or what kind of car they drive?

BTOsborn said...

And yeah, I know I can't type worth a darn when I'm in a hurry.

mike in omaha said...

Street Sweeper, what kind of cars to the Kleebs drive? Anyone else know?

BTOsborn said...


Thanks for clearing that up for us. Your reply leaves no doubts.

Mike in Omaha said...


The car issue is relevant. You liberal dems exempt yourselves from your radical policies. Al Gore owns gas guzzling cars, flys on private planes, owns a house that consumes 20X the average home. So do many of the these do as I say not as I do liberals. Unless Kleeb is driving a Prius, walking to work, eating a non meat diet and using only one piece of toilet paper per sitting, he is a hippocryt!!!!

Neal Obermeyer said...

"You liberal dems." Because everyone who doesn't think like Mike thinks alike.

You know Mike, I'd love to be able to afford a Prius. But not only can I not afford one, I haven't needed a new car since the Prius came out.

But you apparently think that you can excuse yourself from any kind of intellectual debate because of a set of rules you've decided upon that would make hypocrites out of people like me who would like more efficient energy policy.

I know you don't realize it, Mike, but you're absolutely proving Brian's point. You're looking for a check sheet of ad hominems to dismiss Kleeb and the other "liberal dems" leaving you free from having to think and discuss actual issues.

I guess the good news for you is that if he does drive a Prius, you can accuse him of not being a real cowboy.

BTOsborn said...

Well Mike,
Since we're reeling 'em out and comparing . . . I drive a 1995 four cylinder Chevy S-10 pickup with an Al Franken for Senate bumper sticker on it. I am a carnivore, not just because I like to support the cattle feeders in my county, but because I like beef. And I wipe my ass with Republican campaign literature.

Although I'm not a farmer, a lot of the folks around here are, and when I was younger I detasseled corn, laid irrigation pipe, and loaded hay bales for some of my friends' folks that do farm. And I used to know how to ride a horse bareback. I'm too old for those kinds of shenanigans now.

Your turn.

Street Sweeper said...

The "toilet paper" line was actually pretty funny Brian.

We're looking forward to your blog.

And we hope to get a new post up soon so we can hit another topic, as I think this one has been driven into the gorund (using a hydrogen-powered hybrid, of course).

Mike in Omaha said...

BTO which literature, the shiny 4 color press kind or Kinkos card was a funny line Brian

To save some money in the future I have some Kate Witek for State Auditor tri-fold brochures in two styles, Republican and Democrat. Take your pick, I wipe with both.

BTOsborn said...

I'm waiting for the new ones with Mike Johanns' smiling face, but the four color stuff lacks texture and uses more environmentally unfriendly inks.

I gotta admit, you guys are more fun than that bunch over on NNN. Dave probably would have expunged my TP remarks or Kyle would have gone balistic, to the point of looking up a few new words in his thesaurus.

k said...
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db said...

Nobody but the NNN folks support Kleeb. I and my fellow downtown moonbats see through the ruse... right to another Ben Nelson.

Every time I search for information on Kleeb (specific policies, promises, or stances on issues), all I find are a couple YouTube videos and 57,000 ways to give him money. Oh, and how to sign up for Kleeb email spam. Fantastic.

FYI DraftKleeb/NNN people: nobody's buying it but you.