Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who's your POTUS?

There was surprisingly very little press out of Norman, Oklahoma after the big Moderates Summit. Apparently many tried to NOT make it a coronation for Mike Bloomberg, and they succeeded to an extent. Being overshadowed by the Presidential primaries didn't help. And the Obama surge probably took some of the wind out of Bloomberg's sails.

If Obama wins and McCain wins, there will be no room, or interest in a third party candidacy. The Hillary and Rudy leads probably stoke Bloomberg's interest the most -- considering that they're both New York pols whom Bloomberg figures he's head and shoulders above.

But if Hillary is in and say McCain or even Huckabee get the nod, what then?

And then there's the wobble-ation (it's a word) of Chuck Hagel these days. At the Stormin'Norman conference he implicitly talked about switching parties. Now, it's not clear if he was talking about going from R to I, or from R to D. But Hagel's name always seems to come up as the Dem's favorite Republican. Of course, the love is almost all about Iraq and hating the Bush Administration (and to a lesser extent immigration). Some have even whispered about an Obama-Hagel ticket to show true "Change!" at the top.

But, assuming an Obama nomination, if Hillary keeps the nom process close then there's no way Obabma could entertain thoughts of Hagel as veep. The party stalwarts wouldn't allow it -- with all of Hagel's conservative positions being brought out. (And how would he vote on ties in the Senate?) Of course he could always have a position in a Dem administration, like how GOP Senator Cohen was Clinton's Sec Def.

And then Obama aside, look who else brings Hagel to the forefront in an Iraq argument: Former President Bubba. Lame-duck Hagel is still having fun in the limelight!


Today, Nebraska's other Senator, Ben Nelson, said the Surge in Iraq isn't working -- on same day that McCain and Lieberman said it did work.

Nelson is clearly being pushed to lead the way for national Dems to say the Surge isn't really working (facts notwithstanding). Dems can point at the "conservative" Nelson and say, "well if NELSON thinks that it's not working, well then, gee, it must really not be working."

But Nelson points to the failure of the Iraqi government to form a coalition, etc, for the reason that the Surge hasn't worked. Which is stupid. The Surge is a military tactic, not a political one. Not to mention that it's comical that Nelson thinks that Iraqi factions that are still trying to literally kill each other will come together and hold hands just because the violence has diminished. It's going to take time. Heck, Republicans and Democrats can't get a simple bills passed in Congress and they've been working at it for 200+ years.

But ya know, interesting spin E. Ben.


And the other news hitting the blogs is that Jon Bruning has decided to back Mike Huckabee for Prez.

Now Nebraska Republicans are still all over the place for the primary. Lee Terry was an early Fred-head. Dave Heineman is pro-Mitt. Hal Daub and former Governor Charlie Thone are state co-chairs for Rudy Giuliani. McCain was a Tom Osborne guy back in the Gov's race (and considering how loyal T.O. is, you'd have to figure he'd return the favor if asked).

By supporting Huck, is Bruning trying to get the fundamentalist Christians, Huckabee's main supporters, on his side? Or is he doing it just to put his thumb in Heineman's eye? Or maybe just to try to get lucky picking the next Prez?

Because it's curious that Bruning chose to mention Huck's "law and order" credentials when Huck is the one candidate that has the inmate-pardon problems from his days as Arkansas Governor. Of all the things he could support Huck on, why not mention Pro-Life issues or other general conservative issues? Oh well.


And since everyone is talking about the Presidential stuff anyway, feel free to toss in your thoughts and support. (Just remember to use the Jim Rome rule: Have a take, and don't suck.)


Omaha Repub said...

Does anyone know who Ben Nelson or Mike Fahey is supporting for president? Not too many elected dems here in Nebraska to endorse anybody. Oh I want to throw Kate Witek's name for State Democratic Chair. She has expirience in switching paries and fits the Mold of Mike...errr I mean Anne Boyle.

Street Sweeper said...

Fahey went to a Hillary rally in Iowa just before the caucuses. We'll count that as supporting her.

Justin Time said...

Ben Nelson is too gutless, spineless, and marbleless (it's a word) to pick a presidential favorite. He knows he'll be laughed out of the state if he sides with Hillary. He knows he'll raise eyebrows with "conservative" Dems if he picks Obama.

Let me help you, E. Ben and Mr. Brunning. The next president of these United States will be a guy named Mitt.

macdaddy said...

I can't wait until all the candidates start campaigning here. I'm really looking forward to meeting them at B&G's or Village Inn to find out where they stand on the issues. Maybe I'll get to host a coffee for Rudy. Maybe Huckabee will come preach at my church. I've got $10 to put in the plate. I'll be feeling the love May 13th.

OmaSteak said...

IMHO, if Obama gets past Hillary in the primaries to get the Dem nomination then it's highly probably he wins. I don't see a Rep candidate out there that can lay a glove on his "message"/oratory and make it stick. I think if he is elected, he's very likely to be a one term President ala Jimmy Carter. I wish there was someone on the Rep side who could match him in those areas. There just doesn't seem to be someone like that at present. Frankly, I'm spending more time trying to figure out how to structure finances with a Dem President and Dem Congress on a tax and spend binge.

Mike in Omaha said...

Here is one folks, who does Toni Toni Tone and the Marlboro Man support for president? Let the sparks fly at the Truman Dinner.

Street Sweeper said...

FYI, per the NYT, here's where Nelson comes down on an endorsement:

“There have been some conversations, I can say that,” said Senator Ben Nelson, the moderate Nebraska Democrat. Mr. Nelson, who invited Mr. Obama to campaign for him in 2006, said he has not yet pulled the trigger on an endorsement but that he was more inclined to consider one now since two Senate Democrats — Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware and Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut — had dropped out.
“When there were four of your colleagues, it certainly made it virtually impossible to do so,” he said earlier this week. “You get to two and it is just a little bit easier.”

Dave said...

Fahey donated $2300 to Obama, fwiw, if you care about accuracy.

Street Sweeper said...


Your "fwiw" (that's how the kids say "for what it's worth" these days), is the key.

That $2,300 was given at the Obama funder hosted by Warren Buffett in Aug '07 at Ironwood Country Club in Omaha.

Now was Fahey going to turn down Buffet and not go? Does this really mean Fahey's an "O" man? Buffett has raised waaay more money for Hillary. Who knows? Does Fahey?

But we're happy to speculate.

Thanks for your "accuracy" though...

Cal said...

Fahey also gave to Dodd and Richardson. I'd bet that his appearance at a Clinton rally before the Caucus tips his hand.

JoeMerchant24 said...

Bloomberg and Hagel... (shakes head)

Bloomy is paying people to buy guns illegally just so he can sue the shops out of business.

Hagel has a fairly solid voting record on boomsticks, including legislation protecting manufacturers from fallacious lawsuits such as those launched by Bloomberg.

Interesting mix.

Dems Rock! said...

All I know is that our state is going to be overrun with Democrat presidential candidates in anticipation of the totally awesome Nebraska Democrat caucus! The Dems are so well organized and relevant that I bet this stroke of genius will at least land us Dennis Kucinich.

Man...I can only imagine the millions of travel dollars this caucus is going to bring our state!

Thanks Matt Connealy!

BTOsborn said...

Dim Rocks,

Credit must go where credit is due. Matt Connealy isn't responsible for mandating that the Nebraska Democratic Party will have its first ever caucus this year. The NDP State Central Committee voted, and passed, the resolution to have it. I'm sorry, but I had a hand in that.

As this is the first time we've ever done anything like this, and nearly all of us lack any kind of experience with it, I'm sure the results will be "interesting."

Personally, I believe this experiment will very likely be a one-time thing, but a good one to get Nebraska's Democrats out in the open. And, perhaps it will drive a few of the more moderate Republicans (those fed up with a Republican party that no longer stands up for its own stated principles) into our fold.

The very concept of caucusing seems to be falling into disrepute, at least nationally. I've spent a bit of time looking into the caucus issue and discovered that it really is a very undemocratic system. Even the much ballyhooed Iowa caucuses leaves less than 5% of the voting populace determining who our presidential candidates (or at least their electors) might be. Why should sparsely populated states like Iowa and New Hampshire have such clout anyway?

We have just witnessed millions of dollars poured into our neighboring state over the past several months while Presidential wannabes gave a few rural folks far more attention than they were due. All because of the nature of the beast.

By the time our caucus happens we "might" have all of four days of a media blitzkrieg, replete with candidates a go go invading our fair state. I won't be holding my breath though. Tsunami Tuesday will have come and gone and the "annointed" ones will, no doubt, already be at their tailors getting their ermine robes fitted.

A state like Nebraska, with its paltry ration of electoral votes, doesn't even register on the radar screens of the big-shot candidates. Iowa should fare no better, but due to historical precedence, its political weight is measured as though by a dishonest butcher with a heavy thumb, tipping the scales in his own favor.

tom said...

Its easy to not live up to your principles when your party doesn't have any.

amy r. said...

Speaking of having no principles, liberal and so-called "Republican" state Senator Abbie Cornett should be profiled on Leavenworth. My husband tells me Senator Cornett is an animal rights activist bent on "turning around this backwards state."

Anonymous said...

We not backwards. We put gravy on animals after we cook dem.

Sam said...

BTO --- we do need to give credit where credit is due --- to Matt Connealy ---- In the last election he did have one candidate that won and E Ben votes more like a Republican that many Republicans.

Lets all give Matt two big cheers for mediocrity!!!!

BTOsborn said...

Uhhhhhhhh Sam,

Please try to get your facts straight. Matt Connealy wasn't the ED of the NDP until early 2007. Barry Rubin was the ED during the elections of 2006.