Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I wanna be like Mike

Mike Johanns appeared on Saturday Night Live's "Coffee Talk" this morning and...wait.
It wasn't Coffee Talk?

Oh. Well, our bad.

As it turns out it was "NTV's Good Life", and believe it or not, Leslie and Peggy threw MJ some "tough" questions.

At least "tough" in the sense that they weren't totally softballs like, "tell us about yourself" or "what's your favorite breakfast cereal and why?"

He got, Why did you quit your other jobs and what will you do now? What will you do about health care? What's your energy policy?

(And he pretty much knocked each outta the park.)

Pretty basic stuff, but fairly in-depth for something that isn't exactly "Meet the Press".

(Click here to go the the Good Life page, then click on the video links. First one is short, second one is longer.)

Take a look, then tawk amongst yuh-selves.


Anonymous said...

So many good questions to ask.

1. You failed to develop Lincoln economically as mayor, you failed to develop Nebraska as Governor, why should we trust you now?

2. Are you going to run towards President Bush or away him. After all, he is incredibly popular at 33%.(http://abcnews.go.com/PollingUnit/Vote2008/story?id=4133095&page=1)

3. A lot of talk about Ethanol. What about the plants that are going or have gone bankrupt?

4. Do you it has been appropriate for Sen. Hagel to question President Bush on Iraq?

5. What will you do for the many Nebraskans who face foreclosure proceedings because of predatory lending practices and the sub-prime market?

Mike Kennedy said...

Nice questions anonymous, Mike Johanns answered those questions like a champ. Where is the Dem Candidate..........I hear nothing but silence! Nebraska is lucky to have Mike Johanns and it seems your party agrees due to the lack of a candidate filing for office!!!
Count me in "I want to be like Mike"

independent said...

Well, I don't think you can really blame the Democrats, can you? Especially if they don't have a candidate and have not been in power in the state or the country while all these things were happening?

BTOsborn said...

Well, Nellie and Stevarino are trying to shove Nellie's good buddy down our throats despite the fact that doing so would violate the Constitution and Bylaws of the NDP. Scotty is still playing coy.

Hell I may just have to run for the Senate myself. Anyone on Leavenworth Street willing to donate to a good cause? I guarantee that I'd be the only candidate that isn't in anyone's back pocket. But I gotta tell ya, just to be honest with you, back in the '70's . . . I inhaled. ;-)

One Out In The Third said...


You have to realize that NTV... (1) Is very small potatoes. (2) Their "News" is predominantly fluff. (3) They have had a long-standing love affair from the moment Scott Kleeb donned his cowboy hat and gave them a 15 minute interview. (4) NTV's ownership is California based.

BTO...you better move quick the caucus is 2/9 and I would need to change my voter registration. You inhaled? You will fit right in. I would be a DINO for you. At least you have moxie.

Eric said...

Congrats Brian. You mention the possibility of a Senate candidacy and you've already got Republicans willing to support you for President. If that's how this is going to go, you've got the race in the bag.

curbfeeler said...

Jordan Tucker's question accuses Johanns of leaving "Nebraskans high and dry" to advance his political career by leaving the Governorship and Ag Sec jobs early.

This isn't the first time a dimwit has accused a politician of being too successful and powerful. How stupid is that? Its like an advertisement for Johanns.

You cannot make Nebraskans ashamed of a promotion to Ag Sec. And you cannot make them forget that when Johanns entered the Senate race, his opponants evaporated.

Why is a TV station asking such stupid questions? Is the Media really that dimwitted?

BTOsborn said...

NTV allows its viewers to post questions via email, a rather "democratic" way of doing things I'd say. I wish more of the mainstream media would do this.

Don't worry Eric. I have no presidential ambitions at this time. If I were to be elected to the U.S. Senate with a lot of Republican support, I could always quit mid-term to become Secretary of Something in George W's third term, after his Blackwater backed coup d'├ętat.

Anonymous said...


TedK said...

Tucker should have mentioned Johanns leaving the Lincoln City Council early to run for mayor and then leaving that office to run for governor. (We were glad he left his mayoral office as it prevented him from causing further damage to the city's finances.) He alone made those decisions. They weren't offered, like a Cabinet position. Name one job he's finished. Another fun fact is that Johanns lost Lancaster County when he ran for governor. Those who know him don't vote for him.

bobby fidelis said...

Everyone can complain about Johanns getting promoted and moving on to higher positions all they want, but does it really matter until the Democrats put someone in the race?

Mike Kennedy said...

tedk...don't spew your revisionist history. Mike Johanns took over a city that was in economic shambles from Bill Harris and his double didget tax increases. Mike Johanns had a planning department that was pro-growth that allowed for lincoln to grow. Really all the major commercial and residential growth started with Johanns as Mayor. The Mayor Seng and her planning department really clamped down on growth. Mike Johanns was probably the best Lincoln mayor in the last 50 years. Lower taxes and high growth!!!

socratease said...

Mike ---- tedk is one of those that inhaled and probably thinks Carter was a good President. With his revisionist approach to history he is adhering to the Clinton thesis ---- "if you tell a lie often enough people will start believing it as truth."

Political watcher said...

Kennedy is right on Johanns being the best mayor of Lincoln in the last 50 years. Harris raised property taxes through the roof and all of Lincoln's growth was spurred byy the Johanns administration.

BTOsborn said...

Sock Re-tease,

And the Bush thesis is ---- "Lie all the damned time; after all the lies we've told nobody will believe us anyway."

Tim in Lincoln said...

BTO --- don't tell me you are still caught up on WMD. Get over it. You have been hypnotized by George Soros and his hate associates.

Great attempt at red herring though --- but I thought we were talking about Mike Johanns as mayor of Lincoln and an unhappy loser trying to revise history.

Guess your memory or attention span isn't that long. But what else is new with a left wing radical "progressive" Dims. When cornered by being caught in a lie ---- you don't apologise and try to correct your error you try to elevate yourselves collective by saying someone else lied too. That is not the first step to recovery:):):):) BTO you are so extreme even your own party wants to take the "D" moniker away from you.

Next BTO, I am sure you will try to slam and degrade me rather than getting back on task on objectively looking at Mike Johanns' record of service to Lincoln, Nebraska and our country.

BTOsborn said...

Tim the Dim***

Am I going to rip you a new one? Damned straight!

Why do city folks always think everything is always about THEM? I live in a rural, south central NE community; what took place several years, and a couple of hundred miles, away didn't really concern me that much.

My wisecrack about Bush's lies included, but was not limited to, his lies about WMD. That one alone has caused untold damage to our nation, but it was just one of thousands of lies the guy has told us. If you want to live life with your head in the sand, then I'd suggest you come spend some time in the Sandhills. You'll find plenty of room to practice your "know nothing" politics.

Tell me, Dim***, what was the lie that I supposedly made? I stand for myself, don't hold me responsible for the statements of others. If you have a bone to pick with them, direct it at them.

There are plenty of folks in the NDP that have contacted me and asked me to "keep up the good work." I'm not going to let the ranting of a cub KOS wannabe spoil my day.

Mike Johanns was a tool for Preznit Bush, that's enough of a "record of service" for me to oppose him. But, as the campaign progresses, I'm sure I'll find plenty of other reasons to reject him.

Mike in Omaha said...

BTO don't talk to me about substance on this page. If you disqualify somebody because they served at a cabinet level post for a particular president is ridiculous. There were several people that served under Carter and Clinton I respect. Bill Richardson is a decent man. Johanns was a good Ag Sec and many democrat congressman sung his praises during his tenure.

TedK said...

I couldn't resist passing this on:

Laura Bush died and was certified to go to heaven because of her noble work (Don't Laugh...).

But just before going to heaven, she stood in the office of the Manager of Angels who controls who goes and who doesn’t go to heaven. She saw a huge wall of clocks behind. She asked, "What are all those clocks?"

The Manager answered, "Those are Lie Clocks. Everyone on Earth has a Lie Clock. Every time you lie, the hands on your clock will move. "Oh," said Laura, "Who's clock is that?"

That's Gautam Buddha's. The hands have never moved indicating that he never told a lie. "

Laura asked again, "And whose clock is that one next to Buddha?"

That's US President Ronald Reagan’s clock. The hands have only
moved twice, telling that Reagan told just 2 lies
in his entire life."

Laura asked again, "Where's my George Bush’s clock?"

George's clock is in my office", replied Manager, "I'm using it as my ceiling fan".