Thursday, December 13, 2007

Heineman for Mitt

The Mitt Romney for President campaign announced today that Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman is endorsing Mitt for President.
(No word on whether DH asked Mitt if Jesus and Satan are brothers...)

That makes only the second major Nebraska pol to endorse a Presidential candidate. Rep. Lee Terry is the other, supporting Fred Thompson's candidacy quite a while back. Of course, with Fred's fade of late, we'll see at what point Lee decides to ride another horse -- like many other early supporters seem to be doing.

The other members of the House, Reps Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith, seem to be sitting back for now. Both were supported heavily by the White House during their initial Congressional runs, for what that's worth.

On the other side of the Capitol, Senator Chuck Hagel hasn't endorsed anyone formally. But of course when he's been asked, he usually touts his buddy Democrat Senator Joe Biden as someone who he thinks would be good (and even sported the "Biden for Prez" t-shirt ). And then, of course, there's the New York Boy - Nebraska Boy connection with Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Senate candidate Mike Johanns hasn't committed to anyone that we know of. The Jon Bruning for Senate camp got calls from John McCain, but at the time told McCain he was waiting to see if Chuck Hagel would run (back when he was a "Hagel guy"). Don't know if Jon has called McCain back.

And then there's the Benator. There was some goofy talk a while back that he would be a good Veep for Hillary, but that got shot down like a turkey at his Platte River compound. But let's see...Nelson is pro-war, pro-life, pro-conservative judges, anti-illegal immigrant, and, we think, pro-"Nebraska values". That puts him in either the Romney or Giuliani camps, right?

Tell ya what. We'll open this one up as well. Who's YOUR Presidential candidate, and why?
(And we politely ask the Ron Paul folks to not take over this board.)


BTOz said...

Pat Paulson.

If you're old enough to "get" that one I'm glad you've made it this far.

Anonymous said...

Pat Paulson wins my vote, but Ron Paul will end up getting my support since he is alive.

OmaSteak said...

Ben Nelson is anti-illegal immigrant??? Thanks for the belly laugh Street Sweeper.

Street Sweeper said...

You're welcome OmaSteak. But who do you like in the race?

OmaSteak said...

I'm still firmly undecided Street Sweeper. I would have been a big Newt supporter if he had decided to run since I think he/his group has come up with some good "new" ideas, he would crush any Dem in a debate and could actually win. I have yet to discover the same in any of the Reps running.

BTOsborn said...

Yeah, the problem with Newt is that he likes to leave his family and friends in the lurch, and he keeps getting caught with his pants zipper down.

moniker said...

Alright, here's my pitch:



1) He has proven his executive competence in government. It doesn't matter if you have the best ideas in the world if you don't have the executive competence to implement them. If he could do it in New York he can do it in Washington.

2) He has a tough but realistic stance on terror and other national security issues.

3) He will appoint top grade strict constructionist judges who will make sure the judiciary interprets, not invents, the law (it seems to me that all the big name Republican legal thinkers are already behind him, like Ted Olson).

4) He can put moderate states in play that no one else (except maybe McCain?) can. Karl Rove's bring-out-every-last-member- of-the-base strategy died in 2006 when voters got pissed with Republican corruption in the House. We need someone with broader appeal to have a chance at beating Hillary (or Obama, or whoever).

Like I heard a former Reagan speech-writer recently say: "In my lifetime, only two politicians have actually delivered on their campaign promises - Ronald Reagan and Rudy Giuliani."

Rudy knows how to get things done, even with a hostile government bureaucracy and a hostile press nipping at his heels.

Anonymous said...

Is Colbert still running?

Anonymous said...

Given Heinee's endorsement and the magic underwear, I'm going to call this one for Mitt.