Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Who's Leading Who?

We want to clear something up.

Hal Daub and Jon Bruning weren't "forced" out of the Senate race against Mike Johanns.
Bob Kerrey, Mike Fahey and Tony Raimondo weren't either (though more on TR below).
But ALL of them realized that Johanns has a huge lead in the polls and in fundraising ability and that a race against him would be a steep uphill battle.

Daub realized that he couldn't raise the money he would need.
Bruning realized that a win would be very difficult and a loss would damage his political career.
Kerrey and Fahey realized that they couldn't cake-walk into the Senate and weren't willing to risk it all, in what would be a likely loss.
Raimondo said he couldn't beat Johanns after MJ was endorsed by Governor Dave Heineman.

And the favorite savior, Scott Kleeb, has been heard often to say that he doesn't think he can beat Johanns. Don't be surprised if you hear that Kleeb isn't willing to run for the Senate either. Of course it will be because he has other obligations, or wants to do other things, or his cowboy boots are to tight. You'll never hear a Dem say that they don't think they could beat Johanns. That would be the truth, you see...


But Tony! Toni! Toné! Raimondo now has confirmed that he is talking to the state and national Dems about running as a Dem.
Gee, sounds like something we heard on Leavenworth Street back in May.
So TR has met with national Dems (likely with BFF Ben Nelson in the room). And with state Dems (like with Nebraska Dem leader Steve Achepohl, who said he had no intention of speaking with Raimondo).

But now our sources report that Raimondo was seen yesterday walking out of...the Governor's Mansion?
Does Raimondo feel that he needs to explain himself to Dave Heineman? Get his blessing? Find out if he can switch his party affiliation in that state office? We really don't know. But it's intriguing, no?
(Update, 1:25pm : OK, OK, turns out there wasn't anything nefarious with TR's meeting at the Gov's McMansion. It was really just for a photo with some future-business kids. See here.)


Did you know that yesterday State Treasurer Shane Osborn was selected by the Aspen Institue to be in their Aspen-Rodel Fellows Program in Public Leadership? This is a fairly big deal. The Aspen Institute is, to quote Wikipedia, "an international nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering enlightened leadership." It has a bipartisan board of trustees (made up of such folks as Madeleine Albright and Michael Powell), and it's new class of Aspen-Rodel Fellows is made up of twelve Democrat and twelve Republican national "true rising stars". Congratulations Shane!


So compare State Treasurer Shane Osborn's honor to the goofy editorials we saw in the OWH this past wekeend.

First on Saturday Mike Nellis, owner of the political web design consulting company "Design Progress" who put up the "Draft Scott Kleeb" website, was given over seven hundred words to try to spout that Scott Kleeb is a "leader" (the headline was "Leadership of Kleeb can make difference"). We won't bother trying to analyze the logic that a former ranch-hand who just started his first full time job teaching a few days a week is a leader, but you get the drift.

Then in Sunday's OWH Editorial, they went with the headline, "The need for leaders", in their convoluted plea for someone (with no direct mention of Kleeb) to challenge Mike Johanns since, "Republicans shouldn’t waltz into office unchallenged".

Boy the headlines for those two editorial pieces sure are similar, ain't they? Why, if we were of the conspiracy theory vein, we'd even guess that maybe the OWH encouraged Mr. Nellis to take that angle when he wrote his little piece. But hey, we would never accuse the OWH of doing such an unethical thing to further their goal to push Kleeb's career. They're above that, right?

Anywho, when we were looking at the these forays at nothingness, we were struck by the comparisons of Scott Kleeb and Shane Osborn. Let's take a look.

Kleeb is 32 years old. After growing up on an Army base in Italy, Kleeb graduated from University of Colorado, then got his advanced degree in a study of cattle ranching (we think) from Yale, in Connecticut. He then decided he was the man to represent Nebraska's third district, but lost by 10%. He now is teaching history at Hastings College. Democrats think he is a leader and is now qualified to be Nebraska's Senator.

Shane Osborn is 33 years old. After growing up in Norfolk Nebraska, he received an ROTC scholarship to, and graduated from, the University of Nebraska. After that he flew spy planes as a lieutenant in United States Navy. During a mission, his plane was hit by a Chinese fighter jet, but he saved his twenty-three person crew by landing the crippled aircraft. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. After he left the Navy, he worked for a financial services company in Omaha. In 2006 he was elected Nebraska State Treasurer. As noted above, he was recently selected as an Aspen-Rodel Fellow.

Now. Looking at those two resumes and accomplishments, who comes off as more of a "leader" for Nebraska? The one with Navy medals and actual work experience who went for a "lower level" elected state position, is slowly making a name for himself and is comfortable biding his time? Or the one who has the Ivy League degree and a pretty face and believes he is entitled to a represent Nebraska in Washington right now?

And by the way, we haven't even mentioned Nebraska's reps in the House, State offices, and Legislature with keen resumes who have bright futures in Nebraska politics.

Just so it's all in perspective for you.


Now, back to the Husker message boards...


moniker said...

If GOPAC hasn't lassoed Shane yet, I'm sure it will want to in the next few years.

Of course, I do prefer Nebraskan leaders to have a better education than just UNL. ;-)

Jarhead said...

I don't know about that Osborn fella.He landed his broken plane in communist China. That gave them plenty of time to copy all of our Top Secret stuff on it. He should have ditched it in the ocean. Some of em might of died, but that's a risk you take when you're in the military.

Devil Dog said...

Hey Jarhead, maybe you should do some research on Shane's story. All of the Top Secret material was distroyed, chopped up and thrown in the South China Sea.

military nickname here said...

So he's a litterer? That's even worse.

Anonymous said...

Jarhead, you sound like a "Kleebe" from those comments. Go ask Scotty what he would have done to save his men. I'm sure he has some spare time outside of his "job" or even some office hours.

curbfeeler said...

The United States military awarded Shane Osborne a Distinguisned Flying Cross. That's what they think of his actions. So, unless you have a medal higher than that, let's assume your opinion on this matter is as meaningful and unbiased as the Omaha World Herald's promotion of Democratic Party candidates.

Mike Johanns and Shane Osborn are powerful. And all the whining to the contrary does nothing to lessen that power.

OmaSteak said...

Tony Raimondo, a man of strong convictions and principle...ROFLMAO!!! NE Dems must be beyond desperate for a candidate. I hope Steve Achepol...how's that last name pronounced again???...is having a stroke.

Suzie Q said...

I thought Osborn was a South Dakota boy. You may want to check your facts, Sweeper.

We already know he's a Bruning boy. Maybe he'll take on Johanns.

Publius said...

The plane that Shane Osborn landed in China is a propeller plane about thirty years old. The plane is sold to countries all over the world. There is nothing significant about it.

What made the plane a "spy plane" was all of the top secret electronic surveillance equipment in the plane. As mentioned, it was, according to military procedure, chopped up with axes and thrown into the South China Sea before Shane saved the lives of his crew members, permanently disabling himself in the process. That is why he got the Navy Distinguished Flying Cross.

Street Sweeper said...

Born in SD. Raised in Norfolk.
(Unless someone knows different.)

Street Sweeper said...

We've also been alerted that Shane Osborn was on People Magazine's 2001 "50 Most Beautiful People" list, so add that to his resume. If you're into that sort of thing...

jarhead said...

A Distinguished Flying Cross? That wouldn't be the first time the U. S. Military gave someone a medal to shut people up.

Ever heard of the Peter Principle?

Storm Shadow said...

Jarhead - I think you've been watching waaaaaaayyyyyyyy too many 24 episodes.

Dilbert said...

I'm curious Jarhead, about your reference to the Peter Principle and how it relates to Osborn. Do you even know what the Peter Principle is and how to use it in a proper context or did you overhear someone use it in a recent conversation and you are now trying to wow us with your human resource expertise?

The floor is all yours.

ziggy said...

Dilbert, you're asking a jarhead (assuming based on the nickname to be a former Marine) to explain something to you? You might as well explain it to him. Remember to use small words.

Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh to watch a bunch of people who probably wouldn't have the guts to walk up to an ROTC booth at a high school let alone actually enlist, bash someone simply because they did not serve.

That's the difference between some who has, and someone who didn't.

Shane Osborne should be commended for what he did. Brave and noble, it will provide him with a perspective very few will ever know and those who do will be forever different because of it.

Yet, you can not bash Kleeb simply on the grounds that he did not serve and did what the vast majority of Americans do: go to college! (gasp...)

I like both of them. Good people, but you all are simply desperate for something to talk about.


bobby fidelis said...

Jarhead needs to tighten the lid on his jar. Talk about being way out there. Maybe he left part of his brain-housing group in 29 Palms. Maybe he ate way too many MRE crackers and has everything backed up, fogging his mind?

They don't give the Distinguished Flying Cross out like candy or to shut people up. You have to earn and be worthy of that award, especially when dealing with Top Secret materials.

Osborn's plane was so badly damaged, it is considered nothing less than a miracle he kept it flying long enough to destroy and ditch the TS equipment, let alone land it. And then after being detained he truly acted in accordance with the Code of Conduct, both as a serviceman and as an officer. No questioning his "hero" status.

Anonymous, it is worth talking about because it's serious business whether or not someone is even remotely qualified to hold the seat he seeks as our representative. Kleeb is not worthy (even if he is a nice guy), but Osborn most certainly is.

Anonymous said...

If the Omaha World Herald feels so strongly that Johanns needs real competition, why is the World Herald settling for a weak Kleeb?

The World Herald should put its money where its mouth is and run Gottshalk for the Senate as a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Gottschalk owns politicians, he does not need to run as one!!!

bigredmachine95 said...

I think Toni! Toni! Tone! is about 90% ready to change parties and run as a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Who's Leading Whom

Street Sweeper said...

And yet you're OK with the use of "ain't"...

Mike in Omaha said...

Tony Raimondo, Nebraska's next Kate Witek and easier on the on the eyes too!!!

jarhead said...


I know what the Peter Principle is or I wouldn't have used the term, and no, it has nothing to do with short arm inspections.