Friday, November 30, 2007

Rant and Rave

You probably have seen the news about the Chuck Hagel rant at the Council on Foreign Relations and his masticating with Mike Bloomberg. So what's Hagel's deal? Well, for one he probably believes what he's saying about the Bush Admin. Of course, they are also probably being outwardly hostile to him as well, so that will only irk him more. Sort of self-fulfilling at this point.

But by telling reporters that he would consider a Democrat VP offer, photo-opping with Bloomberg and shouting to the heavens about Bush, he keeps himself in the side-spotlight, particularly as an "independent" if the Bloomberg ticket someone comes to fruition. And he also gives himself a shot in a Democrat administration, which he must believe is the most likely. So, you know, good luck to him and all that. (Senator, should MJ save you a seat when the President comes to town?)

Interesting to see that Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey chose to alienate his core constituency over the "Sounding Stones" thing. Wonder if they'll remember during the next election? And Steve Brown has an interesting take about the whole controversy, noting that when Mayors such as Hal Daub and Mike Boyle floated a controversial issue, they stood up to the criticism and answered questions personally. Fahey has instead chosen to trot out de facto Mayor Landow and others while he's busy lighting Christmas trees.


As we all wait to see the results of the Democrat's Tony! Toni! Toné! Raimondo sweepstakes, it's interesting to see that the Dem leaders are willing to roll the dice with TR, but the rank and file hate the whole concept with a passion. We get a kick every time we see the Dem's lead blogger try to defend Raimondo ("he gives money to Dems!", "we don't know what he really thinks!", "Ben Nelson likes him!"), then the commenters simply point out that last week the guy was a running as a Republican.

Of course the simple fact is that many Dems are getting more and more of a feeling that Scott Kleeb is not interested in taking on Johanns, and they desperately want someone -- anyone -- to run. Oh, and Raimondo will give them some money too.


It's gotta be Turner Gill Pelini, right?


Mike in Omaha said...

Toni Toni Tone should step up to the plate and fund the half million to 1 million the Democratic Senatorial Committee wants him to self fund before they commit to his campaign. Note to Toni, just hire Ben Nelson's son at your company and watch the earmarks roll in. Your BFF Sen Nelson always hooks up his friends and family.

Pot or Kettle said...

Pot or Kettle?

Hmmmm...2 NE republicans mulling runs for office as Democrats. One is given a pass, the other attacked. interesting.

Mike - Are Lee Terry and Chuck Hagel - who have also directed earmarks to that company also guilty of "hookin up" Nelson's friends and family?

Oh, that's just another NEGOP double standard, I get it. Someone should ask Pete Ricketts how that line of attack worked out for him.

Anonymous said...

The biggest middle finger belongs to George Bush. He flips off everyone who doesn't worship him. Every country not 100% for America he says is our enemy. And he said similar things about his own Republicans who dislike his immigration ideas. He has the ego of a tyrant and the diplomacy of an ape.

Mike in Omaha said...

Pot Or Kettle- Does it miff you that your party recruits republicans to run for statewide office? First Kate Witek the Toni Raimondo....wait Ben Nelson falls in there too..oh and Ed Zorinsky. Stand up for your convictions and nominate Maxine Moul, Stormy Dean, Kim Robak, Shelley Kiel, Anne Boyle, or some other goof or has been. Let's see we have Shane Osborne, Mike Flood, Lee Terry, Adrian Smith, Jeff Fortenberry, Dave Heineman,(hate to admit it but Jon Brunning) and probably a few others we could run for statewide office. The Dems are still on the bottom of the food chain in this Red state.

moniker said...

I hope Hagel moves to San Francisco or NYC (where he'd fit in) when he's done embarrassing us in the Senate. I doubt he'd be welcomed in Nebraska.


p.s. 12:24, I think you meant to post at DailyKos. But thanks for your insightful take on the administration.

moniker said...

(and by "I doubt he'd be welcome in Nebraska" I just mean "I don't like him.")

Brian T. Osborn said...

Will you guys please keep Tony over there in your own back yard? We've caught him digging under the fence and expecting us to love him just because he's wagging his tail and bringing us a big juicy bone to gnaw on. That poodle we let come over last summer was a bad idea. The Yellow Dog house hasn't been the same since.

Oh and we've noticed a hangdog looking stray running around the neighborhood looking for a pack to join up with. Is that one of yours too?

Recovering Democrat said...

TO: Brian T. O ---- you cannot be excessively particular who comes into you backyard when you have a rhinestone cowboy that has never had a fulltime job represent you.

The parttime cowboy and parttime historian is telling you that a 10 point loss is close --- he must not be a student of the 3rd or he would know "close". But then again ---- the Koolaid group in your yard aren't exactly know for discernment.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Republican in Remission,

Rhinestone Cowboy, that's cute . . . wrong . . . but cute.

What is it that you Republicans have against people whose parents worked overseas for the families of our military troops then went on to get an enviable education for themselves?

If your own child had chosen to pursue a path such as Scott Kleeb has done, first working hard to get the best education he could, then offering to use what he had learned to serve the people of his state, I am certain your chest would be bursting with pride. But since Scott is a Democrat, and probably not related to you, that changes everything doesn't it? That allows you to heap derision on him.

As far as losing by 10 points being close or not, let me share a little fact about math with you. The difference between winning or losing his race really would have been dependent on 5% of the voters changing their minds. If 5% plus one had voted the other way, Scott would now be running for re-election. Sorry if that confuses you, I also have a college degree and I just can't help it. I understand stuff like that.

Please don't get me started on the Kool-Aid group in my own party. I might not disagree with you. But I believe the days are numbered where the Republican party in this state will be able to enjoy the hegemony that it has.

moniker said...

>But I believe the days are numbered where the Republican party in this state will be able to enjoy the hegemony that it has.

Yes, but unfortunately for you Democrats, that number is 1029830912748364789958727834294560539843567545370495234237856473496850973876423540856809

Enlightened Former Dem said...

TO: Brian T Osborn or B.O.

Lets do a little review of Nebraska history and facts in general --- if is not going to cause you a headache.

A close race in Nebraska 3rd is when Bill Barrett and Virginia Smith won races by close to 1%. Now that is close!!! --- and yes I can divide that percent by two and add one vote to win --- but the numbers are still there. As a once said --- We in the 3rd District of Nebraska know a close race and Smith - Kleeb was not a close race.

Why does the pro bono cowboy (this is a cowboy who has never earned money being a cowboy and hence never paid taxes in Nebraska) call this "his state". The ranch hand got his marching orders from Howard Dean --- by Scott's own account. He lived in Turkey, Italy, Colorado and Yaleville more time than he lived in Nebraska before he ran for office. In fact he knew so little about Nebraska he was still on a fact finding mission a week before the November election. Even his father is a poster boy about the "brain drain" of Nebraska youth --- he now lives in Colorado and never moved back after leaving Kearney State.

Scott is probably a very nice person --- I have only shaken his hand once. But when he gets campaign support checks from hate mongers like George Soros -- I just don't feel he can represent the values of Nebraska when he pimps himself to the very extreme radical left. Now Scott represents himself as a “NEW” and INDEPENDENT politician --- it is like he is already apologizing for votes of the future. Not good at developing trust.

I have never met Adrian Smith but I like his voting record. He voted against the unions attempt to take away the "secret ballot" in union organization. Anyone that defends freedom and liberty and less government has my vote. If he deviates --- then I might look elsewhere. But until then it is like T.O. running against Heineman --- when Governor Heineman was doing a good job, why switch --- Smith is doing a good job, why switch?

Our society, our very existence is at risk because of a government that cannot control its spending. We cannot even pay for Social Security and yet Dems like Hillary want to pay health care for children that are already on their parent’s policy. Being the brilliant college guy that you are --- tell me how that makes any sense at all.

Brian --- you are probably right on one thing. Since I am not related to Scott I can be objective. Even though I have met one of Scott’s relatives that has worked with him and he seemed to be pretty objective and voted for Smith.

Brian T. Osborn said...


You forgot to put the decimal point in there right after the first "1."

Enlightened, Recovering, or whatever it is you are calling yourself today,

You are right that "close" used to be "really close" but a 5% difference can be negated easily within two years as people come to their senses and realize the damage the Republican party has done to our nation over the past six or seven years with the complicity of guys like Smith, Fortenberry, Terry, Hagel and Nelson.

Why do you guys continue to spread lies and expect people to believe you? That propaganda about Scott Kleeb never working as a ranch hand is old and is still a lie. It has about as much validity as the rumors I've heard of Rep. Smith's supposed closet homosexuality.

Scott lived in Italy and Turkey because that is where his parents were working to educate the children of our armed forces. With the kind of argument that you are presenting, the case could be made that all those men and women in the service shouldn't be considered Americans. And what is it with the Yale thing? Your own hero, George "Top Gun" Bush went to school there. Oh yeah, sorry, bad example.

So Scott got campaign bucks from Soros. Is that any worse than Smith being a sockpuppet for the Club for Growth? Make sure your own house is clean before you complain of our dust. Kleeb is hardly a "lefty." Now me, I'm am proud to be a Liberal with a capital 'L.' Liberals have done a lot for this nation, things like Social Security, FDIC, REA, TVA and much, much more. George Norris, a Republican, was one of the best of them.

Sorry, I can't agree with you on the "good job" that Adrian Smith is doing. My view is that he has basically been running for re-election from the moment his feet hit the ground in Washington. He's really fighting to get that cushy government pension, and that's about all he's fought for.

Our society, our very existence is at risk because of the Republican fools that have allowed George Bush and his cronies to reduce our nation to shambles. Social Security isn't the government's money, it is a trust that was established with the money that WE put into it.

It is downright obscene that a filthy rich nation like ours cannot guarantee the health and welfare of its citizens while CEOs of corporations are rewarded with millions upon millions for shipping our factories overseas an laying off American workers. Then you guys want to give them tax breaks on top of all that. You're right, it makes no sense.

I hope that sooner or later you can come to your senses and come back to the Democratic Party. Me? I'm doing all I can to reform it (at least the NDP) so that it will become a place you'd be proud to call home.

Anonymous said...

Having a bit of a problem with brevity, are we? Save some of that for the therapist.

attempting brevity --- sorry said...

B.O. --- let's have a review. It was never said "soft hands" Scott never worked on a ranch ----- but if he never received remuneration ---- he either needs to report the ranch to the labor people for exploitations or file the proper tax form asking for forgiveness for tax evasion. The above is documented by him admitting to not paying taxes in Nebraska for all those YEARS he worked on the ranch before he threw his hat in the ring for Congress---- how is that a lie or spreading roomers B.O.?

I think we are getting way over your head on this logic thing. You are using your very liberal HEART on your head for discernment.

If Smith voting "NO" on issues of bigger government and less taxation will help him secure a win ---- I will continue to vote for him. I like his record in Congress just like I liked his record in Lincoln. This common sense man is one of the very few both Dem and Repub that knows the over spending in D.C. causes great peril to our country ---- similar to a train about ready to go over a cliff.

FINALLY again B.O.----- where are lies being spread??? Not by me about your whining Lefty.

One more bit of truth to blow your Kool-Aid soaked brain ---- All through the campaign the Ranch hand/Marlboro man was pro choice --- yet the Sunday before the election --- Uncle Ben came on my voice mail telling what a wonderful pro-life guy Scott was ---- WHO IS THE LIAR B.O.? A. Benny B. Scott C. All the above? Please do answer this question of the day if it will not stain your brain excessively. Something tells me B.O. you do not have the guts to answer the obvious. But --- What’s new???

I couldn't or wouldn't answer either when I was a Kool-aid drinker.

Brian T. Osborn said...

What is it with anonymous posters and those that hide behind aliases but still have the "courage" to attack another's ideas? You're as bad as some of the bozos on the bus over there at Oh well, I think a lot of them are Republicans too.

As for my lack of brevity, I'm not going to apologize for having the ability to express myself intelligently. But then you guys are used to King George murdering the English language when he's not murdering our Constitution.

I'd like to see some evidence as to your accusation of Scott's lack of tax records. Seeing as how he lived overseas, I doubt that he filed here in Nebraska, or had to. But don't let facts get in your way, hearsay is evidently good enough for you.

One thing about you NeoCons that always amazes me is your love of yourselves and your inability to share with others. You all want your tax breaks and you could give a damn about the need to pay for what it takes to make our society fair for everyone. "Damn those poor people! Why don't they just go die in peace!"

Say, that B.O. thing is really clever, did you get help with that? That's right on the level of my old fourth grade classmates that used to make the same joke out of my initials.

As to your question about the Scott Kleeb phone calls, my guess would go with "A. Benny." As to the question of intestinal fortitude, I guess the answer to that one can be determined by which of us has the courage to sign our real name and stand by what we say. I guess that leaves you out, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "brevity" comment was aimed at the other guy. But thanks for standing up and volunteering to be the paranoid nut case.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Gotta love some of you guys. When you can't win an argument based on the facts you just switch over to the "personal attack" mode. C'mon, put your wits up. Show me the best you've got, not these pugs that we use for punching practice.

mike in omaha said...

That's So Brokeback of you Brian T. to though in the rumor on Adrian Smith's sexuality. Do you have some inside knowledge you would like to share.

Brian T. Osborn said...


Why do you Republicans hate gays so much when so many of your leaders, nationwide, are being outed for having been closeted gays and pedophiles? At least the Democratic Party recognizes that homosexuality isn't a "choice" that people make, it is a genetic disposition that manifests itself in all of the primate, and other, species. Why would anyone "choose" to lead a lifestyle that is so socially ostracized?

Again, I refer to my previous post about how you guys make everything into a personal attack because you can't win arguments based on the facts. "So Brokeback," ha ha ha. Is that something you heard from Rush Limbaugh?

Insofar as Rep. Smith's alleged homosexuality, I have nothing to share because, if you had understood what I wrote, you would understand that I don't believe it. If, on the other you have some evidence you'd like to share with us on that topic, I'm willing to change my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Spinal bifida and Downs syndrome are "genetic dispositions".

Brian T. Osborn said...

anonymous said...
Spinal bifida and Downs syndrome are "genetic dispositions".

Yes they are, and I'll bet you like beating them up for being "different" too. God didn't make us all the same, and I'm not going to question why he does that. But I do question the judgement of those that will pick on gays, under the pretext of politics, just to satisfy their own biases.

Oh, and before any bozos want to make any inferences about my own "choices," you might want to take it up with my "partner." SHE's hot!

Street Sweeper said...

OK, guys. We've gotten a little off topic here. If you have a point, please make one.

Brian T. Osborn said...


bobby fidelis said...

I'd say that BTO is a plant from the NNN nutjobs, or at least a liberal intent on hi-jacking the thread, as he has. He gives away his agenda with all the far, far, far left cliches ((NeoCon (obviously used as an attempted insult as his definition was incorrect), King George, murder the Constitution, etc, etc, etc.)) Rush gets seminar callers, you just got a seminar commenter.

Back to topic: Hagel just simply needs to go away. He would probably make a good Secretary of State for a very liberal POTUS. He is irrelevant at this point. Kind of reminds me of my dog constantly barking after I put him in his kennel, knowing full well he won't be out until next weekend's hunt. You just have to ignore it and eventually he quiets down and crawls back in his hay box.

Any NE Dem who can't accept that their party is floundering here is, as John Murtha likes to say, delusional. Those even beyond hope at all, as they've demonstrated on this thread, who think the Democratic Party has a chance here with their current platform must have no clue about what most Nebraskan's believe or the strength of their core values. It's why you have to laugh when a self described very liberal person says they can create a party we'd all be proud of. The only way that happens is if they suddenly decide to take up conservative ideals.

That's also one of the reasons why Scott Kleeb will never be elected to national office from here - he doesn't share those values, so he can't represent those who possess them. Nor does he understand that concept.

It's also why Ben Nelson can be elected and represent NE well.

For those of you who prefer brevity, I make no apologies for the length of this post.

ptg said...

Brian T. Osborn, Phelps County Democrats. World famous commenter.

August, 2006 quote: "I have lived most of my 54 years in Holdrege since my family moved here from Sioux City when I was six. I joined the Navy and was away for about 14 years, but I came back. So, I guess you could say that I am a genuine Nebraskan." From a comment here.

Brian T. Osborn said...


You don't need to speculate as to what the intentions of my visits here are, I'll be straightforward with you. First let me say that I am not a plant from "the NNN nutjobs," as I appear to be about as welcome there as I am here. I gave away my agenda when I told you, "I'm am proud to be a Liberal with a capital 'L.'" so you don't get any points for that revelation. And to call me a "seminar commenter", yawn, identifies you to me as one of those that allow the comedian, Rush Limbaugh, to do your thinking for you.

I'm just here to keep the conversation going, tweak a few noses, and have some fun. Any of you right wingers are more than welcome to comment over there on NNN. In fact, I welcome you to do so, though I'm sure Kyle Michaelis will welcome your visits as much as he does mine. What the heck gang, isn't that what blogging is all about?

I agree with your thoughts on Chuck. He'd probably make a far better cabinet member than most of the other Republicans in the Senate. Although I don't like the way he says one thing Sunday morning on all the talk shows, but votes the other way when it counts, he at least knows how to talk back. I'll give him credit for not being a complete sock puppet like the rest of your Senators.

Unlike most of my fellow Democrats, I'm not so delusional about the fortunes my party has experienced in recent years. But we differ on what the causes of that collapse are attributable to. I won't blame it on usual esoteric explanations offered up by the party hierarchy. I blame it on a leadership that has failed to lead our party on its traditional path. They've been so busy trying to be a thinner version of you guys, hoping to get the voters to look at them, that they forgot It was the curves they used to have that drove 'em crazy.

I have to laugh at how you Republicans lay claim to some kind of "conservative" and "moral" cachet that appeals to Nebraska's voters. All the while your Preznit, with the complicity of your party, has run our country into more debt than all the previous administrations combined. That must be the conservative ideals of which you wrote. As for morals, c'mon, I'm not that easily hoodwinked!

Scott Kleeb understands better than you can imagine what lies in the hearts of Nebraskans because he seeks out that which is good and honest. I just hope that he will soon decide to enter the fray against Bush's right hand man from the Ag Department and offer the farmers and ranchers of our state a choice of representation that isn't owned by the big corporations. But first we've got to shake them up a bit and quit voting against their own best interests, Ben intended.

I won't apologize for my lack of brevity. Ideas are comprised of more than just one liners and sound-bites. You probably disagree with me, I don't doubt it, but if all we do is listen to those who already agree with us . . . what's the point?

Brian T. Osborn said...

Oh PTG! Stop it! You're making me blush! But really, you've only begun to scratch the surface.

Gosh, you don't know the half of it! I'm also a delegate to the Nebraska Democratic Party's State Central Committee and a member of its Rules Committee, among other things. I am a non-apologetic, partisan, Yellow Dog Democrat. That isn't news.

I just got word that the NDP State Chair, Steve Achelpohl, is planning on having me hung from the yardarm at this Saturday's SCC meeting though. Seems he takes about as kindly to my speaking freely as you guys do. I guess it has something to do with a couple of letters to the editor I wrote in the LJS and the World Herald this past weekend.

That's the problem with me, I tell it like I see it. For me, and I've told Kyle over on NNN this time and again, the truth is the truth, not just what you say it is. Evidently there are some folks in the NDP that take after you guys. They can't handle the truth.