Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Farmer Nelson offers amendment to stop Cowboy Nelson

Lets all jump into the DeLorean and re-live a little episode known as “Farmer Nelson”.

You don’t really need Doc Brown’s help, though do you? That Pete Ricketts ad is still stuck in your head! (Ah, just for the heck of it, here’s the YouTube link.)

So just to refresh, Farmer Ben Nelson claimed on his tax break application that he was farming land out on his Platte River compound. He claimed he was a farmer because he had some wild turkeys out there that he kept around just long enough to kill. Except that in reality, none of the land was actually being used for farming.

Nelson (an attorney and member of the Senate Ag Committee) claimed ignorance to this confuuuusing paper…but, never paid the back taxes for which he was given a break. (“Yes Your Honor, I robbed the bank, but seeing as you didn’t catch me then, I’m keeping all the money I got.”)

Well, guess who has authored an amendment to the Senate Farm Bill on pretend farmers! Yes, Farmer Nelson now wants to stop people from benefiting for pretend-farming!

Except now, instead of saying he wants to get rid of “Pretend Turkey Farmers” he says he wants to get rid of “Cowboy Starter Kits”.

Let’s let Farmer…er…Cowboy Nelson office explain it:

"These are former pieces of farm land that have been subdivided into large residential tracts that have yards big enough to, for example, keep a horse on. In these cases, you might have a house on one acre of a ten acre parcel and the residential owner is getting payments for the other nine acres. Of course, none of the land is actually being used for farming."
(Nelson to end USDA's paying non-farmers farm payments – Aglines – 11/13/07 – emphasis added).

Just to repeat that, he wants to stop cheaters when “none of the land is actually being used for farming.


Next thing we’re going to hear Nelson is writing a bill to ban people from using Brylcream and getting bad dye-jobs.

We’re looking forward to the “Cowboy Nelson” ads soon. Maybe Nelson can pay for them with the tax breaks he kept.


Anonymous said...
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OmaSteak said...

What's so shocking about Ben? He was all "no amnesty for illegals" while running but safely back in for another 6 years votes for the "Dream Act" amnesty bill. Just another corrupt hypocritical politician in action knowing voters have very short memories.

One Out In The Third said...

Good ol' Turkeytrot Ben...

Our son and daughter-in-law have 26 acres south of Lincoln...most of it in brome grass that he uses for their horses and sells as well. They weren't getting payments...just living within their means holding down another job and hoping one day to acquire a few more acres. After Ben's fiasco...Lancaster County cracked down on the small guys and all of a sudden our son and daughter-in-law became country esquires like him with a nice little property tax increase.

I will for that weasel again.

ptg said...

I never saw the politician that couldn't stomach a huge helping of hypocrisy, then go for seconds.

Anonymous said...
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Street Sweeper said...

We're just not going to go there.

Anonymous said...

Don't go there. Got it.

Law enforcer said...

Hey One:
Your logic is screwey. Your kid breaks the law (as you have said of Nelson) and its Nelson's fault? Hmmm. Wasn't it Ricketts camp that discovered the Nelson tax situation and leak it ot the press? SO if you go back to who is really responsible its not Nelson is it? I dont think its Ricketts either. Maybe, just maybe, your son is responsible for breaking the law?
Lancaster Country cracked down on everyone - not just the "small guys" as did every other county. And too bad if your son got caught too - he was after all breaking thelaw. the law applies to everyone doesn't it? I thought Republicans were the party of personal responsibility. Nelson didnt falsify your son's tax records for him did he?
get a grip.