Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Droppin' like flies…

A little math…

Chuck Hagel made his non-announcement announcement (the "NAA") on March 12, 2007.

Bob Kerrey said he wouldn't decide until Hagel decided and if Chuck was in, he was out. Mike Fahey said he wouldn't decide until Kerrey decided and if Bob was in he was out.
Scott Kleeb said he wouldn't decide until Fahey decided, and if Mike was in, he was out.

182 days after Hagel's NAA, Hagel officially decided not to run for reelection to the Senate.

44 days after that – 227 days after the NAA, Kerrey finally decided not to run.

20 days after that – 246 days after the NAA, Fahey finally decided not to run.

So now, 246 days, a full eight months after Chuck Hagel gave the initial "heads up", it's all hanging on Scott Kleeb whether or not to run for the U.S. Senate. And what do we hear?

He needs another seven days (253 days since the NAA). Or fourteen (260). Or fifty-six (302). ( Omaha Mayor says no to Senate run – OWH – 11/13/07.)

Now we suppose Kleeb is waiting to see if there's any chance that the Mike Johanns Juggernaut © will blow up against Jon Bruning.

See, Kleeb and the rest of the Dems think Kleeb, a former ranch-hand and present adjunct History professor who has never held an office of any kind, nor worked in government and currently is working his first "full time" job of teaching class a few times a week, could have a chance against a former Nebraska State Senator, and twice statewide elected Attorney General. And, you know, good luck with that.

Now as we've noted here, Kleeb is going full bore raising money for his campaign. What campaign you ask? Maybe he'll tell you and maybe he won't. But beyond all that cash he gets from ActBlue, most of which is likely not from Nebraska and he doesn't have to itemize, he seems to have another great "in-kind" contributor.

Over on the Daily Kos, the pre-eminent blogger of the Left and King of the "Net Roots", the site's founder Markos Alberto Moulitsas Zúniga stated that :

"I've got polling being conducted in Nebraska right now, so we'll soon have baseline numbers to gauge the current status of this race. Whatever those numbers might say, I suspect a Kleeb candidacy graduates this one to top-tier status before all's said and done."
Kos says that the polling will be released "later this week" and will show, "little difference in the numbers between Fahey and Kleeb". (I guess we'll see which apples are compared to what oranges…) But will we see this as an in-kind contribution on the Kleeb FEC report? Most likely not, since this is simple sharing between like minded Libs, right?

But if you're wondering about the general sanity of "Kos", look no further than his analysis that Kleeb's campaign will be a "top-tier" one. That's right, Markos believes, Johanns-Kleeb would practically be of Lincoln-Douglas, or heck, even Hagel-Nelson proportions. Nebraska pol watchers know better.


Joe Jordan reports on his blog that State Senator Tom White has officially said he won't run against Lee Terry in 2008. Calling R.J. Brown?

And if you want some real comedy, check out the comments the Kos-sacks have regarding Kleeb's blue-jeans photo (ex: "Wow, sure, I'll draft him. What a pic. ;)"). It's pretty clear they like him for all the right reasons…


Finally, kudos for Robin Tysver of the OWH for her accurate characterization of the Scott Kleeb campaign against Adrian Smith ("spirited"), while being a reporter who will note that Smith WON by ten points. And to quote Kleeb:
"I do think it's time for a new generation of political leadership here in Nebraska."

Yes Scott, and the 3rd District voters agreed with you when they elected Smith…


Chuck from the 3rd said...

I guess if one is going to go "0" for "2" in the win-loss record books --- it might as well be the Senate. The big advantage Kleeb would have going for him for the Senate is there are a myriad more koolaid drinking liberals in Lincoln than the 3rd district. Even ask Cosmic Bob -- the 3rd is not real kind to LIBERALS. OR those that pretent NOT TO BE.

A non-politico named Jan Stoney gave Cosmic Bob all he wanted and he spent 3 times the dollars. The thought of his "last" campaign brings back nightmares.

We will see if the boy wonder is good at Nebraska history (and statistics) --- OR NOT.

He is doing something right though, how many Nebraskans didn't get a real job till they were almost 32 years old. WHAT - A - COUNTRY???

Anonymous said...

"...has never held an office of any kind"

I always find it funny when that line is put out there....In a state that made it clear they didn't want career politicians...in a time when people complain loud and with full voice about the politicians that have made it their lifes work to stay in office....

....then they turn around and complain someone HASN"T been a career politician, and then point out Smith....who made it clear he wanted to be a career politician and stay in Washington until retirement.

How ironical.

Street Sweeper said...

To Ironical Sides:
If Kleeb had some experience beyond "ranch hand" that could be true. But when you add that to his lack of any governmental service and half page resume, you've got someone with NO experience wanting one of the top jobs in the land. It's one thing to be an "outsider". Kleeb is a "no-sider".

Wondering said...

Who is R.J. Brown?

Anonymous said...

Why should Kleeb claim the Kos poll, should Johanns claim the RSCC's poll that scared off Duab?

No difference from what I see.

Anonymous said...

Kleeb doesn't have a prayer. The DSCC has plenty of other seats to spend money on and they will--NM, VA, NH, MN, LA (the GOP's only shot at a pick up), CO, ME, OR. Kleeb will be the odd man out--the whackjobs at Daily Kos and their made up internet poll notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

Senate candidate and notorious weird person, Otis Glebe, ran around with stickers on his forehead.

Glebe - Kleeb - Dweeb.

There is a limerick hiding in there.

Maxx said...

Note to "How ironical".

I know you have no real interest except quoting the mantra of the left to support your candidate and criticize an opponent --- but I will expound.

Not knowing the exact context of the Smith quote exactly about being in D.C. for a long time, I am going to speculate a bit.

The last two Reps from the third, both Osborne and Barrett went to DC after they "retired" from other positions. We in the 3rd have lacked seniority in Congress because of the short terms due to age and desires of the people we have sent. It appears with Smith we have a person with the energy, the age and the desire to represent Nebraska for a long. time.

If Nebraskans did not like career politicians Ben Nelson would not be in DC today.

Mr. Ironical ---- try again with your koolaid drinking logic, that dog won't hunt here.

OmaSteak said...

Here's a suggestion for the NE dems...potential candidate with statewide name recognition and soon to have plenty of time to campaign...Bill Callahan, soon to be ex-head coach of NU football.

Anonymous said...

0 for 2? That's my middle name.

--Kate W.

Mike in Omaha said...

It seems seems Kleeb is following John Kerry's lead. Ivy league schooling and marry into wealth. How much does a ranch hand make?