Monday, August 07, 2006

Nelson's Tax Dodge: Signed Documents

(See below for full documents.)

Let’s take a couple of E. Benjamin Nelson’s quotes from today (Nelson calls land's status news to him – OWH – 8/7/06.) :

“I have not sought anything to which I am not entitled.”
Well, Nelson sought a Special Valuation for his hunting retreat in Sarpy County, even though the Special Valuation is only entitled for farms. How do we know this?

“I was not aware I received a benefit (from the Greenbelt
Again, let’s read from the HEADER of the document he signed:

In bold, “Special Valuation Application for Special Valuation Treatment of Land Zoned and Used for Agricultural or Horticultural Purposes.”

Hmmmm. Not aware he received a benefit from a special valuation treatment?

Let’s see Senator Nelson is an attorney, no?
And he’s on the Senate Agriculture Committee, right?

Oh, and by the way, he applied for this tax break for farmers TWICE. (Two pieces of land that he joined for his whole property.)

And how about the fine print above the signature that begins, "Under penalty of law..."

Click here to see Nelson's 1999 tax break application and here for the 2001 tax break application.


The DB said...

Information, please. We don't hear much about this scandal on the East Coast--but, several blogs are now saying the race is over and that is shifting their money away from the Nebraska Senate race. Several of my progressive friends are concerned--what should I tell them?

Daily Bulldog said...

Tell them to keep their "progressive" ideas, dirty tactics and money on the east coast where it belongs.

The DB said...

Thank you for information, daily bulldog. One additional question, please? A friend of mine has worked for the Ned Lamont campaign in the Connecticut Senate race as assigned by liberal group. Last week they told her to go next to Omaha to help a Senator Nelson out, but yesterday they told her the plan is cancelled due to "tax matter". Have you heard this? Where would move her to now?

Anonymous said...

oh my god. that is laughable. "the db" please offer any proof ath moveon has ever given a dime to nelson anyway or any progressive blogs talking about this at all. you can't? maybe because youre a ricketts staffer with too much time on your hands. please.

The DB said...

Thank you for comments, anonymous. My friend told me MoveOn hides its contributions since they are 527? What is 527? Please look at Conn political blog. There is talk about this now since 2 staff were driving tomorrow for Nebr. My friend is hurt since she wanted to see a Senator's farm. Is it by the State Capitol?

Anonymous said...

the db - you remind me of the "wild and crazy guys" on saturday night live. i believe you are an east coaster about as much as i believe they were "americans".

Street Sweeper said...

Leavenworth Street has no idea who "The DB" is, but we can confirm that the commenter is coming from a CT IP address. That being said, "The DB", there should be enough going on in your state today that you can be a goof there. Spare us, please.

Daily Bulldog said...

I didn't say MoveOn give money...they don't. They do issue ads favoring one candidate.

What are all these rookies doing on this blog? Go hang out in front of 7-11 with your other hessian buddies.

Yes, 527s are shadowy, hence the term 'soft money'.

As I said, keep that garbage out of this state.

Anonymous said...

yes i really believe that a CONNECTICUT political blog would post about this today. as opposed to, i don't know, the lieberman-lamont race. Fly on little fool.

put up or shut up - provide a link.

Street Sweeper said...

Listen, junior. Since you clearly aren't familiar, I'll educate you: Bloggers can see (nearly) every IP address that comes to the site (that includes YOURS). The IP address generally gives the city and state where it's located. Sometimes that matters, sometimes it doesn't. In any case "the db" comes from a CT IP address. You want more info, go make your own blog. And keep your demands to yourself. This isn't Burger King.