Monday, October 22, 2007

We won’t have Esch to kick around anymore…

November 8, 2006, Jim Esch’s website:

The battle for 2008 begins today… Please join me….So take a few days off, and get ready for 2008!
October 22, 2007, Joe Jordan’s website:

Jim Esch called to tell me he's not running.

And so falls another opponent to the Congressman Lee Terry MACHINE.
Jordan also says that State Sen. Steve Lathrop will not run against Terry either. State Senator Tom White is still being coy at this time.

Of course White is being coy towards a five term congressman with $400K in the bank.

And Jordan also reports that Terry is going to “make some campaign changes”.

We’re going to guess that these “changes” will include making a more concerted effort towards any and all challengers, instead of sitting back and letting them take potshots.


'sker said...

Jim Esch is a kid who hasn't experienced the things which "establish" one in this world. Marriage, family, career, paying taxes...while these are required, they say something about the experience one brings with him to a given office. He is basically a kid who was excited by being part of the process. For this he should not be faulted. What he should be faulted with is not having the responsibility to admit he was not up for the job. Lee Terry was and is the better candidate and CD02 recognized it. LT is on a roll...I'd love to see Tom White go up against LT and get clobbered.

'sker said...

Sorry, it should read that marriage, family, career, paying taxes AREN'T requirements.

Anonymous said...

Is this a Terry Lee fan blogsite or what? MACHINE capital letters, SS? Seriously, I used to think there was some objectivity here. More and more, it's Terry Lane, home of Terry staffers past and present.

Eric said...

Terry Lane? Maybe Terry Terrace. Lane goes better with Fortenberry.

Street Sweeper said...

And we thought you all were capable of recognizing sarcasm.

Well, maybe not sarcasm. But a little smiley after that didn't quite seem appropriate. But geez, we figured the all caps would at least tip you off. (And do you really think that NE-2 has turned into Tammany Hall?)

In any case, LT has come into his own (no sarcasm or smileys), and he is a force in the District. The fact that there are no challengers right now is a testament to that.

Now run on back to Connealy cul-de-sac.


OmaSteak said...

Lee Terry has "come into his own"? If you lookup the definition of "back bencher" Lee Terry's photo is right there. He is the perfect example of Mr. Mediocre who is deathly afraid of taking on hard issues with strong conservative approaches. He has only two concerns: (1) making sure he's doesn't offend the second districts growing minority populations; and (2) making sure his wife approves any/all of his congressional staff.

Anonymous said...

The frequent staff comments on this site crack me up. Apparently hillrats don't stop being annoying (and completely unimportant yet self-absorbed) when they leave the Hill.

And that's on a bi-partisan basis.

Hard at work in the 3rd said...

Click the link and scroll all the way to the last photos to see some great images of the man who would be our congressman:

bobby fidelis said...

It kills me that there are those of you who automatically assume that any positive comment about one of our Congressmen has got to be from a Capitol Hill staffer. Not just in this string of comments but those from other posts as well.

As if no one in the state, here at home, could possibly have anything positive or supportive to say about any of them.

Lee Terry does well at representing his constituents, not an easy balancing act with such a mix of blue and red.

The same can be said of Smith and Fortenberry who also represent the majority of their constituents.

So that you short-sighted individuals don't accuse me of being a D.C. staffer, I've only visited D.C. twice in my life (boy the monuments are nice) and never worked there or for any elected official. I live in Nebraska and am sending this from home, thank you very much!

Now run down to Wal-Mart and buy yourselves a clue.

Anonymous said...

You won't have Bob Kerrey to kick around either. He isn't running. Is anybody from the Democrats running?

mom at home said...

Apparently, it is not just a "Lee Terry Machine", but rather a NE GOP Machine (and I'll tell you, I never thought I would say that!)

Anonymous said...

Connealy cul-de-sac!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Terry, Fortenberry, and Smith are all just very lucky that Nebraska doesn't have an organized Democratic party to contend with.

Anonymous said...

>Nebraska doesn't have an organized Democratic party

Yes, that's it - it's all because of lack of organization, not, say, a lack of DEMOCRATIC VOTERS in the state.

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry wasn't relevant when the republicans were in power. What makes him relevant now??????

Anonymous said...

OMASTEAK - srsly, 4 ur own good, stop being so bitter that ur candidate didn't get elected in ur race. i mean if he had run against LT, i could see y u might still be so disgruntled, but FTW man?!? maybe spend a little time off the neo-nazi trip. you say the congressman has 2 concerns: (1) making sure he's doesn't offend the second districts growing minority populations; and (2) making sure his wife approves any/all of his congressional staff.

(1) - we call those constituents. u know, the ones that u weren't able to get to vote in ur camp. while u r looking up "back bencher" - try looking up "representative". also maybe "introspection." could help. (2) you don't know what ur talking about. sorry.


Anonymous said...

>>Nebraska doesn't have an organized Democratic party

>Yes, that's it - it's all because of lack of organization, not, say, a lack of DEMOCRATIC VOTERS in the state.

And even one step further back - what about the Democrat lack of real candidates?

Anonymous said...

Nebraska has a Democratic party?

Jim Esch said...

SS -
I liked the Nixon reference. Who knows, maybe like Tricky Dick I'll run again someday and actually win.

It's been a pleasure being a subject on your blog, even if some of your readers really don't like me much.

Take care.

Jim Esch