Monday, October 22, 2007

What’s Cosmic Bob up to?

Bob Kerrey is President of New York City’s New School University. Yet he’s writing op-ed pieces about who should appear on a morning radio show?

If you missed it, Kerrey wrote an op-ed for the New York Daily News (his home town newspaper) telling Democrat Presidential candidates they should appear on Don Imus’s new radio show when it is back on the air soon. (Seal of Approval – NY Daily News – 10/21/07)

Hmm, let’s give a comparison to this.

Nebraska Chancellor Perlman writes a piece in the Lincoln Journal Star saying:

Jon Bruning and Mike Johanns would be wise to appear on KFAB’s Tom Becka show, if they really want to reach West Omaha soccer moms.

Or how about...Creighton’s President Fr. Schlegel pens an op-ed for the Omaha World Herald stating:

It’s important for Lee Terry and Jeff Fortenberry to go on Z-92’s Todd n’ Tyler because they need to stay in touch with the aging-rocker vote.

Now keep in mind that Kerrey isn’t talking about some policy issue. And he’s not talking about something that’s for the better of his New York school, or his city or the country. He’s talking about the best media angle for Democrat politicians. He has become just another talking-head in the media coverage of the 2008 Presidential horse-race.

Or is he looking for his own “Sister Soulja moment”? If you read the liberal blogs (and gawd help you if you do), you’ll see that they already turn their noses up at Kerrey. They despise him for being pro-war and pro-Joe Lieberman (and very frequently accuse him of being a Vietnam-war criminal –THEIR words). And now, they hate him even more for suggesting that their peeps should appear on the “racist” Don Imus show.

So by dissing the lib bloggers and their ilk, does Kerrey gain in the eyes of, say, the Nebraska Republican and independents? We doubt it, but you can bet that’s his hope. Lately we’ve seen him write that he’s pro Chuck Hagel, he’s pro Iraq war – though he says he wants to get out, and now he’s pro blogger-lib-hated-radio-host.

Does this mean he’s getting in the Nebraska Senate race then? Well, not yet.

Here’s what we think:

The Dems have given a full clear-out for Kerrey. If he wants to run, it’s his – whenever he wants to make up his mind. And if he doesn’t make it up until February 28th, that’s fine too. Because Mike Fahey doesn’t want to run. And Scott Kleeb can sit it out as well, or run for something else.
Kerrey may likely just sit and watch the Johanns-Bruning scrap until late February, and see if Bruning has a shot at beating Johanns. If Kerrey thinks it’s likely that Bruning could be the GOP nominee (who he thinks he can beat), he’ll jump in at the last minute. If it looks to be Johanns (who he doesn’t think he can beat), well, the Dems can nominate Kate Witek or whomever. They figure they wouldn’t win anyway. Kerrey’s their only hope.


Oh, and just for a few more kicks and giggles on Rockin’ Bob, check this out from the Wall Street Journal: A new book out went through the papers of former New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Those papers say that during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Kerrey called up President Bill Clinton and told him he should:
“begin thinking about leaving the White House,” that he would be “healthier and happier” if he resigned; the only other choices were a plea bargain or mpeachment.
Kerrey responded regarding this:
Wow. This is lost from my memory bank. Whatever conversation I had (and I won't second guess the content of the Moynihan memo) it had to be more of a discussion of options than a recommendation. I would remember if I ecommended he do this.
Yes, you’d think he’d remember if he suggested that the Leader of the Free World resign -- to be happier. But, you know…wow.


And on the subject of recommending resignation…for those of you sports fans who only catch the online version of the OWH, here was the last line of Tom Shatel’s Sunday column entitled, “Callahan could do us all a favor”:
This is about to get ugly. There appears to be only one way for (Nebraska head coach Bill) Callahan to fix it. Resign.


curbfeeler said...

Bob Kerrey writes, "Democratic candidates already made a similar mistake when... they pulled the plug on a party debate to be aired on the (FOX) network in September. They had a chance to reach millions of people — but they blinked, and they blew it... We Democrats have a lot of people to convince in 2008..."

Convince? Its more like hoodwink.

Bob's "millions of people" who watch Fox Network aren't Liberal Democrats like Bob Kerrey. In NYC, Liberal Dem candidates are surrounded by Liberal Dem voters. They honestly don't need to appeal to Conservative voters. But in Nebraska, Bob Kerrey does. And he can't do that honestly.

Bob knows his Nebraska audiance and is willing to "convince" them that he isn't what he really is.

Frank said...

Quit beating up on my friend Scott Kleeb. He is smarter than to go for the Third again. He cannot affort to get beat again and totally ruin his political future. We in Nebraska need his vision.

The Senate is his place --- but I think he will wait for Ben's seat to open and get Nelson's blessing and win easily.

Until Ben's seat opens he will get a full time job (maybe even run for local office there in Hastings) and establish credibility and show deeper,genuine Nebraska roots in his life.


Anonymous said...

No Cosmic Bob for the Dems. He is out before he was in.