Friday, September 28, 2007

Say it ain't so, Hal!

We could speculate on the reasons for Hal Daub's expected departure from the Nebraska U.S. Senate race, but instead we'll wait for his 9AM (Central) press conference.

A couple initial reactions from the comment boards here on Leavenworth Street:
"This is sad..."
"I have to agree...this is sad..."
And even over at one of the lefty blogs:
"I never thought I would say it, but it is sad to see Hal leave so quickly."
To give everyone something to chew on until the presser (assuming the assumptions are true), how do you think Hal would have affected or contributed to the Senate race?


Up at midnight to read this post said...

I will reserve judgement as well until the press conference but I agree with previous posters that this is unfortuante.

I had not picked a horse in the race yet but as of the last few weeks I was leaning towards Hal.

I think Hal made a genuine effort to run a statewide campaign as evident by the listening tour and as slick of a politician that many people think he is, I believe that he had the interest of Nebraska at heart. I think in the end his campaign might have had more vision than the others.

We'll never no the true reason for his departure because every politician holds something back when they are behind a podium in front of the media. We would never hear Hagel say "I'm choosing not to run for reelection because I am holding myself out for Secretary of State or vice President"

The same goes true for tommorrow, the supporters who got phone calls today will get more truth to the matter then the media will ever get in a press conference and maybe that's okay.

My sincere hope is that Nebraska politics will not become a "clear the field for the best chance candidate" kind of state.

There are alot of good young republican type candidates out there that I hope don't get discouraged in running for office one day because of this mentality.

Enough ranting for now--time for some sleep, I along with half the state have to get my resume ready in order to apply for Chris Peterson's old job at UP.

ptg said...

Hal has visions, thats for sure. But the man is relatively pure of heart and as honest as politicians can be. I think he should stay in the race, but he didn't ask me.

OmaSteak said...

Here's hoping Hal will take the opportunity to say he's shifted his focus from a senate bid to Mayor of Omaha race starting next year...give Fahey some heartburn.

Anonymous said...

He's a hal of a man. Good luck, Mr. Daub!!

up again at nine said...

Nice of KETV to drop coverage after one question

However, once going to the internet feed, a couple of points he made were quite interesting.

When he decided that he wanted to run, he did not figure that Johanns was going to run


Second, he found it was going to be quite difficult for three candidates to raise money for this primary in Omaha because that's where people contribute.

Ouch-that had to hurt out west.

Its a shame that this is all about money. But I would love to see Hal's survey data

SS have a new mission

Till the next post....

buckturgidson said...

Hal added that the so called Journal Star poll numbers were "wishful thinking."

Anonymous said...

How can you not love Hal? He's great. This is like seeing Dave Kramer lose to Pete Ricketts.

Anonymous said...

might want to check the spelling here.....

Street Sweeper said...

(Note that it says "Hal-exclamation point", not "Hall"...)

Anonymous said...


I think the poster was meaning the spelling on the thank you message on Hal's updated site not your title

Street Sweeper said...

Emily Litella.

Anonymous said...

Carl Curtis, Virginia Smith and the other builders of the Nebraska GOP just shed a collective tear.

It's sad to see Hal, one of the remaining stalwarts of the Nebraska GOP, get daggered by the new brand of Republicans and politics in Nebraska. Just sad.

Anonymous said...

what's chris peterson going to do for johanns? is johanns taking back vicki ??