Friday, August 03, 2007

Terry should have had the Weiner

Three topics RIPE for comments:

A follow-up to that crazy House of Reps smack-down between Reps Lee Terry and Jesse Jackson, Jr.:

It turns out it was actually the yelping of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) that got Rep. Lee Terry all up in a lather. Of course, when Lee, thinking it was Jesse Jr. that was talking smack, approached the Kung-Fu master, Jackson decided to lay the real smack down. (An Innocent Man: Jackson Gets Apology Over Shouting Match - CQ Today – 8/3/07 – subscription required)

Now if Lee can’t take a skinny guy named Weiner, we don’t know who he can take…


New dad Scott Kleeb found time to leave his new family to attend a “Netroots Candidate Celebration” at the “Yearly Kos” convention of hot and bothered lefty bloggers in Chicago. (And only the lefties could “celebrate” a guy who lost by 10%...)

Kleeb is listed as a “darling of the net roots” (when he’s not referred to as “hottie Scott Kleeb”). And he’s also listed as a “candidate”. Candidate for what office we wonder. Did we miss something?


And finally, Senator Chuck Hagel ventured out of the Senate Thursday night to attend the book tour kick-off for his good buddy, and running-mate in theory, Senator Joe Biden (D-DE). (Biden's Buddy Hagel: Um, Which Party Is Mine? – Washington Post 8/3/07)

As Chuck looked out at the mainly Democrat crowd he “joked”:
“Hell, I don't know what party I belong to any more.”

Is this quote up on Bruning’s web-site yet?


tired of the paper said...


Where on earth were you able to find the name of the Member that actually made the snotty comment that Congressman Terry was insulted by? I figured it was a big secret since the Weird Herald couldn't get it out of Jesse Jackson. Maybe just another poorly researched article???

curbfeeler said...

While heated words happen with some frequency, a martial arts expert calling a person out to fight is not a common occurance, in large part because courts consider that assault with a deadly weapon.

Regardless of any verbal error on Terry's part, Jackson overstepped a serious line that could get one barred from Congress.

A Former Dem said...

We all must admit that Kleeb is the Father of Flim Flam Dems. He has never had a full time job even though he is over thirty years old.

He was the hobby ranch hand for his relatives (never paid Nebraska tax on income...) then he was a partime prof at Yale -- that got him in trouble with house ethics for not reporting the income as required by a candidate and now he has three part time jobs. Yeah RIGHT!!!!!

Also, he wants people to donate to him without saying what office he is running for (or what the Dem leadership will allow him to run for). Who else would have his nerve?

Jane even believed his B.S. when he said, "trust me" on the campaign trail before they were married.

Vinnie said...

If Lee Terry was cool, he would have looked Jackson dead in the eye and said, "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid."

And then simply walked away.

Wedge said...

Yo Vinnie:
But since these are Democrats we're talking about, Jackson could have responded with: "Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side."

Anonymous said...

I think, I have it on good authority, that Lee Terry doesn't like Weiner, or is that weiners-either way!