Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vice President Hagel?

In case you missed it in last night’s Democrat Presidential CNN/YouTube debate, the candidates were asked…

QUESTION: If you had to pick any Republican member of Congress or Republican governor to be your running mate, who would it be?

At the risk of hurting his reputation -- and it will hurt him -- but I would pick Chuck Hagel.

Actually, I think Chuck Hagel is a good choice.
(Read the transcript here and watch the video here.)

(And yes, that WHOOP! you heard came from the Jon Bruning HQ…)

Of course, we believe that the odds of a Democratic nominee picking a Republican at their convention is pretty much nil. (Can you imagine the riot that would ensue if Hagel got up to speak to every Dem activist, with his 90% support of President Bush, or whatever it is?)

While we could see him in a Dem administration (SecDef?), we think the only “Democrat” that he’d shack up with is Mike Bloomberg.


Speaking of Jon Bruning, the LJS reported on the various contributors on Bruning’s FEC report. (Big names among Bruning’s contributors – LJS – 7/24/07.)

Among the Nebraska high rollers were a few other high-profile names: Tom Osborne (we knew that), John Breslow, and Lancaster County GOP chair Mark Fahleson.

Now Fahleson apparently defends taking sides in this match by stating that he and Bruning “have been friends since college.”

So our only question is, was Fahleson also the raging liberal that Bruning was back in the 90’s? Mark? (chuckle…)


Finally, we note that what one Leavenworth Street reader has dubbed Ben Nelson’s “Earmarkgate” seems to have some legs.

The OWH reported about Nelson’s earmarks for 21st Century Systems (which employ’s Nelson’s son Patrick) and Oklahoma’s Senator Tom Coburn’s attack on it. Coburn’s office also sent a press release (to Leavenworth Street) pointing out that 21CSI hadn’t filed a statement that federal money (by which 80% of their company is funded) is not used in lobbying the federal government.

Now national columnist Robert Novak (Shame of the Senate – Robert Novak- 7/23/07) and Fox News (Omaha company's windfall, hiring of lawmaker's son irks senator – Fox News – 7/24/07) are getting into the act as well, reporting on the controversy.

So will Nelson try to bring back this politically poisoned piece of pork? And would this sort of thing have happened to a Big Daddy Senator Robert Byrd earmark?


Fast Eddie said...

Geez...does this mean Pete Ricketts was right about Ben Nelson?

tired of last years senate race said...

It seems odd that the weird herald would spend so much effort criticizing earmarks and then criticize a House member for refusing to violate an ethics rule and ask for earmarks. What is in the public's interest is debatable. Money for a road is important to the drivers that use it and, I am sure, money for software to analyze a firefight in Iraq is just as important to the soldiers fighting in it.

Is this really about money or just bitter partisanship. My guess is the latter-I'm sure Okie Coburn has had his own share of dollars to his state and Gottschalk has had his own pets get money (like parking for Joslyn???)

By the way, does any one else think it's a coincidence that Pete Ricketts' wife is from Oklahoma and so is the newest Senate critic of 21csi?

Street Sweeper said...

All decent arguments until the end; That's what's known as a coincidence (and a rather lame one at that).

Here's a better one for you:
"Brian Bosworth and Coburn are BOTH from Oklahoma. Oh how convenient!"
There ya go.

tired said...

Thanks for the A-. To "Mr. Ed", is it important to be right about one person when it is destructive to an entire business that is run by your next door neighbor?

Someone must have missed that day in Kindergarten!

bigredmachine95 said...

Actually Tom Coburn does not request earkmarks. He attempts to block them at all. He is the one who brought to light the $223 million "Bridge to nowhere" Ted Stevens tried to slip in at the last second. He is referred to as the Senate's Dr. No.


I hope there is more focus and investigative reporting on "FARMER BEN"

Fast Eddie said...

To Tired....blah blah blah...enough with your second rate self-actualized philosophical meanderings. Quit while you're ahead. I wasn't trying to be destructive of anyone.

My only point was the Pete Ricketts decided to make earmarks (sorry, please excuse my yawn) a central part of his campaign and most people could have cared less. Now, apparently, earmarks are the cause celebre.

So, Tired, my point is rather obvious: maybe Pete Ricketts was right about Ben Nelson and those earmarks.

Anonymous said...

Mark Fahleson for Public Office.

Anonymous said...

Nice post SS. In case you missed it, the king of earmarks, "Fast Daddy," was was recently featured on Jimmy Kimmel's show.

OmaSteak said...

The big laugh is the thought of anyone seriously considering Chuck Hagel for VP or any other highly visible but not #1 position in any administration...given his legendary regard for his own opinion and demonstrated talent for expressing it to anyone who will listen.
Ben is the perfect politician...can be bought relatively easily and he's personally greedy to boot while being a real tightwad with his own personal cash. This was well known prior to his last run and none of the local media could bring themselves to serious investigate/report on it. Unfortunately, he is no different than most in the House, Senate, Mayor's office, etc. At least Ben isn't quite as brazen as most in recent memory.