Monday, July 02, 2007

Bruning rakes it in

As you can read, Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning released his quarterly fund-raising numbers for his U.S. Senate campaign, and they look pretty fine.

(Bruning says he’s raised $721,200 – AP, LJS – 7/2/07.)

(Bruning says he’s raised $721,200 for U.S. Senate campaign – OWH – 7/2/07.)

(Bruning Campaign Tops $720,000 in Receipts – Jon Bruning for U.S. Senate website – 7/2/07.)

As the Bruning campaign points out, $721,200 is more than Ricketts, Stenberg and Kramer raised combined at the same time in 2005. Also, 82% of that $721K came from Nebraskans.

So, what does all this mean?

Well, for starters, let’s look at the other main point that your local papers are all hot and bothered about: namely, that Bruning also got max dinero from gazillionaires Mike Yanney and Walter Scott, who recently hosted a fundraising gig for U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel. Just remember, that $4,600 that each of them blew was money that they didn’t use to light over-sized novelty cigars. It’s walking around money for them. It’s called, covering your ass, just in case.

A point of significance, however, is that Bruning only raised $5,500 in PAC money. Hagel may show around sixty times as much of that when he announces his cash in the coming weeks. (And Hagel’s guy Kevin Chapman says their numbers will be “well beyond” Bruning’s buckage, so expect him to come in around $800,000 or so.)

Now while some may find it noble and fine to not raise any PAC money, the reality is that PAC money is money. You either have money or you don’t. And it’s very unlikely that Bruning is going to raise much PAC money because few Washington, D.C. lobbyists will dare to give to the opponent of an incumbent. Not to mention one on the Banking Committee.

Hagel, on the other hand, will raise a boat-load of PAC money, and it will be legal tender that can be exchanged for goods and services, no matter how “dirty” some may find it. (Of course, all this would change for Bruning if Hagel doesn’t run.)

So, while Bruning’s Nebraska funder numbers are impressive, especially since he didn’t have much PAC money there, the question is, Can he do it for the next four quarters as well? Or will the cash reservoir be as deep as Lake McConaughy during a drought? We will have to wait and see.

But know this: even though the Nebraska sources could be thin, and even though the PAC-men may turn their backs, it is VERY clear that Jon Bruning has some solid support and there is a very real disconnect for Chuck Hagel in Nebraska.

The money numbers only tell one side of the story.

(Oh, and btw, both Hagel and Bruning (not to mention Hal Daub) should be at the July 4th Douglas County GOP pancake feed at Elmwood Park. That buzz in the air won’t be the bees…)


Anonymous said...


Eric said...

AGJB should pull a TO and just say he won't accept PAC money on principle. Then he'd get the benefit for the money that isn't there anyway. He can always pull a Bruning and change his mind later.

BREAKing NEWS said...


Scott Kleeb has raised $137.00 since his media blitz last week.

About $125 of that came from local media reporters.

One Out In the Third said...

I think the "decider" in the May primary will be the "principles" of one man over the other...not the amount of money in their checkbook. All Bruning has to do is prove that he will represent the majority of Nebraskans and keep his finger on the pulse of Nebraska throughout his term.

Hagel's actions and words have cost him the election. The polls show it. In terms he can understand..."Payback is a ....." and I think he realizes that Nebraskans have had enough of his condescending arrogance. That's why he was so angry after the vote on the Immigration Plan and why he hasn't announced. He will land on his feet...but it won't be in public office. Don't worry about Chuckie.

Will the Dems have a viable candidate...maybe. It won't be Kerrey or Kleeb...neither are in touch with Nebraska...Kerrey just wants to play the part of a spoiler and Kleeb is an inexperienced wannabe. Then there is the "Hillary Factor"...if Hillary gets the nomination you can bet your Husker football tickets that there will be a record number voters showing up at the polls in the fall to cancel her ticket...with a rollover effect that will likely cancel the ticket of every Nebraska Dem running for a House or Senate seat down to the seats on the Weed Board.

R. Reagan said...

"You (conservatives) are either too scared to stand up for what you believe in or too lazy to write a five-minute letter to the editor ... I think a woman should have a right too choose ... I think life begins in the tenth week of gestation ... I believe in gun control ... I believe homosexuals should have the same rights as everyone else (and) be able to be Boy Scout leaders, soldiers or anything else they want to be. I would be happy to fight side-by-side with them if the U.S. went to war ... I believe in affirmative action. If law schools consisted solely of white males, they would look like the Republican Party ... (R)onald Reagan was incapable of understanding complex policy arguements."

Jon Bruning. Second-year law student and Daily Nebraskan columnist, November 13, 1992.

Street Sweeper said...

Uh, Mr. Reagan, you're aware that we did a post on this a few months back, and published the whole article, right?

One Out In the Third said...


And the other $12.00 came from unemployed media reporters...via a "loan" they got from their father.

Furio Giunta said...

Dear r. reagan: thanks so much for your enlightening regurgitation of yesterday's news. And while we're on the subject, who the heck cares what a 22 year old kid wrote in his school paper?

Besides, the list of current GOP'ers that at one time or another used to be Democrats is staggering. Besides, for all your efforts of trying to label Bruning as a flip-flopper or opportunist is cute and all, but he has a solid RECORD of conservative votes (both in the Legislature and as AG).

So, now, please, with sugar on top, can you move past this?

Anonymous said...

So Mr. R Reagan...are a few misguided words written as a second year law student worse than all of the stupid statements made by Hagel over the last five years? or - the total lack of respect Hagel has for the values and ideals the vast majority of conservative Nebraskans carry on two of the most important issues (Iraq and immigration)? That's right...Hagel knows better.

I can't wait for the next time Chapman borrows John Kerry's theme and reminds us that Hagel served in Vietnam in response to anything.

Hagel may have served in Vietnam but he has lost his aim and keeps shooting himself in the foot with conservative Nebraskans. It's about what they've done lately and that clearly goes to Bruning.

Couldn't care less said...

The difference between Hagel and Bruning is that HAgel shifts his positions overnight - usually from what he says on Sunday to how he votes on Monday. Bruning changed his mind over a number of years.
Why don't we go look at Bruning's elementary school attendance record and his boy scout ribbons - they would be as meaningful as his college writings.
Hagel is finished.

Anonymous said...

In Nebraska, once a candidate gets past a certain number, it doesn't matter anymore with respect to the campaign itself. There are only so many tv spots to buy, so many radio spots, direct-mail pieces, etc. Bruning's individual dollars raised will slow, and his PAC money won't take off because Johanns will get into the race. But Bruning ia off to such a good start he'll easily raise enough to run a solid campaign. This will be an interesting race.

Anonymous said...

You cannot dismiss what one publishes when one is in law school. You are old enough by then to know your belief structure. You can, of course, change your mind if you so choose, but do not dismiss out of hand because of the relative youth of the author.

ponderer said...

Would the Holy Church ordain someone who beared his soul 15 years ago and announced his belief that there is no God? Why, then, would Republicans ever elect a man who beared his soul 15 years ago and announced he hates everything the Republican Party stood for?

Ralph Malph said...

The Ponderer makes a very good point...why would the Republican Party elect someone who hated everything the party stood for. Which is the very reason why Chuck Hagel is going to lose this November. But, I doubt Hagel will be that upset; aftr all, he does have a ticket waiting for him with Michael Bloomberg and the Independent Party.

Ezekial 25:17 said...

Apparently the Ponderer has forgotten the tale of Saul on the road to Damascus...perhaps Bruning saw a brilliant light and changed his ways..who knows really...but it's a mute point because since then he has developed quite a record of conservative votes.