Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rockin’ Bob’s Comeback Tour

***Update 10:00 AM, 5/21/07***

In the post below, we refer to KMTV reporter Joe Jordan’s blog about a poll done by Bob Kerrey. We’ve been informed that Jordan’s blog post is not a NEW scoop, but actually refers to Kerrey’s OLD poll, and that he has NOT commissioned a new one since his April polling. That being said, go ahead and ignore our sarcasm regarding new polling, but feel free to focus on the rest. We apologize to Governor/Senator/President Kerrey for the confusion.


Well, we cranked on KMTV’s Joe Jordan recently for his history of hatchet jobs, but we’ll give him this: he comes up with the political scoop from time to time (even if the last one hasn’t exactly panned out yet).

The latest on his “Joe Jordan on Politics” blog is that former Senator Bob Kerrey spent $25,000 on a poll last week which told him that if he ran in the 2008 Nebraska Senate race, he could beat almost everyone in the current field. (Kerry polling in Nebraska – Joe Jordan on Politics – 5/18/07.)

Now a few (major) caveats here:

1) Kerrey said he would not run if Hagel stays in, and unlike Bruning’s statement, we tend to believe him on that, but…

2) The word is that his poll said he would have a tough time against – or even lose to – former Governor and current Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns.

Jordan quotes Kerrey as saying he may not even run, and would need “a compelling reason” to do it. (Compelling like he could win easy and be a Senator again.)

Interesting that just a month ago, after a first poll told him he wasn’t doing that great, Kerrey said he was 99% sure that he would not run for Senate again. Ninety-nine percent! Yet he comes back just a month later and blows twenty-five grand on another poll?

Since Kerrey is obviously keeping his cards close to the vest, we’d be more curious to see what that poll really said (not to mention how much it pushed). We’re real curious to know if the average Nebraska voter thinks that the sixty-four year old President of New York City’s The New School, who was toying just two years ago to run for Mayor of New York City, really has his head anywhere near Nebraska these days. We don’t doubt that Rockin’ Bob’s name still has a certain cachet in Nebraska, we just wonder if it’s really the slam dunk (even against a Bruning) that his polls seem to indicate.

And to show that Kerrey’s 99% estimate is probably closer to, say, 65%, note that Kerrey is headlining the Nebraska Dem’s Morrison-Exon dinner and will be a new radio show host on the liberal “Air America” political network. Interesting political stuff for The New School's President. (Ok, now all you Dem’s take a cold-shower so you can settle down those goose-bumps…)


Eric said...

Let's hope Bob didn't sign a contract yet with Air America. Al Franken moved his show to Minnesota in preparation for a run for the Senate, but there are no Air America stations in Nebraska.

One Out In the Third said...

If Bloomberg and Hagel decide to run...let's also hope Rockin' Bob chooses to fill the void left by Bloomberg. He would make a great NYC mayor.

The Difference said...

Here's the difference between Bob Kerrey and Chuck Hagel - even though both are major headcases -

Kerrey is considering returning to Nebraska to run for the Senate which means he cares or at least thinks he cares about NE.

Hagel is considering every other option - treating NE as his "fallback" plan if his presidential hopes fail.

Kerrey considering comiing out of retirement, Hagel considering retirement.

Sweeper- why do you think Nebraskans will mind having a guy from NY represent them in the Senate when they have put up with Virginia's Hagel (who is such a Virginian he once considered running for Governor of Virginia)?

Your post is interesting but it does show a little leg about what the NEGOP fears most.

Oh, and has anyone seen Johanns house shopping in NE recently?

Street Sweeper said...

There's no point in comparing Kerrey to Hagel, b/c Kerrey has already said he won't run against Hagel.

I'm not sure what (or who) the NE GOP fears most, but I doubt it's Bob Kerrey.

But the fact that neither Kerrey nor Bruning will release any of their polling info regarding Mike Johanns clearly shows who the Elephant in the Room is.

Anonymous said...

How large will Bob Kerrey's head have to be before it affects the moon's orbit? He should be renting space on his forehead as he walks around Times Square.