Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Separated at Birth - Bob Kerrey

It’s already a “Very Special Bob Kerrey Week” here on Leavenworth Street, so we figured we’d go ahead and toss out a little Separated at Birth for you:

Former Nebraska Governor, former Senator, and possible Senate candidate, Bob Kerrey
Former Emperor of Rome, Julius Caesar

So, more on Rockin’ Bob:
In a very short period of time we’ve seen him
1) Poll Nebraskans about whether they still luv him;
2) Prepare to give a speech to Nebraska Dems at their love-fest; and
3) Sign up for a gig on Air America

And now, he’s written an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal about Iraq. All this from the guy who’s 99% sure he’s NOT going to run for Senate in Nebraska…


Of course the ironic thing now is that you have:
  • One Nebraska Vietnam vet Senator who is bucking his party against the war and another Nebraska Vietnam vet former Senator who is bucking his party in favor of the war.

  • On the one hand you’ve got Republicans rejecting Hagel (mainly because of Iraq) and on he other you’ve got Democrats rejecting Kerrey (mainly because of Iraq).
  • You’ve got the likes of Arianna Huffington singing the praises of Chuck Hagel and you’ve got the likes of Rush Limbaugh singing the praises of Bob Kerrey.
So here’s a Q for you: If Kerrey decides to run for Senate, will a True-Blue Nebraska Democrat surface to be the Jon Bruning to Kerrey’s Chuck Hagel?


Speaking of Bruning, earlier this week he announced that his Senate campaign is coming together with the addition of Jordan McGrain as his campaign manager. (Leavenworth Street predicted this possibility back in December). If Hagel drops out (and say, Bruning, Daub, Raimondo and Johanns are all in), it will be interesting to see the other Nebraska politicos who get more and more campaign experience in this coming season.


Eric said...

If they disagree so much on one of the most important issues out there, why is Kerrey so eager to write Hagel a check if he runs for reelection?

TR&R said...

Iraq completely changes the political realm as we know it. Bush, meanwhile, is about as popular with Republicans as a rabbi with lunch at a Ramadan celebration.

Throw out all the conventional wisdom. The '08 Senate race is wide open.

Anonymous said...

Octavius says....

Why not Vicky Powell? This would be a good chance for Bruning to show his confidence in the person he gave to Osborne.

I still don't see Bruning clearing 40% against Hagel.

Anonymous said...

Jon must like the way Congressman Terry runs his camp.

One Out In The Third said...

et tu Bob?

ptg said...

Isn't Bob Kerrey one of Exeter's half-earthling kids? From the 1955 movie, "This Island Earth".

Anonymous said...

The McGrain hire is a huge coup. Props to Castillo aside, Jordan is one of the top political minds in Nebraska.