Monday, March 05, 2007

Welcome Don Walton readers!

We appreciate the shout-out from the Lincoln Journal Star’s own Don Walton this morning. (Don Walton: What’s the role of a newspaper? – LJS – 3/4/07) As Leavenworth Street readers know, we’re big fans of Don, and if you don’t read his column, you’re missing out on the key political news in the state.

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And in that light, we present the above SAB from today’s link:
Don Walton and the late Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, Mike Royko!


Eric said...

What about Don Walton and Dick Cheney? Those guys could be twins.

Street Sweeper said...

Cheney was very seriously considered, but his face seems rounder than Walton's. And we liked the idea of another columnist. And Walton and Royko seem to have purchased their noses from the same vendor...

Anonymous said...

In person, Don Walton tends to remind me of former Third District Congressman Bill Barrett.